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  • Discussion on how to master the webmaster Shanghai ranked the secret of love

    sites: correlation and correlation between the chain content relevance, the theme of the site. We will be related to the content into a combination of related topics, then these topics combined into a relevant column, finally the relevant column consists of a web site. And then when to update the site whether it is original or false original, and is the best site theme related content, the contents of this search engine is very love. The last is the correlation of the chain, external links are important factors in Shanghai Longfeng, basically every webmaster want and their related station Links, we do in the chain the other PR value is not the main reference standard, the main factor is the end station and your site or not.

    two, website keywords and content innovation of

    Three, the user experience of

    love Shanghai ranking rules, has been gradually approaching the excellent state of search engine technology, and the ultimate goal of all search engines are: user experience. In our domestic search engine as a new type of advertising media has not reached a very mature stage, we advanced the search engine technology has not yet reached the level of foreign search engine technology

    for the new website, we need to do is try to avoid fierce competition in the field, to your site – some other website does not have content, it is best to create a website category, and then through time to accumulate experience, when the owners of a better understanding of the content of innovative website after you. You can not according to the online website or not online content to your website content innovation, so that your competitors website is less developed, will be easier than other sites.

    Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated to more scientific and precise, love Shanghai ranking rules, has been gradually approaching the excellent state of search engine technology, we have the love of Shanghai is getting better, you can take time for change is the million, as long as we have love in Shanghai the ranking of the rules, you can in the website ranking competition to grasp the initiative, what is the love of Shanghai ranked

    rules? !

    we can search words through love Shanghai index, love Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai and know some of the web pages to be extended of Lenovo, found many innovative keywords!…… The more you think about it more deeply, you think more widely, you contact the word enough, you can get the keywords innovation enough, keywords innovation is very competitive

    , a website of the correlationIncluding the correlation between

    each do stand webmaster want to grasp the love Shanghai’s secret, but the love of Shanghai’s algorithm has been constantly updated, always uncertain, that we can let the webmaster how to do stand love Shanghai love, to have a good and stable ranking

    ?In fact, love

    How personal website in BING search rankings

    1. BING more love editorial types of links

    BING love

    2. absolute matching names in BING will get more reward

    want to get ranked in BING, because of its emphasis on the content of rich web sites more than the noble baby, so you in this also to some Kung fu. If you have a station, not in.

    noble baby love all types of links: directories, articles, blogs and so on of all kinds, just do it. But BING? BING will track all types of links, but now, BING only gives the highest link weight type editorial. The editorial link: what do you mean, is in an article, links into content, BING does not like the baby to RESOURSE BOX (nobility in general, in the article is finished, and at the end of a segment of the author’s words, this text put the place called RESOURSE BOX) and directory too much the weight. So, in order to obtain good results in BING, so as to do this type of link may, at the same time it will also enhance the rank of nobility baby.

    what is absolute, such as your domain name? The word is "buy car", such as " www.buycar贵族宝贝" this is called absolute, domain name, ".Org" and ".Net" are also considered, but other suffixes there is no reward, at the same time, the domain name will get extra absolute good in the noble baby. But it seems that BING will give to. No matter how to use the domain name registration website, definitely try to.

    in the past all the focus is always on the noble baby, really noble baby is the largest source of traffic, but these are slowly changing. Now the BING is worth your attention, especially for you is the United States market. According to the latest statistics of Experian Hitwise company, Bing currently occupy 30% of the market share of the U.S. search (YAHOO and one half, but YAHOO was using BING search). BING took over the YAHOO search flow. Personally, is really not worth another effort to do BING and YAHOO, each search engine algorithm is different, Shanghai Longfeng methods are not the same, but in some places is figured out, if the noble above baby well, the other did not do it if there is no what a great loss. But due to the current share of BING to 30%, which means that can point to focus on top of this, some of my station on BING also achieved good rankings, so here I want to share my experience (only about BING and a baby different focus, as in many other places is it:

