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noon, girls are on holiday on the left a few IT male, eat lunch is called a takeaway, now think there is a girl to accompany a meal every day is good, nothing else to eat, eat more (ha ha, a bit exaggerated) after the meal, the next time to take a nap, sleep more than an hour after waking up, still feel sleepy, go to Restroom wash face, the spirit of many.


search network planning at the top, how did not see tongwang贵族宝贝 Wang Tong, then down or not find the look, the previous search in third. Fourth, don’t……… Quickly opened the webmaster tools query about

love Shanghai weights were also lower, it seems the field of network reds, love Shanghai is not put in the eye, in the eyes of Shanghai dragon circles can form a classic case, turned upside down, today I stand this really is a more appropriate, because you don’t know what your website ranking at first, or to besides, so Shenzhen business network remind Shanghai Longfeng all the people, don’t pay too much attention to the website ranking, website user experience even if you do good, do the optimization of cattle, will one day be like Shanghai end off. Finally, send you a sentence, do Shanghai dragon to normal, this article from the Shenzhen creative business network technology 贵族宝贝baiyeweb贵族宝贝 please

3.8 China women’s day, China traditional festival, company announced this morning afternoon all the girls leave, regardless of whether or not women, as long as the girls have a holiday, heard the news a few girls happy, just go to work began to discuss, to where to go shopping this afternoon, had to take the girl born a Shopaholic.

open the computer fine blind search, your keywords is good, the first row in the home page, see the rankings, the heart is still quite proud of, but still worried about the day early in the morning to go to work, run outside the top 100 rankings, Shanghai Longfeng do every day, just staring at the rankings, ranking if out of several, quickly found everywhere, for fear of being in love with the sea K.

all the keywords ranking actually went to the 100, and then look at the weight of

Enhance the eight effective methods of original content website

5, the content of

a topic if we use four or five or seven or eight theme similar articles to split merge, is not able to produce another few new articles? A pseudo original, and the original is not what big difference! ~

has good content is a good web site, a good web search engine is good, a good search engine to allow users to see better website. Visible support networks today is based on the content, then the original high quality content for web site operators and its importance in the search engine rankings is self-evident! How can we get a good website, the content of

there are many domestic well-known blog, now has several well-known micro-blog blog is high quality content output more places, and many blog contents are left at the search engine, so if the content on your website to publish original content for search engines is very high quality. ~! And micro-blog has very many fragments of the original content output volume is very large, can not be sorted by


network community, forum, Post Bar, know, ask, in these places usually produce original content more places, if you can collect their own website theme similar to the platform, the contents of the collection, then the content of the original is not small!

search engine is unable to distinguish between the different contents of language, so if you go to Google search to the English, Japanese, Korean and other content translated into Chinese, or will become simplified for traditional love Shanghai is not that high quality original content of the < /p>?

if you can easily find your site theme related books, such as:

search engine is the largest gathering of content, some people may say that you said can not use the search engine to repeat too much content? In fact, now the country or the existence of several major search engines such as Google. Sogou, soso, YAHOO and other search engines, each of the content is not exactly the same, may love Shanghai included what Google is not included, and Google included the contents of Shanghai love does not necessarily have included! ~ it is not can use other search engines to do another search included

2, micro-blog blog,

6, copying books

1, the content of

4, the split with

interactive platformThere are a lot of strong interaction platform, ?

3, the search engine

content is usually affected by the search engine love, and repeated too many search engines wouldn’t be included! Water for reference can be summed up some methods to improve the original

?The original high

The three step custom test on the bubble user helps you understand the user’s thoughts

text /Nir Eyal (TechCrunch)

for the past 25 years, truly great consumer technology companies have one feature in common: they create consumer habits. This is the key to changing the world of business from other businesses. Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Twitter are user daily use of the high rate of products, and these products are attractive enough, so many of us are very difficult to imagine life without them is what.

but creating habits is easier said than done. Although there are numerous articles about the future importance of behavior, engineering, and behavior to the network, the tools needed to design and measure user behavior are still inadequate. It’s not that these technologies don’t exist – in fact, they’re very familiar with working in an enterprise. But for new entrepreneurs, these tools are mysterious.

‘s so-called "habit test" is the way some of the best companies in the industry use it, and some consumer web companies use it to build products that users can’t appeal to.

custom test


custom test is well suited for the creation, measurement, learning methodology, and supported by the lean entrepreneurship movement, and it provides a new way to allow data to be used in the measures taken. Custom tests can identify three questions: 1) who do you serve? 2) if possible, what part of your product can become a habit? 3) why can these parts be transformed into habits?

