How to obtain the high efficiency in the domain name registration in (two)

many friends will consider love Shanghai weight problem when cybersquatting, some argue that the domain name registration does not need to consider the Shanghai love weight, because love itself is a virtual Shanghai weight value; and another part of the view that cybersquatting must consider love Shanghai weight, because this is a site in Shanghai in love the impression of value. The author thinks that the domain name can be appropriately concerned in Shanghai love weight value registration process, because love itself is the weight value of Shanghai and rely on the flow of ascension, but the flow is through the ranks to identify, so love Shanghai weight or is of great importance for the common domain name, at least in the domain name before the expiration date for a judge the value of the site is still relatively high, so that we can love Shanghai appropriate reference weight, not to be ignored, love Shanghai weight under the same condition, the higher we can register the domain name.

article on domain name suffix, the PR value, special value to do some explanation and description, but also help to believe some webmaster, cybersquatting itself is a risky thing to have, some owners may also be in after cybersquatting beyond cost, but more stationmaster in cybersquatting after the domain name can sell at a good price, indicating that the domain name registration is to look at the skills and methods, this article is the webmaster friends is the method of cybersquatting and skills, I hope to help the webmaster.


is the key chain domain name cybersquatting


website is registered

there are some friends when cybersquatting attention included in the site, actually included a domain name for the cybersquatting is basically meaningless, because we will have a new site in cybersquatting, and then re submit the approval and love of Shanghai included, this time if the other site contains too much and instead will affect the future development of our website, so my view is that we in the domain name registration when the website home page is included as long as you can, without thinking about the inside pages included.

domain name registration is a lot of my friends are going, some friends profit in domain name registration, there are friends that grab domain name >

weakness The

friends when cybersquatting, don’t underestimate the chain domain name, a good domain name outside the chain of value is very high, for example, I in the process of cybersquatting sometimes will find some registered 5-8 domain name, the chain of these sites is still part of today’s portals the chain, its value is very high, so we must when cybersquatting should pay attention to the chain of the domain name, whether the chain view domain is the chain of high value, of course, if the chain is a domain of almost all the forum or blog outside the chain, the chain of value so that the domain name is not high, so when we were cybersquatting must learn to identify the reasonable value of the chain.

cybersquatting love Shanghai weight is

Shanghai dragon Er website always remember a topic easier to obtain ranking and user trust

want to have ranking, have to do a lot of the high quality of the chain in the early stage, such as the long tail word ranking is easy, we can do it in a short period of time, so we can do the search engine page. In the second algorithm, that is the user experience, if your website user experience excellent, so it is easy to let the search engine to make your website is a good website. The natural ranking promotion, if you do want to use the core keywords, the chain of the core keywords rushed to the first two pages, because only the first two pages can enjoy the click principle. So it will spend a lot of time, but my site is completely taken the initiative of long tail keywords. Weight loss drug list such words were brought up, I frankly should be one of the word weight loss drug list of the anchor text chain is not done, all by the long tail word drives the word to the weight loss drug list page.

just do what kind of benefits? Long tail keywords extended out from the core keywords is very easy to get ranked, after all, the competition is not very long tail keywords. This will bring an effect, it is the long tail keywords will bring your website core keywords ranking. If your website user experience excellent, so it would be easy to let the search engine think you are a high quality website. The author once wrote an article "the website keywords ranking well separate and can save a lot of time". Because of your website if there is the long tail word ranking, it will let you know the first search engine website user experience. Why? Because there are two sets of search engine algorithm, the first set of algorithm is the ranking algorithm of the chain, second sets of user experience algorithm.

So a new The latest

I make up a station in less than two months the term weight loss drug list do love Shanghai home. So many people asked me to do it, see you outside of the chain is not good, the site behind the chain is much stronger than you, you also not how website template or a default, is not what the black hat gimmick. Often hear someone asked me this question, I would like to tell you what is the point of the station’s most successful today. I declare definitely did not use what means black hat, I think the point is the most successful Title success.

