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United States plans to go to Hong Kong listed a milestone in multilateral salvation!

when we focus on the long-term, when looking at a higher point of view, we will find that the beauties of the Hong Kong stock market listing, for the future, for the majority of ordinary investors, for the activation of Chinese venture capital for economic transformation Chinese, are called important salvation.


a lot of people ask me how to see the beauty of the IPO?

I have been the answer is: Mito listed, not just a company IPO so simple. It may be a change in Hongkong, a milestone in multilateral salvation.

Mito on the 18 day of the month (the day before yesterday) passed the HKEx hearing, it is estimated that the prospectus will soon begin, is expected to be listed, will become the second largest Internet Co in Hongkong, Tencent. The United States is also a distinctive figure, he is the first Hong Kong stocks on the scale of the Internet start-up companies, but also in my not long nor short investment in Hong Kong stocks in memory, the first loss of state listed motherboard.

milestone redemption significance

maybe a lot of people just put the beauties of loss listed as a not according to the traditional rules of manipulation, a case, or someone like speculation, venture capital exit is under pressure to move.

if you just stare at the eyes of the small abacus, so as to make investment on the basis of one-sided viewpoint.

has a certain height overlooking: when we look long term, when the angle of view again, we will find that the beauties of the Hong Kong stock market listing, for the future, for the majority of ordinary investors, for the activation of Chinese in venture capital, for the transformation of China’s economy, are is salvation.

Redemption: Redemption of the Hong Kong stock market

said to the Hong Kong stock market problems, such as low valuation, poor liquidity, stock…… And so on, a pile of, but the core of the problem is what


in my opinion, there is only one: good subject, that is, a good listed companies, less and less. Especially the representative of the new economy, the Internet Co, is very rare.

Internet researcher

had a large amount of money and I complained, said to their funds, not Hong Kong Internet sector is that they can buy tickets for the largest two Tencent and Jinshan, and his usual main work is focusing on the Tencent, and then updated quarterly forecast is gone, a very simple and boring work, the door also boring qiaomuyu buford.


from the side reflects on the Hong Kong stock market outstanding listed companies is very rare, but Hong Kong stocks dot.com shares obvious fault, unreasonable distribution, large volume of only one Tencent, the volume is only one Jinshan, the rest are basically below 10 billion smaller dot.com shares.

dot.com shares embarrassment, can be said to represent the entire old Hong Kong stocks currently >

Yu Jiawen apology behind who is in the consumption of entrepreneurs


/ Gu Jiawei public letter No.: |GFM1983

story book

Internet venture capital industry has never lacked wonderful news, the latest one, Yu Jiawen PK, the video quickly burst burst circle of friends. A year ago on 90 claimed overbearing president took one hundred million bonus quickly in the media about Yu Jiawen in the year after suddenly claimed to be held "recognize counseling conference", because he is ""……

in the video, Yu Jiawen put forward his own recognize counseling, but can not do not do that, "" don’t be too seriously, even Zhou Hongyi to his angels he "should be advised to make impertinent remarks, after a week internship"…… For a time, about the young people proud and arrogant comments again overwhelming, but with the last contrast is: once the "outstanding" on behalf of the skies after 90 business media suddenly turned the gun head, the business circle of kid number one end skin.

Yu Jiawen is also aware of the seriousness of the problem, the night out of a long micro-blog apologized, said he would like to apologize to the public, more young people, the majority of entrepreneurs and employees, said he was "because of his outspoken, but also because of their young and ignorant, but because their lack of value, cause the damage to many people."

but this time, will you forgive him? Should I forgive him?

has also been questioned as a 80, I would like to talk about their views on this matter and reflection.


, "more than good" phenomenon reflects the entrepreneurial victory on logical

in fact, Yu Jiawen is not the only one on the "speculation" 90 entrepreneurs, Powerful (Global no) sex shop, the Hunan horse Allison made Rice noodles barberry church brand of Zhang Tianyi, the great Anne studio Chen Anni, the cloud as the chain gold card Cang ji…… Throughout these heady young people, who did some dazzling aura: 90 business pioneer, won praise, in 2015 the prime minister Keqiang concern of female entrepreneurs, Harvard Curve Wrecker……

phenomenon after 90 entrepreneurs, frequently appeared in the spotlight, the floor. On the one hand, this is to rewrite the social prejudice against this generation, they give full recognition and affirmation; on the other hand, this fact is reflected on the entrepreneurial success. Faced with this impetuous state of the world, people for the "overnight" "P" fame "overnight" do poineering work "dream" often send in unrealistic expectations, so good at expression, Chushengniudu 90 entrepreneurs accord with some characteristics, which also created the environment and soil as "Yu Jiawen".

