How can business shop business is hot – the whole

although the number of shops on the market a lot, but does not mean that every shop business can be prosperous, once the business is not good, it can be a lot of people worried about. My supermarket is closed, the business is getting worse, the customer does not know where to go. Now the store does not pay, how to do?

main symptoms of the wrong way to do business management problems do not know where

main business words together taste prescription counterparts the answer is very simple

genuine business training

service warm off center

want to turn back before the guest

must ponder the business root

business is fundamental, customers also. How to make customers more, how to let the customer back, how to let the customer word-of-mouth credibility. A store only to have the customer, have credibility, and finally to usher in the spectacular of customers.

a small shop to thrive, it is necessary to consider the issue from the customer’s point of view. Only by the customer sought, shop can thrive, to earn the family, in order to accumulate wealth treasure, to make career development.

a person since the choice of retail industry, have to pay all the physical energy to work hard, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of dangerous roads, not for other temptations, down-to-earth, solid basic skills to do the store.

is a very easy to open a shop, looking for a house, the organization of goods, open the door, this is not difficult. It is difficult to make a long term prosperity of the shop, it is difficult to allow customers to look back, which requires the owner to find their own problems at any time in the business process, and strive to resolve the. Otherwise, it will appear above the problem owner confused, the problem.


problem into the master since the retail industry, we must first establish confidence, do not attempt to present difficulties down, down. To solve business challenges, it must first station to the customer perspective, what customers think, what if the most hated what.

empathy, the answer is very simple. Most customers want to buy genuine goods at a fair price goods, customers are most afraid of real money to buy real goods, the customer is cheated by the store he hated pit.

know the customer these three ideas, it is difficult to find the problem along these three ideas.

first find the problem from the goods, look at their previous operations, the purchase channel is not >

2016 Internet plus Longyan economic salon spring Symposium ended

with the rapid development of the Internet economy, China’s two or three cities and towns ushered in a new development opportunities. A group of Longyan based Internet entrepreneurs gathered recently to explore how to use the Internet to develop the economy of Longyan.

"Longyan change rapidly, Longyan’s Internet Xian more and more," circle of friends "is more and more big, the electricity supplier industry rapid development momentum." 10, in the 2016 Internet plus spring salon Longyan Economic Forum, U.S. mission network founder Wang Xingshen said with feeling.

"Internet plus Longyan economy this theme is very appropriate. But how to add? Add what? Which industry or industry which is added? This is a topic worthy of discussion, we are thinking of Internet plus idle away in seeking pleasure and beauty group……" Wang Xing said, get applause, big coffee are you made me a warm discussion and exchange.

"I am from the implementation of the Xiamen Bao Technology Co. company chairman Zhang Juanjuan, with the advent of the mobile Internet era, great changes have taken place in our work and life, Baidu link people and information, people and goods linked with Taobao, WeChat links with people," implement "link people and tasks. In the new year, the implementation will further promote the marketing and consulting team building, to help entrepreneurs in Longyan."


"last year’s Mid Autumn Festival, a gathering of Longyan province Internet elite, the achievements of several large projects in electricity supplier industry. After this space is your home, I hope you often go home to sit together to share and exchange, the Longyan electricity supplier ‘circle of friends’ bigger and stronger." City electricity supplier association president Chen Yongyang said.

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At the age of sixty farmers entrepreneurial success of doing business

believe that many people fantasize about the age of sixty when he retired in what to do, maybe go to travel, perhaps playing tea at home, and the 67 year old farmer is in the online selling a business Bingtang orange, but also prosperous.

"Internet plus government publicity, encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, I think young people are using computer to sell oranges, I want to put my orange onto the Internet to sell. Learn how to sell, I also started the two venture."

67 year old farmer Cao Wusheng is one of them, in access to e-commerce, he began to study on the Internet Internet, pondering how to promote their "vitality" – orange orange, now he has become a local celebrity playing electric. October 11th, Sanxiang "a weekly" reporter came to Yongxing, close contact with the 67 year old "new farmers" business.

left the podium, Cao Wusheng contracted a few acres of fish ponds in the home, began to fry breeding. "Every morning to pick out fry out to sell at least fifty or sixty miles a day walk." Cao Wusheng said that the man selling fish from morning to evening every day is too tiring, income is not high, raised five or six years after he began to try to fry the pig. Pig farming plus a year to earn 5000 dollars, the cost is also high." Cao Wusheng began looking for another way to make money.

