Look at your software bugs mass is down right now

The chain

good website, but most of the content for the original, the original substance more sites, search engine sites included the possibility is bigger, for collecting stations or mostly overload the substance of the station, so the station to the user, rather than to the big network station. Until now I stand in the daily collection will increase, should be aware of the weight of the site is still good, but after the low weight site inspection, so check the website of the specific problem is still what? In a word, the essence of good, need not worry about being right down, this site is Chong Shanghai dragon friends, although the content is collected, but there are a lot of original content, to ensure the quality of the content is the premise.

spatial stability in the "www.chong Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 on the space velocity on the website of the influence in detail into. Whether it is for the user, or search engine website, website open speed are expected to be able to quickly, if the speed of the site is not satisfactory, and uncertain, Shanghai will be a large number of love if things go on like this, reduce the amount included in the site, so that your customers are not flow. The website can get the website keywords ranking has disappeared. The state space website is important index search engine decision weights of the website, the website repeatedly revealed no >

second: substance

, through the friends of the chain can be achieved, not only achieved staggered weight of each site. Many webmaster think blindly to win, so exchange quality is not up to standard. Don’t buy a proposal, said the high PR link, offer two, with less try to exchange links of the link, this link is not more than the staggered weight, is more likely to affect the weight of the site itself. Weight and height of the web site, search engine sites will be based on the website of the other side scoring, high weight website and you exchange links, search engine will think your site is the high quality of the site, if the site is relatively common and relatively low quality site exchange links, search engine sites will find site weight and friendship for the website is very low. So the influence of the chain website weight is good, the demand. Chong in Shanghai dragon "four methods" software bugs hair of the chain, with software group should pay attention to, must pay attention to the resources of the subdivision, not all the places you want to send, grab, consolidation, segmentation, this is a long process cycle, one way is gradually getting high quality resources.

third, website space

: the first site outside the chain


has a lot of friends to reflect, recently your web site is down right, asked if it was because of the "marketing software to group blog, the forum message caused by, I said, if you give your competitors to find, so his ranking is not going very fast so what? Causes of the fall of the right? Chong Shanghai Longfeng today with a look at it!

Liu Zijun the pain of the failure of entrepreneurs, where is the painStart from the website optimiza

planning for a while, I now have two products to sell, one is web site, and two is website optimization services. How to develop customers, I through the following steps, desperate to send information, advertising, developed to customers.

2011 Jiayuan officially listed, which makes many people begin to pay attention to and start the marriage net project, this time with the customer to find we develop a marriage network system project is 500 thousand by seven or eight friends start financing, but they have to open the company website without any experience, so there is no development plan, website have not well, from the completion of another 2 months, just more than 20 of sales this matchmaker to make more than 20 sales very idle matchmaker have nothing to do, but nothing to do to pay ah, finally leading to the website was launched operations soon ran out of money, the company was forced to close. In fact, the initial stage of the company does not need to pull up so many people at once, after all, the company also needs to boil a period of no income, so the cost control and rhythm of development are critical. If you want to communicate with Liu Zijun to start a business project, you can search for Liu Zijun in the major search engines or micro-blog.

this entrepreneurial experience, worth sharing to many Internet entrepreneurs, will make you feel an unprecedented shock and tingling.

there have been setbacks entrepreneurial is precious, and I started to learn the personnel management, financial management, strategy and tactics, marketing planning, integration of promotion, also learned how to do things, as of 2016 from the new venture laid the foundation.

this is an online order water website project, he can let the customer order water to obtain water through order integral to other businesses for consumption or purchase, he designed a seemingly good ecological chain, but his lack of experience in the operation of the channel, but have not done their homework on the three groups. It is very difficult to open the market, when the ecosystem has one character absent, the ecological chain will not continue the operation, which also led to a lack of confidence to project into the late close up state.

three, confusion, blind most perfect

a lot of times, people’s mistakes are caused by the beginning of the choice, so I choose this road, entrepreneurship is wrong. Although through their own experience and resources drainage, there are more than 400 customers consulting, but only 2 transactions. And finally, these two are returned, refund, and a year of entrepreneurship, I also raised a dozen employees, and finally can imagine. This is not a problem of ability, because the product industry is not professional, blind self-confidence led to a loss of about 200000.