two, 90, overbearing president and other labels become the poison of the venture capital sector

I noticed a phenomenon, now active in the venture capital circles who often with some of the label, there are 90,

The dark history of Silicon Valley a company that defeated Jobs and played with Gates


beautiful and charming girl dress miniskirt, electronic engineers, exquisite printing exquisite products leaflets, luxurious decoration, publicity of this company from adjacent put up a pageantry, Apple Corp booth only a little popularity, Jobs can not do anything.

this is the place in 1976 Philadelphia computer fair on the scene, wearing open collar shirt, hair unkempt, bearded Jobs and Wozniak with their products exhibition. They had a simple booth: a small card on a small table covered with a yellow curtain, and a thin leaflet. As a result, people turned a blind eye to the company’s booth.

and Jobs have made the company unable to sense is Tom game (IMSAI), which not only had defeated early Apple Corp, also let the young Microsoft co-founder Gates had suffered.

students after startup

"well, I can’t do it!"

resignation letter rejection, William · Millard head also did not return to leave their own working company.

at the beginning of 60s, during the college dropout Millard was hired by the Pacific Finance Company, with self computer knowledge, performed well on the job, he looked forward to in the company have a better chance of promotion. One day, the company executives bluntly told him that his lack of formal education, promotion space is limited. Like a piece of ice pierced his chest, Millard was shivering, then turned from red to green, then became pale. After he calmed himself, threw the letter of resignation, with a sneer,.

Pacific financial executives have never heard of Ford Motor Co founder Henry ·, Ford said: "a man from the star prison or Harvard University, for me exactly the same. We hire people, not his history."

IBM extended an olive branch to Millard, who had been in the company for 4 years and then went to a government department in San Francisco to do an information. In 1971, Millard quit well paid and welfare work, set up a system named power company.

"genius is unruly, genius is flowing in the surging blood vessel, that tameless." Author Holmes wrote. System dynamics, the company developed a large computer software used by its competitors selected as the old club IBM. This goal is clearly too high, the results can be imagined, the system power company quickly closed the door.

during this time, Millard attended a training course, which is the original encyclopedia salesman Jack · Rosenberg had launched activities, there are hundreds of thousands of people to follow, the core content of the activities to build "a confident Pyramid for myself". Some media have dismissed the event as

Shenzhen create a trilogy Sina sounded the three set of horn

Shenzhen Chong Trilogy: Sina sounded the three set of horn

national self-improvement, national self-confidence, can not be separated from the strong economic strength; and a country, a society’s prosperity is inseparable from the powerful engine of innovation. Innovation and entrepreneurship under the interpretation of the customer is clearly showing the development and requirements of the times.

first song

in 2015 NPC and CPPCC, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report, to create a new engine for public entrepreneurship, innovation ", and the" Internet plus "plan of action for the first time. "Innovation, entrepreneurship, creating" the Internet plus finance is undoubtedly in in the teeth of the storm. In January 2015 4, Prime Minister Lee came to visit Shenzhen Qianhai micro focus bank and Shenzhen firewood record passenger space, he said, "this is a small micro public bank, but it is a big step in the financial reform!". About the development of Internet plus financial results and future development, Li Keqiang said, to break a path in the field of Internet banking, forced traditional financial reform to accelerate.

Prime Minister

in the eyes of the mutual gold guest


June 19th, the opening of the Shenzhen international hit week. Xu Qin said that the move is to create a new platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, an important measure to accelerate the agglomeration of innovation resources at home and abroad, to further improve the content and level of innovation and development of the city, to stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation vitality of the public, is of great significance to speed up the completion of modernization and internationalization of the innovative city.

third Qu

Prime Minister Lee

thrust Internet plus financial holding today, in order to better promote the Internet plus financial innovation, entrepreneurship and creating a three Sina, sounded the assembly, "2015" The Belt and Road ‘opportunity pass Internet plus financial innovation, entrepreneurship, creating summit scheduled for June 27, 2015 held in the grand ballroom of The Ritz-carlton Shenzhen. The summit is sponsored by the Shenzhen Sina Financial channel, the new gold deep academic committee, the state information center, the national development and Reform Commission International Information Research, Shenzhen city finance office, Shenzhen City Council for the promotion of international trade, Shenzhen Banking Association guidance.

