360 search PK love Shanghai search market who is the master

advantage: at this stage, love still can not shake the status of Shanghai, said Chinese search must mention love Shanghai, users find relevant knowledge, the first sentence is "you most to love Shanghai" love Shanghai, You’ll see., is not covered. Besides Wikipedia, know, library and so on, products, wide coverage, the weight of love Shanghai gave of their products is very high, and even some search keywords are the top ten love of Shanghai’s products.

: many webmaster rely too much on love Shanghai, in to a search engine, to break the monopoly of love Shanghai, love Shanghai without looking at the face to live. Love Shanghai PPC also caused many users.

disadvantages: Although the team in the first time is to do a search. But as a new search engine, search 360 user acceptance and love not love haigao, Shanghai and Google than it will take a long time efforts, the future will have a long way to go.

Qihoo 360 search in August 16th quietly on the line, it seems not much movement. However, in unnoticed, 360 search has been caused by the impact of the entire search market. On August 21st news, according to Kingsoft Internet CEO Fu Sheng Tencent micro-blog (micro-blog) broke the news, 360 search on the line for five days, the user almost no perception case quickly won nearly 10% of the domestic search market share beyond Sogou, becoming the second largest search engine. 360 love Shanghai search and search in the search engine market dominance battle has quietly opened. 360 search search can go beyond love Shanghai? We from their respective advantages and disadvantages to carry out a contrast:

360 search

advantage: Zhou Hongyi is the originator of domestic search, although the 3721 failed, but where fall on the climb is not impossible. 360 security guards started 360, has formed a product matrix of 360 navigation, 360 browser and other components of the 360 series has become one of the important traffic entrance search engine. 360 search based on 360 browser has a strong user base amount. Chinese most Google search is through 360 browser search box to. In the technical aspects of the 360 do not worry, before the team also has experience in search engine.

analysis is not difficult to draw the conclusion from the above comparison, 360 search to love in search of Shanghai still has a long way to go to catch up with the love of Shanghai, the dominance of search is not shaken the launch of the 360 comprehensive search key is to see how his position, if the location into a search engine, the search engine as the other their competitors to treat, and they go for the search engine market share, it will be a lot of users want to see the effect, will also be the largest.

love Shanghai search

Talk about Five, Five, no

, my brother is polite. Dear brothers and sisters, I spent a few built applications, from a lot of insights and shallow experience and want to share with you, if there is not enough hope you brothers and sisters back.

1, the content of the site should be realistic, if your website content is boring, users do not need it, then I dare say that your site is a failure. Although you can burn money like to splurge to promote your website, but you must not for a long time, the faithful "FANS". Instead of doing that, it’s better to use your money to build it on your website. It enriches the content of the website and gives you a sense of professionalism. It brings you a large number of "steel wires". Why not?


2, and many other sites to exchange links, and more sites must be more than exchange links Oh, no matter how many external connections, it may affect the value of RP oh. The higher the value of RP, there will be more and more webmaster to find you do connection ah, your website popularity is also more and more big. Besides, clicking on an external friendship connection may bring you a long-term customer.

3, we should learn from each other, and constantly improve. Instead of crowding out similar websites, it is better to absorb the advantages of its website and correct common shortcomings. To make your site a tiger with wings added in the same site, stand head and shoulders above others


4, be good at analyzing the site visit group suggest that you go to apply for a construction site after the end of Taiji chain statistics. Every day you squeeze out a small amount of time and surf the web to look at the statistics of the day. A careful analysis of the main visiting and access time, and get a little inspiration, think about your site visit which age group is the main person, how to improve, to better serve the people! I believe that every day you analyze and improve your site traffic will rise, rise, rise of


5, every day to maintain a good attitude, regardless of your site traffic is high or low, we must maintain a good attitude every day. Reasonable arrangements for Internet time, do not make the site as the main industry, indulge in it. Because you are not a commercial site, a small personal website, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the traffic all day long? Ha ha ~ ~ as well as I like to entertain themselves, in reality, why should go?.

6, don’t expect the website to be too outdated. "The higher the expectation, the more disappointment you will have."." Do not overestimate the strength of your website or expect too much of the site traffic during the station. Because no matter how good your website is, and how strong it is, you can’t get the approval of everyone. Then your expectation will always be expected. Instead, you can get better results than expected by treating your web site with your usual mind and with a "self entertainment" attitude.

7, do not blindly follow don’t look now there are many music websites or web site navigation is rich in content and layout is powerful, but its traffic has not reached its real value. Why? ~~> First impressions are strongest.

