How to choose keywords website optimization

Shanghai dragon

second, love Shanghai women’s search bar enter click search, the search results appear, then the browser pull to the bottom, there is a related search, this word is saved to the Notepad inside.

finally entered the love Shanghai keywords promotion tool, input women, out of 300 keywords, the keywords search volume according to the arrangement, download.



This paper starts from the 贵族宝贝suwencheng贵族宝贝/

optimization is the most important choice of keywords, a web site keywords not well, then we can say that the optimization of the website has failed. Xiamen Shanghai Longfeng recently made more than 10 sites, key words, description of what is written in their own, so there is a certain understanding of the choice of keywords, then Xiamen Shanghai dragon on hand and teach you how to choose keywords, we take the word "dress" for example "/p>!

keyword search after the next is to choose keywords, such as women’s clothing brand with the word, we love Shanghai first in the search, the search results page found love Shanghai products 3, the domain name is 3, the other is the weight of relatively high site Columns page, look at the results also have about 3000000 we love Shanghai, open the index, keyword index was about 1800~2000, the keyword is popular, if you are a person of optimization, it was suggested not to do a bit difficult, in other words one by one according to this method to do (keywords love Shanghai promotion Keywords tools inside the recommended to all to do so, as long as the query search volume greater than 2000 can be, if less than 2000 of you looked pleasing to the eye can also try), do we It can put keywords to select the

SZ/24.html Shanghai dragon, the original is not easy, please indicate the source.


first opened in the word love Shanghai, love Shanghai search bar enter women, then there will be a drop-down box, the drop-down box words are index, we put these words into Notepad.

such as "Ladies" of the word, like Xiamen Shanghai dragon word is a person to do, I would choose the words. Key words: Women’s boutique, a new type of dress, dress collocation, women’s occupation, the words of the index is not high, better to do.

out! The

said so much, you should see it, if you do not understand what can I exchange for exchange, what if there are different views, you can find me chat, QQ group: 150659816, welcome to join

Thinking there is only ranked curing flow


home owners Chinaz traffic sources

A5 station network traffic sources

from home station Chinaz and A5 station network traffic sources can be seen, although the search engine occupies a large proportion, but not all traffic from search engines, and most of the traffic from direct access and other forms.


many people now have a cure site without thinking: ranking is no traffic, no traffic no users, users are not also do not focus on the user experience, valuable content, but only do Shanghai Longfeng undivided attention ranking, ranking good thought, what good will. In a word, is the first rank, after get traffic. In fact, this is a very big pit, a lot of people their own dig a hole to jump in, let yourself fall into a dilemma of curing thinking.

can see from Taobao search engine traffic is about 10%, ranking from traffic, but these rankings are in love with the sea imposed, so in addition to ranking the flow to Taobao, there are about 90% of the traffic from other places, this is not a ranking flow, even if the search engine Taobao will not collapse a great influence.

search engine just get traffic

first look at several large web site traffic source:

no ranking will not flow? Just for the search engine rankings, there is no ranking but no search engine traffic and search engine is just a channel for the flow, the above example is a good illustration of this point. A web traffic should be across all channels, you do not do rankings, after get traffic, but the introduction of flow from different marketing channels for the site, there is no ranking should flow. If your web site traffic all traffic from search engines, that it is not healthy, you can not explain the rankings are good, you can only say that the network promotion is poor, but once the search engine changes, your website may have been the crowning calamity because you put egg, are placed in a basket.

look at a special case, Taobao’s traffic source:

A channel

Don’t focus too much on the Shanghai dragon


so many times, when the site does not flow, don’t stare at the top, so you can own their own roads blocked, their own dig a hole to jump, because in your eyes, the search engine is all traffic sources, you own to draw a circle, actually on the outside there are a lot of traffic waiting for you. We do not want to do rankings, after get traffic, more is to promote the rankings obtained by flow.


Website construction, to learn these enterprises

every industry has leaders and role models. For the website construction industry, the companies that do well also have, but the achievements are far from the size of some enterprises in other industries. How to get a breakthrough in a leading enterprise and how a small company can achieve rapid growth, there are some things worth discussing in these enterprises.

