According to statistics Shanghai love to the optimization of WordPress speed

Netcom 40

Css Sprite can reduce 13 requests using the CSS sprite technology can reduce the number of requests

DB Cache Reloaded: MySql use for a period of time there will be related data for hyperactivity (that is, the lack of data association) and the database optimization automatically.

has been used as the preferred love Shanghai statistics statistical tools, compared to other tools the biggest advantage lies in the IP statistical accuracy, timeliness and high efficiency. But before always used the function of statistics and statistics of my WordPress blog. Today accidentally discovered the love Shanghai statistics have a website speed diagnosis function, and then combined with the statistical optimization of WordPress speed do love Shanghai. Enter the love of Shanghai, click on the speed of diagnosis, the initial diagnosis. After waiting for some time, my WordPress score rate is as follows:

with the domain name can be reduced by 7 times for advice will merge only 1 resources to other domain name domain name

to solve these problems, I take the method of manual and automatic plug-in to optimize the speed of WordPress, using the DB Cache plug-in: Reloaded, Hyper Cache, Wp Widget Cache, Gzip script, gzip. The role of

analysis of excessive JS can reduce the 1 request proposed to retain the open speed statistical code faster

page content size, design etc. plug-in respectively. The effect of

1. network connection (4) open the page in the process of a total of 47 requests (34% of the number of requests, multi site) can save 22 connection speed

the size of the picture there are 2 problems if the statement does not define the size of the picture, the page need to re render speed, affected by

Hyper Cache: according to the dynamic web page to request to the server which leads to request time delay WordPress loading speed, the plug-in to the web to achieve static Html, reduce the request time >

Telecom 60

redirection can reduce 1 request to cancel a request redirection, means more than once, try not to use the redirect

2. to open the page (2) user browser to open the page, affected by the WordPress speed

JS 1 JS position on the last page, can accelerate the speed of opening page

tools are my wordpress blog speed has a lot of very fine project, which has the following effects of speed can optimize local recommendations:

The working principle of a comprehensive analysis of PPC well love Shanghai love Shanghai Shanghai D

for the local promotion of customers directly through the browser keyword ranking query is more convenient, for the country to promote the customer, we can query to query

from live monitoring love Shanghai background In fact, many webmaster all know

optimization quality

For example, we do Shanghai

for quality optimization, creative and click rate ratio is very large for the traditional bidding quality is the basic for the 2 stars to 2 stars, as long as money can do first, now as long as the three stars and the user click rate, in line with the user experience and creative keywords can be pushed the top left.


real-time monitoring of PPC


we can retrieve the quantity analysis and selection of keywords from the key competition heat, day.



through the auction background Keywords We can write

love Shanghai PPC ranking from 2010 November has been changed, from the previous traditional price competition to optimize the key quality now, in fact, the search engine Google keyword quality already appeared. Love Shanghai show on stage from 2010 until November, officially launched the new algorithm keywords quality degree. We can view the quality of

creative writing

, join the national promotion, to understand the trend of Beijing ranked by >

creative product keywords for creative writing, creative Title Limit of 50 characters of 25 Chinese characters, creative description of 80 characters per line 40 Chinese characters. In the creative aspects of a lot of people according to their own ideas, in fact, for the love of Shanghai creative best around the rosy to write, because the creative Piaohong can better go to catch the user’s eye. For example, you want to do Shanghai dragon promotion, Shanghai dragon words try to appear in the title and description, so the front display keywords will appear red rosy.

PPC the first thing to do is the key of planning, because you rely on these keywords ranking and advertising on the search engine traffic. Preliminary we can login in love Shanghai backstage after the choice of keywords recommended tools for keyword search



SEM=PPC+ Shanghai for Shanghai dragon dragon, I think a lot of people understand some of its working principle, it can be said that natural ranking is well explained, and the key lies in the reasonable construction site internal optimization and external links. For PPC that there will have a lot of, today the author and we analyze the working principle of some PPC.