two, no research projects applicable to the crowd, it is difficult to start

below is full of actual combat dry, from March 16 in November when the hands empty, and now get the first angel investment. This road is not easy, every day inside the brain are concerned about the growth of second days and next month’s tactics, each step of the plan, how to constantly create innovation, how to tap more and stronger values.

one, too impatient expansion, burn too fast,

accumulated the first pot of gold, 1 months out of 30 thousand of the profits:

1, the business made resume, mass delivery to the enterprise, I remember the crazy day delivering 2000 letters about every N recruitment telephone call me from the telephone I may determine whether or not to talk about the website construction and website optimization services company possibility. This way, if you haven’t done it, don’t use it. It’s bad. You offend a lot of people. I do this!

can not blindly pursue perfection when making a project, especially when the project is still groping. This is a specially designed for foreign brands to open chain agent in China business website, this pattern in Chinese on the Internet does not have, is that he is the first, but because there is no good website template reference function changes very much often result in the web development process, for example, see Facebook have a display effect good function will we add up, or see a certain website cover shows a good way has been added, endless increase or change, has been seeking the most beautiful and dazzling effect. Some friends feel that according to the agreement, they may have the right to refuse the non contractual development functions, or charge extra fees for their newly requested functions

is greater than the thinking way, after the failure to partner broke up, I was alone family left the 4 line of the city to the city of Hangzhou. This place has been for 5 years, familiar with the commercial atmosphere from the new ignite my morale, at this time I have only 1380 yuan. I can’t last until next month if I don’t think of ways to make money. Starve to death, timid, bold death, is marketing and sales in itself, as long as there is something to sell me, I worry that I can not make money from the new,


story, I started from 15 years ago, because this year is the beginning of my entrepreneurial years, but also a year of suffering. Once in the Internet Co sales director for 4 years, has served many industries, to help many companies conduct Internet marketing, do technical development, do integration promotion services. Therefore, with a wealth of experience in the workplace, but also conceited that they can also sell any product through the Internet marketing.



the company is an entrepreneurial dream company, a lot of entrepreneurial projects are set sail from here and achieve business it was quite common, is the site of construction and development of App, but is doing business, so many entrepreneurs can be at a very low cost to develop the project, so I witnessed a lot of reliable and reliable project, the project is not reasonable and see many reasons of the failure to share out here Liu Zijun, to help business or friends ready to start.

Shanghai Longfeng focus site optimization keywords search ranking system Kai Bao

first, the ranking of a website, do not look at the key words the difficulty is high, take a look at the overall quality of your site. If the quality of the whole website is love Shanghai that is bad, so what you do is futile, the overall site quality first is to give users see, second is to search engine watch. So the user experience is very important.

1. system more search engine related data automatic calculation of price, low cost, and the customer is completely controllable.




search treasure is Shanghai Kai Kai search network technology Co., Ltd. exclusive Shanghai Longfeng optimization platform. Shanghai Kai search network has extensive experience in keyword optimization, keyword search engine full network coverage and brand maintenance. And the search team members are the backbone has more than 9 years of experience in Shanghai Longfeng senior project managers, through systematic information collection for many years, the skilled manual manipulation system, fast ranking optimization platform, to set up and search treasure platform.

standing on the shoulders of giants, let us see the tall and

Kai found treasure ranking Shanghai dragon website keywords optimization focus system, how to improve the enterprise web site keywords ranking network exposure rate, so we usually enterprises in order to enhance the volume of business can be better, their good product promotion out let most people know, will choose the network promotion channel. But as the industry competition is very large. Keywords so that an industry in Shanghai love search consciousness, more and more high index. The higher the index will represent more difficult to do on the Shanghai love home, this is a fair chance of love given by Shanghai. Everybody wants to know, love is the Shanghai home a total of ten positions, if want to put their own advanced industry through the website keyword optimization keywords do love Shanghai home, but also need very high technology. The difficulty is great, so how do keywords optimization industry high index of

2. enterprise search treasure is by day according to the service effect of Shanghai Longfeng optimization platform, no effect, no >

third, Kai Bao select search ranking system, and search the treasure system only needs to provide a flat web site keywords and submit a key to start the optimization, the fastest 3 days can reach Shanghai love home. Kai Bao search ranking system platform is simple, users only need to submit to the optimization of the key and the corresponding URL can easily be ranked so that the search engine page ranking; intelligent monitoring system, at any time convenient to view the schedule optimization.

and the second is the keyword of the website layout, keyword index can not stack keywords more high. Because of the love of Shanghai on a high index of more sensitive keywords. To achieve the most reasonable placement. Otherwise, well site was K. And the corresponding keyword hyperlinks nor is the same, this is a serious stack keywords.