Transform your site and increase your traffic

one, navigation website landing

for a small traffic, low visibility website, navigation website can give you more traffic than the search engine and other methods. I made a census of a friend’s web. Recommended only to the site of the home, was included in the pages of a humble place, every day to my friend’s Web site to bring about 200 of the traffic.

two, friendship connection

friendship connection can bring a stable passenger flow to a website. It also helps to rank sites like Google and other search engines.

talk about friendship connection, it is best to connect some flow higher than yourself, a well-known site. Once again, and their content complementary sites. And then similar sites, similar sites to ensure that the quality of the content of their own web site to have characteristics, and can attract people, or else not as good as similar sites. The website does not want but beautiful, especially must be practical first.

such as the "true news: Jacky Cheung was killed by the electric bicycle", this is Jacky Cheung Jacky Cheung. According to the visiting data, there are quite a few visitors.

to join the text chain, you can use your traffic for more traffic, and some can change cash (HA HA)

webmaster free yellow pages http://www.admin5.net

visitor base, http://www.gm115.com

love link http://wz008.cn/link

265link http://link.265.com

worry free text chain http://www.51link.com/

Information Alliance http://wz008.cn

domain text chain http://www.xvlink.com/

text bar http://wz008.cn/zhidao

Tai Chi chain http://www.textclick.com/

15. to participate in various rankings and selection activities

three, search engine landing, ranking

search engine brings more and more traffic to the website, landing now has landing, cavalry and many other software. However, the most effective or manual landing. By hand landing to the NetEase, Yahoo and other search engines have brought them a lot of traffic. Some other portals are now charging for landing, and you can choose according to your own circumstances.

four, network advertising,

online advertising, although to spend money, but to bring traffic to the site is very objective, >

Open ice cream store novice to master what tricks

ice cream is now a special cold drinks on the market with delicious, product sales, the market has also emerged a lot of professional ice cream shop, the investment space is constantly increasing, whether you want to seize the opportunity to realize their entrepreneurial dreams? In order to protect their own open ice cream stores more smoothly, some business look at the small skills together immediately to prepare it, follow these steps to carry out smoothly, open an ice cream stores on the such as what point the day and await for it, read it?.

first, a careful inspection of the ice cream market development situation, not only to study the local snacks market and development potential, but also understand what is the local people’s consumption level and the demand for ice cream and target consumer demand for the direction of the product. Do a good job in the early market research, in the selection of the project can be a little trouble.

choose an ice cream store location, to consumers naturally grasp the wealth, so be sure to be clear grasp of " " is " passenger flow; money flow " principle, the success of the shop quickly in the bustling lively area, there must be a good performance.

ice cream and the franchisee to retain customers is what? The first is your choice of brand for consumers, taste is the basic condition, there must be the main delicacy, the real cause of the consumer impulse, and make good use of customer experience, promotions, membership card sales model to lay their own impression in the minds of consumers


service oriented era, franchisees own ice cream leave security warm service, optimizing the customer relationship, service satisfaction can determine some of the tourists, so as to establish brand loyalty to you. The key point is to give some preferential policies to the old customers, is a common means of consolidating customer relationships.

Xiaobian to introduce a set of open ice cream stores, to seize more investment opportunity to do some preparation, do more work for the core area of innovative business, investors are more likely to hold the market, explore it, summarize more skills and open the ice cream shop a lot of inevitable performance.

Home jewelry brand project how to choose

Some people think that

Home Furnishing jewelry industry is a big cake, but want to enjoy it, a piece of cake from the beginning is not easy, because we want to be in so many brands to choose the best one really needs a certain judgment.

1, Home Furnishing jewelry to join the brand’s products are leading the

in similar products

to judge a Home Furnishing jewelry enterprise products are leading the same industry in other products, is the most important investors in the choice of suppliers. Because, once the company’s products are out of date and in the market flooding, then no matter how cheap the price, good service, you may face failure. If you do not know whether the product has a lead, you can consult professionals, or more information and other competitors in the industry, and then make a comparison.

2, Home Furnishing jewelry enterprises regularly updated products

3, the product price of the goods Home Furnishing jewelry enterprises to understand

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This paper from the whole network (

Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu poly global wisdom to provide a platform for Entrepreneurship

in the whole process of a city or the need to use some of the good external force, so some of the external forces come from? Among them, through the investment and investment from the outside world is a very good way, but also a very worthy of promotion.


industrial linkage achieve the directional interaction

in the traditional enterprise to realize the path of transformation and upgrading, talents play an important role.