A prerequisite for

custom testing is the presence and operation of a product. Of course, before launching a most streamlined product, a good idea is to try your business model and find your product and create a way that users expect.

if you have a website or application on-line, you can start collecting data. Custom testing does not require collecting all the data – as long as it’s appropriate, so the key is to set the appropriate analysis. In order for the custom test to achieve its goal, you need to mark the time point of the user’s path when the user uses your site.


step 1: identify user

In the premise of

website and statistical methods necessary under the first question you need to answer is: "what are the habits of test users have the habit of action?" first, clear what to service users in this sense. Ask yourself how long it takes for a user to use the site. That is to say, suppose one day, all the bug is cleaned up and the product is perfectly "on standby". How long do you expect the regular user to visit the site?

should focus on reality and >

Some new discoveries on developing movie websites

do not know if you don’t love a free film, I love watching free online movies, a hobby, a wild boar in the movie network a great friend under the guidance and promotion method is very useful, I use promotion reflect the share to everybody stationmaster me, hope you can succeed together.

1, the domain name is very important, I used Shi Yuzhu’s method, such as: melatonin, Ma with better, such as: 1688. Simple, popular domain names are easy to remember, and also like potatoes and watercress. Use the simple and commonly used words in your life. Of course, domain names are best with their pure pinyin. I Baidu search, and no one use the word "boar" site name, hateful pure Pinyin domain name was registered, requiring 10 digit value to sell to me, had to add 0083 of the usual, ** registration completed.

during the website promotion, I also recognized the better domain name. I’m not promoting pornographic websites, but they are worth using, such as 1024XXX, plus my own alphanumeric characters. In any case, there are more people searching for such sites than you think, and those who search for 1024 are behind you, and there are a lot of people coming in late. The author of the method says that about 9000 of the traffic every day is the kind of person, and 30 of 9000 people will spend money on that kind of advertising, and the results can be imagined.

Of course, this is just one method

. Common methods are similar: youku520, potato 168, theoretical ibid.

2, title, that is, title. This is very important, I made a mistake, new sites early because they don’t understand its importance, changed several times, influence included, traffic plummeted, and will be considered as a SEO search engine cheating. New site initial title is best not to modify, so start to want to good title.

as to how to do the long tail word title, don’t you want to, can only copy, search a variety of similar sites, see what is the long tail word to them, you will find that the long tail word they are so few words of the same meaning, then select the appropriate components to their own website.

3, promotion, promotion of knowledge, I believe A5 has many, detailed I do not say, I said I found a way:

my main Baidu and the end of the world, Baidu is a big fat, Baidu Post Bar has some history, even now WeChat how hot, traffic is less than Baidu Post Bar, Chinese users 5, 600 million, what kind of soft in the above will have love to see people, enough to satisfy your site traffic. Easy to say, Baidu is a bully now, you make it very difficult to advertising in the above, I have been a Baidu 5 account, but as long as you are suitable for the content of a forum issued, advertising is not obvious, or give me every day can bring about 1000 of the traffic. End of the world weight is very high, Tianya ID name from "wild boar movie network", the head is also write "wild boar movie" diagram, I went there to publish, ID is an advertisement, 100 >

How to ignite entrepreneurial inspiration

want to start and you can not talk about, the key is to put into action in the action process, if not an idea, everything possible is futile, which requires an entrepreneurial inspiration, but the entrepreneurial inspiration should be how the fire?

entrepreneurial inspiration is not to say you can have, which makes a lot of entrepreneurs fret, you have to know how to find business ideas and distress? Can the following questions to brainstorm, maybe some of your help:

1, I know people need or want one or several products or services; 2, it looks like I love one or several business or service; 3, my family need or want one or several products or services; 4, now I need or want one or several products or service;

To improve one or more of the product or service

5, currently on the market; 6, the lack of an industry in one or several products or services; 7, other places, I was not the location of one or more products or services; 8, last year, I used to need or want it not meet one or more of the product or service;

9, due to the development of technology and law will need one or more products or services; 10, my friends or family that I will be good at one or several business or service; 11, I think they are good at one or several business or service;

12, I prefer the local one or several business or service; 13, can use my interest and expertise in one or several business or service; 14, with the change of population trends and to the needs of one or several products or services.

the content, whether to help you? Perhaps it is not absolute, but there is no doubt that it is enlightening, can help people to think about some problems, so as to achieve inspiration, and then the real realization of entrepreneurship!

What is the most high, the most profitable

everyone is constantly looking for new business opportunities, and constantly looking for the most high, the most profitable industry, but the year is about to pass, but what is the most profitable this year?

now what money? Open a small jewelry store


has car owners want their car from the inside to the outside are highlighting the car owner’s personality, however, has been in the car when the car is on the set, leaving only the interior soft decoration. These parts in textile more, mainly car ground pad, door trim panel, roof soft bottom, seat and so on. If you open a car inside the soft decoration of small car jewelry store, must be able to be favored by those who have a car.

now what make money? The implementation method of

auto accessories shops

1, location and decoration: a storefront, to display shops and a warehouse, as appropriate. Store set up the ingredients display area, style design area, personalized ornaments display area. The warehouse can be converted into a workshop and an assembly shop. Decoration, you can find a point of the car culture to learn from the decoration style, but must highlight personality.

2, commodity into the purchase: a car interior textiles, into the purchase of various colors of the cloth, or contracts with suppliers signed purchase and sale. In the design and color of the fabric must follow the trend of automobile consumption, to grasp the modern consumer psychology of the car, so that it will not press the goods.

3, staff: sewing production workers 1, professional installation of 2 workers, 1 designers (the operator could find qualified).

