The compass search engine grasp love Shanghai change

Er will use the former Shanghai dragon love Shanghai click with such a tool, so that they will make their rankings closer to the top, but now I love Shanghai very strict on this check, once found will be for you to deweight. But consideration of love now Shanghai’s ranking is the flip rate, the use of love Shanghai clicks will often have the opposite thought, so users must be used with caution.

third changes: when love now from Shanghai chain platform is no longer the same as before if the number can be included on the line, now love Shanghai for users and correlation chain platform experience very seriously, only the user experience feeling very good platform is to love the attention of Shanghai.

if you think that Shanghai is always dragon will not change, that your site will not have a good development, every day we will feel the change of love Shanghai, especially in the beginning of the new year to change now love Shanghai really is very great, if we don’t change with tight love Shanghai so as to formulate strategy the corresponding measures, then you will be eliminated by the tide of the times, love this year in Shanghai in the end what change? Small according to the latest search engine guidelines as well as some of their own experience summed up the three points:

This year’s

love Shanghai station start value factors, so only the optimization work station is done, your ranking will be ahead of time, how to optimize work station? Only the station work is more detailed and more in-depth. For example: the first page size can be compressed, second similarity annotate all website images, third page elements to set cache cycles and fourth page must control and so on, although the work is very tedious, but you must do, and we must do this, because of your little details it may give their ranking of great help. This can be.

second changes: the chain platform user experience becomes especially important. Previously, the quality of the chain platform is judged by the activity to love Shanghai, if the user activity on the platform, then the platform included and weight will become very high, but starting today is no longer the case, this year’s love of Shanghai most of the attention is the user experience, if a based on the real user use rate is very low, the majority of users just released the chain of words, this love will not be to Shanghai before the attention is likely to decrease your permission.

first change: love Shanghai determine the key point of the keywords ranking into turning rate, love Shanghai why? This is because the page rate can directly see the user is satisfied with the content of home, if the home show the contents of most people feel no help to them, then the user the turning rate is very high, the love of Shanghai will make corresponding adjustments according to the situation, until the user page becomes the lowest rate so far. This can prove that the ranking of the needs of users is the largest, the most satisfying.

Two station, station of Shanghai Longfeng the pros and cons of the column do you know

1, what kind of situation we will use two level domain name to do the station? We usually do some themes and different circumstances will use two sites to do, if not much difference between the two stage of our site content and master it, we can be completed in a site down. The other is that some large portal site, because the site too much, usually require multiple sites to batch management, there is a stable site, also is conducive to the optimization of batch, such two site is of great advantage especially for those sites better master weight. Although at the beginning of starting may lower weight and other new programs, but from a long-term perspective, consider starting potential is far greater than those columns for the site. And even if a domain name is K, smaller than those involved, column stable rankings are very good, so this situation usually we choose two level domain name is better.

in the above the author also simple and introduce the two stations and column station is used in the specific form, the author explain:

Hello, haven’t had the experience to share with you, recently I have been learning about issues related to internal web site optimization, and today I look you here to share, hope to help you master. The author here to explain what is the two level domain name, the new site built using the two level domain name clearly, as long as the prefix in the domain name in front of the domain name is the two belong to the site. Generally the two level site and our master theme is similar, usually this is all some portal site. As for the column site, is similar to this 贵族宝贝qqyjx贵族宝贝/endian/ with the section to do the theme site, obviously we can see it is to make use of our master station column, also is in our main column, usually this is included in our non Changli station, more conducive to improve our website content. On the whole we master the weight is increased, so that the two site how good for Shanghai Longfeng optimization? The author specific to share with you.

2, in what circumstances do we use column station better? First we need to understand that what we do is stand column to column station usually do to our website to make up for the shortcomings, such as the conception of Xuan this station, the website is to use static pages. Update relatively more trouble, now want to change the site procedures, but even affect the site’s ranking, the weight, this time I would consider the column do stand in such a way that we have changed the program update after a lot of convenience, and good increase included website, weight nature also will be increased, it Yijuduode, we also can be in the website to achieve some of the more conducive to the user experience, such as web site message board, to For you >

The website of Shanghai Longfeng experience sharing the clever use of Tags Tag Optimization station

when we update the article, often can see the Tags label box, but as far as I know, many web editors often do not pay much attention to the use of this Tags.


