How to talk to Shanghai Dragon Technology into real income (on)

service onto the network: there will be more and more big development space on the Internet after traditional service. Ten years ago, we certainly do not believe that can through the Internet.

many webmaster learned Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, whether some small details or strategies have certain harvest, this time is the use of a good time Shanghai dragon profit, if you have a wealth of knowledge of Shanghai dragon, so in the end how to convert the Internet now in such fierce competition? The industry, from scratch to a piece of heaven and earth is not so simple, but there is still a chance forever.

The traditional

as long as the user demand is a market, such as traditional retail commodity or clothing on the Internet have done very mature, if we get involved in the competition of high threshold industry, difficult for many people as can be imagined, therefore, may wish to focus on localization and niche market, and today we summarize and share my own ideas: localization and niche is a trend of Shanghai dragon profit, can from the following several aspects to explain.

by Shanghai dragon blog: local blog + Shanghai Longfeng ideas is a good idea, before a lot of people say that this does not work, do not consider the customer psychological thoughts, it is not. This is just a few years ago, now many places Shanghai dragon blog has started orders. In addition to love Shanghai index are usually hundreds, here, although some are counterparts in the search, but certainly there are customers in the search. In addition, we do in the local blog, also can not just stare at the keywords and Shanghai Longfeng related, more attention should be paid to the other long tail keywords, long tail word these long tail word is not Shanghai dragon industry, but some local industries of the long tail word. For example, there are two articles titled "what is the long tail keywords" and "how to put the notebook repair in a better position to fall in love with the sea," obviously many blog title of the article is the first one, but it is the best of second, second customers and a step closer to "the door of this notebook the word" maintenance on the customer will get inspiration in your blog, but he did not practice, it is likely to let you help him to do such a single business became. And search "what is the long tail keywords" most owners or quasi owners, their main purpose is to study Shanghai Dragon technology, therefore this title for the exchange of technology and not suitable for the list of profit. Imagine your local long tail keywords in many industries are written, and have a good ranking, then it is not meant a lot of opportunities? Many industry blog terms, such as "network marketing", "soft speculation" and "event marketing", "solution", will come to learn the novice feel very professional, if your blog’s fame was slightly larger, will also receive some recognition in the circle, but the disadvantage is that the customers away imperceptibly. Because you and the real life customers in different network environment, your customers and you belong to a different world of thought.

Do five let us go further blog

(1) blog must associated with work and life.

whether or not we are engaged in Internet related work, have a suitable for your blog is a good thing, because we can also create their own reputation in the industry in the share at the same time, like many IT people in the job will put forward their own love for example blog, so for a blog is concerned, it is the success in the process of operation is that they have their own unique skills, like Moonlight blog, independent set up their own brands in the industry, will undoubtedly make many people know, even our days after the job will let us resume shine bright more color.

in many webmaster in the construction of their own blog, usually selected and closely related to their own interests, for example, that a person is selling clothing, do blog is to lose weight as the theme, although this may bring good benefits to themselves, and the contents of this subject are not compared with their work and life experience to freedom, so we in the positioning of their own blog, choose a good domain name and space also has the skill of Oh, so in small series, the single theme yourself as a hobby or some experience sharing will make our blog has more to say.

(three) looking for some fun from your blog.

in many bloggers when blogging usually add some perception of their own in life or some trifles, Xiao Bian is doing, in small insist to blog two years of life, mood of the blog will not less than 100, there is time to share some of their own to do the experience of the station, things happen in life, reproduced some love words, love and also record my own www.name2012贵族宝贝 website ranking weight of ups and downs, sometimes introduce travel feeling, let the blog has a good atmosphere of life. These seemingly not very important.

When the

for independent blog site I believe we are not unfamiliar, such as Lu Songsong, Mou Changqing, said the Moonlight blog which is the only known as the representative of bo. Just a few days ago, Xiao Bian also saw a friend on his own blog called "blog development road", he felt the current number of blog is not very good, except that in adhere to the original Bowen, for the quality of the overall reading blog population is low, low viscosity, which undoubtedly we are facing the development of blog a hurdle, and we change an angle to think, if we only had to survive Bo for a year, so this time we will get rid of a lot of competitors. Because usually in the Bo which insisted on survival, is more important than characteristics. As for how to make our blog for thousands of miles, the survival time for a long time? Small sums up six points, here to share with you.

(two) the blog as their own in the industry’s name card.