    3. content rich website


    Happy Chain – a great harvest Why not

    3: I have to say I have a lot of links of the forum, forum account, feel the most relaxed non forum is the signature, with a web site, after reading and posting replies, and then sometimes they might also add a cream essence paste effect that is quite good, personally think that the forum replies, post we must seriously, see "to" see "zhidingtie" back, back, see the "sofa" (HA HA) to grab the other! "

    ? ?

    speaking of the chain everyone must love and hate it, why do you say that? Love his site top ranking chain, so he continued to add the chain, then continue to lose, a lot of work. If a site every day for the chain, then sooner or later die! If you do good enough, can form a reputation effect, someone to help you with the connection that also does not matter, but mostly is the enterprise stand in, basically do the products outside the Shanghai dragon the chain almost became Shanghai dragon er’s work for an endless daily work of a large proportion of! Do sixteen months of Shanghai dragon Er has been studying how to quickly included the chain, what kind of link is the most effective? At the same time in different period of search engine is also in constant change take BD this time last year to adjust the BD chain algorithm, BD related domain is what we see now! In fact, when Google is doing, have to say BD has been more "international search giant." I remember! At that time, before the BD chain adjustment chain that is quite difficult! Included is difficult, and the related domain after it is good to do more


    1: first of all is the chain industry correlation, basically do is to find the weight of the high industry portal, they have self-help business shops, you can add their own products, of course, the more high weight website more audit is very strict, we might find that three to five of this industry portal. As a blog, add products to specification and then take the link as a web site to regular daily maintenance, this link is very awesome, I like the water treatment equipment website (www.byshuichuli贵族宝贝) are basically doing industry portal links! If the content for the good, and might even have ranking oh Why not?!

    said the chain had to carry a chain is YAHOO, YAHOO chain I quite seriously, it can be said that in the process of Shanghai dragon I almost do is separate from BD, with YAHOO related domain anchor text links the two aspects are separated to do! Then said Shanghai related domain and love YAHOO is the chain I how do


    2 is a major focus of the release of the soft, you can see we are very grateful to A5 provides such a platform for me, in fact most of the time we are talking about the A5 article is in order to do outside the chain and do what I want to say, this is very normal, everyone in life, each one takes what he needs the content is still very serious to write, but people need to choose to see to know everyone’s ideas, and also to the work done, Why not?

    Heart solve the website right down

    The If the

    site because of the chain and the right to drop

    web site as a result of certain factors to be revised, many inexperienced webmaster is regardless of the consequence of a sudden change, the first few days of the engine should be no reaction, when the engine after the next update will appear snapshot stalled, key words or some keyword ranking dropped, this time it may be right to be reduced.


    site is down right, so in order to be able to quickly return to the previous weight, fast and accurate analysis of the reasons is the prerequisite. According to the factors of several common down right now we do a detailed answer, I hope to be able to help you webmaster friends.


    can be seen from the figure, the chain of this site tends to be stable in the number of 10 days, if the chain when a site in a few days or a month are increasing or decreasing this is not normal, it may be because this factor makes the engine judgment you are in a large number of import chain, in the eyes of this engine is a kind of cheating, right down there is no doubt that sooner or later.


    site is down right on the countless Adsense headache and helpless, can be described as "hard for decades, look back to the liberation." This taste really is not our personal webmaster can afford. But on the other hand, the saying goes, "one upmanship." While the engine is called, we webmaster when the so-called magic. Because of such things can be solved completely. The key is to see if we have a "heart".

    There are many factors

    site really need revision, the author suggests that the webmaster to gradually change, the change is slowly one-time change a section, such as web site keywords, change after you no longer need to move. After a period of time and then change the next section. Furthermore, after the revision of the website to submit a site map for time >




    site because of factors outside of the chain and is right to be reduced is also very good judgment, use webmaster tools can do. We have to do is look for nearly a month or the chain in recent months to increase or reduce the tendency to judge. So the chain growth trend of normal maps can be used to explain the.

    website for revision and the right


    stop you to eat a big fat man’s idea, step by step is a must. To return to our original plans, the increase in the number of increase in number, although not immediately solve the problem right down, but as long as you can stick to one or two months that you can see the results you want. Everything has two sides, when your site search engine has withstood the test, the weight is likely to be even better than the original, many owners have similar experiences.

