Innovation workshop Wang Hua 5 opportunities for mobile Internet businessOnce Taobao customers, imag

B2C e-commerce is more suitable for career development,

from the qualitative perspective, the process of spreading to all in the field of mobile Internet, will affect the decision-making and the development of these industries, and even change the ecological environment of the industry and the way of doing things.

B2C e-commerce requires excellent marketing capabilities,

I and many webmaster, in order to make money, to join the Taobao customer, do Wangzhuan, use network technology to build a website, through commissions and advertising is very easy to make money. However, we all know that some time ago sh419 ranking adjustment, and now Taobao’s profit margins are indeed very small. Therefore, I am looking for e-commerce and other channels to make money, want to in the fierce environment to strangle a storm looking for another sky. After the friend’s advice, I found B2C e-commerce more profit space, and it can be called the cause. One reason is by years of experience in product sales Wangzhuan, not a difficult thing. Two is B2C e-commerce, need to start from the grassroots, and most of the webmaster, as before the accumulation of funds is not much, contacts are relatively poor. But since I’ve run a Taobao store before, it can be the starting point for my B2C e-commerce.

mobile Internet development up to now, has not done to the students in the "enter now is not too late, and has entered the students to think what to do next. In fact, I think the change of domestic mobile Internet really has not started, after so many years of development, the real change may start until next year. We are standing in the doorway of great change.

the next two or three years, the new.


is definitely positioned to be better,


Abstract this paper is co-founder of innovation works Wang Hua in the mobile developers conference speech arranged the trend of change, including the domestic mobile Internet giant card in case of new entrants seeking business opportunities, and the future of the 5 best new business opportunity is what.

this way, you will feel that the mobile Internet is too crowded, no matter what you want to do is do. But this problem in my opinion is not a problem, on the Internet, also has such a scenario, new entrants want to do, portals are doing. But you look at the recent and listed companies involved in the Lanting Pavilion, set potential, 58 city, where to go, the car home, is the time to do.

from friends B2C entrepreneurial inspiration: my friend is born in technology, developed the site, and now form a team to do B2C, online clothing retail mall. He told me that from the site location to plan, originally want to do products, industry information, and even SNS integrated platform, but found that the design of the wide, just started not so many people to do these things. As a result, the industry, information and other difficult to update and maintain daily, SNS applications platform is everywhere other people’s advertising, just like no maintenance of the garden overgrown with weeds. But later on, he made only online sales of t-shirts. Focus on B2C e-commerce, and then around this product to do promotion, is now he believes that the most feasible approach. Domestic Hisense enterprises is an example. In the television, air conditioning, refrigerators, mobile phones in the field of technical breakthroughs have been achieved, but precisely because of the scope of the involved too broad, marketing skills have not followed the technology. As a result, refrigerators do, but Haier, air conditioning to do, but GREE, the best results, that is, the low-end TV flat market to get the top three position.

platform well, good direction, is really able to promote mobile Internet entrepreneurs to go deep. The surface, the platform companies occupy a lot of entrance, but it also means that they have good market infrastructure, education, road opened, but more suitable for entrepreneurs quietly doing something.

from the point of view, now has 500 million mobile Internet users, but mobile Internet industry share of the economy is still very small. Even the Internet is not touched in many industries, even do better in areas such as electricity, tourism and other traditional industries is only about 10%, are actually very small numbers.

The giant

today’s mobile Internet giant card, new entrants in the

The amount of

domestic mobile Internet real next year

throughout the year, the mobile Internet industry, we can see that in the platform, giants have a card, each in the big acquisitions of start-up companies, fighting traffic entrance, social platform and infrastructure.

but in my opinion, the mobile Internet generated effects should be larger than the internet. Because it can be integrated into our lives. In my view, the next five years to ten years, the mobile Internet will control 50% or more to the national economy.


world’s top 100 giant is the marketing tycoon, you will find that like Microsoft, WAL-MART, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, the world class companies they have very outstanding marketing level, technical ability is not the best. Want to do B2C e-commerce, need a competitive team, need to be responsible for website development, network marketing and website customer service, distribution personnel division of labor, and not rely on a technical ability person can support the whole website. So my role in this process needs to change. The next period of time, I need to pull orders, discuss cooperation with vendors, users to promote our web site products, from the limited site development to marketing role changes.

and we now stand a real change in the door, the developer is not just mobile developers, will jump to the real economy in all walks of life, become a facilitator.