(Figure 1)

so, when we learn from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love within the chain configuration, can let our site jump out rate decreased gradually, after all, in this particular era of user experience, to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng work, only by the chain + article simple update has been far can not meet the actual demand.

CMS system, the benefit of these systems is that you can use to configure the Tags keyword tag, that is to say, as long as.

More than

in Figure 1 is the content of love Shanghai encyclopedia about "tags" basic introduction, from the picture we can see a lot of text within the chain, these are all can point to related keywords love Shanghai Wikipedia page. With the extension of such rich reading, so that we can in the love of Shanghai encyclopedia in-depth study, therefore both the user adhesion and bounce rate and so on, in Shanghai love like Wikipedia page, will have a very good performance.

In fact, now many sites use

for our small website, want to do like love Shanghai encyclopedia rich content extension is very difficult, after all, many web editors can do the daily update site is not easy, but also more deeply to enrich the contents of the article are extended, it is really a bit difficult.

only, if we can be based on the law of the original station update on the contents of the article explore extensions, it will bring benefits to the whole website. Because if we can continue to attract users to the deep browsing, then brings popularity more than for those who are not too humble but it worth reading the article, also can bring weight for our website promotion, after all the love of Shanghai – the bounce rate is an important index to evaluate the user experience.

When the

jump out rate, it shows that the website user experience is not good, the user came in soon after the jump, on the contrary, if the bounce rate is lower, it shows the user experience of the website are relatively good, can attract users to stay slowly looking for a variety of data he wanted.

2, use the Tags tag site classification

The best

in the chain optimization case, in fact, love Shanghai Encyclopedia of those papers have been the ultimate manifestation. When we search for a keyword, and it just has the love of Shanghai encyclopedia words, then we can obtain the knowledge of this keyword here, of course, if we want to know more details, you can through the chain of love Shanghai Encyclopedia of us gradually deep into the understanding.

1, from the Shanghai encyclopedia love learning chain configuration

Smart talking about the difference between foreign trade website construction and Chinese website co

is engaged in the construction site for several years, built the industry website, also built some foreign websites, English, Japanese, we call it the foreign trade network, for the establishment of foreign language website, also mostly do foreign trade. I welcome the exchange of small station. The establishment of foreign trade website, with the establishment of the general Chinese website, from the surface, is certainly a different language, but I think this is the surface of a different, more important is the essence of our differences, to establish a good trade network, according to the difference for the essence, I dare not defined him, because maybe everyone I have my own opinion, from the following aspects, I talk about differences in foreign trade website with Chinese website construction and their attention, to share with you, hope it will benefit.

1, language differences. The people all know, I will not say, it is worth saying is that the language is not only a machine to replace, I have seen a lot of foreign websites, although the foreign language, but contains too many "soil" gas, I said the rustic, refers to too many Chinese habits, though my English is not good, but one can see the road, there are a lot of words directly translated, although you look up in the dictionary, he is right, but not with foreign words and expressions, is not to say that with no, but is not professional, foreign trade network, basically is to know foreign language the people, they are basic expressions in that language. To be professional, of course, people understand the foreign language translation, it is better, but the general construction site of the team may not have that talent, according to my experience, is the most simple, as do professional, can first search you establish a trade network industry related website. It is best to search, Baidu and other domestic search engines also have a lot of itself is not professional, to refer to the foreign website, even if others do the interface is not pretty, at least we more words than authentic, search out a comparison, you will find that the word is generally what words express, general dictionary, there will be a lot of the same words, but which is suitable, also get online to see others online, more in line with the network language habits.