Shanghai dragon should stick to their views or listen to the views of predecessors

to communicate with others in the process, there may be different views, personally think that is website optimization and there is no uniform rules, you might this method is effective, also his methods may also be effective, does not mean that you are right, but others are wrong. Or to continue communication optimization thinking, learn from the experience of other optimization webmaster, and then through their own continuous distillation of continuous integration, we may have a deeper level of views for the website optimization.

in the process of Web site optimization, everyone will accumulate their own love of Shanghai ranking optimization experience, think what kind of method is more effective. While in Shanghai Longfeng work, not natural will encounter all sorts of predecessors. Many times their views on website optimization will have a lot of contradictions, and the US in this regard, we are more stick to their point of view, or choose to listen to others’ experience in optimization? I believe that many Shanghai Longfeng counterparts have such doubts. Wang Kaixin think, the optimization of their own experience, of course, is precious, and with senior peer exchange of experience is very necessary.


Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon novice master the difference in where? In fact, the so-called Shanghai >

?We are in the process of

I think

is a personal website experience is certainly very important, is through our own practice out of something. About with other counterparts, we must go to actively communicate, everyone has everyone thinking, everyone has everyone’s operation mode, only in this way, we can continue to integrate the others website thinking.

website optimization, will be exposed to all kinds of every hue counterparts, some may even more senior than we. Then in the process of exchange, they think they will find a way, some are very contradictory with us, what we think is wrong. So, this is full of doubts, is to listen to the seniors, or choose to listen to their experience of optimization.

Although the

when we operate multiple sites, every day we will pay attention to dynamic ranking of these sites, all data analysis, so naturally we will draw the website optimization experience belongs to the next will avoid making similar mistakes. At the same time, we for the dynamic adjustment of the search engine, will be more well known.

is the predecessor of Shanghai Longfeng to listen to the views of

are in the process of actual combat experience, many times, a little bit accumulated, we know what to do, what not to do, for the Shanghai dragon optimization direction, we will be more clear. This will help to help do the site optimization, days after the result, we must learn to continue to accumulate, the only way to continue to progress in this industry, constantly optimize the iterative accumulated higher level.

personal website optimization experience is very precious mi

Share the use of love stand anti chain query tool views


when a website through love station query Links, the link will be recorded. For example, A, B two sites, A station home page with links to the point of the one-way B station home page, use love station Links detection tools query A station Links, love station will record export link under A station. When the love station B station query tool chain, Links data tools will call the A station on a query, and will have to query the A station one-way links to B station.

is pictured above trans love Shanghai 77739, and the chain real show for hao123 this one. It can be seen that the tool is not only as simple query chain. Then the tool use is very good, but not entirely accurate. What is the principle? Xiaobian below share personal views.

chain query before the closure of most of the webmaster tools to do this as a powerful weapon to the analysis of competitors, but closed after so many owners do not know how to analyze competitor. The recent love station network officially launched the anti chain query tool, Xiao Bian will use love to stand anti chain tools to share, to see how the accuracy of this tool.

love stand anti chain tools to query results is the analysis of the site Links station has, for example, the query results out of the web site Links, as follows:

it seems that anti chain query tool can not only love station Links query to the current situation, but also check to what websites do one-way links, the premise is that the site used love station webmaster tools; when the A station cancel the link to the B, in the B station through the chain query query tool when the B station or to have A station data; if the love station query tool A station B station after the detection of the chain, will not detected A station records. Although love anti chain query tool is not very accurate, but can be very good to let the webmaster chain analysis competitors, including the competition website part of the purchase link, Links etc..


what is the difference?We know that

contrast, this tool is not very accurate. On the surface it seems not Links detection accuracy, then the anti chain query tool and Links query


love Shanghai’s home is very simple, only one hao123 link. We then use tools and tool chain chain query love Shanghai, see the outcome.

can be seen from the chart, check out the station has 44 tool chain links, can be small and more than this number. Link station two-way 50 friendship, as follows:



Discussion what is Shanghai dragon article editing standard

this name is estimated to have many friends are heard for the first time, in fact, around a word is a very simple concept, it is simple in keywords to make their own want to do is four place, that is specific to

The word around

: the first keyword appears in the title of the current page;

fourth: the other page in the anchor text, the words.


what is illustrated? We may say is the picture with the chant, that is not wrong, but I think that each article to take pictures and articles related to the content of images, each with the best 1-2 picture, don’t bring too much nor too little, the specific number can be decided according to the the specific circumstances of your website, then is to describe the pictures and add links, some people say that the picture can not add links, this depends on personal understanding, I am anyway every time add links in the picture, I think and would surely be no better.

in Shanghai Longfeng article editing standard no more complicated, is summed up at the beginning of the sentence "said the multi segment short sentences to read fast, station one percent directional anchor text illustrations, consider a word" around, some people may say I will put it in a nutshell is a bit too one-sided in fact, we want to be too complicated, Shanghai dragon editorial standard is as simple as possible, this is my own to Shanghai dragon article editing standard Mgr

multi segment short sentences

one percent directional anchor text

multi segment is to sub paragraph, not to try to control the number of words not too much or too little, the recommended amount each text is appropriate to control in 100 words or less, if too many words will let users have the feeling of fatigue, several paragraphs give users a buffer time in short, the sentence is the same, each section of each sentence should not be too long, try a simple sentence as short as possible, so that the user will not be so hard to read.

multi segment short sentences read fast, illustrated one percent station directional anchor text, consider the word around.

