Shanghai Longfeng chain innovation and imitation is the kingly way

3, portal blog add anchor text and link in the published article, the home page to add Links. Love Shanghai, but need to be used carefully, the risk of abuse has been K. Blogs focus on raising, can spread the thinking in a while, let the blog free to you and the friends of the chain, some people will feel honored, this is very simple, because many people don’t know what it does. The effect is very good.

there are many thieves procedures will also collecting space, I love Shanghai space more than 100 articles were all collected together, the anchor text collection, can think of the number of the chain was huge.

4, in the forum post replies. Mainly to see the signature of this type of forum between looking for a high weight of the anchor text can hair, there is a government forum. Ps: go to the irrigation district irrigation district, we can not Er Shanghai dragon network garbage maker. With the good quality of the article, make a top, go to find strong stick back door, such as: MM and moderator chat interact, cyber source is the need to accumulate. But now the effect is not very good, a little thankless feeling ~

1, exchange links. A way to increase the chain is very good, you can find a chain through the forum or QQ group Friends of the chain platform, or through forums and groups to find the best, remember: friendship link principle. Friends of the chain platform mostly do outside the chain, sell more.

first introduced:

2, in response to comments and blog add links, the effect is good. At the same time is also a good way to promote, not simple chain, can increase the friendship interaction network. Check whether the target of no follow, and to review article, others see that you are here to play soy sauce, will visit you, cannot get directly to your Spam.

yesterday finally put A5 on the outside of the chain from the first 07 years and now nearly more than 500 articles in the browse time. I think to write about increase the site outside the chain of articles, to help the masses still linger on how to increase the chain of Shanghai dragon er. Break the chain Limited, a change of thinking with chains to perhaps more simple. Following into the subject:

following the last article "Shanghai dragon chain one strategy: keep good portal blog!" was published, many novice skills plus my QQ consultation about how the chain is increasing rapidly. Plainly, the increase of the chain way then several, also can say the increase of the chain in many ways, the key lies in the imitation and innovation of individuals, to find the best picture best gourd, gourd.

, a laborious

6, the network bookmarks, like Shanghai, Cape of Good Hope and so on collection, QQ bookmark. No > Quality

The two forms of the chain increased

5, friends of the chain platform and the classification of information release or yellow pages. There are many online collection, some platform weight is quite high, good quality. Love Shanghai for classification of information and the more popular pages, do more, but not bad.

Analysis of the pros and cons of Links exchange

Links benefits?

Links is a kind of form, in the construction site daily is essential, usually in the buddy online website construction site of the site, so there will be a column, and is free, Links despite the visitors when browsing the little attention, but the quality of the website search engine to determine a greater impact. The buddy will talk about the matters needing attention Links exchange.

1, Links benefits rather than directly to the site visits much, it will affect the quality of site search engine to judge, a lot of peer exchange web site, can improve the site in the search engine’s weight, you know so far, about 80% traffic most of the site are from in the search engine, and buddy online network marketing 100% traffic from search engines.


chain called Links, specific form, is the site between the complementary resources of a simple form of cooperation, the exchange of a chain into the link anchor text and link exchange pictures, click on the link, will pop up a new page or switch directly to exchange links on the site, visitors can enter into exchange links website through cooperation website, mutual promotion effect is achieved between the website, so Links exchange is one of the most basic way of network promotion. Links is the most important form must be able to find the link and exchange website name in the web page code, and can browse the site to exchange name when you visit the site, if it is replaced by other ways, such as the same color links, hidden links, which belong to the black chain method, is not desirable, small partners in the past several articles about the link seems to have also said the problem of cheating, you can turn back to see.

