Shanghai Chinese how word segmentation of love

string matching method in Shanghai in search of love: "I love playing pet Lianliankan" love in Shanghai ranked first in the long tail word title and search match, in the website of the case, to display the title, ". This article in the title of the long tail is very important in the ranking. In the second page "I love Shanghai love pets Lianliankan" view love Shanghai snapshot, obviously the long tail word has been divided into "I love, play, pet Lianliankan" and has been divided into the post: "I love playing, pet Lianliankan", this matching method is the less segmentation the way.

two, understand the word segmentation method;


most commonly used search engine:

Chinese word: "in accordance with different length matching, can be divided into the largest (longest), and minimum (the shortest),"; the long tail word in the distance is determined the factors ranking. Such as: "I love playing pet Lianliankan" when love Shanghai thirteenth page has been the word "I, love, play, pet, again and again, see"

There are three kinds of several segmentation methods

love Shanghai for a word after word segmentation, but also remove the meaningless words in the sentence.

match with the word will be higher than the separate words.

statistic method: more adjacent words appear at the same time, it may appear to Chinese participle adjacent word as a word you. For example, in Shanghai love to enter a character in "network" and the "site" love Shanghai also marked red, so you can see that the "net" and "station" the number of the two adjacent characters appear very much, has the statistical segmentation "website" into the lexicon.


according to their observation of love now most of Shanghai is the use of the positive match.

In this paper, by 贵族宝贝idaus贵族宝贝/blog-6->

technology Chinese search engine for the user to submit the query keywords, the search engine word according to certain specifications, with a long tail word segmentation Chinese will split into several parts, the main contents and general remarks, so that users can more quickly find the desired content.

three, the statistic method.

, a string matching; (word string matching is generally 3 kinds: 1. maximum matching method; 2. reverse maximum matching method; at least 3. segmentation)

understand the word segmentation method: when a Chinese contains less than 3 character words of love will directly to the Shanghai word database indexing vocabulary input string; and when the length of the string > 4 Chinese character, love Shanghai in the word segmentation will be divided into a number of characters. Such as: "love Shanghai in search of electric vehicles".

for Chinese love Shanghai word understanding:

Discussion how to join the industry website optimization thinking the opposite. !

sometimes we love stand on our own point of view to think about the problem, always love to others what you don’t need love, always opinionated, if you as a member of the Shanghai dragon, would you please follow me on

together! brand!


know, the heart has a bottom, what I want is: quality, brand, price, service, cooperation and so on! These are my consideration whether and manufacturers, but less on the Internet when I find I need the information, we are not willing to do the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix class information? Or we didn’t expect? NH team felt may be! May also have a secret, that we can make nothing of it


!I want to ? [introduction]

if I was now users, I is a newly opened furniture factory boss, I am looking for a long-term cooperation of furniture paint manufacturers, how can I search


furniture paint brand rankings, furniture paint what brand keywords, that users need to understand the brand or multi brand information. The judgment is correct? The love Shanghai index, we must demand analysis this point.


recently some brothers and sisters to discuss how to optimize the industry to join with Nick, in fact my rarely done in similar industries, if I is the user, how can I search? What do I want? These problems is to optimize the analytical thinking to join industry! I hope we can bring help. Thinking.

How can I search for

from 2013 to 2015 demand statistics, is the only one of the requirements of the brand, then we have to understand the brand small industry? Small unpopular industry, but the need to join the industry, as the agents must be given to the user really good products and guarantee, and join strategy and so on, this is the agency of the demand analysis of

in my mind there are several suitable price, but I’m not satisfied with it! I’m going to find a more suitable way through a variety of their own, consulting with us better friends, our master, and through the network to understand

!The opposite of

others not to do, but we do

others dare not do, we do. So we have a chance on love Shanghai home, this is the love of Shanghai.

when we understand the needs of users, to pave the way for the content and analysis of competitors and whether do these content, this is the opposite of cooperation, the price very few people dare to put out, everyone is afraid of the price by the customer know, but we put these specific to how cooperation price is a bit out of it. Of course, according to the actual situation to do, this is the core of anti optimization thinking opposite.


case: furniture paint furniture paint when searching for this key, down

How personal e-commerce sites to make moneyLet’s talk about 300 of the day’s earnings

