26 money saving strategies for entrepreneurs

a lot of entrepreneurial friends are limited budget, so in the limited financial budget, how to achieve a reasonable allocation, save money? For entrepreneurs to invest in this issue, small series for the majority of entrepreneurs to recruit a recruit! The print cartridge

1. save office expenses to buy reusable. Looking for a locally available printer cartridge supplier from a search engine or yellow pages.

2. using the free form: no need to go local office store to buy a table or on your own time, you can find a lot of free form on the Internet, you can download and customize, and then print.

3. for free software: many software download sites offer hundreds of software products, including full free software, free trial software, or a limited version of the complete software product. Some software vendors are also available on the website for free trial download.

4. to buy second-hand equipment: the purchase of second-hand computer equipment, copiers and office furniture, can save up to 60% of the cost, from the store, the auction industry and classified ads and other information can be found.

1. began using the Internet search on your market positioning, through online forums to find potential customers for the products or services you may be interested in.

2. set up an online store: do you think it takes a lot of effort and energy to develop e-commerce? So you can start with the auction site. If you want to build a professional online store, there are a number of one-stop service provider, usually only pay a very low cost.

3. and users to communicate with the Internet: looking for those who cater to the needs of your audience forums and communities, and join. Add your company’s Web site in your signature, of course, to provide useful information, people will click on your site.

4. spread self: are you trying to get people to know your site? Try putting the web site on your letterhead, business card, and email signature, and all potential consumers will be able to see it. It can also be printed on the staff uniform, will be issued publicity, all press releases, Yellow Pages advertising and company vehicles.

1. money to the promotion of more by advertising: the company’s advertising materials together with other documents such as invoices, delivery, so you can save freight and other charges. In the same way, when a customer is shopping, bring him a bag of coupons, newsletters, or other promotional leaflets, which can increase the chance to buy more.

2. to promote cooperation: with the company’s business related to the promotion of the surrounding enterprises to share advertising and promotional costs. To work with a company that sells complementary goods or services, to conduct outdoor promotions, or to take a marketing alliance to share mailing lists, distribution channels

From the news to the music from the study to venture Du Lijia do not take the unusual way

Du Lijia a year before is still planning to go to Britain to study things, but a year later, she has become Zhejiang famous "90 beauty CEO", let her venture on a road of life.

Du Lijia Zhejiang biography news professional senior, fluffy hair, wearing a stylish, cute laugh, with a little domineering and revealing. When I was studying piano in primary school, I was studying guitar at university. Du Lijia was always trying to deduce the way of all kinds of musical instruments.

and other music lovers, Du Lijia said: "in fact, I have been in the pursuit of music is not, but a way of expression. Express yourself with music, express feelings with music." But don’t understand music for Du Lijia, to write their own songs, their music is not easy. She has also tried to learn music, the effect is not ideal. But the idea of "singing your song" has never stopped.

to enter the University, his own music ideas become more intense, but don’t understand music, how to easily record those melodies convenient in my mind? Soon, she transformed the idea, mobile phone mapping software so that ordinary people can also have the ability to repair the professional map, then there is zero for music lovers to create music software? Du Lijia said, if there is a APP can not only realize their music dream, but also can help more people realize their music dream, why not do it?

Hand-painted shoes out of the beautiful life

sometimes walking in the street will encounter hand-painted shoes, business has been very good, a lot of customers, more fun to see. Li Rongzhu is also a hand-painted shoes business, just a few hours, a pair of ordinary white canvas shoes into a full of fashion and personality arts under Li Rongzhu’s pen, the value soared from 200 dollars to tens of dollars.

28 year old Li Rongzhu graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, interior design. After graduating in 2009, she worked as an interior designer and a bookstore salesman. In order to take care of the poor health of the mother, she quit as early as eight nights of work, start their own business.

Li Rongzhu was on the way to Guilin in 2009 when he came into contact with hand-painted shoes. This custom tailored to the needs of customers, the painting process on the shoes attracted her. She decided to ignore her parents discouraged, alone in Guilin began a 10 month apprenticeship. During the day she hand painted shoe shop while studying hand painting process, in the evening to put on the street selling their hand-painted shoes.