2, Links can also enhance the user experience, since the exchange Links as much as possible is the exchange between peers, so it is helpful for visitors to the next peer website through the current web site, it is convenient for the visitors to visit more of the information industry, it is also a search engine for a pleasing performance will increase the "right of the website in the search engine

buddy online website homepage was updated to love Shanghai don’t know where to go, site is not the first, type the URL to can search results, domian is in the first place, such as a webmaster I completely meizhe. Check your own web site, only the reason on this last one. Links buddy, the Links rarely take the initiative to remove, even if is a snapshot of the chain of friends every year without having to delete, but now is not the same. That love behind the Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, meaningless recommendation or transaction patterns recommended links will cause greater damage to the station, buddy finally made a difficult decision, only a knife in the chain. Now take a chain operation, to share with you today, buddy said, is Links topic.

Investors talk about Mito Mobile Internet allows matriarchal society to returnUnder AdSense the poli

the return of matriarchal society

but Zheng Fang believes that with the development of science and technology, this phenomenon has gradually weakened, and the rudiment of matriarchal society has shown itself.

      the misleading behavior has seriously damaged the interests of users and advertisers, once we find a stop ads on the site for the display will, for serious website, after will not allow further advertising shlf1314. In order to maintain the quality of the whole AdSense network and increase the trust of advertisers to the AdSense network, we hope that the publishers will strictly abide by our plans and policies

Zheng Fang believes that from the historical point of view of human society, matriarchal society existed before the patriarchal society. Because in the primitive society, humans do not have the ability against nature, that human reproduction is the most important task, and maternal bear more social responsibility, so the society dominated by women, matriarchal society first appeared in human history.

      many publishers reply to this email and say they don’t know exactly where our policy is violated. Here’s an example of misleading advertising.


 :     the first kind: put misleading pictures next to the ads, so that users mistakenly believe that the advertisement is related to the content of the picture, misleading users to click advertising. For example:


 :     third: format the advertising unit format in exactly the same way as the content of the site, so that users mistakenly believe that advertising is one of the content of the site:


Zheng Fang is a love history of investors, the original choice of investment Meitu Xiu Xiu, mainly based on the morphological changes of human history cognition. "I call this the theory of matrilineal social investment," Zheng said.

      the misleading advertising is easy to users cannot distinguish between advertising and web content delivery form, in this case, users often mistakenly think that advertising is the website content, they click on ads. This will not only bring losses to advertisers, but also seriously affect the user experience. Therefore, this is a serious violation of our plan and policy.

in Meitu Xiu Xiu investor Fang Zheng eyes, company founder Wu Xinhong is an art genius, he was admitted to Tsinghua first professional art professional, but because the entrepreneurial dream did not enter the University campus. The founder of Meitu Xiu Xiu, the company has almost no money to advertise, but still the development of today, has a great impact on society.

can see the popular online broadcast room as a room for women living in the ancient matriarchal society. "Isn’t this a reincarnation of history?"

investment logic for the selected Meitu Xiu Xiu behind the unicorn, Fang Zheng view some amazing.


mobile Internet era, got the tickets not much, Meitu Xiu Xiu is a.

in his view, the advantages of men are gradually being outsourced Internet services, machines or even artificial

      "when looking at your account, we noticed that the way you are currently displaying shlf1314 ads is not in line with our policy.". For example, we found violations of AdSense policy on Web pages like URL.

with the improvement of human intelligence and survival ability, especially after the emergence of tools, people have the ability to resist the nature of nature, and the form of society gradually transits to the patriarchal society. In this social form, male members are often the main economic pillars of the family, but also the main force that is active in all fields of society and promoting the world forward.