Guangxi Heshan stone Festival concluded today, at the closing of the day, I bought 1 million 670 thousand stone, get the stone, and I feel very comfortable. As a guest of the stone Festival, after leaving the last batch of guests to return home, he would like to play with StarCraft and relax for a while. Well, simply record the feelings of these days:

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

, now all websites are considering how to make money, personal website is no exception. Personal web sites may be motivated initially by interest or a hobby, but for a long time, these interests or hobbies build up a lot of resources for themselves, such as an impressive amount of traffic. When these resources are accumulated to a certain extent, commercial awareness of sensitive personal webmaster began to seek the development of electronic commerce, the commercial operation of the resources in their hands, thus, personal websites began to make money. Of course, the more popular ways of making money for personal websites may still depend on advertising, but from the advertising revenue of personal websites, it has fallen into a trough. So, if the personal website wants to make great progress, or hope that your website can make money, then you must take the initiative! As a personal website Human effort is the decisive factor., and we can have their own products, and sell them, rely on their own to make money!

The feasibility of a personal website,

two, personal website money case

the author give two examples, the two sites.

is closer to home, tell me how to make money in the network.

in this matter if done well, also called cool!

can’t play StarCraft. It’s a little depressing. Let’s start with this. Friends, potato, playing StarCraft is a good hand, one day he said a paragraph, I think no matter to start a business or not to start friends are inspired. In StarCraft, in the case of one to one PK, South Korea likes to develop its first base at the start, and wants to gain an economic advantage soon. But the tactics are also dangerous. If the enemy finds out and attacks with all his might, most will suffer a crushing defeat. But if through a short period of time to start, is behind the automatics.

has nearly 100 friends every day plus me , asking me how to make money and the like. Oh, really embarrassed, ignore? Say I arrogant, reasonable, I have so much time?. Although I am a businessman, the network is operated by the merchant model, but it also takes some time to take care of it. Just to answer in this right — do the network to make money, facing the same choices and play StarCraft: what do garbage station, a station on the profit, or to be a normal station seriously, for future earnings? That will have different choices in the fate of different people. Garbage station can make money immediately, and the highest efficiency is undoubtedly garbage station; but generally short-lived, can do more than half a year do not change the garbage station is rare. My friends have influenced me, most of them are only garbage stations, and there is a tendency to carry out the garbage collection in the end – I don’t know if it’s my fault. After all, every day easy to earn hundreds of pieces, who would like to, as for regular stations, after a long effort, every day to earn a hundred dollars steadily, most of the friends do not accept, big deal, change a new garbage project, continue to waste. I still hope that young people, or the new network of friends, can seriously do regular stations, to provide more resources for the network, make more contributions. Do normal station, when a friend or family member asked what are you doing when you can be proud to stand aside, enjoy your achievements and friends, really is a very happy thing. American general Colin Howell name may be wrong in the mobilization of the Japanese War, said: when you are old, and family sitting next to the stove, you can proudly say, I participated…… If we are old, or at any time, we can come up with their own stations, to relatives and friends to see, but also a kind of pride. It depends on your personal outlook on life and values.


Gold forum Discuz alliance experience!Look at the hard work of the giants. What else do you have to

1, it’s Discuz, built in, and as long as Discuz invites, users can use the alliance without having to apply for it independently, without requiring a series of audits.

how many people does a man do; without weekends; without vacations; overtime is normal; work on time is an exception; an endless call; an endless ppt; it is the norm for many entrepreneurs. Perhaps outsiders, this is torture. But for a group of passionate young men with a dream, it is more like a practice.

so, click rate is very low, 0.2% less than, and some even below 0.1%. This is also the majority of forums put CPC advertising universal phenomenon, users are mainly old users, high viscosity, for the old style of advertising, generally will choose to ignore. But as low as I am, it’s rare.

in 1998, Penguin International’s oldest office was the simplest dance studio, or borrowed from friends. Dancing room also hung in 80s "disco" headlight ball, until the end, just moved to seg. In fact, the dance classroom is pretty good, overtime and tired, but also disco, relax, and now much better than the lattice room.