‘s success lies in the theme of the site is only one, that is the weight loss drug list, all the words are extended around the word. For example, Taobao weight loss drug list, 2012 weight loss drug list, slimming top ten and so on, I have done all these keywords is the extension of key words. What kind of effect? You can check the relevant search, if it appears in the search related words and words in the title of your site is extremely Related words or exactly the same thing, in terms of relevance you better than your competitors. Others may want to spend much effort, so you just spent five minutes.

The title of

we may at present on this website is only one theme no >

Liu Dan from the Soso revision said how to do the optimization for Soso


2, one or two factors can make soaring rankings, but there is a certain risk.

single version of the home page search, seemed interested in imitation Bing style, completely different from the love of Shanghai Google and Sogou style. The new version of soso and Bing are based on a picture as a background, and the front page contains more information. Make a habit of love Shanghai, the concise style of Chinese people, feel suddenly difficult to adapt. In addition to the soso home page search box and the navigation bar normal, add some popular elements to a movie online booking on the home page, perhaps the future will place similar recommendation for more information. Of course, it is in order to guide the topic today, that if soso is force, we focus on the optimization of the soso, which need to pay attention to

ranking mechanism of soso is similar with Google, but Google is simple.


in my side, some do flow station of friends, they are mainly for the search engine is soso, and the flow of the amazing, at first I didn’t believe that soso has such power, of course, to see more and more friends on soso can live very moist when I realized that I can no longer ignore soso the value of the webmaster. Here generally talk about their experience, as well as those for soso to the optimization of the friends of the valuable experience.

The main ranking mechanism and Google’s

since soso pay plans to attract users, search on the full range of water gradually, to occupy more market share in the fierce competition in the search field. Recently, search the home quietly face, let people have a strong interest in the future of search attention. Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are also found, from the flow more and more soso into the soso, seems to indicate that the user is indeed increased. So it is necessary to grasp the characteristics of soso, carry on the optimization.

ranking good site in soso, you may find that many sites look very bad, very general. But it is so in the front row, anyway, you can only say that it is a miracle, it just happened. Eventually you’ll find that it may be only one factor to do good, such as the content of the chain structure in Sike, Sike, Sike chain, etc., in one aspect to do particularly well, then the ranking will go up. This point so far are still available, maybe more > SOSO

soso is very close, but this may be simple than Google, and before the soso has been working with Google has the relations, still can not get rid of the shadow of Google. So the algorithm is very serious imitation of Google. But don’t ride it is neither fish nor fowl. With the increase of soso cost, rapid introduction of technical personnel, will be more scientific and reasonable mechanism in search rankings may. So we in the optimization of the time, generally just follow the way you can with Google.

A small note forum signature links

learning for a long time, it is successful to my website optimization (keywords to the home page, you can now also search the site or in the home page), but in the process of optimization, found in a forum on the chain should pay attention to this problem, I am also here to remind we need to pay attention to.

Shanghai dragon

such as the A5 forum you can send, because the signature does not need to buy, there is no time limit, so don’t worry about (of course would not rule out future revision). Address: www.bn188贵族宝贝

so, this forum is not done the chain? No, because this forum outside the chain of authority can also be included, but it is not easy to be removed, so that the forum can send some problems, no matter you the problem is you know the answer, you can ask a, write in the text when asked, don’t just write a sentence. Take your website address in question, or write some simple articles, due to the different in the website forums in the hair of the article, there is no audit process, so you can just write some. As long as the reactionary line.