Consider the word around

second: the current page Keywords tag, description tag (if the keyword appears is English keywords, please also appear in URL

around. ; Here

the role of the anchor text I think I should not and we do too much explanation, I simply say that the proportion of the anchor text of the good, the so-called one percent directional anchor text is that if you site has 100 words, you can give this article to do an anchor text of a station if it is 800 words, eight directional station anchor text.


third: the content of the page, repeated the keywords, and bold in the first time,

Crisis recruitment job Hecheng talent network how to do

The outbreak of the global economic crisis in

has brought the world economy to its bottom. The growing gloom of the global recession, both multinational giants and small and medium-sized enterprises, is struggling to survive in this cold, economic winter. Reports of pay cuts and layoffs are frequently reported. Ordinary white-collar workers who are superior to others can not escape the fate of "laid off". Jittery of the environment, but to the recruitment industry to add a stir. Although the flow of talent networks in Hecheng has been rising, it has not brought substantial benefits to the Hecheng talent network.

what’s the matter? Actually, it’s not hard to think over it. At present, similar to the Qigihar region, there are many talent websites, which account for a large part of the free. Most job seekers are the children of the city, is the only child at home, spoiled, have not received the baptism of the work, at the same time, not a lot of social practice in high school. And Qigihar’s economic development backward, low wages, can not effectively meet the job seekers psychological. Applicants would rather stay at home than go to work and pay more than 600 yuan. One is the doting parents, one is the mentality of job seekers is not correct.

job seekers mentality is incorrect, leading to many enterprises recruitment no effect. The laziness of job seekers is the most embarrassing situation for talent networks. Many people got off the phone, not below, the recruitment unit left no one to interview, in the course of time, the recruitment unit formed a strange vision of "talent network, talent network, what are these people? Just want to get paid, people don’t want to work.". Hecheng talent network is difficult to survive.

although the current Hecheng talent recruitment category of individual users registered volume increase, but enterprise class user registration, publish recruitment information, you can get free 30 days of probation, free to see 50 contact. Therefore, although the frequent visits of individual users, popularity is not diminished, but substantive not for talent recruitment, job search sites bring substantial gains. At present most of the domestic recruitment website will have depressed state, Hecheng talent network how hot force, vigorously A new force suddenly rises., over


after several days of consideration, Hecheng talent network decided to take "the good economic times to grab profits, when the economy is not good to grab market share" route, although the soaring popularity did not give Hecheng talent network to bring the actual inflow of funds, but the Hecheng talent network is the value of these precious flow. "The winter is behind the spring, Hecheng talent net accumulation of popularity in the winter, spring just continued angry potential!" in order to put the new registered users of Hecheng Talent Network website into loyal customers, and attract more individual users and business users, Hecheng talent network to optimize the site layout, enrich website content, to provide practical and reliable the employment information for the user.

Hecheng talent network will also be launched in September "Hecheng free" recruitment newspaper, with the line and the next line of newspaper recruitment network recruitment, so that more job seekers and recruiters get real benefits. The day before, "Hecheng"

How to open a chain of cosmetics stores

cosmetics is essential weapon beautiful women now, make us more beautiful, also can bring more benefits, everyone is beauty, especially female friends, most of the female friends to their external beauty is very care about, so for the entrepreneurs, the choice of investment the beauty industry is definitely a wise move, then open a cosmetics chain stores is good ah! Come and see how to open a cosmetics franchise!

cosmetics chain stores operating in the beginning, at the time of purchase are basically less variety, it is able to attract consumers, but it is easy to appear out of sight, which is not conducive to business. How to open cosmetics chain stores? Timely replenishment.

market, there are a lot of cosmetics franchise stores, very competitive. In order to protect their own franchise store profits, in the operation of the time to learn to retain customers, attract more stable customers, then the business can be a good long run. What are the skills to open cosmetics franchise stores? Learn to maintain the customer.

retain customers, but also to learn to constantly open up customers, the more consumers come, investors will be higher profit margins. What are the skills to open cosmetics franchise stores? To increase customers with the relevant promotional methods to help win more profits.

women’s money is good money, but the venture absolutely no we want so simple, I hope you can face anything happen, you store customers, your business will be better, the profits will be higher! For the operation of cosmetics franchise stores, I believe you have seen the article in the above has been a certain understanding of the cosmetics chain stores, you have not had their own ideas?

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Inventory Chinese female entrepreneurship is yinshengyangshuai boom in Silicon Valley

Internet era, let the world female entrepreneurs are more and more, Chinese is a leading representative, in the Silicon Valley is weak, in such a large environment, more and more women in the struggle for the realization of his dream!

  the Chinese is one of the leading region of the world’s most female entrepreneurs, there are numbers: a white paper released in September 2015 showed that Chinese entrepreneurs in 25% women, 55% of the emerging Internet companies founder for women.

Compared with the

with famous Silicon Valley incubator 500Startups, the world’s largest programming marathon organization StartupWeekend, Chinese largest entrepreneurial organization entrepreneurial salad has influenced their cooperation, see the trend is expanding, and hope to encourage China brave women to pursue their dreams.

"in science and technology ecosystem, women can become leaders through many channels and influence. On the occasion of the girls’ day, we are happy to provide support for young women. As far as we can see, China is the most popular place for women in the global technology industry." Luo Lian said.

in the premier Li Keqiang proposed "public entrepreneurship, innovation" and "Internet plus" under the guidance of the concept, Chinese government began to support start-ups, stability and avoid the risk of the traditional culture has changed, the national ordinary families began to accept entrepreneurship and innovation concept, can also encourage and support young women start your own company, which greatly facilitated the female entrepreneurship.

see "from the trend of female entrepreneurship entrepreneurial community LeanIn and 500Startups in recent years, probably because the time is ripe, or Chinese has reached the appropriate stage of development, Chinese repeatedly enhance women’s rights, compared with the past more independence and freedom." LeanInBeijing co-founder, 500Startups Greater China market public relations manager Han Xujian

Venture to open a wedding photo studio can make money

with the continuous development of the wedding market, more and more wedding companies have emerged. Because of the broad market demand, so the wedding industry is getting better and better. Every day people get married, everyone wants to have a perfect wedding, so the wedding is essential. Start a wedding photo studio, allowing you to easily shop to make money.

of course, as a very lucrative venture, how to dress chain stores operating conditions, there is a relationship with the location and purchase of goods look. To do a wedding chain stores, in addition to have a good sales methods, the most critical thing is to understand the purchase. This "understanding" of the word contains very much, not only to know the location of purchase, the wholesale price level and in the face of the customer base, but also understand the wedding of chain stores for customers preferences, body characteristics, it is more important to be Taohuo, to exercise a double goods piercing eye. This kind of experience needs the accumulation of time and experience.

in addition, wedding business chain stores had selected goods of the piercing eye, wedding chain stores of clothes Amoy, business is good, otherwise the customer relationship with cooked, can not sell a wedding dress. Selection of goods to be fast, accurate, ruthless, the ability to do so, only in this way, can pick their own wedding chain stores suitable goods, and the purchase cost to a minimum. Accurate purchase, mainly do three things:   one is to master the local wedding franchise market: Other Wedding brand chain stores the new varieties? Sales trend? Social stock price rise?? purchasing power status? Generally aware of. Two is the preparation of their own wedding chain stores to goods plan, of course, can also be modified in the purchase process. Three is in the wedding chain stores purchase, first to the network turn, compare the style of the wedding, and then proceed to the implementation of the purchase.

> to

Mann dessert station how investment

catering to join the small cost of entrepreneurial projects in what kind of brand is popular, small series that join this project is a good dessert, but in a dessert is discussed by people Mann dessert station. In the end how to join the Mann dessert station? By Mann joined the official website of dessert station can be found, Mann dessert station is the number of outstanding brand dessert join, in addition to the products sold by the formal, unique taste, but also has the appropriate positioning and other highlights, successfully attracted wide franchisees have joined.

Mann dessert station? The dessert station website can be found to Mann Mann dessert is a national leader all joined the project among the dessert. Headquarters for each franchisee to provide the perfect service in place, so that every franchisee zero worry to join, can enjoy a series of preferential policies to join the headquarters, carefree when the boss. Mann Mann dessert dessert station to join? Station company free help stores personnel training, to ensure that the franchisee through training can have the corresponding ability of management, guarantee the successful operation.

Mann dessert station? Mann dessert station franchise company to help supervise and guide the business, and regularly conduct regular assessment of each of the stores, to ensure that each stores problems solved. Mann dessert station company based on market demand and changes in the seasons, continue to launch new products, to ensure that every stores selling products are new products, by the vast number of consumers trust and recognition.

investment for the Mann dessert station how this problem we have got to know. You can find Mann is currently the dessert dessert station to join the project, for a number of good reputation, full range of products. It is precisely because of this, there are more and more franchisees are attracted by the success of the project, have expressed interest in joining.

if you are willing to join us, please leave a message at the bottom of our website, we will contact you after the first time.