    360 search PK love Shanghai search market who is the master

    advantage: at this stage, love still can not shake the status of Shanghai, said Chinese search must mention love Shanghai, users find relevant knowledge, the first sentence is "you most to love Shanghai" love Shanghai, You’ll see., is not covered. Besides Wikipedia, know, library and so on, products, wide coverage, the weight of love Shanghai gave of their products is very high, and even some search keywords are the top ten love of Shanghai’s products.

    : many webmaster rely too much on love Shanghai, in to a search engine, to break the monopoly of love Shanghai, love Shanghai without looking at the face to live. Love Shanghai PPC also caused many users.

    disadvantages: Although the team in the first time is to do a search. But as a new search engine, search 360 user acceptance and love not love haigao, Shanghai and Google than it will take a long time efforts, the future will have a long way to go.

    Qihoo 360 search in August 16th quietly on the line, it seems not much movement. However, in unnoticed, 360 search has been caused by the impact of the entire search market. On August 21st news, according to Kingsoft Internet CEO Fu Sheng Tencent micro-blog (micro-blog) broke the news, 360 search on the line for five days, the user almost no perception case quickly won nearly 10% of the domestic search market share beyond Sogou, becoming the second largest search engine. 360 love Shanghai search and search in the search engine market dominance battle has quietly opened. 360 search search can go beyond love Shanghai? We from their respective advantages and disadvantages to carry out a contrast:

    360 search

    advantage: Zhou Hongyi is the originator of domestic search, although the 3721 failed, but where fall on the climb is not impossible. 360 security guards started 360, has formed a product matrix of 360 navigation, 360 browser and other components of the 360 series has become one of the important traffic entrance search engine. 360 search based on 360 browser has a strong user base amount. Chinese most Google search is through 360 browser search box to. In the technical aspects of the 360 do not worry, before the team also has experience in search engine.

    analysis is not difficult to draw the conclusion from the above comparison, 360 search to love in search of Shanghai still has a long way to go to catch up with the love of Shanghai, the dominance of search is not shaken the launch of the 360 comprehensive search key is to see how his position, if the location into a search engine, the search engine as the other their competitors to treat, and they go for the search engine market share, it will be a lot of users want to see the effect, will also be the largest.

    love Shanghai search

    Graphic teach you by noble baby Webmaster Tools depth optimization Website


    missing XML label

    three, gooel Sitemaps proposed to learn to look at

    two, submit their sitemaps

    your map does not appear to be in a supported format. Please make sure it is in line with our map and submit again.


    , a noble baby webmaster tools

    translation is as follows:


    translation is as follows:

    this type of error, is a basic program you submitted in Sitemaps Sitemaps cannot access the cause, you can click the siremaps to submit

    I am here to

    example diagrams, so you really fun nobility baby webmaster tools, to further optimize their website


    as shown above, in fact, the noble baby gave us a lot of mistakes and suggestions, I will analyze the error types and solutions

    shown above, click to go, see noble baby found the error and warning



    error file format


    friends stand for the noble baby webmaster tools should not be unfamiliar, but more friends may only play the role of Sitemaps submitted, and for the optimization and suggestions of other noble baby might not understand.


    Your Sitemap does not appear to be in a supported format. Please ensure it meets our Sitemap guidelines and resubmit.

    four, sitemap found the baby aristocratic interpretation error and warning

    2, Missing XML tag

    贵族宝贝 noble baby贵族宝贝/webmasters

    This required tag is missing. Please add it and resubmit.