note: if this forum signature need through the gold to buy, and there is a time limit (such as China station), then, this forum is best not to buy his signature links, unless you can is sure to have been enough gold coins to buy the signature. Because if you did not buy gold coins, your signature is not displayed, then the previous signature link will slowly in love when I refresh Shanghai disappear before China station is like this, I have more than 1000 gold coins, each of the 300 gold coins to buy a month, I would probably buy good a few months, in the above signature effect can still, then my gold light, no way to buy a signature, all post signatures are not, and strive to do before the link will be at the back of the page refresh and disappeared, I finally see the station owners forum link, only a few. So one or two months behind in other places do link didn’t work, because other places do some outside the chain, and this will be deleted some. Finally the chain number not increase. So here we must pay attention to.

iplus high priced ads click on the lineRookie how to through the auction to earn a pot of gold

so rookie are very confused, no funds, no connections, no experience, no technology, and some just a cavity of the blood and the future vision.

in fact, bidding, plainly, is to spend money to buy traffic, sell products, the simplest business model. Just as you put up a facade in your town and sell things as simple as the business model.

first of all, the project profits, not less than 200 yuan, otherwise, sh419 Sogou 360 bid cost is relatively high

some people say that the price is very simple, advertising money can be; some people say that bidding is difficult, involving methods, surfaces. But what I want to say is that bidding is a careful and patient work, and it is also a business that requires experience.

! We all know that

network is a good place to make money, but there is no direction! Know free traffic get well, think of the bidding, but worry about the advertising dashuipiao

simple money making model,

rookie confused


, the big winners wealth network, aims to build China’s leading financial information service provider. Price: 35 yuan /

* product data query:

. The settlement data broadcast payment:

How should

League address:

this article focuses on sharing the novice in the operation of bidding when some of the mistakes, as well as specific steps to help you learn to use competitive bidding to earn the first pot of gold

sad Internet

now want to get free traffic, a word difficult!


, we did, and so did we,

! !

says it’s good to find good projects and put on an ad, and then you can pick up a single order to make money.


, but often this simple thing, but in detail, there is a high demand, such as keyword selection, quality optimization, advertising costs, conversion rates, and so on…

rookie, destined to be confused, the only difference is that some rookie will quickly learn to charge, catch up with the tide, but some rookie can only regret out.

this is a problem that many people are concerned about, and it is also the most difficult problem to solve. Here, I give you a simple idea and reference standards, then a novice can also successfully hit the road.

in addition, AD, please join the league with poison , poison every day to help you broadcast the latest news of the union.

many people still remember the past just the rise of the Internet age, just a home hanging have traffic on the Internet, a casual video can attract a lot of IP, just a post there may be tens of thousands of people watching, group business is done fast

novices operate bidding

even includes SEO, the K station that does not move, a large number of competitive bidding rankings, the flow to your hands has been running out, the free mode has gradually come to an end.

but now the environment has changed, traffic is not so easy, free traffic is almost impossible to do. Before sh419 post bar, sh419 knows can link drainage, and now a lot of keywords, even problems are not sent.

Rookie experience to share some of my mistakes


has stood for some time, but because the technology is not fine, and now still just rookie level. However, the optimization of this thing, I do not think there is absolutely any master, even rookie, there should be something to help you, the correct experience, dare not say, too many veteran taught. Today, I’ll tell you some mistakes I’ve made. I hope I can help some beginners like me.

following are personal mistakes.

Key words:

1 accumulation problem as long as it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, understand the point of optimizing who may know accumulation keywords excess on the website of the Ministry of what would be good, but I want to say here today is that the accumulation of keywords, does not necessarily mean you do a lot of keywords. Sometimes, when a page has only three or four keywords, it will be considered as "accumulation keyword" by Baidu. For example, I am doing Dalian attractions tickets booking website "free travel", I was at a page with three or four words, like "Dalian Tiger Beach" "Dalian Tiger Beach tickets" "Dalian Tiger Beach" Ocean Park "Tiger Beach Tour", as do keywords, and almost every tourist attractions are so do. We know that a page three to four words is not too much, because all of my key words similarity is too high, it was identified as the accumulation of keywords, have included page soon to be deleted, and page ranking also fell. Therefore, it is recommended that novice webmaster in the selection of keywords, must not make repeated mistakes.