Graphic teach you by noble baby Webmaster Tools depth optimization Website


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three, gooel Sitemaps proposed to learn to look at

two, submit their sitemaps

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, a noble baby webmaster tools

translation is as follows:


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this type of error, is a basic program you submitted in Sitemaps Sitemaps cannot access the cause, you can click the siremaps to submit

I am here to

example diagrams, so you really fun nobility baby webmaster tools, to further optimize their website


as shown above, in fact, the noble baby gave us a lot of mistakes and suggestions, I will analyze the error types and solutions

shown above, click to go, see noble baby found the error and warning



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friends stand for the noble baby webmaster tools should not be unfamiliar, but more friends may only play the role of Sitemaps submitted, and for the optimization and suggestions of other noble baby might not understand.


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Can Tesla achieve a major reversal in ChinaThe reason why the unit price of shlf1314 Adsense is lowe

      unit price reduction has been an indisputable fact for many people, even though I didn’t quite feel it.

from the brisk sales performance, Tesla has been in the world’s largest car market stand firm, and most people expect. Just last summer, it was widely believed that Tesla failed to do well in china. Tesla has been weak for third years in a row. Only a few customers understand Tesla, but do not understand how to charge. The delivery is always delayed, >

now, in China’s metropolis, Tesla has seen roaring past, very normal, just like in Silicon Valley to see tesla.

      there are many ways to raise the unit price or the average price, which can be adjusted for different reasons to achieve the purpose of raising the unit price. Common website diversity updates, so that shlf1314 no longer think your site is garbage station, reduce the number of ads displayed, reduce the opportunity to appear low-priced advertising. These are good ways, but in most people’s unit price reduction experience, there is a very important factor, that is invalid click.

      that is to say your income is low because the price is not reduced, but the average price decreased, because there are too many invalid clicks is no income, thus diluted your price, this is a lot of people suddenly find themselves at a substantially reduced reason.

if you take the Tesla car for the first time, you’ll find that the owner can’t help showing off. This time in Beijing China, bright spring days a day, I sit on the Vanessa · Zhu Tesla discovered that.

      of course also decreased said price is indeed a serious problem, because his income has been lower than the average price level of this industry, for example, click the price from 0.01$to 0.03$. Although the highest price advertisers can set a number of keywords is 0.01$, but from the overall point of view on price 0.01$still not acceptable, because shlf1314 Adwords did a lot of keywords to adjust the minimum price at the same time, advertisers compete in quality resources has always been there.


the two lane road congestion on the road is not smooth, abnormal, the sudden appearance of a section of road, Zhu Xun accelerated speed. We galloped past a small black modern car, near the side, as if parked. For a moment, both the owner and the passenger felt a sensation of vertigo. When the red light came on, Zhu stepped on the brake and smiled and changed another Adele song.

according to research firm JL Warren Capital statistics, in 2016, Tesla sales in China three times the previous year, reaching 10400. Global sales of 80000 vehicles, China accounted for 13%. In March this year, Tesla announced sales revenue in China last year amounted to $1 billion 100 million, Tesla also first among the Fortune 500 list, in 2016 its global total revenue of slightly over $7 billion. But the performance is still growing in Chinese Tesla: from the perspective of the number of three months of 2017 this year, imports, sales doubled as. The main China City, wealthy drivers flocked to Tesla showrooms, pay $1200 for Model the number of buyers in the 3 after the United States customers.

"now head back attached to the pillow," she suggested to me.

Chinese in major city, wealthy drivers flocked to Tesla showrooms, pay $1200 for Model the number of buyers in the 3 after the United States customers.