Apple Mobile

in Motorola, NOKIA, apple, Samsung and HTC mobile phone brand before, but apple is a born child, on the qualifications on the strength of brand awareness and market share than the mobile phone industry predecessors, but why Apple can than anyone of them to be successful, has taken on the industry first the throne of

?One of the most admirable things about

is Apple’s focus and innovation. Attention is that all products will focus solely on a mobile phone only black and white two colors, unlike other mobile phone manufacturers, the use of rural areas surrounding the city, every time the introduction of a variety of mobile phone, mobile phone is divided into a plurality of each series, potentially put the user’s focus scattered. The other is innovation. When the other mobile phone manufacturers also hardware competition, Apple has put his mobile phone from the hardware and software collocation made a revolutionary innovation, this new mobile phone market, will choose to buy the wandering do not know which brand is good for the users to find the best choice.


website also is such, if you do not have the ability to compete with others, brand awareness, the strength of competition, competition in the product line width, then at least you can focus on a product will do best to open the door of the market. At present, some website construction companies focus on template website construction, some companies focus on foreign trade website construction, and some companies focus on domain name and space…… The whole industry has All flowers bloom together. pomp, can live in harmony and play their proper role.

Ali group

Ali group, now the situation is a bit awkward, has been listed in suspense, the electricity supplier brand to create Tmall also rise directly to a high position, mainly rely on Taobao’s traffic sources, on the other hand, the bank for the third party payment system restrictions also lead to Alipay functions severely damaged, its rival Jingdong has stepped in, hand in hand to create their own super online banking payment system the…… Ali group seems to be a bit by four. But in any case, the Internet Chinese as one of the "three mountains", Ali still has many worthy of our website construction to take place.

from the start by the small web site navigation and guide more traffic to the free shop to establish their own e-commerce sites, to create incomparable third party payment system of Alipay, Ali’s power obtained from the power to gather together small number of large enterprises settled in rapid development, the precise positioning of the achievements of today’s ali.

The same is true of

website construction. If you want to achieve success, you have to give yourself a position. If you keep your eyes on small and medium businesses,

Use blog group to improve website authority

blog group building, improve the website permissions.

recently prepared to use third parties to build a number of blog, foreign blog some check more strict, it is difficult to get. Buy their own domain name words, investment is certainly not small. Therefore, the beginning of the use of third parties to practice and prepare 20-30 such, add foreign trade station products.

looking at more than 10000 products, their own manual, ma’am, difficult ah. Now, every day, add 3, 3 non repetitive products to each blog. Add a product page, the content of the product keyword bold link to the site of their own management of the product page (that is, really can let customers order the station). Add the product blog content, the content which need to link to add the next product page on your blog, if you add this product Panasonic battery in the blog, and then add the next blog in a product, you can link to the product, the above products within the page and so on, so can make the blog group chain.

and on the website optimization, the long tail keywords each other, finally some main keywords link to the home page, so the spiders index authority is relatively high.

before I sent a blog, Google PING tools, need to see, the previous log should be able to find, did not find, you can search under the Internet should be there, or else I would like to cough up.

general blog comes with PING, without the words, it will be PING down. Blog products add a period of time, pay attention to see your blog has been included before, included in the blog link between, and then unified link to you can really buy products home page.

above is the use of blog groups build, use the blog group chain to improve the permissions of the main website.

I manage the foreign trade retail network Panasonic battery

Source power Joe Qiao ribs big package to join the project

steamed stuffed bun want to do nothing more than steamed stuffed buns stuffed with steamed stuffed bun, good flour with good technology can make a unique taste of steamed stuffed bun. The source of the power of the team Joe ribs big bag, high-quality row of flesh and blood, skin thin meat and more, think of drooling.

source power Joe Club ribs package? Old Joe Baozipu buns, thin skin and sensitive way, this not caving, don’t run oil, pleats dense, tastes the main selling and lead a person to endless aftertastes, fried soup two kinds of dumplings, in the county is famous, famous, the county magistrate is especially fond of, hailed as the first package of South china.