Saul Jiangsu new energy Polytron Technologies Inc is mainly engaged in electric vehicle lithium battery and BMS power management system of R & D and production and sales, and the United States lithium expert Dr. Zheng Honghe the success of "grafting", let the company achieved rapid development.

Saul New Energy Technology Co. recommended

Engage in the site where the difficulty of making money

increasingly developed in the Internet today, a lot of people want to rely on the Internet to get rich, entrepreneurship is not so simple thing, then open the site to become rich in the difficulties?

The development of


is now facing the survival of grassroots webmaster jiongzhuang, so in the industry has been an era of grassroots argument, and this sound is more and more strong. It is really hard to make money through the Internet grassroots webmaster is difficult, the following is the author summarizes several difficulties!

A: innovation to pirate good profit model is the monopoly is estimated that many webmaster friends heard many domestic experts say China Internet is no innovation at all, almost all foreigners walk once the road, good to go abroad, is to put things away, a little the change to meet China conditions, that is their own things, but we have not thought of the domestic Internet now there is no innovation ability of



and to think through innovative methods to make their own life a little easier grassroots webmaster, once you have a little achievement, will be completely replaced, the cost of the original innovation cost, only to large sites do marry clothes, and go to home that is thanks to no! So how can also build a new type of Internet, how grassroots webmaster can easily make money! Master site core operations to enhance the user experience allow users to take the initiative to pay

Does coffee waffle unique taste good choice – the whole of venture capital

modern people’s living standards improve, many people are on the coffee favored, especially white-collar workers, many people choose to waffle bant coffee, can be refreshing, but also taste good, many entrepreneurs have seen the waffle bant coffee franchise business opportunities, investment in China now husband class coffee is able to win new business opportunities.

waffle bant is a modern coffee coffee brand, welcomed and recognized by many consumers, sales have been in a leading position. Catering business investment waffle bant coffee shop, minimal investment gains more wealth, the best choice of venture investment shop.

waffle bant official website

(waffle bant coffee)

does waffle coffee after years of continuous efforts, now in the country has accumulated a huge consumer groups, more consumers to waffle coffee does favor, catering business Choice Waffle coffee bant stores, good project investment profit space more popular.

coffee is good prospects for entrepreneurial projects, as one of the most professional coffee brand, waffle bant official website for the details of the message you coffee. Waffle does coffee, the preferred brand drinks business, the real output of the entire shop of nanny venture.

in today’s society, with more and more consumers and specialty coffee drinks, coffee waffle bant franchise headquarters strict quality, adhere to the quality, the waffle coffee website bant entrepreneurs to understand the message is.

2011 Annual City cadres health examination work in an orderly manner

since September 1st to carry out health examination work of cadres in the city, 7 medical institutions undertake cadres attention, careful arrangements, organization of medical personnel to seriously study and understand the spirit of the relevant documents, according to the medical units and places of cadre health care committee office distribution, detailed examination time schedule were established with Dean for medical work the leading group of the first responsible person, the formation of expert group and contact group, members of the contact group ahead of a few days to the relevant units of service booking card, reservation and answer questions, to ensure the orderly conduct of cadres. The
as of October 15th has completed the cadres of 5513 people, including: a city hospital completed 668 people, two people, 1985 hospitals completed three hospitals completed 159, completed the 863 people hospital of Datong County, Huangzhong county hospital completed the county hospital 148, Huangyuan completed 690.

For the Xining evening news tour Shanghai World Expo Expo readers receive red envelopes again

Following the

to carry out read the Xining evening news, after winning the Expo tickets "activity, to the readers of this newspaper once again issued the Expo red envelopes, where the annual subscription of" Xining Evening News "readers will enjoy the opportunity to train tour in World Expo.

from May 1st to October 31st held in Shanghai World Expo, there will be more than and 240 countries and international organizations to participate, aspect can be described as colorful and wonderful, is not out of a chance to see the world, would like to visit Shanghai and the Beijing Olympic Games, World Expo needs to make an appointment in advance, advance purchase tickets, the individual tour will face a lot of inconvenience to the return of the readers of the "Xining Evening News" the love of the issuing company held a "subscribe to the Xining evening news, Shanghai tour World Expo" activity, the annual subscription of "Xining Evening News" readers can participate, and can receive the Shanghai World Expo team tickets, enjoy the convenience and preferential delegation to visit Shanghai World Expo train, activity please pay attention to the details of related activities.