2 too much attention to the effect of the collection: in the early stage of the station, I and most of the webmaster, the most concerned about is included, and want to check a few times a day included, included good, happy, included bad upset. And it’s easy to get angry. Some time ago, because I added a few columns in the home page of the website, it can be said that the home page was changed to the next edition. Because of the revision, Baidu stopped for several days and didn’t update my snapshot. At this time I can not stand angry, thought Baidu gave me K, and in the rush to change the site back to the original appearance, and so I finished the second days of regret. Because I found that my revised web page was released by Baidu, not not included, but not released. So, remind novice webmaster, do stop when not too care about the search engine included, encountered problems to be stable, don’t sink gas.

3 domain name is unstable: I said this domain name is unstable, not to say that change the domain name back and forth. Our general station will have two top-level domain names is a regular format with WWW, another is to allow users to easily without WWW, then the two domain name how to set it, one is the two domain names are included in this analysis, we will find that with WWW and without www collection is not the same, do not worry, this does not affect what; another is to do with the analysis of WWW, www without forward course, so there is no problem. The two methods do, and the point is that after one of them is used

Symptom Happy discard Alexa toolbar

chicken ribs, tasteless gesture


Alexa toolbar once for 3 years in my IE browser is the most prominent position. As a web operator, the first thing to do at work every morning is to see the Alexa rankings. This simple and boring movement I repeated thousands of times.

, at the beginning of 2008, I resolutely abandoned it. The reasons are as follows:

: evidence slow Web browsing speed, a waste of time

every time you open a web page, you need to load its toolbar, even the local disk. Lower web browsing speed.

two: evidence of ranking data

won’t listen to reason

I didn’t do market research, and maybe there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that ALEXA’s ranking data were problematic. However, as far as my personal experience is concerned with the maintenance process, the ranking data is not normal since the submarine fiber optic cables were disconnected a few years ago. Supermarket rankings fell from an average of 50 thousand in March (10 thousand in the day) to 100 thousand, then 100 thousand, down to 500 thousand today. What’s more, there is no data on the regular daily rankings, and there are a few days ahead of the rankings.


website, evidence of discrimination

why is the mainland less like foreign websites? ALEXA officials should explain it well,


four: the evidence is not compatible with

IE7 is not installed, often antivirus software mistaken for viruses or trojans.

uninstall this software, I will be more attention to how to improve the program to provide users of the supermarket use value and increase user experience issues (including software release and software etc.). Bit by bit, website traffic starts to rise, and PV values keep refreshing history…

not only that, recently, I found that since I was not so concerned about the ALEXA rankings, but the site rankings came up, stable at about about 100000.

hope that those who are concerned about the ALEXA rankings every day:

can take more time and attention on creating real value for the users to look empty ranking and traffic problems. ALEXA is just a secondary software, he should not be a drag on our daily work, and should not be our goal of running a web site.

From the primary station to share a monthly income of 8000 grassroots course

do not know from what the boy today to a monthly income of 8000, the way you feel really tired, but the value of the.

08 years, I’m still learning, research, computer assembly, maintenance, learning Dos, learning LAN maintenance. At that time did not want to go to the site, an accidental opportunity, a friend told me, do a web site, when people sleep, the site can make money, childish, I am excited, and then feel to make money.

was not yet in his notebook computer, Internet cafes in the online search method of website construction, now that I think was too naive, but then I decided to learn pad comprehensive knowledge now, the Institute of Html, Css, Asp, IIS know, also understand Jsp, also learned to open a virtual host the domain name registration, etc.. I remember clearly that all or a mailbox free to send a CN domain name, other service providers is a 1 yuan, I will use multiple mailboxes registered several domain names. Now think about the domain name price inflation, a little feeling.