Gerrard many brands, the best taste only Joe Club pork bag, so it has good business every day! Joe has big club essence ribs ancestral recipe specially made steamed stuffed bun, while keeping the original Zuzhuanmifang unchanged, today we are in the process of flour, and steamed out on a revolutionary upgrade after the upgrade, the more delicious buns than the original taste, more nutritious.

joined the snack food source Joe Club money bag ribs to worry about, now, Joe has successfully launched a big club with a variety of styles buns, not only to meet the needs of different customers eating, while Joe club for the majority of entrepreneurs have big ribs brought more of the profit space. Join Joe Club ribs large investment, the market prospect is broad, more comprehensive business support provided by headquarters, make money will be more simple.

Fondant Cake join Mi cake – how to choose the secret

cake brand very many, for example, what Sponge Cake sugar cakes, Cheese Cake, heavy oil cake, the sugar cake sales in the market response is very good, today is to recommend a good cake brand secret Mi cake

‘s -MI brand will be closely China culture, ancient Greek culture, western culture, not only retains the mysterious legend of the constellation, is close to the actual part of life, sugar cake series provide strong plasticity for domestic consumers. "The secret _MI" with excellent quality, outstanding creativity and exquisite technology, a range to meet modern needs high quality of life of the mind, meet the yearning for a better life, love to win the majority of consumer groups and follow.

sugar cake to join the election secret Mi cake? What are the advantages of secret Mi cake? See the following details:

secret Mi cake join advantage:

Qinhuangdao MI Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. is committed to serving small and medium sized catering business projects. Since its inception, the use of a variety of forms of service to the customer’s success as a high purpose, to help upgrade the business of food and beverage entrepreneurs, the continuous development of successful entrepreneurship. The company has operations and training base; marketing; direct shop; Beijing Tianchuang food; brand, project research and development center and other branches.


in the traditional food culture based on the broad and profound respect, in order to tap the catering industry underestimated value "for the mission, Heiner foreign restaurant into fashion, classic dishes, fresh, tide and other elements, constantly explore new breed, catering project more soul and vitality. Hot pot, fish pot, has formed the western food, Korean snacks, fried snacks, tea drinks, juice drinks, desserts and other more than ten kinds of Western-style meals and catering. The scale of the store management includes stalls, stalls, food city, leisure bar and other forms. Not only cater to the different needs of entrepreneurs, but also cover a variety of consumer groups.

company has always been to the success of our customers in the first place, depending on the customer’s success as high focused "small catering business services, location of mass consumption, the integration of modern catering management model and business philosophy, to provide comprehensive support from theory to technology and operation to cooperate for the majority of entrepreneurs.

if you want to join the secret Mi sugar cake, please leave a message below our website, we will arrange staff to contact you after seeing the message.

Learn these four strokes easily doubled performance

after the new year, the major shopping malls no longer have a crowd of people, so when the daily traffic is no longer increasing or even falling, how can we improve sales? How to improve customer unit price? Joint sales.

A, don’t let go of 4 kinds of joint sales time input

1, when the customer selects a piece of jewelry, the reason is very simple, jewelry is the need to match with the clothes, the initiative for the enthusiasm of the guests with a service.

2, a sales promotion activities; this is the promotion of the guests (buy) joint sales is one of the most important incentives, a timely reminder of the guests with excited tone: now or never.

3, the new season of goods; whether the new season goods or new goods, it is necessary for us to introduce to the guests when the joint sales, as in KFC single ended, cashier Miss encourages us to try the new " " wing; matchless sword; and I saw one eye it is the desire to try.

4, guests and friends (Tong Ban) shopping together; in the course of recommending and introducing the goods, it is unwise to ignore the feelings of the guest, Tong Ban. Smart sales staff not only know how to please his companions, while at the right time to encourage him (she) also try, idle is idle, which is a common joint sales.

6 joint sales two, often use the way of

1, the use of foil type; very simple, is related to the clothing and accessories with matching, giving the guests a icing on the cake effect, but also allow guests to accept.