The healthy development of

Internet plus financial derivative, a batch of outstanding record passenger. During the summit, the organizers announced the first Internet plus a passenger list, Sina research and international information driven Internet plus positive energy, in addition, Sina deep gold network will vote for the prime minister in the eyes of Internet plus a passenger, Internet plus record passenger platform, Internet plus product candidates.

then, director Dr. Yu Guoqiang, director of the Qianhai Management Bureau Zhang Bei, deputy director of Shenzhen City Finance Office Xiao Zhijia, Shenzhen City Trade Promotion Commission Director Tao Yongxin on International Information Institute of NDRC, Shenzhen Banking Association President Fan Wenbo, Shenzhen Qianhai equity trading center chairman Hu Jizhi attended the summit, to explore the Internet financial background, innovation a passenger, the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship.

Huang Taiji founder Chang Chang entrepreneurship can not be successful with the interest is not much

founder Huang Taiji Chang Chang: entrepreneurship can not be successful with interest is not much relationship

[TechWeb] reported on August 17th, Huang Taiji founder, he recently participated in the business talk show column, enjoy said, entrepreneurial success to have three conditions: ability, team resources, real-time.

He Chang said: everyone says that entrepreneurship is based on interest, but I think that entrepreneurship can be successful, not so much with your interest, according to your personal experiences may be the first key conditions, the second condition is your team and you have the energy and resources this is the second conditions. The third condition I think is the most important, is the present situation.

"If you

these three conditions are not only with a cavity blood and they are interested in entrepreneurship, is bound to fail, of course, our society should respect the failure, even encourage failure, because in such a failure we can obtain the new knowledge and gain more experience, can do better. "He said.

Shanghai Island not only a business expert should be considered more passionate

Internet era, the network created by the opportunities and legends are happening every day. Now more and more people are going into the entrepreneurial industry, because entrepreneurs can control their own time, to create their own value of life and realize their own value of life, not controlled by others.


Internet in the course of decades, has formed a business platform to create value. On the Internet platform, enterprises with the opportunity to achieve a performance of a few enterprises.

now, the trend of the Internet business environment to strengthen the various policies to encourage entrepreneurship has been introduced, the state strongly supports entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs need a cavity blood, but what is needed is rational thinking.

business is not easy, it is more difficult! Entrepreneurs need to have a few factors which



industry is the best choice for those who are good at or understanding, and should have the relevant professional skills to be engaged in the industry. Not when businesses blindly choose the industry, not because of a hot industry will join them, not only to choose more profitable industry, but do not consider whether they can do so, the result can only be suffer a big business. Of course, not to say that is not good will not succeed, Ma was also known as crazy……

two market.

as an entrepreneur you must be clear about where the market is. It is not to say that there is a place where there is a market, the market is targeted, entrepreneurs must be based on entrepreneurial projects to clear their own market. The market demand of different groups and regions is different.

three. Ability.

alone is difficult to make the enterprise success, if the entrepreneur is not good at leadership and coordination, it is recommended to choose a good partner with business management. Not only that, to understand the relevant laws and regulations, so that legitimate business, compliance management is the most basic thing. The most important is the attitude of modesty.

four. Stick to

Yibudengtian entrepreneur does not exist in this world. Step by step, only the sense to do it, the Empire will be stable for you! The world all successful entrepreneurs, their success is to rely on their general efforts a step down, because it has created a successful.


has set off a wave of Internet entrepreneurs, unabated. Under such an entrepreneurial environment, the difficulties and challenges faced by entrepreneurs have been increasing. So, there are a few taboos also need entrepreneurs need to pay attention to:



looked down on this small profit, want to become a fat man, so it will never make a fortune. Only from small to large, slowly Many a little make a mickle., step by step, and finally to climb the peak of wealth.