    1, Unsupported file format

    Discussion on how to improve the user experience of the site that something

    content has the readability of

          content of the website,

    title in website optimization is very important, when users see the title will know your site is doing what. If written out of order, you don’t even know what is this website, not to say what the user experience. Of course, you want the user to see the title that this is what to do when writing the title of the website, must pay attention to the following, must hit the theme of the site, the title is not too long, simple and prominent theme, so that customers at a glance that the website is doing what. We take the Nanning Shanghai dragon team, our title is: " Nanning Shanghai dragon team – professional promotion website optimization ranking, Shanghai Dragon technology advisory services, expert " in the user at a glance that is Nanning site optimization ranking, which is simple and shy.

    a website, to have traffic will have the user experience, we must consider the user experience of the site built before, a website user experience determines the bounce rate, PV number, if the jump rate is too high, the user experience of poor natural, low bounce rate user experience is good, the only way will get the favour of search engine. Of course, our aim is to serve customers, and not just as simple as flow, if it is to do Shanghai Longfeng flow, do not pay attention to the user experience, finally will only make your site into No one shows any interest in the website. The search engine is that the user experience is good for you to show very good position, this is Shanghai dragon Er everyone knows. Give everybody to introduce in the construction site how to do the website user experience following Nanning Shanghai dragon team.

    is a website advertising too much, will cause the user on the site of boredom, imagine when you open a website advertising what would you do if I would resolutely turned off, this is our common response to browse the site. So the website advertising should not overdo sth., don’t put too much advertising, like what promotion alliance ah, also some advertising ah, don’t put these. We do website optimization to the flow and do, if the flow rate jumped out too much, go back to cause the attention of the search engine, search engine will give the site drop right or directly K off, it will be too late to regret.

    station advertising is not too much

    and the content of the title match; >

    I’ve seen a lot of website articles are not read, can not read, because this is not the statement content; some stations in order to quickly increase the content to write, this is for the search engine spiders see, we simply cannot read, this is typical of the false original article, so greatly affect the user experience of the website. Nanning Shanghai dragon team is not recommended to do so because this is cheating, will be punished by a search engine.



    Analysis of the pros and cons of Links exchange

    Links benefits?

    Links is a kind of form, in the construction site daily is essential, usually in the buddy online website construction site of the site, so there will be a column, and is free, Links despite the visitors when browsing the little attention, but the quality of the website search engine to determine a greater impact. The buddy will talk about the matters needing attention Links exchange.

    1, Links benefits rather than directly to the site visits much, it will affect the quality of site search engine to judge, a lot of peer exchange web site, can improve the site in the search engine’s weight, you know so far, about 80% traffic most of the site are from in the search engine, and buddy online network marketing 100% traffic from search engines.


    chain called Links, specific form, is the site between the complementary resources of a simple form of cooperation, the exchange of a chain into the link anchor text and link exchange pictures, click on the link, will pop up a new page or switch directly to exchange links on the site, visitors can enter into exchange links website through cooperation website, mutual promotion effect is achieved between the website, so Links exchange is one of the most basic way of network promotion. Links is the most important form must be able to find the link and exchange website name in the web page code, and can browse the site to exchange name when you visit the site, if it is replaced by other ways, such as the same color links, hidden links, which belong to the black chain method, is not desirable, small partners in the past several articles about the link seems to have also said the problem of cheating, you can turn back to see.

    2, Links can also enhance the user experience, since the exchange Links as much as possible is the exchange between peers, so it is helpful for visitors to the next peer website through the current web site, it is convenient for the visitors to visit more of the information industry, it is also a search engine for a pleasing performance will increase the "right of the website in the search engine

    buddy online website homepage was updated to love Shanghai don’t know where to go, site is not the first, type the URL to can search results, domian is in the first place, such as a webmaster I completely meizhe. Check your own web site, only the reason on this last one. Links buddy, the Links rarely take the initiative to remove, even if is a snapshot of the chain of friends every year without having to delete, but now is not the same. That love behind the Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, meaningless recommendation or transaction patterns recommended links will cause greater damage to the station, buddy finally made a difficult decision, only a knife in the chain. Now take a chain operation, to share with you today, buddy said, is Links topic.

    Do the bidding promotion is successful key creative


    so I asked the bidding friends, why write creative friend? The answer is very simple: to attract customers. Do the bidding is different from the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon if the optimization rule does not accord with no title, but also because of the conversion; bidding advantage, so in the title can be arbitrary, but this photo to attract customers to consult? Of course users will consult, but at least not creative to seize the user’s heart, and even some friends know how to write creative, direct reference to do naked advertising, like "so they write, I write it."