2, friends and family promotion; tell the guests >

What are the operating techniques of cosmetic chain stores

cosmetics franchise stores in the market a lot of pieces, if you want to invest in a shop, then you can learn the business skills? If you have questions about your business, you can learn more about others and do a good job of management.

general, cosmetics brand to provide advanced technology management system, shorten the start-up time, reduce the number of unnecessary costs, greatly reduce the risk of business, let them no longer "stones" market positioning accuracy, directly determines the success or failure of the business. On the basis of deep analysis of the fashion market structure, do a good job of product positioning. Use local products to win the market.

cosmetics chain to join what? Young people usually respect for individuality and freedom, have extremely strong consumer demand, love fashion and pop idol, accept new things faster, which belongs to the consumption of basic impulse consumption, the pursuit of beauty cosmetics style is the pursuit of quality, so the market positioning of cosmetic quality and price level will to the maximum extent to meet the target consumer needs of people. Cosmetic design is exquisite, exquisite workmanship, novel style, highlighting the art and personalized, the rapid product innovation ability and ensure synchronous fashion, to change rapidly in the field of fashion in the ever closer, create growing earnings performance. This is also a good way.

cosmetics chain stores to join each method join the beauty industry businesses want to know, if you can learn a lot of other skills, learn to apply to the actual operation of their own to go so naturally can get good profit, hurry to contact us.

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How to operate the off-season dry cleaners

although the development of the economy, as well as changes in people’s consumption concept, resulting in the demand for the entire dry cleaning market is growing. However, many people know that laundry is a cool industry, due to the effect of dressing characteristics of the summer people, the dry cleaners to the volume of business in summer is relatively low, so in the face of the summer business season, summer dry cleaners, how to deal with?

a, professional training

dry cleaning industry is a service industry, the dry cleaning industry has changed from a low technology content, strong labor intensity of the traditional industry into the store image fashion, advanced equipment, laundry new model. However, in the wake of the booming development of the washing industry is the lack of professional laundry personnel, the overall lack of professional knowledge of the washing, washing operating costs are too high, washing disputes, etc..

washing industry is currently exposed to these problems in the operation is actually contrary to the trend of social and economic development. The progress and development of any industry can not be separated from the exchange of industry, technology and innovation. Laundry business off-season, laundry business volume is not large, it is the best time for dry cleaning technology training, dry cleaners can increase the amount of technical training, improve the technical level of staff, to prepare for the coming season.

two, off-season laundry promotion

for the operating experience of the old who, in the off-season should launch some new laundry service, such as seasonal washing curtains, leather goods, garment dyeing, renovation of professional nursing home cleaning cloth leather sofa etc.. Timely introduction of a number of new projects can be used to store old customers often have a fresh feeling of consumption. Dry cleaners newly opened the most commonly used method is the off-season promotion preferential recharge, the main purpose of this promotion is to quickly return the funds, but must control the amount of concessions, some lack of experience in the laundry will often backfire.

three, control the cost of dry cleaners

operating in the summer dry cleaners should pay more attention to cost control, because the cost and profit is inversely proportional to the relationship, only the effective cost control of the dry cleaners can improve profits, maximize the benefits. Especially in the off-season, to develop energy-saving awareness. Clothing as far as possible to focus on ironing, and the implementation of each employee. In the summer of the operating process, through effective cost control, can improve the overall efficiency of dry cleaners, but also a business strategy.

four, diversified business model

summer clothing features are generally relatively thin, so dry cleaners should be through a wide range of business models to broaden their scope of business, to open up new profit points, such as luxury care, skin




DLC将为Xbox 360发布于5月14日,PlayStation 3游戏机在5月15日。DLC成本560毫秒点/6.99。

DLC是一个游戏故事围绕lq-84i,谁是主要的游戏Blade Wolf。它的特点包括lq-84i游戏独特的能力和特性的多个小时,同时扩大对他的每个故事和起源。被暴徒执法的领导人Sundowner和服务在米斯特拉尔,DLC揭示lq-84i的故事与雷登战斗并最终合作之前,和他转化成Blade Wolf。玩家可以战斗无数的敌人使用的武器和能力的一个军火库,最终在一个全新的BOSS战。






哈利·波特:5-7年在Xbox 360,PlayStation 3、PSP、任天堂Wii、任天堂DS、任天堂3ds发布,在北美洲和11月18日11月11日在欧洲的PC和iOS。PS Vita版游戏也将在稍后公布。