Internet sports, giants and entrepreneurs to grab jobs

if you want to say which of the traditional industries most recently by the giants of concern, I am afraid that sports well deserved. Especially the day before the Alibaba announced the establishment of Ali sports group, but also attracted the concern of numerous Internet sports. In fact, as early as Ali before entering the Internet sports, such as music, Tencent, etc., has started the layout of the Internet sports. But these internet giants are only the beginning of the layout around sports rights, they began to see an entrepreneur in the field of Internet sports toiled, and ran with the entrepreneurs to grab food to eat.

for the giants and entrepreneurs who grab food to eat, such cases have been very much. In many areas of the Internet giant, either in the rise of entrepreneurs to grab food to eat, or after the rise of entrepreneurs ran acquisition business platform, if the entrepreneur is not willing to be acquired, the giants will support its competitors, until the business platform completely defeated, this is the domestic Internet giants consistent style. So, what exactly does the Internet sports market prospects, will attract so many giants to come and entrepreneurs grab food to eat?

1, policy support for sports is quite large. From the beginning of last year, the state launched a speed up relevant suggestions to promote the development of sports industry, and the national fitness national strategy, enhance the people’s physique, will also support some sports service enterprise development, government support for sports invisible to all sports practitioners a good news.

2, China as a sports power in the world, but the number of domestic often take part in physical exercise is less than 30%, the proportion is far lower than the United States and other developed countries. But it also illustrates a phenomenon: China’s sports career prospects are very bright. According to statistics, 2025 of the national sports industry total will reach $800 billion, and the total output value of domestic sports is only about 300000000000, only accounted for 0.6% of GDP, which shows the great market space.

3, the domestic sports market also has a serious problem of information asymmetry, for a lot of sports loving people, don’t even know what the gym, swimming pool, badminton hall near the house. From the perspective of consumers, they need such a platform to help you quickly find the most suitable for their recent sports venues and sports venues; from the point of view, they also need internet sports this platform to help them bring more traffic.

4, the traditional sports fitness threshold and cost is still relatively high, especially in the case of looking for a coach. The traditional sport mode has the location cost and location problems, and by means of the Internet sports platform, online coach can zero cost of orders in the teaching platform, and the next line coach can also set up sports venues only need to rent expensive, can achieve the effect of teaching. The emergence of Internet sports, reducing the threshold of sports fitness, but also will be able to get rid of

The first 180 days of a O2O venture


2015 is the mobile Internet outlet O2O years, health care, retail, catering, education and so on traditional industries have invested in the mobile Internet O2O tide, I do not know which inflection point will become blue ocean in the Red Sea, O2O has not yet become the Red Sea, seize the opportunity, whether entrepreneurs or investors, means the minimum cost of trial and error and the maximum benefit. Everything is difficult at the beginning, the first 180 days of a O2O project is very important.

in these 180 days, O2O entrepreneurs should solve a few problems.

first, partner issues.

the core architecture of a O2O venture partner needs to have three kinds of people: offline, online, investors.

line from the point of view of resources, the need to find a vertical field to fully understand the industry practitioners or the owner of the line resources, of course, both the best. The line resource is very important in the O2O project, and for most of the O2O entrepreneurs themselves, mostly on the Internet was born, the lack of vertical industries to fully understand, at the same time, there is no offline resources. If you want to go to expand the line resources, whether cooperation or acquisition has a certain scale of the next line of business, and do not say whether they have strong financial support, this process will take time but also need to carefully weigh the cost. Therefore, the best way is to find a deep line partner, understand the business process, with accurate grasp of customer pain points, their own cable resources under the best, did not understand the industry rules, in line with the direction of development of resources also have contacts.

from online resources, to Internet technology evangelist, online technical team, online operations team. The Internet technology evangelist understand the development direction of the entire Internet and development of information, high sensitivity, at the forefront of the development of Internet technology, first-hand information resources and technical resources. Online technical team to be responsible for the construction of the Internet information system, the online platform is also required to complete the construction of the online operation team to operate management. For the early days of the O2O entrepreneurs, can be set as one of the three team is the best choice, not only eliminates the pain of the run in period, time cost, communication cost can be greatly reduced, but also for the start-up team, the core number of personnel need to control in a certain range, the excessive number of development is not conducive to the team. This is also the city cloud data center in contact with many O2O entrepreneurial team after the experience summary.