    I think, do the bidding promotion is successful, the key to creativity, may wish to look at the decoration industry many decoration company is how to write creative, see below:

    so, how to write a bid to promote the creative and decoration >?

    a few days ago received a call from a friend’s phone decoration company to work, in addition to being outside, more is how to better do the bidding promotion on the Internet, the friend in charge of the decoration company search engine for promotion, but the effect is not good, the auction money got out of the money, but no shadow. I believe it is a problem in most enterprises do the bidding, bidding into money, not to vote without consulting, wandering between do and not to do, want to do promotion on the Internet today, many people are aiming for promotion, quick, promotion effect is good, but so many do the bidding, smooth do the bidding and some

    why most bids are not good, I think the big reason stems from the creative writing, to do the bidding in the company’s specialist, many big advantages to Shanghai dragon, but also want to do too much, Shanghai dragon put the rankings do go up, at least the boss, but the boss do the bidding for the money, to is more money, rather than that as easy as blowing off dust and ranking, so here advise the Shanghai dragon friend, don’t think to do the bidding, Shanghai Longfeng re ranking, bidding weight conversion, work and ideas are not the same. Is the friends, only to find the original auction so hard, then look at what they do the bidding website, that the only problem is the creative writing.

    from the figure we can see, in the decoration industry, the top three are basically self hi creative activities we do! We preferred, stand a few million! Such ideas can be used in any industry, but also applies to the cooperation intention of users, Internet users do not see to have intention the cooperation of users, for users, as already immune, unable to grasp the pain points and needs of the user, what is the Internet to understand the decoration decoration? Market knowledge, to see the effect of map, find a suitable own budget decoration company, when you see here since hi ideas will have little to boast tend to feeling? A user routine psychological play.

    An autumn the core thought of stable love Shanghai ranking

    on the site to do the planning in the very early, if the plan is not very good, but also a little bit to adjust it, what kind of website structure is reasonable. Here the first look at the definition of website structure between web pages and web site the way to link link shape called web site structure. Some of my friends understand the structure of the site may be in the form of the path is "/" to distinguish the website with several institutions, in fact, use this method to determine the site of the institution is wrong or that is not accurate. Accurately identify site is see link clicks, as long as there is a link on the home page of the web page is two level structure, in the home is not connected, in the two column page with links to web pages of three pages. From the weight transfer and web page weight is two level structure or a flat structure is the best, but the flat structure website does not exist, it is impossible for each web page has a link on the home page. So the general link depth to three is appropriate, in the transmission of deep-seated weight will be very low, "the effects included. That is to say, the total will be included on the website of the impact, if a long time website weight >

    user requirements and site layout

    The first The structure of

    second websiteThe structure of

    The two

    is basically a concept, the layout of the site is according to the needs of users and the positioning of the site must be clear, clear their site facing the target customers, what they need, to order separately arranged, if your site has been ranked, to you the layout optimization of slowly, from the important to important, according to from top to bottom from left to right are arranged content. The selection of content, you can analyze the keywords, consider the search keywords the customer is what you want to do, and list, and write the article to meet their different needs, perhaps we can not meet the needs of all users, but must meet the needs of most users. To analyze the behavior of users constantly, understand how they use search engines to find what they need, there can be a lot of using a search engine, search a keyword, to observe changes of related search keywords of your society, statistics, user demand is changing, you the website will not only change to users love articles and content to cater to your users. Only continue to meet the needs of users, your site will permanently keep the keywords ranking.

    for webmasters, keyword ranking ranking for you, perhaps not so difficult to do, but if a stable keywords ranking, seems a bit more difficult. It is not easy to do a keyword ranking, if ranked in the home soon points down, it would be a pity, so let’s make up to keywords, trying to stabilize the rankings, reflect our ranking value hard to do. Today I would like to talk about some ideas of stable keywords ranking. I mainly in two aspects: