Love Shanghai space from the closure to some.

space will be open? I released some information on the number of complaints Post Bar love Shanghai, although I know that love Shanghai space has a special complaint. Tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/hi, I released some of their views on Post Bar inside, and in a special complaint address and Post Bar in cross referenced links, is for the convenience of the administrator to point at convenient. Then the rest of the things is to wait, after half a month, I know. After releasing the first thing, the commercial nature of the title words removed, restored to the original "greatly Steamed Buns" title, but behind the title with a smiling face.


yesterday in Shanghai love space, was found outside Shanghai should be loved. More than half a month of space is removed, this has to say is a miracle. I love Shanghai space is blocked, many complaints, requests for re opened in Post Bar post, the answer is that the space for illegal space agreement and closure, with. Depressed for a long time, also sent a special article in the e.baidusa贵族宝贝 blog to record it. Waited for three or four days, no results, give up, give me down in the most casual, let me some surprises. Will this matter with the electricity supplier to the green outfit said, he felt impossible to me to write something out, this will have a running account.

above is my love.

As for why The

space was closed after unsealing and after, take notes. I love Shanghai hi.baidu贵族宝贝/stivi content is relatively complex, what are the record, recording, but also to give their site outside the chain, some friends say their love Shanghai space, because the chain do more lead, but it’s not like that. As long as the site is not too obvious traces of AD, love Shanghai is not easily deleted. I was completely in order to do experiments, the title changed to Shanghai, because I love Shanghai higher weight, want to try included in the page ranking, then change the title as "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon _ network marketing promotion _ Guo Yeye love Shanghai space" within two days of the space normally open, hair some of the contents of the AD article, love Shanghai also included, and ranking is good, the third day, and then enter the space, that space has been deleted. Recall some friends before I find on the QQ space was deleted, the details are because of the love of the Shanghai space leads to a title change, perhaps to love Shanghai space review titled the trigger point, if the title change, it will cause the space review, love Shanghai to strictly enforce the rules of the space, let a lot of friends and friends all occupied space, space, love Shanghai title should not be changed, also do not use "XXX" and "XXX studio" and other commercial text title, will lead to the deleted. In fact, there is a stupid way, is in the use of space before love Shanghai, love Shanghai carefully read the rules, but love Shanghai temper as we all know, if sure you want to delete the rule space, what are the clouds.

The project orientation chapter of Network EntrepreneurshipPulse happy little world, free VCD reques

why? The reason is simple. You want to do everything, but nothing is done. Like a monkey in a school textbook, a monkey takes this one, loses it, and discovers nothing at the end. Where there is no reason to fail?. Let me give you an example. Start thinking to do the national market, as if it were raining flowers, always say how to do, I can! But this is only my company now leads a boss.


1., the best combination of Internet start-ups online and offline operations. Anti risk ability will be greatly improved!

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suggested that we combine their actual situation to locate a project, do not blindly imitate. Otherwise, it will be difficult to turn back. Before I do the national market, and later found that Changsha and Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen’s geographical advantages are incomparable, but also found that I and other people’s character is quite different from each other. Of course, we are no better than others. But we lost badly 11 years ago. Different places, people are not the same, then the positioning of the project is certainly not the same. The one that suits you is the best.

three years ago to choose the Internet business, it can also be said to be an opportunity for me to impulse the choice of this career – e-commerce. The company is invested by four, sit building industry recruitment website construction in Hunan talent network, Hunan two construction division affiliated to today hr5280 I’m the only one left, and today’s achievements in a word: left for the king! The bitterness is beginning to get to the

in the network business began in 2009, is now third years; from the beginning of a line to now still in this line. There are bitter, but there is nothing worth telling. Entrepreneurs should be different from others, life is different, experience is different, of course, income will be different!

select the project, remember not to leave the reality, facade shop is great. If you want to be a billionaire in one breath and make a sh419 at a stretch, I dare say that you will not be running this project for more than a year.

2. project positioning early how much plate, first look at how much money you have, how many things can be done, what to do, the worst plan can hold for how long;

there’s no such thing as making money, and there’s no such thing as losing money. The Internet is the same,


brief summary:

if a target is chosen as a ship sailing in the sea, I can use it as a compass, or a destination on a map.

3. networking resources, this point to do any project, but also the early start to help you the greatest strength, if this does not know how to use, then you go back to work. As for why, once you start doing business, you’ll see what I mean.


League address:

! .

A failed stationmaster talks about four years’ experience

in order to express my decision to write this soft text, before opening the WPS, I specifically said: "I wrote an article! This sentence is to meet their vanity!". In the eyes of many people around me, I am a literary youth, but I never admit it. You can feel it from the following lines. The reason why I call this text blatantly (note that here I use the word)". I almost never said his articles as "articles", because the weight and meaning of the two words I feel I write something unworthy "article") is soft, because of the emergence of several URL do in the following, but I take my personal reputation guarantee, it is inevitable.

I don’t love others call themselves "stationmaster", I did not dare to call themselves "stationmaster", but for the convenience, this text will use the two words on behalf of their own, this is also to this text reading object reading habits. Because the "webmaster" these two words, took away too much of my things. For example, now I should be in another place or book or leisure, rather than face the boring machine in the computer, I leave the network, a more profound experience: they may not be suitable for the network, not suitable for the webmaster". So, this text is also my determination to return to normal life from tomorrow. Of course I do not mean to give up his beloved website, but look down, see bearish, secondary, daily or weekly update time can see, rather than keep every day recently in front of this damn computer.

feel shy, it’s too much nonsense, to all the webmaster and readers that it was a waste of time, especially for the time of their owners who Mr. (Ms.). But, I still hope that my readers can understand some things can not be forced, some things can not be like me, do have the order reversed, just adjust the spice of life, there are more things in life waiting for me, if I reversed the primary and secondary, will only eat the fruit. As for this point, I am talking about my experience, and it really makes me shudder. I dare not say what I was told, can only be said to be wise remark of an experienced person. Life and the network can not shoulder to shoulder, first make your own choice, and then do the website.

ok. I am somewhat talkative. Let me talk about my experience. If you don’t think these experiences are important, you can skip to the back to see the lessons or lessons. But for me, these are extremely important, this is my memory, is my youth. I can’t ignore them.

I don’t remember it was in 2004 or 2003, I contacted the website. One more thing to note is that I am a liberal arts student. This identity plays a very important role in the process of building a station in my future. What time do not know, at that time the network age less than two years, with QQ or more smoothly, and later to the forum post, which is a kind of achievement, remember under the banyan tree ID is one of my highest network identity.


Operation, do not always stare at their own third of an acre

whether you belong to any level of operation, do not always stare at their own third of an acre. How far one sees, how far one thinks, determines how high his achievements are.

before the opening, the name of this article is not like the previous Internet articles, from a variety of details and organizational structure to detailed analysis of operational related issues. What is the operation, how to operate, and how to become a successful operator, these are not shared with the theme of this. Then how to define the topic of the topic, you can first use a relatively more image of the metaphor. That is if the history compared to the river, so the river flow is we need to focus on, to study history more deeply, grasp the historical trend, so the history of all things will become inevitable, not the cause.

this is the point that I need to indicate, and I want to guide it with "fruit"". Prophecy does not exist, because it is a myth, but we can see it. With long-term foresight, this requires us to analyze the problem from a macro point of view. Only when we look at the problem at a higher level can we go farther.

The problem of

is not difficult to understand and can be analyzed by 2 examples.

Macroeconomics proposed the world famous economist Keynes

, personally has been able to become the mainstream thought of China economics, the most important point is the intervention; because it conforms to this, so it all the way, and it is not what are the advantages.

in history as an example, we will be very familiar with the words of the world trend, a sentence has a long, long time. "This is a historical trend, but also from the macro perspective.

Internet operation is actually a very happy thing, but also a sense of achievement. From the complex and disorderly work to extricate themselves, is the operation of quantitative change produced by the moment. If you do that, I believe anything will be easy for you.

1. Operate

from a macro perspective

in fact, the situation in each company is different. Therefore, most of the articles circulated in the Internet can only be used as a reference and cannot be printed out. We need to look at the essential issues through phenomena. There are several issues that need to be defined: height, depth, and breadth.

1. height

this height lies in the height of the position of the operator. Such as the difference between the operation director and the operation director, the difference between the project leader and the project executor. So, you need to be clear with the crowd. No matter what kind of company you are entering, you need to define a specific responsibility, that is, what position you are in, and how to achieve greater heights. Why do you say that? In what position determines how much energy you can move, determine how much you can do, and decide what you do

This is only one new market

this name is a very attractive, let alone really want to open the door to do business, the following Xiaobian bring you such a special example, so that you really appreciate this opportunity.

: investment risk

1. to ensure the diversity of clothing, the price can not be too low, which is not acceptable to all customers. 2 competitive pressure, similar to the city more.

1. Guangzhou young people prefer Japanese and Korean style clothing, more consumer base. 2 with respect to the high price of brand-name clothing, "this one concept is distinct, and relatively cheap.

both design and purchase


as the authentic Guangzhou local people, Miss Guo’s family of three live sweet as honey, she over the years has been focused on the identity of the idle housewife. However, the child grew up, nearly ten years old, Miss Guo also think it should go back to the community to find some opportunities to achieve their own, the idea of a small business immediately.

choose industry did not charge her much time, Miss Guo is the biggest specialty of costume design. Guangzhou can be a wide range of clothing, where to start? She thought that the Japanese and Korean style is the most popular style of clothing for young people in Guangzhou, from then on, should not be wrong. Through market research found that, similar to the shop too much, how can I catch up from behind?

Shanxi QingChuang guest first successfully signed a customer organization

in the era of entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship in Shanxi has made some achievements, recently, Hugo workshop for 200 million A round of financing has become the first hit off Shanxi signed, but also there will be a large number of projects landing in Shanxi.


4 17, Mao Daqing created Yuko workshop was formally established, as of now has signed 36 venues. To the end of 2015, including Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Qingdao Hugo workshop will be opened. It is worth mentioning that, soon, Hugo will be landing in Shanxi factory.