The construction of the chain chain through a small coup to attract traffic

of the second point: the end of the world, Post Bar activity is high, the webmaster can get through the chain or post reply way. In operation, we must pay special attention to the website and post correlation. Even if you cheated a part of the flow, the bounce rate is quite high, little significance.

so the webmaster in search of the chain platform, should pay attention to the following: 1. The correlation between the activity of the keywords ranking

but only by the three points, it can be said that they are outside the chain of high quality of the site? The answer is no! The reason is that the construction site outside the chain is not only to attract spiders crawl the site information, its ultimate aim is to attract users. The user can through the web site on the platform, into your website, browse the web information website for mining potential customer groups, make a web site to achieve revenue.

?The higher the degree of active

the two points above, I believe we are very familiar with, so the third point – " platform; keywords ranking " what is the meaning of

?The platform

search engine ranking stable, relatively more people browse.

The operating range of The purpose of this

platform, you post more easily " " sank;. If you go in the post, it will waste a lot of time and energy, forming a cycle of death. So, the best way to or from the user’s point of view, it is love Shanghai search engine.


post time range. It is the new post, can also be a few years ago the old post. Ask yourself, can do

point: for example, you release a message in the Sina blog, with associated content, but because of insufficient number of fans, even active degree is 0, so that the chain may bring flow is 0.

has several advantages:

, which is not just limited to a >

high weight website, often the inside pages are very good (why not elaborate). Each site has a lot of relevant keywords, then you can use these keywords to search for love in Shanghai, the search engine can use the platform, such as watercress, Youku, love Shanghai, love Shanghai know Post Bar etc.. Keywords good ranking pages are collected, and then one by one to registered users, by way of reply, publish the web site and information relevant to the post. Later, whether it is the platform internal search user or search engine users, you can see the URL by post.

platform page in the search engine rankings are relatively stable.

what is the high quality of the chain? Love Shanghai encyclopedia is so explained: high weight site; the outbound links less; the included fast. There are many ways to get the high quality of the chain, including the common methods: blog, forum, inquiry platform, classification of information, B2B platform and so on.

Discussion on how to improve the user experience of the site that something

content has the readability of

      content of the website,

title in website optimization is very important, when users see the title will know your site is doing what. If written out of order, you don’t even know what is this website, not to say what the user experience. Of course, you want the user to see the title that this is what to do when writing the title of the website, must pay attention to the following, must hit the theme of the site, the title is not too long, simple and prominent theme, so that customers at a glance that the website is doing what. We take the Nanning Shanghai dragon team, our title is: " Nanning Shanghai dragon team – professional promotion website optimization ranking, Shanghai Dragon technology advisory services, expert " in the user at a glance that is Nanning site optimization ranking, which is simple and shy.

a website, to have traffic will have the user experience, we must consider the user experience of the site built before, a website user experience determines the bounce rate, PV number, if the jump rate is too high, the user experience of poor natural, low bounce rate user experience is good, the only way will get the favour of search engine. Of course, our aim is to serve customers, and not just as simple as flow, if it is to do Shanghai Longfeng flow, do not pay attention to the user experience, finally will only make your site into No one shows any interest in the website. The search engine is that the user experience is good for you to show very good position, this is Shanghai dragon Er everyone knows. Give everybody to introduce in the construction site how to do the website user experience following Nanning Shanghai dragon team.

is a website advertising too much, will cause the user on the site of boredom, imagine when you open a website advertising what would you do if I would resolutely turned off, this is our common response to browse the site. So the website advertising should not overdo sth., don’t put too much advertising, like what promotion alliance ah, also some advertising ah, don’t put these. We do website optimization to the flow and do, if the flow rate jumped out too much, go back to cause the attention of the search engine, search engine will give the site drop right or directly K off, it will be too late to regret.

station advertising is not too much

and the content of the title match; >

I’ve seen a lot of website articles are not read, can not read, because this is not the statement content; some stations in order to quickly increase the content to write, this is for the search engine spiders see, we simply cannot read, this is typical of the false original article, so greatly affect the user experience of the website. Nanning Shanghai dragon team is not recommended to do so because this is cheating, will be punished by a search engine.