2010 years back to Shen Shen, Li Rongzhu still from the stall to start, during the day at home to draw the customer’s shoes, while taking care of his mother, his father went out to work in the evening stall". Business is good in summer, can draw seven or eight pair of canvas shoes every day, but in the winter, snow shoes not only the purchase cost is much higher than the canvas shoes, only bulk goods, and the high cost of goods, it will have to find another way. She tried to paint on the gloves, and found that it is better to sell shoes, each pair of gloves can earn more than ten yuan.

2011 years, Li Rongzhu finally has its own physical store – bamboo hand-painted, at the same time opened a micro shop and Taobao shop to receive online orders, sales channels greatly widened.

to customize their own custom map, unique hand-painted products by the current pursuit of personalized young people love, students, couples are the main force in bamboo hand-painted customers. Many couples choose to customize their own photos with their own cartoon version of the couple products, to see the customer to draw their own products satisfied with the appearance, Li Rongzhu himself also feel a sense of accomplishment.

with the expansion of sales channels, bamboo hand-painted products have become diversified. Not only an increase of more than 10 kinds of shoes, clothes, and hats, umbrellas, bags, necklaces, pillow and other hand-painted products. Which is the second hand painted hand painted eggs, basically sold three or four boxes a day, the price of $90 per box, holiday sales will be better. It is understood that the majority of customers to buy hand-painted eggs is not to eat eggs at home for the children and parents worry.

Li Rongzhu at the same time also opened a calligraphy class, to teach primary school Chinese painting, drawing, calligraphy, etc., hand painted bamboo store as a classroom. Entrepreneurship 6 recommended

Eat their Japanese cuisine to join the six major advantages

in recent years, China’s international status is rising, so the rapid development of the world economy, culture, light from the food and beverage industry will be able to clearly see. Japan and South Korea restaurant has occupied a large part of China’s food and beverage market share, Xiao Bian today is to recommend a relatively good Japanese cuisine – eat their home

eat the home was founded in 1982 in Japan and Yokohama, is to beef with rice as the main commodity fast-food chain, in Japan’s domestic and overseas expansion in Zhiyingdian way. At the end of 2011, the number of stores reached 1710 by the end of 10. Home eat the beef with rice is Japan’s popular products, in the same industry accounts for about 45% of the market, is the industry’s first fully deserve. Food products are rich in their families, from the family to the individual radiation layer wide, widely loved by people.

shop is configured to facilitate one person dining table seats, but also equipped with convenient group / family dining tables and chairs. A variety of dishes, the appropriate price and let the guests feel the speed and good attitude, uninterrupted service to the guests 365 days.

eat their home Japanese cuisine to join the six major advantages:

Japan’s first

store beef with rice

provides the best beef with rice. As the Japanese market share of the first meaning as the representative of Japanese cuisine beef with rice, the most delicious side out, provided to the customer. Use selected beef and rice to be served in a restaurant with a sauce made of a unique formula.


offers the right price. The food is the home cooking beef with rice, the representative in Japan, to provide key with suitable price, to make all kinds of guests to experience through the fun and taste of beef with rice.


a variety of menu. According to the preferences of the guests, to provide a single product, package, size, a variety of dishes, such as a wide range of options. Allow guests to experience the fun of choice.


quick offer. After a busy working life, the guests outside the dining is convenient and fast. To provide customers with fast food products through the technology and management of their home.


provides perfect service to every guest. Eat their home and the general fast food restaurant is different, not self-service but room service. When the guests began to store the smile, mention meal on the table and confirm the dishes after.

Small bubbles Hot pot franchise business good to no friends

hot pot to join the project, in our lives, has been a very hot item. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the small bubble Hot pot project, successful entrepreneurs trust. Join bubble small chaffy dish project, what are you still hesitating?

bubble small Hot pot Beijing outlets, Beijing Fengtai District Xia Jia Hu Tongrui Yi square in 2011.6.10 grand opening, desktop Chairman Mr. Xiong Xuhua to visit the site Hot pot small bubbles, small bubbles desktop Hot pot to spread its fashion, convenient and healthy way to quickly open, small bubbles of Hot pot set off a new revolution.

with the rapid development of market economy, the pace of life is speeding up, the small bubble Hot pot food market in a second tier city is already quite mature, and even three lines below the county level city, small bubble Hot pot dining is also like to join such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, through continuous focus on brand building and market promotion of small bubbles Hot pot with small, packaging and brand promotion diversified Hot pot bubble, bubble PAOPAO small desktop Hot pot has been de, and will quickly become the new darling of the fashion field Hot pot.

bubble small hot pot? The success of the venture to join the business, it is necessary to join the bubble small hot pot? In fact, a good choice to join the project, is a very choice of business opportunities. High quality projects, successful entrepreneurship, bubble small pot to join it!

10 people who make money for business

on the road of entrepreneurship, not everyone can be successful, some people can quickly harvest success, some people through long-term efforts also harvest success, while some people simply can not succeed. So, who is suitable for business? Might as well come to see you fit?

1,   not the status quo, the continuous efforts of the people.

"three meals a day full, the wife and kids hot Kang" people feel that holding a lifetime "a secure job", never an opportunity to make money, enough on the line, why should so much money, "this sentence is not even those who do not earn money people encouraging" famous".

2, the ability and efficiency of the people.

3, a very clever man.

4, the "face" of the people.

5, who have the goal of wealth.


6, the really poor man.

like "appearance is not surprising" man’s pursuit of undivided attention pretty girls are often the same success. Poor people felt because of the poor and the more money the pain of cutting one’s body, desire and spirit.

7, hard-working people.

8, forthright personality of the people.

9, very confident people.

10, the most innovative person.

After 90 college graduates Liang Jun micro-blog sell fruit easy to make money

on the micro-blog platform, familiar people should know that micro-blog now is more than just a variety of news release, it has also become a collection of commercial venues, many rely on micro-blog to achieve entrepreneurial success stories. In this paper, the introduction of the hero is such a successful case, let us know the following.

on the sale of imported fruit Liang Jun just graduated from college, and now he is 22 years old, Wuhan Xin Dong fruit micro-blog behind the scenes and the shop owner". Every morning, micro-blog posted on the day of the supply of fresh fruit, a picture and a short text, or even just a bunch of fruit name and price, small business but affordable. Liang Jun said, micro-blog shop and Taobao shop is different, is to sell micro-blog + logistics and distribution model to sell imported fruit.

"first of all, the quality of your stuff is really hard enough, the service is better. Fans will naturally recommend to friends. Second, but also often engage in some awards activities, and guests interact on micro-blog, a large part of the business is micro-blog fans support."

"if micro-blog’s marketing content is too direct, blunt, even if there are thousands of ‘fans’, can not produce actual purchasing power. Micro-blog’s content only through the exchange of friends, the expression of a strong human touch in order to achieve the purpose of selling goods in the story." Liang Jun said that micro-blog on the exchange, will inevitably further understanding, shopkeepers and fans of communication and exchange, human is a very significant label, advertising effect is too stiff to get.

fans in the maintenance, Liang Jun said that their customers are mainly white-collar women, 25 – to 40 years old, there is a good economic strength, as well as fashion consumer attitudes. Taking into account these factors, as well as several of his delivery of the car for a transit view plus two overbearing, their dress to clean fashion, mobile phones are iPhone. Now Liang Jun micro-blog fans more than 4000, the store’s daily sales of about $5000, a good time even up to ten thousand yuan.

micro-blog has now become a channel for more and more people to make money, as long as the good use of wealth is not difficult to create. So, after reading a small series of such a simple introduction, and now you think you can use micro-blog to earn their own profit?

9 exhibitors tips to help companies stand out in the show

investment show around now has become very common, at the same time, many in the city in order to attract some investors and enterprises, in the investment properties of the spare no effort to hold some exhibitions, there will also be many enterprises in the exhibition, you should pay attention to what the details of the exhibition in china.

how to show the talent shows itself period? Exhibitors should pay attention to details, today small sums up for you 9 Tips to help you win in the exhibition, exhibitors in the exhibition, wins in the next exhibition


1.  details to help you capture buyers eye

eye-catching booth layout is important, but not too fancy layout. Exhibitors should focus on showing the most distinctive products, so that buyers can quickly find the distinctive exhibitors. This is also consistent with the marketing of unique selling proposition (USP) theory; secondly, the exhibitors if relevant certificates can be put in the position of the eyes when attract the attention of buyers, such as CE, RoHs or GMC certificate, with professional image into buyers eyes, to help you maximize your exposure to


2.  a warm and friendly attitude is a lubricant between you and a strange buyer

smile is the most effective international language, a smile to express your international buyers welcome. Smile can reveal professional, confident image of the enterprise, so that buyers are more likely to be attracted to you.