2 differences in reading habits. Foreign trade network, is of course to foreigners or people know foreign language website, the reading habits of the foreigners with Chinese reading habits, after all, there is a difference, therefore, in the design of the time, we should also take full account of this, otherwise things will make people uncomfortable, not smooth effect, general for foreigners (especially Westerners), the expression of Chinese than directly, so, website design is the same, to do simple and intuitive, and try not to contain those useless things, direct expression, focused content, of course, must be considered a cosmetic problem, not directly do not need us. This can also be some foreign websites to observe, look at the habits of expression of foreigners, each country is different, but basically has a trend of a general habit, see a lot of template network that many templates of Europe and the United States, Japan.

Youth clothing to join 100 thousand yuan investment projects

      whether you are no entrepreneurial experience or no entrepreneurial passion, I believe you look at the following on the 100 thousand to find investment projects, you will have a new understanding of entrepreneurship. In fact, the most important thing is to focus on the market, the market is the fundamental source of money.

boys and girls dress up:

How to look at the venture now on the road

how to look at the venture now on the road? In fact, there will be a successful business failure, as has become a game, the key we have a reasonable attitude to look at.

A, from the market factors

1. is a popular commodity or service

2. a large number of competitors or counterfeiters to join

3. shop shortage or site values change

4. technical breakthrough in the commodity market or channel change

5. market a significant factor

shortly before the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, Taiwan meat processing market catastrophe, including those upstream, midstream and downstream, and a people are afraid to eat pork, sausage, pork ribs, pig’s trotters all related, retail stores, food stores, has experienced a major test of the market.

two, from the headquarter of factors of

1. inside the headquarters of the organization, the system is not yet perfect, or is still in the experimental stage, support, counseling, advice can therefore give franchisees are limited, so the system of franchisees accidentally added all had to live happily.

2. to join the headquarters of excessive expansion, shop speed too fast, and the lack of plans, the entire logistics system, including production, sales, distribution, research and development, personnel, finance, can not keep up the pace of the shop, problems.

< >

How can business shop business is hot – the whole

although the number of shops on the market a lot, but does not mean that every shop business can be prosperous, once the business is not good, it can be a lot of people worried about. My supermarket is closed, the business is getting worse, the customer does not know where to go. Now the store does not pay, how to do?

main symptoms of the wrong way to do business management problems do not know where

main business words together taste prescription counterparts the answer is very simple

genuine business training

service warm off center

want to turn back before the guest

must ponder the business root

business is fundamental, customers also. How to make customers more, how to let the customer back, how to let the customer word-of-mouth credibility. A store only to have the customer, have credibility, and finally to usher in the spectacular of customers.

a small shop to thrive, it is necessary to consider the issue from the customer’s point of view. Only by the customer sought, shop can thrive, to earn the family, in order to accumulate wealth treasure, to make career development.

a person since the choice of retail industry, have to pay all the physical energy to work hard, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of dangerous roads, not for other temptations, down-to-earth, solid basic skills to do the store.

is a very easy to open a shop, looking for a house, the organization of goods, open the door, this is not difficult. It is difficult to make a long term prosperity of the shop, it is difficult to allow customers to look back, which requires the owner to find their own problems at any time in the business process, and strive to resolve the. Otherwise, it will appear above the problem owner confused, the problem.


problem into the master since the retail industry, we must first establish confidence, do not attempt to present difficulties down, down. To solve business challenges, it must first station to the customer perspective, what customers think, what if the most hated what.

empathy, the answer is very simple. Most customers want to buy genuine goods at a fair price goods, customers are most afraid of real money to buy real goods, the customer is cheated by the store he hated pit.

know the customer these three ideas, it is difficult to find the problem along these three ideas.

first find the problem from the goods, look at their previous operations, the purchase channel is not >

What need to pay attention to all stores before tea

We all know that

is a sure card has been prepared against want. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the tea shop, is a very wise choice. So, open a milk tea shop, we need to pay attention to what?

first, the environment around the shop. This is divided into two aspects: first, the selected shops around whether there are public toilets, garbage, sewers, roads surrounding is dusty, chemical plant is always harmful gas discharged thesearealltheissuestoconsider. Second, if the shop next to the station, commercial areas, densely populated location better; slope road, remote corners are poor.