"the screen is pretty big, isn’t it?" she said, choosing the song on the center console. Tesla’s center console doubled the size of an ordinary car and looked much like iPad. Her fingers light paddling, until the car sounded my love to Adele "". Then Model X gull wing doors quietly closed, the car full view through the glass roof. Zhu served as assistant to the president of a large marketing company, previously opened with his husband is BMW X5, because of China’s traffic chaos, preference SUV bring security, so bought tesla. Zhu is China’s first batch of Model X owners, Tesla did not figure out the amount of money paid when the advance payment.

      shlf1314 is invalid click judgment, including delays, competitors malicious clicks and so on, before it is released on shlf1314, has been improved to ensure the interests of advertisers and publishers. shlf1314’s strategy for invalid clicks is to filter out revenue, that is, you can see the number of clicks in the report, but you can’t see the revenue.

      1; Chinese users received English warning messages on invalid clicks

      is not the same as the standard for judging the price low, some people say that their current price is only 0.5$or 0.1$before 1$or more, in this situation I think needless to say, their registration Adwords to experience you will have a more profound experience. Advertisers are not fools. If you can bring them enough money, they will give you good returns. In the current seller’s market, many beautiful fantasies are unrealistic.

      we look at some phenomena to see shlf1314’s invalid click filter system:

How does individual stationmaster make good use of Taobao

the economic crisis is getting worse, and the people who shop in Taobao are getting more and more, and the competition in Taobao is becoming more and more brutal. As a personal webmaster, how to make good use of Taobao, do a solid station?

webmaster circles have too much to do dumpster, acquisition station, every day they drove the train, often hundreds of thousands of "storage, good luck to use Baidu Search included N, then at Adsense income delighted; bad luck, ZhengZhan be K or pull hair, depressed for a while, then open the train. I mean, webmaster, why don’t we make good use of Taobao and get advertising revenue from thousands of dispensers in Taobao?

I have the honor and stationmaster net responsible person talked in 08 years, I was very confused, because after learning website but do not know what to do stand, so to find their QQ, to ask him. He gave me the answer: do recreational or industrial station. He went on to say, entertainment flow easily difficult to make money, industry station flow difficult money good earn.

Taobao online products large and small, large and small classification, each is an industry, a product. As long as we find ourselves more familiar with a product, or industry, seriously do a station, even if traffic is only 500IP per day, it will be better than Adsense to make money. Why? Because we can sell the ads directly to Taobao’s dispensers.

I’m not kidding or purely theoretical. Let’s look at an example. Cheongsam is one of our traditional garments, and many businessmen on Taobao are selling it. Well, you search Google or Baidu in the word "cheongsam", found no, most of the independent B2C station or company enterprise station, but there is one, not, this is the allure. This is a information community website about cheongsam, ranking very well. You look at each section of the station, is not there a bit of advertising, like cheongsam socialite, is Xinyu cheongsam Taobao store advertising. If you look at his ad plan again, the price is not very expensive, but it adds up to a considerable amount, much better than a dumpster and a collection station. The key is that you do the industry products station, station, you can increase the industry or a product to understand, as long as you have the chance, you can also open a shop selling the product in Taobao, then you stop advertising to sell their, not embarked on a good way to sell advertising and selling. The product of


this article mainly provides a train of thought for stationmaster, hoped can give the general stationmaster some enlightenment. Make good use of Taobao, and maybe you’ll make a fortune. Just as the people who flocked to the west of the United States were not rich, the man who sold the jeans really escaped the gold.

reprint must indicate the source of Taobao shop, Qi Mao duck all rights reserved.

Stationmaster wants to hold the opportunity of long holidays, make website promotion

National Day holiday is over, everyone is ready to return to work in their hearts, sprint for later work. Life is like this: rest to work, rest and work again, and in countless cycles open a new chapter, work continues, life goes on, and life goes on.

So, the

website enriches and further enrich and update, but also in countless cycles, the site is getting better, continue to toil hard every day, insist, write a new paragraph for the development of the website. This is the life of stationmaster, onefold, substantial, painstaking.