We need to be implemented and not hesitate

station said that simple, hard to say, it is easy because as long as a space and domain name can be a station, that is the need to have executive power, need innovation, need to adhere to, need to understand the establishment of many related knowledge, such as database, programming language, domain name, server, web design, architecture, Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, although you don’t need these are very proficient, but at least you know. Many people in Shanghai Longfeng work after a period of time, the station will have their own ideas, want to make a station to promote, but always hesitate, do not know their ready yet, do not know whether to do. Instead of hesitation in the end is the loss of time, what you did, all the time spent in sorrow. So the hesitation is of no use, Shanghai dragon is in need of execution, you don’t know what I was ready, you should look for the information, look at the need to prepare for what, what is not ready to go to what master, so you can feel ready. If you don’t know whether you can do well, you can ask other webmasters or friends, learn some experiences and lessons in the station is paid more attention on it.

1, first determine the theme of the site, also is the site of what is, for what kind of people, is the Taobao customer? Or personal blog or forum?? is to sell products or services sold?? or sell advertising? And on their own also to have a clear understanding of how many resources, can do what? Because we can’t make any one aspect of the website will be successful, so you give the website localization is very important, determine your direction and your future development, it does not allow careless.

which is based on the positioning of your site to determine the forum with the general Discuz, PHPwind, DZ to do; do the shop or mall to do with ECSHOP and SHOPEX WordPress and ZBlog station system; used to make the blog PowerEasy, ECMS, dedecms; used to make.

3, select the program, construction site

In fact,

station is very simple, the key is to adhere to, is a powerful executive force. There is a saying that only is particularly good: simple methods for success unremittingly complex methods with no success; chop and change. As long as we persist, there will be good results. Below I give you talk about the establishment of the steps and precautions:

2, want to do what station, to choose the space and domain name, these two are particularly important, but also the success of the site security. Choose a space or server must be fast, stable, the inside of the site is not too much, do not choose there are cheating or junk site server, the consequences will be grievous. The domain name is the soul of the website, the good domain name, are very helpful for the website weight and keywords ranking, best short domain name, easy to remember, it is best to related websites. If the secondary domain name, the domain name should pay attention to whether there is the original love Shanghai right down or treated.

The new win included and ranking two weapon

We believe that according to the Xuzhou

love of Shanghai is slow to review the new period, if you hold a new domain name, so in the website, slower than the old domain, but this does not affect the optimization of new domain of the new website, we only need to do their work in the early stage, then Shanghai will give priority to love our website snapshot released.

first, high quality original content

chain, to achieve natural and high quality, if you have the resources, of course it is not a problem, as long as you rely on their own resources, follow the same rules as soft written OK. If you don’t have lots of high weight, then you need to find their own resources in the network, and each release (for the chain resources tend to spend a lot of time in Shanghai dragon Er).


when finished more than two work, to analyze the new situation at the appropriate time. For example, whether the article included? Whether the chain included? The highest rate of the chain in the chain where included? Is there a long time?…. To solve these problems, we should constantly reflect on, constantly looking for solutions, only in this way, we can better optimize the site.

third, from analysis of the above two work

update, if Shanghai dragon Er have enough time, you can update daily 3 article, of course, this should pay special attention to the frequency, and then gradually reduce the number of updates (see website ranking schedule). If Shanghai dragon Er has a large number of Web sites need to be optimized, it will reduce the daily workload to a few days, or an article update. We want to know is, the number of up have reason and others’ weight, so as to realize the love of Shanghai ranking to improve, of course, the user experience has also been well represented here.


chain resource requirement is high, the chain weight correlation, there is a long cycle.

billion net above, will understand the follow some basic optimization ideas is essential, in the continual process of reflection, but also pay attention to more communication and more communication. The above content by the Xuzhou billion net (贵族宝贝xzyw贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please specify.


second, high quality station promotion

How to realize the 7 day blog traffic doubled

dare to try new things and challenge tolerance love Shanghai.