 :     second kinds: put the ad unit on the download page of the download link or software introduction below, is the user mistakenly believe that the advertising link is the download link. This is the most common misleading display, and we find that such sites take drastic measures:

December 15th, Meitu Xiu Xiu entered the Hongkong market, the net financing of HK $4 billion 690 million, which is the second largest Internet Tencent of Hongkong IPO. To this end, HKEx President Li Xiaojia specially arrived at the scene congratulations.

as chairman of kaisibo investment, this is not the first time the pressure in Zheng a "beautiful", the last one is vip.

in nearly seven or eight years of development, Meitu Xiu Xiu attracted 90% Chinese women, with 1 billion 200 million downloads, live more than 460 million monthly users, ranking second in APP.

editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public, Alfa workshop ID:alpworks, and the author Zhang Xiao

 :     publishers should not display shlf1314 ads in any misleading form; for example, make ads near the content format similar to advertising, or make ads look like games or forum topics. In addition, publishers are not allowed to associate certain pictures with specific ads displayed on their websites, which can make them mistakenly believe that these pictures are directly related to the services provided by advertisers."

Innovation layer this year fat meat become chicken ribs, what happenedI want to tell the world Yiqif

from all competition "fat" into a tasteless gesture of chicken ribs, also a year long gap, so be caught off guard this year’s innovation, what happened?


it is worth noting that for layered adjustments this "event", not only is that investors do not buy it, even the most hope to keep "innovation" of the aura of high-quality companies, showing enthusiasm.

was a union that is the Yiqifa check. Did Yiqifa people should know that he is not the general background of this alliance is not the general waste complex data called a point cannot read

undeniable, 2015’s new three board, is barbaric growth. Not only the number of listed companies soared, there have been a number of institutions "just ask how much, ask the price level" market shares and our shopping spree, intends to make a market share of "hard to find one" and is "seckill".

registration, he will ask you to choose whether to pay 100 yuan, or 200 yuan payment, or 800 yuan payment options. general webmaster will not see, definitely 100, I believe we all know, in addition to 800 yuan, should only Ali mom in the deduction of service charges, so the general terms will flash, and won’t go to see!

I really want to say here that you practice Yiqifa alliance accord with the provisions of the state? I want to complain about can not find the door! I hope the Webmaster Help! Help me hold this post! Not because the $68 tax, my heart really uncomfortable! Hope the brothers help me to post this far. Thank you,


but when the new board crossed the stage number of barbaric growth of listed companies, became the world’s largest capital market, followed by the various "legacy": the uneven quality of listed companies, the phenomenon of illegal It is often seen. Liquidity Dilemma has become increasingly prominent.

contacted the customer service, saying it was my fault and didn’t see it clearly when I registered.

according to media reports, 323 "off grade" original new layer companies, most of them took the initiative to give up the layer.


3, as well as 710 other underlying layers, were successfully selected.

can see, this innovation layer adjustment range is not big.

2, a total of 619 original new layer enterprise "Paul layer" success, 323 original new layer company "off grade" basic layer;

but surprisingly, compared to last year, when the innovation layer just landed, a stone Melaleuca hot wave of shock, this time the big adjustment in the capital market has not aroused too much water.


from all competition "fat" into a tasteless gesture of chicken ribs, also a year long gap, so be caught off guard this year’s innovation, what happened?

from the beginning of the new three board, layered this topic has been the focus of discussion among all parties in the market.

someone resign homecoming, a starry night to catch the examination room.

1, a total of 1329 listed company selected innovation layer screening list, accounting for 11.85% of total listed companies;

today, ICBC inadvertently audit found that more than 382 yuan the money is very puzzled where to

trading stock transfer system data show that in May 22, 2017, board making today opened slightly lower to 1087.27 points, the trend to maintain the shock, to close at 1086.90 points, a decline of 0.06%, the market index continued to triple yin.

so how to find good quality in mass enterprises?

May 21st, which lasted a year of new three board innovation layer ushered in the first adjustment. In this new list of innovations, there are several such data:

at the time of the new three board have such a piece: three board water too deep, buy shares to rely on mongolia.

, I don’t know if this post ADMIN5 will give me an audit, but I’ll try it or give it a try. I can’t wait for the payment this week, but I’m not happy at all. Not because this money is simply not satisfactory to you. Here is the $450 earned last week.