In addition to

, but also to find the right angel round investors. In the early stages of business, may be at any time because of funding strand breaks and the project interrupted or even aborted, the investor’s financial support is essential. In addition, a good angel investors, their own deep industry resources and human resources, entrepreneurial team for the start-up period, this is an important asset.

what kind of partner is "right"

Inventory at home part-time Wangzhuan project, students start the project recommendation

QQ cool dual items Taobao told me that the original money can be so simple


became stay-at-home mom, my daily life is around her husband and children. Well, I’ve been out of work for two years. Want to start, I am also a career as a white-collar workers. Today, children have been in kindergarten, in order to avoid out of touch with society, I also have a heavy social plan.

so, I began to rearrange your resume around, began to look for jobs, but the face of a galaxy of talents society, it seems that he no longer had young professionals, more feel unable to feel powerless, feeling not to take for their work.

this time, her husband suggested that it would be better to take some time to learn, and then master more than one skill, perhaps to help themselves better integrate into this competitive society. I think it’s a good idea to get enough power and start again.

e-commerce graduate, I hope I have more marketing skills, so I also reported a class, hoping to enhance their ability in this area. God always favors the ideal goal, in my study, I accidentally found friends doing Taobao off work, understanding after the discovery, this is not an ordinary Taobao customers, but both Taobao QQ cool off. Compared with the traditional Taobao guest, QQ cool double Taobao guest still has a lot of advantages.

double Taobao Taobao is the rise of the new Taobao in 2012, both the same as ordinary customers to promote the purchase of goods to get a commission, you can also get a certain amount of commission through the promotion agent. Any two people to join Taobao customers will become the project agents, agents will have become a rebate mall. The construction of the entire site to create a key, simple and easy to manage site management.

he is the new normal, Taobao mall customer agent, agent after you have this: http://www.zfendou.com (click link to) the same mall, mall merchandise is the system automatically calls Taobao sales of goods, that is: you help Taobao selling their things, you don’t need to supply. Don’t need to do not need to send customer service, logistics and customer service to do, as long as you allow buyers to buy things from your store, you have a commission (Commission, commission and Taobao customers are the same, the highest percentage of 50%).

what is a double entry Taobao guest double entry Taobao guest? Please add QQ381713669 understand.

QQ cool double Taobao guest, is a new marketing model, the service of Taobao’s many businesses. While retaining the promotion of Taobao commodity Commission, but also increased the concept of agency revenue, give Taobao want to do more than a platform for the development of a platform. Even if you do not understand the program does not understand the site does not understand the optimization of a friend, you can also join the double Taobao customers to get a real amount of their own Taobao mall

Zhou Hongyi became the capital of the slaves were innuendo millet

[TechWeb] reported on December 8th news, 2015 business community conference held in Beijing, in 360 founder and CEO attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech, Zhou Hongyi in his speech without naming criticized millet.


Zhou Hongyi has become the capital of innuendo millet slave

in the week seems to do a great job millet phone and marketing, but they give themselves a high amount of financing, their own back on a heavy burden, it becomes a slave to the capital. From the suitcase to the bag, what to do, which gave HUAWEI a huge opportunity.

for a recent winter capital, in Zhou Hongyi’s view this is just some bad projects to reveal the true features, entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the product itself, if it is a technical content, truly innovative products, is still being sought after by investors.

Zhou Hongyi said the boom of entrepreneurship more heat, more entrepreneurs to calm down, to maintain an appropriate distance, after finish listen to others to have their own time to do their own thinking, to a little force, not enough light to do their own discrimination, or as Dong Shi expressed, lane is bad is handan.

Zhou Hongyi speech for the following part of the content (TechWeb finishing):

a lot of people have talked about the investment in the winter, said the winter is coming. In fact, I didn’t think that I don’t feel good project, he will eventually leak stuffing, typhoon no pigs are killed.

so, I still feel today, for example, some of the more recent projects, such as technical content, the real innovation, is still the hot pursuit of investors.

but we reflect, when there is such a bubble, a lot of people say that coffee coffee in Zhongguancun Street cool, there are people like Deng Feng VC, said he said the original vote, why not vote for me?

so, put forward a few suggestions for entrepreneurs, this is also a lot of entrepreneurs in the past six months to make me feel more confused place.

1. First, I think it is a concept of value, I always said no lack of innovation in the people China, today have a lot of money, but China can become the Silicon Valley as the world real innovation center? I think the external conditions are met, the only missing values. That is why we start today? If we like on the Jobs list, who have more money, whose high net worth, whose market value is high, in this theory, I think the three innovation of entrepreneurs is not supported.

I think you have a feeling of rendering? Every rendering of entrepreneurial heroes, don’t talk about their products, not to talk about their experiences and lessons summed up, who melt into the capital who is the hero, who into high value who regressed, everyone who took more than how much money right now we sought the object, including the assessment of the company, are de >