because of my blog, I was more used for testing, not hanging advertising, there is no income, so daring to try some new things and challenge the tolerance about love Shanghai. For example: I take the title and description are little changed last night, today the snapshot immediately did not update, but published articles or seconds; but before I go home title, add things is not such a situation. So we draw some conclusions: add some words in the original title and description, extend the long tail word, love Shanghai is acceptable; some of the original keywords in the title removed or replaced, the love needs time to accept the Shanghai. As for the right, you can.

blog updated daily 2-3 article practical articles.

submission of three original releases in the A5 forum, by two, the two articles are in the form of graphic tutorials.

specific data is not published, we look at the overall trend. From the beginning of May 21st, I uploaded a new version of the blog, as of yesterday (May 27th), just seven days. In these seven days, IP on the site almost every day a breakthrough. Then, I do what work during this period? Do the following summary:

has stressed that the "practical", is rooted in my own keenly aware of. As a rookie in Shanghai dragon, it is inevitable that many things seem to understand a lot of concepts, ready to accept either course, also don’t seem to understand. So we love Shanghai, Google to search, but the search out of the article, stereotyped, parrot, all is some nonsense "Shanghai dragon expert" (a week ago, I am also a member of this class). After thinking, I found a breakthrough, what is Shanghai dragon novices need, what I wrote in the blog, slowly can cultivate some loyal visitors.

before I log in the station said, my blog from Imperial CMS to Zblog, which lost some of the original data, before the views and comments were classified as zero, many articles did not migrated. From the above sentence, seemingly suffered heavy losses, in fact. We take a look at my blog traffic recent trend chart (in IP):


this tutorial has several advantages, one will get a lot of collection website reprint, two is the point in the almost all of the people will look carefully, see people will learn to do. But there is a considerable number of new friends, even learn to do step by step, will encounter such problems, at this time, this part of the crowd will find the original source through the tutorial links in the article (my blog), one can learn more, and can contact the publisher tutorial what steps, to go wrong, so I will be not at all surprising blog IP grow with each passing day.


Happy Chain – a great harvest Why not

3: I have to say I have a lot of links of the forum, forum account, feel the most relaxed non forum is the signature, with a web site, after reading and posting replies, and then sometimes they might also add a cream essence paste effect that is quite good, personally think that the forum replies, post we must seriously, see "to" see "zhidingtie" back, back, see the "sofa" (HA HA) to grab the other! "

? ?

speaking of the chain everyone must love and hate it, why do you say that? Love his site top ranking chain, so he continued to add the chain, then continue to lose, a lot of work. If a site every day for the chain, then sooner or later die! If you do good enough, can form a reputation effect, someone to help you with the connection that also does not matter, but mostly is the enterprise stand in, basically do the products outside the Shanghai dragon the chain almost became Shanghai dragon er’s work for an endless daily work of a large proportion of! Do sixteen months of Shanghai dragon Er has been studying how to quickly included the chain, what kind of link is the most effective? At the same time in different period of search engine is also in constant change take BD this time last year to adjust the BD chain algorithm, BD related domain is what we see now! In fact, when Google is doing, have to say BD has been more "international search giant." I remember! At that time, before the BD chain adjustment chain that is quite difficult! Included is difficult, and the related domain after it is good to do more


1: first of all is the chain industry correlation, basically do is to find the weight of the high industry portal, they have self-help business shops, you can add their own products, of course, the more high weight website more audit is very strict, we might find that three to five of this industry portal. As a blog, add products to specification and then take the link as a web site to regular daily maintenance, this link is very awesome, I like the water treatment equipment website (www.byshuichuli贵族宝贝) are basically doing industry portal links! If the content for the good, and might even have ranking oh Why not?!

said the chain had to carry a chain is YAHOO, YAHOO chain I quite seriously, it can be said that in the process of Shanghai dragon I almost do is separate from BD, with YAHOO related domain anchor text links the two aspects are separated to do! Then said Shanghai related domain and love YAHOO is the chain I how do


2 is a major focus of the release of the soft, you can see we are very grateful to A5 provides such a platform for me, in fact most of the time we are talking about the A5 article is in order to do outside the chain and do what I want to say, this is very normal, everyone in life, each one takes what he needs the content is still very serious to write, but people need to choose to see to know everyone’s ideas, and also to the work done, Why not?