4, promotion and publicity: the leaflets in the car market, making posters posted to the automobile market. Can also be classified as a small newspaper ads.

now what money? Open an auto accessories shops investment budget

1, the rental housing decoration decoration: rent 2000 yuan, 15000 yuan;

2, salary: 3000 yuan;

3, the cloth and the material stock: 6000 yuan, after signing the contract to supply


4, promotional fee: 5000 yuan;

5, other expenses: 2000 yuan.

a monopoly car small jewelry store opening investment about 33 thousand yuan.

now what money? Open an auto accessories shops investment income

general automotive interior prices generally higher. At present, with the best car seat cover cloth market, the highest price reached 2500 yuan, 6 sets of ordinary interior, have more than 500 yuan. There are some

How to promote the Silk Road Economic Cooperation in Luoyang

in the process of economic development, it is necessary to seize every opportunity for the development of the continuous development of their own, and enhance their strength, in order to create considerable revenue! So, how to promote the Silk Road Economic Cooperation in Luoyang? To promote their own economic development? The following specific understanding.

Luoyang Municipal Committee, mayor Bao Changyong said in his speech, Luoyang seize the "The Belt and Road" significant opportunities, and constantly improve the pattern of all-round opening up, actively participate in the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, strengthen exchanges and cooperation along national and inter city, and achieved positive results in the opening-up and win-win cooperation. One is the activation history two is more effective, economic and trade cooperation more closely, more in-depth cultural exchange is three.

Silk Road Economic Development should attach importance to the complementary advantages of various resources, mutual benefit and win-win." The State Council Development Research Center of Foreign Economic Research Department deputy director Luo Yuze said in his speech, the Silk Road to promote economic cooperation, should do a good job in three aspects: docking docking development planning, city docking docking between and among the media association.

China Institute, a think-tank and globalization along the road of Huang Rihan said that the media tell a good story China on the Silk Road Economic Cooperation, provide a good platform to speak well of this event for the media Chinese story ".

It is reported that

, 2016 Silk Road Economic Belt development cooperation conference is one of the Xinhua News Agency "The Belt and Road" global activity consists of a series of activities, from the Xinhua news agency, Luoyang municipal government, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars and representatives of the media on behalf of about 300 people attended the forum. The organizers will also be held in 17 "The Belt and Road" global journalists start activities, "the Silk Road tourism development cooperation matchmaking" and "Silk Road cooperation and trade and investment matchmaking".

the Silk Road Economic Cooperation in Luoyang, developed a strict development strategy, hoping to effectively implement the relevant strategies to promote their own economic development. In the future, in the face of the broad masses of the people, to show a more powerful Luoyang!

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Wuhu second tier cities to join the beauty is more conducive to success

in the minds of many entrepreneurs in Shanghai like Beijing first-tier cities have their own career is a lifelong dream, in fact first-tier cities to develop the great pressure of competition, is not an easy thing, according to statistics, to choose the beauty franchise business crowd and say, want to create business opportunities in this industry, so in the venture investment in the project, Wuhu second city such development is conducive to the industry and business success. Do not believe we look at the following introduction!

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Small bubbles Hot pot franchise business good to no friends

hot pot to join the project, in our lives, has been a very hot item. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the small bubble Hot pot project, successful entrepreneurs trust. Join bubble small chaffy dish project, what are you still hesitating?

bubble small Hot pot Beijing outlets, Beijing Fengtai District Xia Jia Hu Tongrui Yi square in 2011.6.10 grand opening, desktop Chairman Mr. Xiong Xuhua to visit the site Hot pot small bubbles, small bubbles desktop Hot pot to spread its fashion, convenient and healthy way to quickly open, small bubbles of Hot pot set off a new revolution.

with the rapid development of market economy, the pace of life is speeding up, the small bubble Hot pot food market in a second tier city is already quite mature, and even three lines below the county level city, small bubble Hot pot dining is also like to join such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, through continuous focus on brand building and market promotion of small bubbles Hot pot with small, packaging and brand promotion diversified Hot pot bubble, bubble PAOPAO small desktop Hot pot has been de, and will quickly become the new darling of the fashion field Hot pot.

bubble small hot pot? The success of the venture to join the business, it is necessary to join the bubble small hot pot? In fact, a good choice to join the project, is a very choice of business opportunities. High quality projects, successful entrepreneurship, bubble small pot to join it!

Afternoon business is not ideal how to break through

choice is not suitable for the geographical location, the choice of the project is not correct, will naturally encounter various difficulties, let us share the following, the afternoon business is not ideal how to break through? Hope to help you.

One of the

to break this proposition, first of all we have to make it clear that lunch is bad business and customer’s consumer psychology is closely related to the normal.

1, lunch special

you night attendance wondering how the next Pharaoh now rarely come to dinner?

2, lunch buy

relative to the first section, this move to a lesser degree of stupidity, also can get a part of the cake bigger and proper extension, attract regular customers outside the sporadic immigrant population, but for the restaurant operating costs, is still not a good choice.

The reason is that the number of

3, lunch added value