Taking the micro social electricity supplier and regarded as hopeless., the future

recently, micro business into a "MLM" under the muzzle of the public opinion, the micro business is still the core of the product itself, but the deviation in the business model, so that it contaminated with "pyramid scheme" taste. From the point of view, micro business situation is not optimistic, it means that the "social power" to the dead? Only a short while ago once thought, social business is the future trend of e-commerce platform, can break through the third party platform to distribute traffic bottleneck, the key lies in the social business.

therefore, with 800 million users occupy WeChat social platform for mobile Internet traffic entrance, is regarded as the biggest threat to the ecological subversion Taobao electricity supplier, WeChat alliance Jingdong, open public platform, to force WeChat to pay, with a wash of gunpowder prepubic paipai. So, sit tight in the top spot in the electricity supplier Alibaba is not calm, a $586 million stake in micro-blog, Sina blocked WeChat data interface source, the layout of the mobile social product contacts, micro Amoy etc.. The electronic commerce situation, two horses eventually in a field a fierce battle of social power.

however, over the past year, the concept of social electricity supplier rarely mentioned, but instead, a circle of friends, electricity providers, all electricity providers, micro stores, relying on WeChat social ecology generated micro business, causing social shock. In the circle of friends to sell, sell, sell mask eyelashes, and some women selling beads made overseas purchasing business more and more, monthly water has reached hundreds of thousands of millions of levels, making a wealth of myth does not say, is the release of the public for derivative future all imagination.

micro quotient into MLM dilemma,


, recently taking in good times don’t last long, micro "pyramid" of public opinion muzzle. In fact, known as the "pyramid" is not appropriate, there is little public emotional rejection because of resentment, MLM is directly to the development of the "poll" to limit illegal profits, taking the micro kernel is the product itself, but is deviated from the business model, with the "pyramid" flavor.

if everyone in accordance with the concept of the electricity supplier, micro business with the help of social platform can accomplish a great deal, why now to be the "pyramid" of the situation, the reason is the derivative of ill, living environment is more and more difficult, and even a little regarded as hopeless..

, a growth in WeChat social networking platform early, try to do micro business with fewer people, close to the commercial nature of the business, micro ecology is more benign, indeed there are a lot of micro business to earn money, but with the micro business entrepreneurs poured into the dragons and fishes jumbled together, competitors, micro business selling the same category of the face the brutal competition, there are a lot of micro business main instant success, the derivative ecological resort to deceit, confused.

two, a start, social software is a fresh product, individual business personal circle of friends, as long as not serious scraper, we still have a certain degree of acceptance, and now, WeChat ecological mature, established the relationship between the circle of acquaintances, the full circle of friends too much to sell Shuabing more disgusted, meet "

Personal webmaster experience summary share my new station log

my new station began less than three weeks before the domain name is used, but I do not know it is good or bad before the history of history, now all the domain name to me, I should try to make him appreciate.

slowly start website publicity and promotion, now already very understand the importance of the chain to a web site. In particular, links, links, for a new station, is not accessible. Should the way all the owners began to grow in the site have encountered such a thing, is that all PR sites are not willing to tell you the link, then all is collected by Baidu station will ignore those who are not included in Baidu station. These are not to remind the owners took the first step when the bitterness of history…

in the small station promotion process, I know a lot of the webmaster of each website, can say that what they say is basically useful to me, and I also slowly see the way ahead.