Lenovo: zhuandashi out

international company

In the early days of

, the earliest HUAWEI office is located at two shelters on the Gulf of Shenzhen. In 1987, the building that was actually warehouse on each floor was pregnant with a great company. The HUAWEI then occupied more than 10 warehouses. At the other end of the warehouse, a brick wall was built to separate the single rooms, which were HUAWEI’s staff quarters. Look at you now, much better than they are.

recently, the forum has opened Discuz, cloud platform services, and adopted the Discuz alliance, which has been in use for nearly a week. In view of this, I would like to write articles to share with you. However, due to the initial establishment of the forum, the flow is not very large, and there are limitations in data acquisition, for your reference only. Although there is a Discuz, league, but I only placed a 960×90 global top advertisement at the top of the forum, which is also my personal beauty. Early, many sites have not used sh419 alliance, shlf1314, AdSense and some other CPC advertising, because they will seriously affect the beauty of the site. Although these two alliances can also be directly set to display only pictures advertising, but now and then out of a "gynecological advertisement", it makes people feel a bit blocked. Discuz, there’s no such thing as an ad present by the league, but as a web site owner, we have the right to choose, without the right to sue for change, and can only hope that there will be no future.

Abstract: start on the road in the hesitation confused, feel lucky entrepreneurs through this group of old photographs to see Lenovo, shlf1314, apple, Alibaba these big companies venture initially bitter way. Do you suddenly feel that you’re not that miserable? Believe that what you suffer will light up your way.

1984, Liu Chuanzhi led the 10 China computer science and technology personnel to start a business in the old Chinese Academy of Sciences zhuandashi. They foresaw that PC would change people’s work life before most people knew. Holding the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of computing investment 200 thousand yuan of life than the start-up funds, these 11 researchers carrying the research and development achievements will be transformed into a firm determination of successful products, began this long road of entrepreneurship. They named the young company "legend", which was translated as "legend" in english". The janitor came out of the entrepreneurial team are destined to become a legend.


, Tencent: the international Penguin

hatched in the dance room

2, a key add function: use Discuz, the League configuration of good advertising position, you can quickly add to the forum front desk, and no need to configure advertising.

, 960×90 global top ads on the site at the top, and the position is not very conspicuous:



in general, Discuz, the union applies to me as a lazy and a hobby. Profits are not prominent, for the next down. Recommended attention station >

Ali >

causes this kind of situation, my understanding is: first, the website puts Discuz! The union advertisement position has only one, the quantity is few. Two, advertising location is hidden, it is difficult to click to. Three types of advertising, too common, may be due to the Discuz alliance! Just running soon because I found that display ads also toss about, only the two or three: games, Kuba shopping. Moreover, compared to the sh419 alliance, shlf1314, Adsense, Discuz, the alliance backstage features are not so comprehensive. But in operation use, I think novice webmaster will be more inclined to Discuz, alliance. There are two reasons:


, this is the last 7 days using Discuz, the league’s profitability:

Because I only put

HUAWEI: simple room + warehouse combination

in the entrepreneurial road hesitant, confused, and feel that they are not lucky entrepreneurs, through this group of old photos to see Lenovo, shlf1314, apple, Alibaba, these big companies initial hard to force the appearance. Do you suddenly feel that you’re not that miserable? Believe that your pain will light your way and everything will be all right.

Today’s headlines for content distribution, why should share a galleryYou must know the capital Inte

has a precedent,

based on previous plots of the community of insects speculated that, after today’s headlines, or will provide traffic for the East IC entrance, the East IC may also be settled today headlines.



Beijing should be regarded as one of the oldest and most active cities in china. Years of precipitation, but also accumulated seven horizontal, eight vertical circle of friends, basically mentioned a well-known entrepreneur, you can think of him behind a string of people, this is the circle:

from today’s headlines page, in addition to text content, video, pictures for its main push content.

this is a topic that is not to offend people, good people will jump out to scold: "you are the circle, you are small circle!" before a book called "circle trap", light enough to listen to the name "sinister". But in the circle of Chinese, more like a "Fortress Besieged": the people inside regressed donghonghong, feel all around him dip his own light; the people outside or in droves, or greatly despise, sour grapes.

in fact, the circle is not so mysterious, if the Internet business is only "circle determinism", then the world’s most powerful Internet Co should be produced in china. The circle is not China special social organization, the Silicon Valley several well-known start-up companies, its founder and behind the investors are more or less are old acquaintances, not direct or indirect friends, "the ape shit", bow to see the rise, the palm of the Silicon Valley is more about the trust relationship.

in addition to strategic shares, today’s headlines did not mention the form of cooperation in the future business, but said it will be given in terms of algorithms, image analysis and other aspects of the eastern IC technical support.