my first website is a forum that was silly, the feeling will make money, entering the reed, was not yet popular not to know the depth of things, such as Phpwind, Discuz, and I know some Asp, it excludes Php, and that the Forum on the use of Accesss is not good, it bought the Leadbbs version of Mssql (network the forum is too expensive, no use), spent 500, then think love is dead, then can use the free version of access. Choice space took a week, and later bought a large company’s advanced space, a quarter of 280 yuan, and then do not know if to buy small space is not enough to upgrade. At that time did not understand the PR value, in order to find some big traffic forum for Links, a rebuff, just a couple of weeks forum was ruined. Back $800 in debt, then rob Peter to pay Paul also money, borrowed money, eventually work later completely still.

forum after the collapse, I use someone else’s site for speculation Adsense accounts, apply a lot of advertising, that is so difficult to do, don’t cheat cheating, every day to the traffic exhausted, but not many hits. The use of free space as a single page site, and the release of Adsense, also failed. At the end of 09, illegal information and websites were recorded for hard hitting, and all of my websites were forced to close. These days are very low, the network life is desperate.

later graduated from the university to a home enterprise network administrator to do the work, after work or do the station, then spent 1000 yuan to learn Seo, and a few stations, not how to make money, only Taobao customers monthly income of tens of dollars. This paragraph of time often in order to find good use of the virtual host and worry, advertising everywhere, do not know which good, some so cheap, some less expensive, after repeatedly cheated, that is really not cheap space, and also know the selected >

Do a few days B2C clothing website feel

want to break a business on the Internet, but like many novice webmaster are facing the same problem, what kind of website can make money, in order to draw the conclusion, I am every day to Admin5, such as webmaster nets see article, I have seen almost every article published last. Admin5 determined to do a clothing B2C website, a PowerEasy procedures hard got 3 also get success. Finally the website took 350+64 ocean bought the domain name and space, Ruili Women’s clothing nets finally on the line, not my music was almost fainted, but this is the first fruits of their ah. The confidence of decision in accordance with the original idea to buy connection, buy traffic, jjpm do a series of promotion, that can be carried out smoothly to the site to do it, but it is not so easy as you think. Buy and buy traffic connection, Do spend thousands of even a large orders are not completely let me down. I want to do this kind of website friends a little advice: be careful walking, do

failure is the mother of success, first I will make a brief analysis of the reasons for failure:

positioning failure: Although the garment industry is fire, but difficult to do, if I want to continue to do B2C website I decided not to pick fire goods, I would choose the winner, the price is high, made just one year of living expenses. Such as selling large mechanical equipment, of course, you have the goods source.

promotion failed: too blind to do promotion, not a set of feasible promotion plan, how to promote it to see what others say, how to promote, you must analyze your website, not all are suitable for their own promotion website, I like to do CPS promotion, do not a little effect, because you are the new didn’t believe you not to be on your site to spend too much now is a liar, people are afraid of being fooled. Unless you have a station known to do CPS have


deceived: now a lot of selling traffic are crooks, just beginning to tell you that we how strict, how to prevent click fraud, say you bought it as if it were raining flowers, know almost no one effective click, is full of fucking cheat click, a traffic statistics analysis on the look out. Each IP can only visit a page – home. Stay basically a few seconds to tens of seconds. Suggest that you buy traffic must try.

, now I’m having a headache on this website. I hope I can have some experts to give my advice. I’m QQ:371867

Xiao Bian to share with you the entrepreneurial story of John Paul Dejoria

success is not easy to get, how much you pay, how much can be harvested. John · · (John  Paul  DeJoria) has many interesting things. Yes, he is John  Paul  Mitchell  co founder of Systems, the company’s hair care products marketing 87 countries and regions of the more than 150 thousand hair salon.

1964). Over the next few years, I did 10 jobs until my friend, employment consultant John · (John  Capra) said I should try the beauty industry. He said, started when the income is not high, but as long as you work hard, your future is limitless.