In the first week of the

website, I began posting posts on various forums, and Baidu knew it was beginning with my footprint. Gathered a few newly established similar games station link, but later let me off. Feel linked to do with them do not do what two, feeling a new link is very hard, so began to buy links, hundreds of dollars to buy all of PR4+, but can not see any effect. Also look at the website log, see Baidu spider, see the HTML status code later. But that love around spider is not as bad as I thought, just to robots.txt index.html with two place to climb, so every day. There is also worth noting that Baidu second days actually gave me two pages, but to the third day, bye bye. Up to now。


website for second weeks, continue in each forum, finally know the same website link will be more dangerous not to delete. Baidu knows it’s been two days without links to the same web site, so look for another destination. For Baidu spider, I have no words, and continue to climb his robots.txt and index.html. This time, Google has been included more than 3000+, Baidu still did not respond……

site for third weeks, that is, this week. Posting is what I have to do every day, and I’m getting used to it. At this point, Baidu still did not respond, but the spider began to crawl my picture file. Google has included 4000+ at this time. I just want to give me a surprise in the next few days.

again thanks to a station to the station’s friendship support, when I was not included in the Baidu, this station began to do my friendship link. Maybe the webmaster should add some friendship like this. We should also learn to be grateful to society, to all those who help ourselves.

my new station:

9158 before the confusion can not expect regulators never spared

Since YY’s

debut, the live video interactive community 9158 has attracted industry attention. This is Hangzhou, in addition to Alibaba, the second largest Internet Co, annual revenue of 1 billion yuan, set up eight years since very low-key, rarely attracted attention. So large scale, regardless of whether it is profitable, have basically qualified to go to the United States listed.

9158 profit model looks simple, actually quite clever, they provide a "meet the psychological demand of the platform. On this platform, lonely, depressed, frustrated, scenery who gathered shows diverse characteristics of human nature, and 9158 for specific populations of fine mining, starting from the psychological, the most difficult to obtain commercial appeal. Here, the harmonious coexistence of the organizers, performers, upstarts, brokers, onlookers and other stakeholders in close collaboration, someone holding people holding money, money market, formed a relatively unique network of rivers and lakes ecological system. All this, without the stage of peaceful development in the past few years, is very difficult to achieve.

also has 9158 people directly simply defined as "erotic economy" or "ambiguous economy", this does not seem to fully explain the situation, but the business model of walking a fine line of taste is too heavy, regulatory risk exists at any time. 9158 similar line nightclub or karaoke, but better interactive. In the hall, to the wealthy singer send flowers, followed by karaoke with singer prorated basket returns, in 9158, who can give the singer send virtual items, followed by the business platform according to the proportion of income distribution with the singer.

This is the

business process itself, the problem lies in the overall environment of the business is parasitic on the site, if all went to a large room, listening to music, but never mind, but the actual situation may not be as desired. For example, there are some grey areas in the nightclub that haven’t been properly managed for many years, and this gray zone is also inevitable in the 9158 video network community.

There are lots of private rooms in

9158, which are different from the rooms where public performances are performed. In theory, they can do whatever they like in these small rooms, which is the difficult point of supervision. And it is these private room users, only constitute 9158 of the consumer main body. It’s like it’s okay to sing in a nightclub. It’s a problem to do bad things in a private room. Those who can listen to songs outside the hall are mainly from the private compartment, if you can do evil rooms are banned, and naturally no one went to the hall to listen to songs.

speaking of this, it is necessary to review some history. Time to 10 years ago, 2003, with the gradual popularization of ADSL, live video community is about that time, 9158 is not the earliest. Saynsay, meetingbox, and other video communities from South Korea, where they were exposed to a lot of erotic interaction, soon disappeared under regulatory pressure. The >

How to design the homepage of e-commerce website What product elements are necessary


home page is a site facade, but also a collection of important content, rendering. Product managers, operations managers, UE designers, and UI designers often work together, and often spend most of their effort on the front page. Of course, e-commerce site is no exception, the following analysis of e-commerce website’s home page:

The role of

home page:

if the home page and the e-commerce website is not the "most important", do you believe? Business veterans general effort is the largest product detail page, because the detail page can bring direct purchase of transformation, is the soul of business website. In e-commerce sites, the product detail page is the real LandingPage.