Li Kaifu and his innovation workshop. Although the Innovation workshop was established in 2009, Li Kaifu’s circle actually came from shlf1314. This is not only reflected in the founding of the founder of the workshop from shlf1314, and then cast many entrepreneurs, but also from shlf1314 and other well-known multinational companies. Li Kaifu is said to be an active member of shlf1314’s secretive organization, Ex-shlf1314r". The main investment direction of the Innovation workshop is the mobile Internet based on Android system, which is considered a shlf1314 complex.

, but compared to the picture worms community, the Oriental IC has strict copyright restrictions and exclusive agents for pictures. So, how to settle in is a problem.

NetEase entrepreneur group". This two years before the NetEase executives in Beijing Lu sleeves alone, no less than the flight of vice ministerial level officials. They have influence, have savings and experience, it is said that because the high turnover rate of NetEase executives, now a lot of VC are happy with several major Internet Co executives to make friends, for the future is First come, first served., VC began to hire some headhunters, staring at those large Internet Co executives, a start-up capital wind sways grass. Immediately to account. One of the characteristics of NetEase’s entrepreneurial drive is that there is an intersection between leaving colleagues, I, America, and stocks

headlines today is the sale of content distribution.

Lei Jun and his irons. Needless to say, before everyone called Lei system Sogou input method is the default this three word, thunder from the software to start, through the Internet, now embrace hardware, all the way down, earn popularity more than money. He did millet, partner in Jinshan old brother, investors have his old partner, and he invests in those projects, are old acquaintances. Unfamiliar, not cast also became Lei Jun "angel" motto. The biggest advantage of entering the circle of Lei Jun is, you can have the opportunity of trial and error of many times poineering work, old is an example.

today’s headlines up early, Zhang Yiming said in a public speech to break the boundaries of traditional content, all can become the object of distribution: "we believe that as long as you can create useful information types, we don’t mind the mechanism. For example, there is a happy twist, the drama club, they play footage, trailer, actor interview here, very popular with consumers, they can attach their new drama in the content of the publicity, attached the new drama tickets link. Secondly, such as Internet banking enterprises, the Internet financial information after the aggregation, it is also very popular with readers. If there is an institution, and even advertisers, is also our media platform to enter the body, as long as the content of creation is meaningful to readers, we are welcome to settle."

today August 1st morning, today’s headlines announced strategic investment picture library, Oriental IC. For the amount of investment, share ratio and other information, today’s headlines did not disclose, but told the tiger sniffing the "strategic investment mainly," a large proportion of strategic investment." After the completion of the investment, the eastern IC will continue to operate independently".

straightforward understanding, today’s headlines + Oriental IC is traffic + content, the intention is to enhance the liquidity of the picture content through traffic distribution.

according to official caliber, the cooperation, today’s headlines is to further increase the original content of the support and protection of copyright content. The Oriental IC is to focus on today’s headlines in big data, image analysis and personalized algorithms and other aspects of technology, so as to enhance product service capabilities.

why today’s headlines to stake in the East IC?

today’s headlines made a trial in the field of photo information distribution, which was acquired as early as November 2014. After the UGC mode of the picture in the form of community headlines, settled in today’s headlines provide pictures to their content, today’s headlines also opened up a "map bug" this column in the PC on the rail end.


Wangzhuan right wayFifth horizon line cutover important notice

one hundred people of every hue, personality, quality, IQ and EQ are not the same, so the direction and means of success will not have a unified model, different people will be completely different in different situation, so the "destiny in their own hands." this sentence is not ~

on your webmaster, and wish you a happy new year and a lot of money!

before this will give you a reminder: Wangzhuan the real meaning is "make money online", not only do online advertising to make money online.

affiliateWe apologize for the impact of

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

1, online advertising alliance to make money;

WWW.THE5V announcement


Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

room line cutover system, all functions will return to normal, and the League advertising display speed and code execution efficiency has improved significantly. Please see the notice xianghuzhuaigao.

how to find your true Wangzhuan road here through the real example.


below, let’s look at a few real cases, about trade secrets, here, do not disclose the actual data of case characters. However, if you are careful and skilled friends, you can definitely find the source.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

! Unfortunately, . The above contents are Wangzhuan

small A every day will smoke some time to study SEO search engine optimization, because the technical knowledge is good, soon he mastered the SEO advanced skills. At present, the small A English station IP every day around 2000-3000, although the ad clicks are not high, only about 30 times, but because the unit price is high, but also foreigners point, a day income is 30-50 U. S. dollars. Little A was pleased to show me a $1340 GG check, which is now in turn