"entrepreneurship and innovation" is a new engine of economic development is China, China economic transformation and upgrade to 4 key industrial opportunities. In this background, the same as the Shanxi youth entrepreneurship service customer and Hugo factory to expand the depth of cooperation, for entrepreneurs, when they encounter difficulties in the venture capital, a Shanxi passenger will through the most simple and convenient methods, provide financing services for their direct traffic.

Shanxi QingChuang guest interview, said a staff member, business service industry needs to be set and the wisdom force, in order to better serve the entrepreneurs. On this basis, a customer with the best business services agencies to provide a simple, transparent and efficient help and support for entrepreneurs. "Working with Hugo factory, we will better understand the real needs of entrepreneurs, providing ‘personal’ business services for them."

Through the


related recommendations

Recommend a few projects suitable for female entrepreneurs

now, not only men can do poineering work, female friends can also start a business, and female entrepreneurs in some ways more advantages than men. However, venture capital is also a risk, what are now more suitable for women to do the project? Here are some of the projects for female entrepreneurs.

The basic functions of

1) store to highlight their own characteristics; 2) location service object; 3) should reflect the professional service; 4) can use the membership management mode; 5) investment benefit: count rent, decoration, equipment and tools in advance of investment about 50 thousand yuan will be open for business. Generally speaking, the cost can be recovered in about 3 months. Give three advice of beauty salon operators: 1) to wait; 2) don’t make money than 3 beautician dupes) to save money.

beauty salon

friendship cardDesign,


Suzhou Jinlong was recovered 500 million yuan subsidy also fined $260 million

Golden Dragon in the life of fame is very big, but recently Jinlong not how good? This is not a thing, but also a big event. New energy vehicles to cover up the aftermath of the accident did not disappear, lie in the storm to storm the center of Suzhou Jinlong not only to be recovered more than 500 million yuan of subsidies, but also fined nearly $260 million. Suzhou Jinlong parent company Xiamen Jinlong automobile (600686, shares) so battered, the stock price from the "cheat fill" list before the announcement of 13.66 yuan / share (September 7th) to October 13th closing only 11.86 yuan / share, the total market value of the evaporation of about 1 billion 100 million yuan.

10 13, Jinlong automobile (600686, SH) announcement shows that by the subsidiary of Suzhou Golden Dragon cheat punishment effect, in 2016, Jinlong automobile net profit will be reduced by about $300 million.

daily economic news (blog, micro-blog) finishing found that in 2015 the annual report shows that the annual net profit of 535 million yuan Jinlong car, an increase of 115%. In the first half of this year, net profit of 164 million, an increase of 10.7%. The expenses scandal "swallowed" Jinlong automobile net profit in the first half, there is still half of the gap.

parent company was hit hard

10 13, Jinlong car announcement shows that the company’s subsidiary subsidiary of Suzhou golden dragon was informed by the Ministry of finance administrative punishment.

according to the announcement, the Ministry of finance will recover the Suzhou golden dragon company in 2015 the central government allocated 519 million yuan of funds, and intends to Suzhou Jinlong Company according to the amount of violations of the question of the administrative penalty of $260 million fine. In addition, the announcement also shows that Suzhou Jinlong from 2016 to cancel the central financial subsidy eligibility, when there is uncertainty about the implementation of the restoration.

As for the

measures, Jinlong automobile said, Suzhou Jinlong Company intends to give up the statement of defense and the right to request the hearing, Suzhou Jinlong Company will actively cooperate with relevant departments to carry out rectification, to restore the central financial subsidy eligibility as soon as possible.

according to the preliminary estimate of the golden dragon car, the matter will directly reduce the company’s net profit attributable to parent company in 2016 315 million yuan, will have a greater impact on the company’s operating results in 2016.

reporter finishing found that under financial pressure, Suzhou Jinlong had to resort to the parent company Jinlong car blood transfusion".

had the Jinlong automobile semi annual report shows, Suzhou Jinlong has been from the parent company to borrow 700 million yuan, aged 1 years. According to the announcement in October 12th showed that the dragon car to the subsidiary of Suzhou golden dragon to provide loans 5 recommended

Becado cleansing oil is good and beautiful good choice

nowadays, makeup is a very common thing. Out of the United States and the United States, the United States also want to go home. To choose becado cleansing oil? Beauty of the new choice. So, join becado cleansing oil project, undoubtedly, is very the advantages of choice!

becado cleansing oil soft, effectively remove dirt and excess oil, waterproof makeup, after using the skin fresh and supple. With the emulsifier oil, can be easily integrated with face make-up oil, becado cleansing oil emulsified with water by way of flushing can be a clear cleanser dirt face away your goods.

cream is isolated from powder, cosmetic damage to the skin. The influence of dirty air and as most people imagine so serious, as long as the choice of appropriate becado cleansing oil, cleaning effect is enough. Becado cleansing oil although easy to remove makeup, but in the removal of cosmetics, will put the cutin.


becado cleansing oil? Perfect face. If you to join becado cleansing oil project, is also very interested in. So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up! Why hesitate?