An autumn the core thought of stable love Shanghai ranking

on the site to do the planning in the very early, if the plan is not very good, but also a little bit to adjust it, what kind of website structure is reasonable. Here the first look at the definition of website structure between web pages and web site the way to link link shape called web site structure. Some of my friends understand the structure of the site may be in the form of the path is "/" to distinguish the website with several institutions, in fact, use this method to determine the site of the institution is wrong or that is not accurate. Accurately identify site is see link clicks, as long as there is a link on the home page of the web page is two level structure, in the home is not connected, in the two column page with links to web pages of three pages. From the weight transfer and web page weight is two level structure or a flat structure is the best, but the flat structure website does not exist, it is impossible for each web page has a link on the home page. So the general link depth to three is appropriate, in the transmission of deep-seated weight will be very low, "the effects included. That is to say, the total will be included on the website of the impact, if a long time website weight >

user requirements and site layout

The first The structure of

second websiteThe structure of

The two

is basically a concept, the layout of the site is according to the needs of users and the positioning of the site must be clear, clear their site facing the target customers, what they need, to order separately arranged, if your site has been ranked, to you the layout optimization of slowly, from the important to important, according to from top to bottom from left to right are arranged content. The selection of content, you can analyze the keywords, consider the search keywords the customer is what you want to do, and list, and write the article to meet their different needs, perhaps we can not meet the needs of all users, but must meet the needs of most users. To analyze the behavior of users constantly, understand how they use search engines to find what they need, there can be a lot of using a search engine, search a keyword, to observe changes of related search keywords of your society, statistics, user demand is changing, you the website will not only change to users love articles and content to cater to your users. Only continue to meet the needs of users, your site will permanently keep the keywords ranking.

for webmasters, keyword ranking ranking for you, perhaps not so difficult to do, but if a stable keywords ranking, seems a bit more difficult. It is not easy to do a keyword ranking, if ranked in the home soon points down, it would be a pity, so let’s make up to keywords, trying to stabilize the rankings, reflect our ranking value hard to do. Today I would like to talk about some ideas of stable keywords ranking. I mainly in two aspects:

Don’t fear, taught you how to do the 0 of Shanghai Dragon

is not willing to spend money to do one thousand pieces of infrastructure investment (General Station), also want to make money? You are not a simple copy, through the human, do you really think Little strokes fell great oaks.


often meet some customers to consult Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, I was rejected, and the reason for the refusal is not he was reluctant to spend 5000 dollars to do diagnosis, but because want to make money, but I have no time. Often said: "I have an hour a day, every day I only two hours Chinese, millions of people are trying to do, do you think they are doing part-time? How many sleepless nights, what do you take to compete? Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis can help your rankings more strong, but a genius to progress will obliterate all carry

for a long time did not interact with the webmaster, every day in the study of Shanghai Longfeng, busy Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme of customers. There is a time and "A5 Business School Official marketing group 7884554 classmates about the exchange today, to my surprise, or find many owners are not very clear how to do Shanghai Longfeng, even some basic have not mastered

incomparable execution, the first productive force "

want to make money, there should be time


I have a passion, I have confidence, I have time, I have strong executive force. Success is not accidental, but the success of the prerequisite is a group of such people in the pursuit of the success of the road, full of passion and confidence unremittingly, in order to success, to people’s dream. What do these people, although there is no optimal basis, but by a persistent way through the clutter, where


believe that many webmaster found a problem, why do some sites didn’t do optimization, ranking as well? Why do I have to do the site of Shanghai dragon, will be ranked? Today we look at this issue.

no time, want to do part-time friends, or do not do a website, do not give people willing to spend money play the real "part-time" management website, just to earn a little money, as a network administrator, you are not suitable for

we can no doubt that the site although many, but most of the sites are "dump" website, why waste? There are a large number of stations is not to be a garbage station, but because the web server space is not stable, the DNS domain name is not stable, the website program Its loopholes appeared one after another. garbage station. Create. Buy a domain name, not to see which of the strength is more powerful, but which is cheapest, even if the first free is better…… I believe that many owners are also done. Select a server, select which space larger? Database to a little more, do not limit the bandwidth point, does not limit the peak point! How good to you, what people live?