An important goal of the

front page is to distribute the traffic reasonably into the detailed page, to guide the user to find the right item and to eventually conclude the transaction on the detailed page. We call this role "guided shunt".

in addition, the home page still shoulders the responsibility of the brand image. Honesty is the first indicator of consumers, with one vote veto, which applies to any transaction online, including the red cross. Detailed page of the product sales point of refining, and then the product image design again attractive, in order to produce a deal, the premise is based on the user to your platform recognition and trust. We call this role "trust display".

who looks at the home page:


home users can be divided into two kinds: purposeful and aimless, with the "Amoy" and "stroll" two words described as more image.

likes "Amoy" people, at least will know what kind of things they need, such as: Recently boring life, the need to release work pressure, so I want to buy a more exciting detective story. While some people need to know their names and types of products, such as: I need a "Sherlock Holmes", because my wife and I are Holmes fans.

likes to "stroll" people is our God, because they often have confidence in the platform will often come around, and this part of people often have a special liking for online shopping, there is no educational cost.

what product elements are necessary:

, a rough line of product design thinking model: first of all, consider why (purpose), then what to do (positioning), and finally how to do (


two paragraph above analysis, we know why e-commerce home page, below to chat about what to do, those things are essential.

head image: including your station’s Logo, advertising language, service guarantee terms, 7*24 hour service commitment and so on. These are the tasks that showcase the brand image, through a series of groups

The company in 2014 fall ladder subnet well nets, Fantong, tick group

compared to before two was raging like a storm in the past two years, O2O was a major reshuffle in early 2010, the first surviving restaurant reservation service of Fantong is that thousands of war, although escaped the moment after the wind and rain, the road is more and more difficult to walk.

A flurry of

online education

online education market in the first half of 2014 there have been frequent moves, VCs seemed the phase of the online education investment of this big cake, get together: Baidu invested millions of dollars Wanxue education, ape exam C $15 million round of financing. By September 2014, the number of online education companies that had invested had reached more than 60.

however, the fast wind seems to be coming and going fast. There are dozens of online educational platforms in the course of the year. "The death list", the most short-lived, survived for only 3 months. One of the most typical to the number of failures of Gong Haiyan.

in December 2012, resigned from the post of CEO Jiayuan, catch up with online education venture tide, Gong Haiyan has created an online English training site 91 teacher networks, and the K12 online education platform ladder network and well network.

ladder network and the good network launched in less than a year in September 2014 failed to declare, and 91 foreign teachers finally also in January 2015 by 51talk acquisition.

In an internal email from Gong Xiaoyan to all employees,

summed up his failure as a long line of Gong Haiyan.

"given me two entrepreneurs aggressive too optimistic, front too, spent a few months ago that the company financing, I have been using their own funds to support the company operation. At present, the company’s front is not suitable for our start-up companies, I think we should shrink the front, concentrate on possible projects. "


industry is that, in fact K12 online education collapse case isn’t surprising, but as time goes on, there will be more and more K12 online education programs were eliminated in the market reshuffle out.

Lv Senlin Dean

Internet Research Institute of education that "K12 online is a very high requirement of industry enterprise funds, industry contacts, content resources, technology platform, sales channels are" Internet companies to enter the field, do not pay tuition is not possible". "

."The debacle of the

ladder network and the good network may be the harbinger of the bursting of the domestic online education industry bubble. For professional online education platforms, most of them can not escape the fate of bankruptcy. Bo (name + education network), logistics, chalk network, learning English hotline, bug…… There has also been a spate of closures, and most websites have closed and stopped operations. At present, most of the online education companies still rely mainly on financing, and rarely make profits.

P2P platform: run away but also to fight the speed "

Monthly income of over 10000 small investment projects

are you still worried about how to choose an investment project? Haven’t you found the right venture? The following Xiaobian to introduce you to a business to join a good project, and now the market demand for toys. The investment business, entrepreneurship is the good choice for you.

is also in Lhasa, Liu Shenjun finally found the entrepreneurial direction. In Lhasa, Liu Shenjun meets a

Small projects suitable for personal entrepreneurship

is now a hot topic, a lot of friends want to start a business, there is no suitable for personal entrepreneurship projects? What do you do? Still looking for their own personal venture capital projects? This is to look at the following introduction, a good project waiting for you to choose!

Florist personality

Manicure shop

hand is called "the woman’s second face, therefore, now more and more women are keen on face, began to care about nail beauty. Nail service first appeared in the wedding shop, then do a crystal nail needs more than 1000 yuan. Now, with the decline in the price of materials and technology, nail has become a civilian consumption, this change provides a broad demand for nail shop market.