National Day holiday a few days, feel the importance of network, food and clothing, all cannot do without the network. The Internet has changed people’s way of life, providing a variety of convenient services for life, so that life is more colorful. Webmasters are also part of these people who offer ways to change people’s lives. Tens of thousands of webmaster do their own web site, rich and changed people’s way of life, social progress and development will do a lot of effort.

people’s life cannot do without food and clothing, the webmaster service also from the rich people.


hunger breeds discontentment, "eat" is always of interest, inviting friends and friends dinner, all cannot do without food. During the holiday, restaurants The house is full of guests. industry usher in the season. At this time, the snack bar, food network also ushered in high volume, and guide people to spend. During the long holiday, the search volume of each food consumption network must be increased, because the demand of users in this area has increased. If the webmaster can provide users with valuable information in this regard, it is bound to win users, the site’s traffic and IP will also soar; service users also bring revenue for the site, in one fell swoop. If you are a gourmet web site, have you given any advice to your users on the long holiday food program? You can also provide more information to your users and your website will also win more users.


days of holiday shopping to buy clothes people a lot, if you are doing the clothing website, your website is to grasp the trend of fashion, clothing collocation, fashion trends, whether has done a detailed guide? Information is priceless, if you can find necessary information on your website, must form user stickiness, site IP will steady rise.


long holiday travel many people, travel must consider accommodation issues. If your website is in this regard that there is no holiday accommodation information, customer welcome for you? Tourists traveling to a city, and is the first to consider the issue, your website can provide this information, users will be able to retain.


during the holiday, presumably all booking sites, and train network user access has ushered in the peak. Travel is inseparable from the means of transport, which tool is one of the most concerned about people. In the train network, inquiries, trips, fares and other information, if you have enough information on the site, >

Talk about some new webmaster to promote links to some confusion

I do stand almost a year, at the beginning is entirely with interest to do the station, because the technical level is not high, do out of the station layout really dare not compliment. Although this way, I still have the greatest enthusiasm to do the station, as long as their own efforts, and do good or good, it is not important. He has been trying to learn web knowledge, as long as do stand to learn, of course is studied, then knew that want to do a good webmaster really is not easy ah, Dreamweaver, CSS, ASP, PHP, graphic design, Flash animation, SQL and so on, really than reading the University also hard


set up a website to learn so many things, of course, hard! For those who are learning these people might not be what to do, but for those of us layman, want to enter the ranks of the webmaster, you really have to work hard. The site is up and not ready to be finished. But also for promotion, which for beginners, it is difficult to start! (I sometimes think about it, do webmaster people are some "self inflicted suffering" people!)

new station did not flow, not included, not the PR value, what are not, it is really difficult to promote me to a virgin! My station as an example, say some difficulties and confusion about what I encountered in the promotion of the exchange Links do. My web site illegal vehicle search network, this site is my interest in the work, and so far, almost 1 years, the current PR value is only 2, we can go to verify. You may want to laugh at you, I believe some people do stand 1 months more than the PR value. But for starters, it’s really not an easy job. Since know the friendship link can improve the PR value of the website, oneself also want to find some websites for exchange. I was in the PR=0 of the website, Admin5, behind, CNZZ webmaster active, plus some of the requirements of QQ, links, even PR=1 results as can be imagined, people are not willing to exchange with me, PR high standing alone. The first time the apprenticeship to a wall, make oneself have no confidence. So, for a long time, I didn’t go to the link, but continued to enrich the content, beautify the layout. Later, I stood for a long time before the PR value of =1. At that time I did not have a friendship link, this time with the PR value, really very happy. The PR value, like to speak, so I went to the station to do a few links, this was not empty handed, finally someone is willing to link with me! I really appreciate them! Some people PR 0 I told them on the chain! Later after the Google update my site up to 2, that Links really helps to improve the PR value.

here, I would like to make some suggestions and notes to the Webmaster:

1, for the new station without PR, should also be long-term vision to look at, and today they do not have PR, does not mean that they do not have the future. With the PR value of the new station improved, his contribution to your website will also increase!