? ?

willing to spend money, willing to invest

Ma Huateng suggested Entrepreneurs industry cross-border areas of the most innovative opportunitiesS

builds a AppExchange Trailblazer Score: in fact, it’s an evaluation system. Criteria for evaluation include customer service, reviews, participation of developers on Trailhead a training platform, and frequency of adoption of technology.

new training: in order to make developers more easily into the application market, Salesforce simplifies the training process, launched a new AppExchange wizard and the means of payment, including support payments, automatic clearing euro ACH and credit card payment. In addition, Salesforce is also Ch>

on how to use the X business platform, he believes that the entrepreneurial team to use the platform’s mentor, a good project needs a mentor to help the objective judgment, some individual instructors may want to invest, so they will have a "sense", they will be more actively give good advice.

‘s net income is low PNR: for new partners, Salesforce is reducing the percentage of application subscriptions. The traditional percentage is 25%, with only 15% new partners. However, the Salesforce stipulates that existing partners will remain at 25% unless the contract is renewed, otherwise the proportion will remain unchanged.

Salesforce expressed fusion, artificial intelligence and networking, and a large number of data provides a new opportunity to go beyond the application, construction components, intelligent robot, data flow and so on except for developers. New AppExchange partner program for the next generation of Salesforce ISV has the necessary factor in their success, not only teach the advanced Salesforce technology solutions for software vendors will also change for start-up companies with global influence.

, chairman of the X technology start-up platform, Ma Huateng at the launching ceremony with his own personal experience in the Tencent, to entrepreneurs and service providers made a number of recommendations.

Abstract at the launching ceremony, Ma Huateng put forward a number of suggestions to entrepreneurs and service organizations in light of his own personal experience in the Tencent.

so far, more than 3000 applications have been installed on AppExchange, with more than 4 million installations. But as time goes on, Salesforce not only has many changes, the business environment has undergone great changes, in order to adapt to these changes, Salesforce AppExchange will be ready to advance to the next stage, in order to better solve the subscription services based on the needs of the enterprise. Recently, the company introduced a partner program, using a new pricing model to replace the existing independent software provider ISV model. To this end, Salesforce has allocated $100 million to encourage developers, start-ups and ISV.

, "Tencent’s history is the same, when I did not understand the Internet communication, do the Internet, I do not understand communication, so I started the , including the current WeChat."." Ma Huateng said, "that’s the point of catching a crossing."."

Ma Huateng also hope that entrepreneurs find good partners through this platform, because it is very difficult, we also have the Tencent over the past five entrepreneurs do together, complement each other to be successful". When he shared with students at University of Hong Kong last year, he also stressed the importance of not being a lone player".

below is the AppExchange partner program, compared with the previous changes:

Tencent Francisco Tencent board chairman and chief executive officer Ma Huateng micro-blog on Tuesday to young entrepreneurs in Hongkong, on two cross industry part, "because an industry has been done for a long time, is already one of the Red Sea, we now see with the new technology in the two cross industry often is most likely the birth of opportunities for innovation, it is a blue ocean".

in addition, Ma Huateng also suggested that the entrepreneurial team needs to learn to use the world’s mature Internet and technology platform. "Because the time has come and we start at that time is not the same, then what are we to do, now there are a lot of open platform, the world has a good cloud, social networking, business platform, home also has a Tencent and a number of companies to provide infrastructure services. Entrepreneurs can use the platform to help themselves and concentrate their efforts on the "pain point"".

AppExchange is a shared Center launched by Salesforce aimed at publishing custom programs. Users can not only use AppExchage to download, install custom applications shared by others, but also publish custom programs they build to AppExchange sites for sharing or exchanging.

Tencent has just acquired control of Supercell, Finland’s biggest mobile game company. The company, valued at more than $10 billion, has only 180 employees. Ma Huateng believes that there are only about 5000000 people in Finland, less than in Hongkong. The reason for the birth of such a large scientific and technological enterprise is precisely because of

Executive vice president of Leyla Seka

July 19th, "HONGKONG X technology entrepreneurship platform and youth entrepreneurship service system" platform was set up in Hongkong to start the ceremony. The platform is launched by the global implementation of Sequoia Capital partner Mr. Shen Napeng, Hong Kong University Science & Technology professor Li Zexiang, Professor Chen Guanhua of University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of science and technology jointly set up a dozen elite, and the Hongkong government from all walks of life support.