not all densely populated, traffic convenience, are suitable for open tea stores, a situation surrounding only lanes and sidewalks, vehicles on the road, the line of sight nature can be swept into two weeks of shops, natural go in, there is a particular attention to the situation, the car, the sidewalk was separated blocked, pedestrians, this is actually a closed traffic, even if the flow of people, it is not appropriate to open tea shop.

second, store product positioning. Do a survey on the economic level of the consumer groups around the shops. What economic conditions determine what consumption concept. Some people go shopping, some people go to the market, where your tea consumption positioning?

third, select the brand of milk tea store. Choose a good business, the strength of the milk tea to join the brand is the most important. From the site to the training and management of marketing, free, new period of tea has been in charge of the franchisee, responsible for their own original single handedly, achieve win-win cooperation.

milk tea store, is a very promising project to join the choice. High quality entrepreneurial choice – milk tea shop. Good market prospects, worthy of our attention and choice. Worth joining! So, what are you hesitating about?

Hao Peng research Xining economic and Technological Development Zone

  in April 7th, governor Hao Peng went to Xining economic and Technological Development Zone to investigate the production and operation of industrial enterprises, and chaired a forum to analyze the province’s industrial economy in the first quarter.

  Hao Peng and his entourage came to the Gan River Industrial Park and Industrial Park in the Yellow River Nanchuan, Xinye and Litong Aluminum Co. Ltd., Hao Peng understand the enterprise production and sales of enterprises in detail, downward pressure on economic and social responsibility case, affirmed no attrition, pay the practice. He hoped that enterprises adhere to the path of scientific and technological innovation, increase investment in R & D, production of high value-added products, to tap the potential to benefit, to innovation to benefit. How to further focus on fostering the growth of strategic emerging industries, Hao Peng has come to the era of new energy and new energy Co. Ltd. research, when understanding to the era of new energy Co. Ltd. this year and put into operation by the second power lithium battery production line, a quarter of sales revenue increased by nearly 6 times, and the production of a variety of intelligent green Amperex Technology Limited the lithium battery module, power supply cabinet products sales market situation is very good, Hao Peng is very happy. He encouraged to improve the core competitiveness of products in the efforts of enterprises, accelerate the expansion efficiency of high-end products, the key equipment upgrade and information technology, intelligent technology applications, accelerate the development of new energy and new materials industry. Tibetan sheep carpet Group in Qinghai, Hao Peng learned that the first quarter of this year, sales revenue growth of 98%, to achieve a good start, he was very pleased. He said that the Tibetan carpet industry in our province has the international competitiveness of export-oriented industries, obvious advantages, great potential, enterprises should strengthen confidence, take the initiative as a pioneer in the market to achieve expansion efficiency.

in the afternoon, Hao Peng chaired a forum to listen to part of the enterprise, the responsible person of the enterprise after the speech, he pointed out that this year, the whole province to fully carry out the new concept of development, actively promote the supply side structural reform, earnestly implement the strong innovation, to production, to the inventory, cost reduction, risk prevention and a series of policy initiatives, industry the economy showed a steady trend and development trend in the first quarter, a good basis for the annual industrial economic development. The next step, to further strengthen the confidence of all aspects, by deepening the structural reform of the supply side to promote industrial transfer mode, adjust the structure, increase power, and promote stable and healthy operation of the industrial economy, improve quality and efficiency. We should vigorously promote the development of new energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing, information industry, accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries to become an important support for industrial restructuring and upgrading. Through the implementation of technological transformation of traditional industries to stimulate new momentum, while actively resolving backward production capacity, to make room for the development of new kinetic energy. Hao Peng asked relevant regions, departments and financial institutions to implement the steady growth of a series of structural adjustment policies and measures to help enterprises solve practical difficulties, to create a good environment for enterprises.

Zhang Guangrong, Zhang Jianmin, and, respectively, to participate in the forum and research activities of the.