1995 years, Yongxing began to mound development, the government launched a large-scale cultivation of the villagers orange candy, Cao Wusheng seize the opportunity to grow in their own field of more than 4 thousand rock candy orange.

started when Cao Wusheng of orange absolutely ignorant of planting, so he bought orange planting professional books, while reading the side of improved planting technology. Regular fertilization, timely pruning,

"Yu Shu" is "educating people"

> ten years to grow trees hundreds of years

Entrepreneurial success Find their own point of view is critical

many people are complaining that entrepreneurship is difficult, that is not easy to start, in fact, most of the time, you do not find the right way, did not find their own aspirations! So, how to succeed? It is very important to identify their own aspirations point is very important!

A school of architecture

to did not go to college professionals, they on College Students’ word both jealous and envious. However, just graduated from college students tend to put themselves too college students to see, this is a new form of easy to enter the workplace misunderstanding. After all, college students in the accumulation of theoretical knowledge than others did not read the book, but in practical skills, many times it is precisely the "primary school students". This requires more modest and prudent attitude. To understand that having enough knowledge is a catalyst to speed up the promotion of skills, not to show off the capital. As long as one day, your skills are high enough to contribute enough, you may be concerned about.

so, put down the opinionated college students attitude, learn, others will take you as a student at. This is a strange phenomenon, Xiao Li is a typical example, when the boss that Xiao Li is a college student, but also so hard work, the impression of a more natural.

Wei Peng upinto good choice – men’s business

good men’s choice, is a good choice to highlight our temperament. Wei Peng men’s clothing, men’s brand, has the most fashion menswear. Next, let us look at how it’s Wei Peng:

weipeng River Development Zone’s headquarters is located in the Pearl River Delta, Gaoming District of Foshan City, belonging to the Guangdong HENGWEI Group Co. Ltd. is a leading garment, set of clothing, washing and dyeing, hotels, real estate development, construction and decoration industry in one of the diversified and comprehensive enterprise group. Wei Peng’s trusted brand.

weipeng for the men’s group’s leading HENGWEI clothing brand, its products are jeans, leisure jacket, three series, since its inception in 1985, in line with steady style, steady development in the chairman under the leadership of Mr. Cen Runhong, has become home to 33 offices across the country each big city more than 1000 terminal sales outlets of the famous clothing brand.

men on behalf of the modern city weipeng spirit, their pursuit of quality, know how to enjoy life, for this young, beyond the charm of tailored to meet the needs of the pursuit of quality of life of men’s dress. Rich colors, perfect collocation design, moderate price and elegant version with another male, colorful life.

men weipeng for 14 consecutive years share the first jeans market, and was designated as Chinese Fashion Association Chinese cowboy clothing leading brands, for 5 consecutive years on behalf of China denim apparel industry trends conference held cowboy.

Entrepreneurial enlightenments from embarrassed in Hong Kong

there are a lot of things in this world are interlinked, such as movies and entrepreneurship, there are similarities. The movie "Hong Kong" embarrassed at the box office has exceeded 1 billion 608 million, the "Xu Zheng phenomenon" has become "embarrassed" to ensure the grossing film series, the entrepreneurs to bring a little something worthy of deep thought.

"port" is embarrassed recently the topic of public concern, from the box office can be seen on the popular level. As of October 4th, released 10 days of the "Hong Kong" embarrassed the cumulative box office 1 billion 280 million, breaking the previous directed by Xu Zheng before the "Thai" embarrassed at the end of 2012, a record 1 billion 268 million at the box office record, once again set a new record in the domestic movie box office 2D. Today, I am talking to you about this topic is the "Xu Zheng phenomenon", to a certain extent, reflect and represent the commercial phenomenon of today’s era, including the technology industry and the so-called traditional manufacturing industry. From the point of view of today’s entrepreneurship phenomenon, in which a large number of entrepreneurs in excess after being fed chicken soup "dizzy" into the business battlefield, but the real business is cruel, not to drink chicken soup will be able to realize the dream. Similarly, Xu Zheng’s success is not to see us chicken soup, but the real business trajectory.

"embarrassed" behind the three enlightenment

"port" embarrassed again hit, I will define this phenomenon as "the phenomenon of Xu Zheng". The emergence of this phenomenon, it is the birth of the Internet in the fragmentation of information era, which mainly consists of the following two aspects: one is that we are in a high degree of information overload, debris era today, most people are not willing to take the time to think about the "depth" of Art; the two is the pressure of the economic downturn the social competition intensifies, will inevitably lead to increased pressure, this time for people in the struggle in this era, we need some entertainment way for their own decompression. The brain does not occupy the "memory", and can laugh film is obviously a good choice.