2, network marketing and e-commerce, that is, the use of the network to expand the actual business or through the network sales of products;

for telecommunications lines and cutover, alliance will also upgrade the core of the original system, cutting time is scheduled for 08 years later in January 11th 12 – 12 the next day. Then all advertising alliance will pause, the original data will be retained, please rest assured

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

started shlf1314 in October 2007 were good times don’t last long, extremely brutal massacre in the country, it is said that casualties account reached more than 2/3. Little A’s account was not spared. Later, the small A also applied for a shlf1314 account, so the operation, but this time not to send money, was K off. Later, we study together, found that the current shlf1314 for some unconventional means of practice is very objectionable, but also for the content of the site requirements are more and more stringent.

3, the establishment of distinctive content of the site, relying on the site’s own content services to make money.


contact :526405423


first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

so you still have to go the road of normal development ~ because of their technical skills and English is also good, so A chose to English station direction, because English Station real foreign IP click on the unit price is at least 10 times Chinese advertising. The first English station of little A is about tourism. It mainly introduces the tourist resources of Asia and China. Because of the relationship between the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, this piece has a high degree of concern.

case 1: little A is a classmate of my university. He is currently working in a software company and has a technical background. In 2007 I did shlf1314, income is not bad, I told him, he also according to the way I said has been operating, which also received a few money, at most once more than 400 U. S. dollars.

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: the5v

Ultra cool idea The Sky Restaurant

‘s "castles in the air" is the ancient fantasy, and the rapid development of science and technology today, is no longer difficult because many castles in the air, the air restaurant has been opened up, many people want to experience the feeling of eating in the air.

this is a moment will be out of the stunts? It’s actually. In 2007, DavidGhysels was the owner of a marketing communications company. He and StefanKerkhofs, who did bungee jumping, had a party in the air for the European Youth Catering Association (JRE). The media reported this crazy high feast, and soon the two men received a telephone call, ask how to copy this. So they gave birth to the idea of a chain.

2008, JaneenHinden and her husband, Michael, were found in the air show at a trade show. Michael has an event and banquet company in Las Vegas, as well as a wedding ceremony of the church, two people think the air restaurant is too suitable for their hometown of Las Vegas. At a new year’s party, they entertained friends and partners to enjoy such a feast, a lot of guests asked them to do it again, but also to bring their friends.

Hinden couple realized that the air restaurant may be a permanent attraction for Las vegas. As a result, they rented a crane for 3 months of trial operation. "The effect was sensational." Janeen said, back to the waves, the media has been reported."

Introduction to different types of apparel sales skills

a lot of people choose to invest in clothing, clothing types, do different types of clothing business, to master the different ways is very critical, you need to figure out the market situation, together with the introduction of the article!

The extension of

high-end women’s clothing store high-end women’s generally refers to senior clothing as the representative, emphasizes the creative design, mainly in the business of high-end designer brand clothing. In the high-end women’s shape, material and production are integrated into the innovative consciousness and aesthetic components of considerable, pay attention to cultural taste and connotation in the use of occasions, purpose, high-grade dress embodies a kind of social civilization of social etiquette, and emphasis on the status of the wearer’s identity.

selected for the project, choose the right time to do business, to clear the market, according to the actual situation, to choose a suitable method of entrepreneurship, the above analysis some methods, entrepreneurs need to constantly meet the market demand.


How to open a business in Beijing popular restaurant franchise

Beijing is a high level of consumption of the first-tier cities, the development of the catering industry in Beijing can be used to describe the water. In the employment problem is more and more serious today, every year there are entrepreneurs into the food and beverage market. Today, the development of Beijing food and beverage franchise market in the industry is very good, reducing the risk of a lot of venture capitalists. So investment in food and beverage franchise projects in the business, how to better avoid business risk, open a business hot food franchise? If you want to start a successful business, please follow the small series to see! I hope the following can help you.

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What is the most profitable to do business to get rich

what do you do now? You must be thinking about it. Looking for the project, the business will be even more prosperous, so we are more concerned about what is now the most profitable problem. Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few good projects to get rich, for your reference, would like to start a business to look at it.

now venture many, but not every project can really make money, so everyone in the choice of projects could be considered. What do you do now? These projects are now the hottest entrepreneurial projects, we can choose a suitable for their own projects, intentions to operate, you can make a lot of profit.