The novice should maintain a curiosity to find the precise location of the local SNS

once heard a famous person said: "when you don’t know when you really interested in what, must keep a curious heart, to discover, to explore, it is probable that one day you will find that this field is what I want to pursue the interest point of" I want to do is stand it is this.

I am ashamed to say that I have access to the Internet in the college entrance examination after several days in high school, I have not once had entered the cafe, can be said to be a good student full of it, that time of what the Internet is simply to say, he is just a vague concept, but from the book to see a lot of people because of the Internet overnight, at that time really admire them, feel the computer is really fantastic, full of magic and fantasy to him. The first time to enter the Internet bar or in order to check the college entrance examination information, but I will still boot (sweat), so I fill in the college entrance examination is a professional computer, because of their computer full of curiosity, he felt really too much, basically not what things can not be done, so I started my computer and soon life,

but I am ashamed to say ah, really into the University began to learn computer, only to find that the fantasy is so naive, the computer is really too abstract, too boring, but is estimated to cultivate high school learning momentum, though certainly not boring do not learn ah, after all he is my specialty. Ah, I can not be too not responsible for their own ah, I can say that the course of computer science is OK,

say so much nonsense, we get one thing you really entered the ranks of stationmaster is very coincidence, I accidentally discovered discuz open source code, but also to find a free space, a piece of money CN registered a domain name, ha ha, that is a piece of money a, think now forget to register several, began my career webmaster,

now, I am mainly in the management of a local SNS website, Zhengzhou white-collar home, our website positioning is mainly aimed at white-collar workers in Zhengzhou area and opened. A chance because I found Zhengzhou such a large market has basically not a website for white-collar workers, so I will seize the opportunity to make a Zhengzhou white-collar home site, estimated because there is no such a website, just on the line for two or three days my website on Baidu and Google search "Zhengzhou white collar" is the first one, oh, this is a blank point, but unfortunately although Baidu earlier included, but the flow has been, here is also seeking SEO experts to give some advice ah, has been very depressed, flow has been, but he would insist on. "Left for the king" has been the truth of the Internet ah,

well, just write so much right, this is the first time to write articles on the A5 master, don’t laugh at me, my QQ is: 624831343, if you have what thing can be.

After carnival, check the double 11 of the seven O2O gameplay

can not be denied that the double eleven manufacturing concentrated shopping effect has been formed, and this year because O2O touted the concept, integrating O2O to eleven, it should be said that the real demand, but there are also many companies only stay in the level of marketing gimmick. Enterprise double eleven O2O how to play? This article counts out seven of them play, together to see which is more reliable.


, a line of price

reliable index

.Take the

online and offline price game player is not much, Su Ning, Kelan diamond is one of the representative enterprises. Suning already offline price, needless to say. During the double eleven, Kelan diamond line store experience will be with the online promotional activities, including 80% products online and offline price. The general manager of Kelan diamond online division Zhang Chen believes that the diamond as non standardized products, through the form of O2O offline and online consumer experience together, and this is compared with the traditional jewelry brand jewelry business advantage.

reasons: traditional enterprises to join the double eleven, accept its online price system is admission, making part of the benefits beyond reproach. But the channel line price and online channels, this is different from the reality, the same price means either online price is not competitive enough, or offline channels for the price to make online profits to compromise, which is also troubled by the problem of suning. In this regard, ten online and offline price strategy, some enterprises select only a portion of the goods as online and offline synchronization of goods, actually also reveals the characteristics of differentiated goods online and offline channels.


on the code

* * *

reliable index

double eleven this year, scouring the yard is regarded as one of the landing forms of Tmall O2O strategy. This year the marketing interactive shop will open a double shop through the parcel business code, the user can scan two-dimensional code on the package, in store activities. At present, 18 shops use parcel service codes. Merchants will pass the package service code, the user from the line lead to the line, becoming online and offline connectivity channels.

reasons: it should be said, whether it is from line to line diversion, or on the code Amoy, this line from the line to the next line of diversion, are online and offline integration of the most intuitive way. However, more Amoy code is to provide users with shopping services and promote the two consumption. From the channel line scan code and a lot of scenes, parcel service code is just one of them, and receive the parcel as existing transaction records of consumers, itself has contacted the possibility of merchants at the upper end of the line is very large, as a result, the actual significance of the code Amoy can bring, may not have so much.

three, traffic inlet

reliable index.


this year, Tmall’s O2O gameplay is one thing that hasn’t changed yet

Cross-border electricity supplier website operators four core

January 9, 2017, the world’s leading mobile Internet third party data mining and Analysis Agency iiMedia Research (AI media advisory) authority first "2016-2017 China cross-border electricity supplier Market Research Report.". The report shows that in 2016, China’s import and export cross-border electricity supplier (including retail and B2B) overall transaction scale reached 6 trillion and 300 billion. To 2018, China import and export of cross-border electricity supplier overall transaction size is expected to reach 8 trillion and 800 billion, in recent years Chinese imports of retail cross-border electronic business platform have been established, in the fierce competition and improve the user experience, promote the Chinese import retail cross-border electricity trading scale will continue to grow steadily, the import of cross-border retail electricity supplier accounted for will increase in the import and export of cross-border electricity trading scale.

cross-border electricity supplier can third party platform on the platform of choice (Amazon, eBay, aliexpress) and building their own proprietary platform, cross-border business operations has five core platform selection, product optimization, operational planning, market planning, the following is to self import platform operation.

1. platform selection:

1. open source B2C website system nopcommerce

NopCommerce is a high quality B2C open source project in foreign field, based on EntityFramework and MVC development.

2., Zen, Cart

multilingual PHP open source project, which belongs to the framework of MVC

3., Magento

Magento is a new professional open source e-commerce platform, using PHP development, using the Zend Framwork framework.

concludes that this will be a user oriented or business oriented build platform, and with the technology team and SEO staffing to select what language platform.

2. product portfolio

in the Amazon, eBay, aliexpress other platforms can be seen, NO.1 is the electronic products, for example, U disk, keyboard, CPU, NO.2’s apparel products, for example, wedding dress, beach supplies, cosplay, shoes, China dress factory mainly concentrated in Guangdong and Chaozhou area, Jiangsu area. The marriage quality, quality is the best in Chaozhou, such as stamping process, folding process, but are batch production. Guangdong production is the most suitable product in terms of price and quality, and the Amazon platform is produced in Jiangsu. How to choose a factory depends on its own situation.

wedding basic knowledge, at least need to know Silhouette, Waist>

Independent blog in-depth analysis of the root where

in the premise of the market fast and convenient development, independent blog is facing huge "phenomenon of the hitherto unknown shrink, let those bloggers brains want to advance, some people can not help but have a headache, is still can’t do anything, resulting in more and more people from the former glory of the platform, independent blog looks a little sunset a sunset. For the positioning of the independent blog is very vague, different views are too much, in the mass of information today, the opportunity is transient, the coverage rate is too fast, very few people are willing to stop reading some depth, breadth of information, which is independent of the characteristics, advantages, and it is the shortcomings. Independent blog is not "congenitally deficient", "rich handsome" but also on the grade, it is very difficult, the following analysis focuses on how to blog under the "independent blog" westerly wind days to retain users


first, get to the bottom of the problem. When you run a blog, first of all, find a target direction, that is, what kind of route you are going to take. This position is very important. For example, to prepare some blog what content, blog to what kind of person, is to show what kind of form, the proportion of the original share so much, these basic factors are virtually determines your blog on how far to go, so start and attitude are very important. At the time of the operation, the profit problem was put aside for the time being. Many people have just begun to think about how to make profits. This has been some of the past benefits. It is not a long-term operation. The blog is management of the road of sustainable development, the need to add some fresh elements, caught the eye at the same time, it can not damage the brand image of the blog. A good independent blog is never out of date, out of breath and home.

second, how to do, the content is in the ascendant. When business is not the first blog fans away from you, but the main Bo run out of ammunition and food supplies in the process of development, can we provide can absorb nutrients, so it made the deserted bleak. So, how can we continue to transport information in the "supplies", but also unfinished?. This requires the blogger’s own professional and cultural background, but also agile thinking, clear mind, the main idea is that management can not be confused, the direction can not deviate. A lot of people met untitled to do, words to write, it also began to reprint, but afraid of what’s no ground for blame, there is a problem, is a shopping advertisement, technical articles reproduced, a common sense of life…… Directly lead to the collapse of the blog, mainly in this way, before the fans were exhausted, first of all, the blogger exhausted, while reading the burden, while creating a cumbersome.

third, the content is going the opposite way. When all platforms are fast, short, new forms of presentation and promotion, but also back to insist on doing independent blog quality content, it should be said that in the present, all this is very rare. Although convenient reading is convenient, but fast food is always fast food, often eating malnutrition is inevitable, that is to say, short

Grassroots webmaster, please calm down

this is the first time I stated: writing, no technical level, you will forgive me, also state that the absolute non text, please the grassroots webmaster supervision, quack……..

as we all know, in recent days, CCTV began to report negative news of Baidu, coupled with three L public relations events, so that Baidu is currently in the

people spit on the point, but also long ago established anti Baidu alliance, and joined the webmaster more than 10000, this number is amazing, is also very

surprised me. I want to ask: why? Why do the stationmaster take this road?

if CCTV and Baidu is because the interests of the competition, so the grassroots? Is because of interest? Why we have such a bad habit – fold across the river bridge? Today your station was K you desperately shouting wronged, even worse, but you stand out is K? I think I should not? So when you have not been before K, or when you are still profitable, you have this kind of idea? I’m afraid not? If there is S-B that you should not make money, right? So, when you think of Baidu in the pass when Baidu make money for you? You have the dedication to Baidu? I’m afraid not? From this point of view, behind you because K number of Baidu is not angry a bit premature


we said, you do a normal site, you don’t have to sign the agreement on what Baidu, Baidu what will not give you the K number? What is the Baidu obligation to bring traffic to your site? Can we say that this is Baidu should really have this? Please use Baidu before you read to understand Baidu’s agreement to make the decision again, and do not blindly pursue the so-called anti Union, so there is no substantive effect what! Such as energy to do this station, also more practical.

do not know why our people is the love of his own people, let people watch, although Baidu has a lot of questions in the bidding, but also not us blind ah, honest man, and seriously do stand, unremitting support, suggest you go to see Ma Yun. I remember there are few compared to the reference sentence, "if you can’t change your boss, please try to change yourself, here we have the Baidu compared to our boss, when we included agreement on the contract with the boss. If the boss with a different point of view, if you are the boss, how would you do it, the premise is to ensure the survival, the wise will choose to go along with the boss, that is to say to change their point of view, egg stone what good results! The reason I want to know which


verbose so much, also do not know you understand what I say no. My expression ability is especially bad, hey hey. The above point of view is my own, if there are different, please put forward in the message, ha, thank you for reading.

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What are the secrets of the clothing store

now to join the investment people do clothing sales very much, after finding a good clothing brand is how to deal the problem, opened a clothing store also has a certain business skills, especially in the clothing store, the whole network today, Xiaobian to talk about clothing store business secret.

if is a newly opened shop, better do some promotional activities, can according to your store size decided to buy gifts. Now there are still a lot of people who are greedy for petty gain, can seize such a part of people’s psychology. Help you do promotion. When you open, you can go into some plastic basins, wash basin. Looks great, it’s tempting. Also into a number of balloons to bring the kind of word, there are a lot of children like ah, adults will bring their children to balloon. Remember that the quality must be better, the opening day, ahead of time to shop in front of the queue of customers 200 gifts.