a function to "perfection"

before Xu Zheng, most of the domestic film directed by former big, usually take a "heavy asset" mode. Xu Zheng’s film is more like the single product of entrepreneurial thinking, is taking a "asset light" mode, whether from the cast, performance, promotion, filming, etc., and is not dependent on the past that big, big, big investment "three pressure". What we focus on is what we call today’s product pain points, that is, people in this era need to be recommended

What need to pay attention to all stores before tea

We all know that

is a sure card has been prepared against want. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the tea shop, is a very wise choice. So, open a milk tea shop, we need to pay attention to what?

first, the environment around the shop. This is divided into two aspects: first, the selected shops around whether there are public toilets, garbage, sewers, roads surrounding is dusty, chemical plant is always harmful gas discharged thesearealltheissuestoconsider. Second, if the shop next to the station, commercial areas, densely populated location better; slope road, remote corners are poor.

not all densely populated, traffic convenience, are suitable for open tea stores, a situation surrounding only lanes and sidewalks, vehicles on the road, the line of sight nature can be swept into two weeks of shops, natural go in, there is a particular attention to the situation, the car, the sidewalk was separated blocked, pedestrians, this is actually a closed traffic, even if the flow of people, it is not appropriate to open tea shop.

second, store product positioning. Do a survey on the economic level of the consumer groups around the shops. What economic conditions determine what consumption concept. Some people go shopping, some people go to the market, where your tea consumption positioning?

third, select the brand of milk tea store. Choose a good business, the strength of the milk tea to join the brand is the most important. From the site to the training and management of marketing, free, new period of tea has been in charge of the franchisee, responsible for their own original single handedly, achieve win-win cooperation.

milk tea store, is a very promising project to join the choice. High quality entrepreneurial choice – milk tea shop. Good market prospects, worthy of our attention and choice. Worth joining! So, what are you hesitating about?

What are the operating method of Hefei

we all know that running a dry cleaners, is a very business choice. Because, as we are unable to cope with the pressure of life, dry cleaners market, no doubt, is a very powerful choice. So, the small business to choose to join the dry cleaners? What are the operating methods of dry cleaning franchise stores?

1, suggested that the boss before the opening, read the relevant management manual issued by the headquarters

2, the boss should wear, especially in the summer dry cleaning stores opened, try not to pass through the color of clothing, elegant as well

3, opened in January, the boss is best able to personally experience, more understanding of the situation

4, owner of the station front, can give employees confidence for new employees, psychological vulnerability

5, the boss stood in front of the initial solution to customer complaints, reduce the pressure on the front desk staff and demonstration role

6, the boss stood in front, you can directly understand the needs of customers in the region’s laundry consumption, especially the special services (free sign, nail buckle, loading, unloading curtains, etc.)

7, the various production processes in the store, observe the performance of employees, to master the first-hand information of employees

8, take the lead, since the early opening makes the store management into the track, lay the foundation for future

9, self laundry shop opened, recommended stores the boss requires the front desk staff use store management manual table in a form of management benefits will emerge in the future management.

through the above description, I believe we choose to join the dry cleaners market, is also very understanding. High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful business, what are you still hesitating? If you join the dry cleaning project, is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on!

Improve the lighting stores business performance to grasp these points – the whole

lighting in the home market, the number of people choose to enter the industry is very much. Of course, want to continue to develop in this industry, the choice of a good project is very important to join, but a good way to operate is also very important. So, how to improve the operating performance of the shop?

open a Home Furnishing lighting stores is not an easy thing to do, even if the product homogenization phenomenon is serious, the operator is still to ensure their own sales products to excellent quality, treat customers better attitude, want to recommend products to customers according to the actual situation, recommend suitable products, not to sell enough exaggerate or conceal products.

when the industry’s off-season, sales decline, often lead to a lot of sales staff enthusiasm to cool down, listless face, the customer can not afford to mention God, but can not speak of guiding more customers. At this time home lighting franchisee can take some incentives, such as increasing some incentives to improve the sales of the sales interest, take the initiative to attack. Should always pay attention to the actual needs of customers, only to understand the real needs of customers, in order to continuously meet them, so as to better win the hearts of customers, thereby winning the market.

Home Furnishing lighting stores inventory control, on a regular basis to store goods for inventory, as operators of goods inventory rationality of the store is very important, the understocked waste goods sales opportunities, too much will also increase the cost of capital.

home lighting stores in the promotion, we must first grasp the intensity, the intensity should not be large, to moderate. Should do more to buy gifts, rather than discount promotions. In short, the promotion should be less and grand, franchisees pay attention to grasp the promotion efforts, pay attention to the use of promotional methods, pay attention to the frequency of promotions.

through the above description, I believe we have chosen to join the lighting home has a lot of understanding. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, the key is very good. So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!