Jade jewelry store business tips

now the jewelry industry sales is actually a big problem, because the domestic with the improvement of people’s living standards, not to increase the jade products and some jewelry product demand, sales plan successfully can meet people’s needs.

as long as the stores have a demand, we will from their headquarters from personnel, jade jewelry stores to implement personnel assistance. As a result of the limited franchise team, in the store held an important promotional activities, often understaffed, in response to this situation, we set up a headquarters to support the activities of the staff support group. Priority to help the franchise to carry out the work. This is a support and help to join the store, so that the ability to gradually increase the franchise, but more importantly, enhance their confidence and understanding and recognition of the headquarters marketing strategy. Directly into the store market, assist in the promotion activities. When the store promotion application, we arrived a few days earlier at the stores, and jointly run community, market analysis, and then carry out communication, and lead the store personnel to plan, design, development of advertising business.


related recommendations

Xining City Public Security Bureau to crack down on the law to ban the car support

  December 29th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference to inform the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment vehicle administration will be banned according to the law, to the vehicle administration of the public a clean and tidy environment.

for a long time, a few illegal intermediary and car care agent in the name of the illegal activities of various agents in Che Kwun, random intercept service vehicle, pull the work of the masses, defraudation, infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of the owners and drivers, disrupt the normal order of the vehicle administration office.

in order to crack down on illegal intermediary and car care agency settled, transfer, motor vehicle inspection, driver’s license, audit and other illegal activities, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the owners and drivers in accordance with the law, safeguard the normal order of the DMV office, according to the "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law", the Ministry of public security "motor vehicle registration norms" other laws and regulations, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau notice, prohibited any units or individuals to set up various names in Kwun intermediaries and service personnel, banned in various organizations within the vehicle and car care; prohibited intermediary and car care using a variety of nominal interference normal vehicle work order, violators shall be punished, constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; no intermediaries and car care to All kinds of business agent in the name of fraud, violators shall be punished, constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; no vehicle administration police used his position as intermediary and car care agency activities to provide convenience, be liable to disciplinary action. For the convenience of intermediary institutions and car care, from soliciting or accepting bribes or charge illegal, verified, according to the relevant provisions, shall be expelled; from now on, citizens such as vehicle found in the "agents" or "agents" in the relevant procedures, and found that the police collusion intermediary or "the car care for vehicle business, should be promptly reported to the police, the public security organs to actively cooperate with the investigation, the public security organs verified in accordance with the law, and the results will inform the informants to report violations of citizens; illegal intermediary and car care of illegal agents, verified by the public security organs in accordance with the relevant provisions. Reward.

In another

, citizens to report car care can call 110 or 8251624 (0971).


With participation, conspiracy to see the development of Chaoyang joy and sorrow

September 24th, Chaoyang North Street People’s Congress liaison group and CPPCC liaison group organized some seventh Seongbuk Chaoyang area of NPC deputies and CPPCC members listened to the 1-8 Chaoyang Street Party Working Committee, the office of development. Representatives and members visited the Beichuan East Road community management innovation, community cultural activities, community services for the people to carry out the work. Subsequently, representatives and members of the line to the north along the mountain road trench conducted a field inspection, and on how to further strengthen the regional efforts to create a city, promote the harmonious development of the region were discussed.

in creating the city to work in a proposal, to adhere to the problem as the core, comprehensive investigation and remediation efforts to increase the prominence of the appearance and environmental sanitation. Two to play the NPC deputies and CPPCC members duties, and actively for the street economic development, social harmony and stability suggestions, and jointly promote the harmonious development of chaoyang. Three to multi financing, and gradually increase investment in infrastructure facilities, extensive mobilization of the public to support the creation of the city, to participate in the creation of the city, and strive to create a clean and comfortable living environment.