3.  professional quality is the prerequisite for you to get business cards and orders

as an exhibitor, before the exhibition must make the enterprise product review once, you can do that when the buyer inquiries material, quotation and other problems can be answered more buyers immediately, can take the initiative to add additional information to buyers may concern, including selling market, certification and past transaction experience, enhance buyers of enterprises and confidence in the product; 2) the main human knowledge timely failed to understand the global more than and 200 countries and regions, but you should strengthen your target market and potential market or national cultural understanding. If a buyer is willing to tell you that he is from Zimbabwe, A salesman said: we intend to explore the South American market." The B salesman said: "South Africa is our future focus on the development of the market." As a buyer, you would prefer to continue to discuss cooperation with


4.  master initiative

when buyers ignore your booth, or sometimes you stand not to attract attention, then you need to take the initiative to take the first step, the initiative "approached" welcome buyers into your booth. This conversation is not content theme, but introduce products to the buyers initiative, a concise and comprehensive "Come  take  a  look  at  our  latest  and  exclusiv recommendation

Three thousand tea farmers join venture project

in fact, the choice of three thousand tea farmers to invest in the project, but also has the advantage of choice, very powerful choice. Join three thousand tea farmers how? Open their own three thousand tea farmers to join the shop, shop is earned!

three thousand tea farmers have always adhere to the "integrity-based" means for creating the "create the first brand, the development of the national drink China tea", "gold quality, hundred years of commitment" for business purposes and to struggle diligently strive after. What is a good project to join the tea market is now a huge recognition of three thousand tea farmers is a great honor.

three thousand tea tea has a well-known professional technicians, tea artists, a number of senior national tea evaluation, to master a hundred years of tea processing technology, the introduction of international advanced tea production line and green food standard operating equipment. What is a good project to join tea three thousand tea farmers using traditional techniques and modern technology of tea making process, the traditional tea culture and fashion blend of cultural ideas, leading the development of enterprises.

three thousand tea farmers how? Not only to join the business to provide a good platform for entrepreneurship, but also to join the three thousand tea farmers project, or a very good choice, the choice of trust. Join the three thousand tea farmers project is to choose the right!

Cosmetics stores to join the site there is a small trick tips

in today’s society, cosmetics can be said to have become a female basic necessities of life, at the same time, the cosmetics store in the market also had very long, there are more and more young entrepreneurs will look to the cosmetics industry in business.

1, the local bustling trade district, fashion girls frequented, consumption areas.

2, staff intensive large and medium-sized communities, mature residential areas; (if your store also provides skin care services, choose this place is good)

3, high-grade office buildings, commercial buildings, such as 4 weeks Wang Pu, the target for the high consumption of white-collar groups;

4, it is best to be next to cosmetics, clothing stores, as well as women’s products related to the shops.

shop mode analysis

1 dependent store or shop in store

attachment type shops advantage source, turnover is relatively stable, but it is possible to rent costs due to the high operating costs. This kind of shops on the operating level and the influence of the brand and the professional level of sales requirements higher, to operators must have certain experience and money to open shops in this place, or to do very tired, generally not suitable for newcomers to enter. But the advantage is very obvious, there will be no shortage of passenger flow problem, as long as a large number of passengers to intercept their own store, there will not be much problem of survival.

2 Shopping District boutique

this kind of shops located in relatively prosperous downtown area, such as in now a lot of high street in ten and walking on the street, away from large super may be relatively far away, but the flow is relatively large. Such values may not be in the city, but will attract some consumers. The vast majority of cosmetics stores are located in this category. In this shop, asked the shop to have a good image, terminal brand has great advantages, have a good marketing promotion activities, in addition to well differentiated services, so as to allow customers to remember, but not submerged in the other cosmetics shop.

3 service community store

because of city area gradually expanded, the community more and more, in the community shop is a good choice. Community shops will have good development prospects, generally relatively small flow shop like this, but the rent will be very low, mainly for the community of customers, as long as the good service, forming a good reputation effect, cosmetics shop community general business benefits is relatively stable.