Talk about the past, the black chain site now and in the future

In fact, the definition of

originally did not want to talk about this topic of the black chain, but yesterday in the post I mentioned the site was linked to the black chain, simply talk about this topic. There is no doubt that a black chain also belongs to the Shanghai dragon, but it belongs to black hat tactics. Only a short while ago, black chain is very popular in the Internet, this transaction is also very popular. The reason for all this, because it is the natural ranking on the site promotion effect is significant, and the cost is very cheap, has become the choice of many people. The passage of time, in recent years, the search engine algorithm is improved obviously, also for black chain has made some changes, black chain effect are now so good? I will be what I know, the black chain a thorough analysis, from the simple principle to now Shanghai Longfeng effect, and the "future", I will talk about.

black chain and the chain is a pair of brothers, the name suggests is in the dark can not see the link, which is the search engine said hidden links. It is not difficult to obtain, also do not need to how high technology, as long as to get a FTP vulnerability scanning tool, then it will automatically go to scan the website loopholes, even on the chain. Although some people will say, my FTP password is very complex, the website program no loopholes, very diligent patching, normally do not see what the problem. But in fact, many website security measures do very place, such as the FTP password directly with the domain name that a few letters, so the domain name, the website of IP, then by "Mongolia" to find the password is not what difficult. In general, individual owners have done better in this regard, especially veterans, they are very Caution. But some novice webmaster is not pay attention to this problem, more serious is that many high weight site, such as the well-known industry station, education station and even GOV station, safety of their work can be said to be in a complete mess, coupled with high weight on edu and gov, is no wonder that they become hung black chain most people love the place. Even many professional people do the list of Shanghai Longfeng for others, in order to reduce the cost, optimize the website also spend money to buy black chain.

hidden links is very obvious in the previous 09 years, I was the beginning of the second half of the business website, at that time because you know what the little hands did not have much money, to find someone to buy some black chain. I still remember very clearly, put up a PR6 industry large, the day began to clear the site included the remarkable growth, the role of the black chain. Owners in each group, and Shanghai dragon group, also often sell black chain of people at that time really propaganda, obviously. Just search engine is in progress, no matter this thing could not have been. Probably in the second half of 2010, according to the observation of love Shanghai, love Shanghai algorithm have no small change, we believe that on November that also remember to change it. From then on, the role of the black chain began to shrink, especially some.

Unique Samsung MP3YP-K3 music master limited edition pre-sale!Talking about how to start an enterpri

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many entrepreneurs mention two words about "no entrepreneurial technology" "no money" and "no business" in fact this is a wrong idea, so I also want to start to start, I do not know what technology, do not understand, nor write, program nor connections I, how to start it? Of course, I prepare their own business on their own direction is to have a position, say I was in 2012 in the early stage of entrepreneurship, I also learn to do, learn all kinds of knowledge to enrich themselves, improve their professional skills.

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I am from 2012 to start a business, and the western region’s first professional network marketing talent training base, network marketing, puri. Today, I sum up some of the ideas I have summed up in my own business: roughly divided into the following four steps:

people are not perfect, opportunities are always for those who are prepared. When opportunities do not come, the only thing we can do is to improve ourselves and develop ourselves. However, this is not enough, even if you continue to enrich themselves, if you do not find the eye of opportunity, you can never accomplish great things. You see, Ma Ma, he knows the procedure? How many people do not know, but now become a network of people, this shows that entrepreneurship depends on the eye, not necessarily you are a perfect person.

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in today’s era, the idea of "contacts = money" has long been deeply rooted. "Integration of human resources" is the focus of many people, no one

three, connections

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second, enterprising

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in this era, "entrepreneurship" more and more voices. Among them, some people are happy, some people cry. Entrepreneurship is a good thing, but how to start a business is a difficult task. Entrepreneurship is not to do what you want to do, to start your business, you must do preliminary preparation. Otherwise, only in the process of entrepreneurship, and rush.

the Internet will be the only thing you can think of, and no one can’t do it. It can be no exaggeration to say that in the Internet age, as long as you have a good eye to find opportunities, there is a flexible thinking of the brain, and a tenacious execution, and want to succeed is not difficult. Do not you see, in recent years popular network "WeChat selling mask 3 months to earn 180 thousand, the grass root more beautiful" story, is the most powerful proof of the status of the


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good at finding opportunity is important, but only to find their own businesses, the cause of their judgments and decisions, it is my business to do other things, you can find your partner or someone else to do it OK. As a leader, entrepreneur, I have to do is to understand the market demand, mining market, overall control, so as to enable each entrepreneurial team to maximize the value, no distractions are easier to do one thing.

first, have the instinct to discover opportunities,


Blued to C are gay social financing round to see gold mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore bisexual

Abstract: changes in ideas have fundamentally brought about the possibility of social interaction between men and women. With the opening of society and culture, "sexual needs" is no longer a difficult topic. Wider populations, more open sexual concepts, and more advanced technologies, from all perspectives, have a bright future for both sexes.

, but it’s not easy to finance, and when technology or creativity doesn’t have an obvious advantage, many of them are not lucky enough to expect results.

recall the development of China Venture Capital Circle in the past few years, and the word "fast" may be a description that many people will think of at the first time. We don’t even have to go back to the overseas financing of Ma and Ma Huateng fifteen years ago, even after the economic crisis seven years ago. For a long time, venture capital in China is in a low frequency trading environment, the number of investment institutions and entrepreneurial projects is not much. But with the rapid development of China’s Internet business environment, the venture capital industry has also undergone great changes, whether it is investment institutions or venture projects have experienced an outbreak.

concept has fundamentally led to the possibility of social interaction between sexes. With the opening of society and culture, "sexual needs" is no longer a difficult topic. In the mobile dating platform edge network recently released "90 after marriage" the report shows that 9 to 90 of men and 7 of women into 90 does not exclude the premarital sexual behavior, which is quite different from their predecessors, there are more than 30% of the other half of 90 women want to experience rich history, only 7.8% of the respondents think of >

era of the Internet economy has an obvious characteristic, city first king of the flag particularly fast: after one year, O2O has been cultivated as a spent force, now just red is live, VR, AI, seems to stick on the valuation of these words immediately doubled. Huge strangers, the social market is also advancing with the times, entrepreneurs no longer mention O2O, specifically to mention VR dating, live social…… The noisy you Changba me play, fought to the pit.

see gold ahead of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore?

is a piece of the Red Sea, entrepreneurs why so persistent strangers social market especially sexual social market? In addition to the endless see about what social gender, market subdivision vertical? When air past, how can

in many areas there have been a lot of development, unless it is to master the core technology like Magic Leap that the project will have a competitor, or the most entrepreneurial team can only choose the segments in the mature industry to do more exploration, and this also means that many of the real track are full of people. When technology is less important, timing becomes important, and earlier financing may mean bigger, even decisive business opportunities.

in view of the above situation, the investment market also flows

it is clear that a sharp increase in the number of entrepreneurs with a lot of "noise" makes it harder to find a good project, or it may be even harder.

for entrepreneurs, although investment institutions have experienced explosion in recent years, but the number of the increase rate is much lower than the increase in the number of entrepreneurs. In the era of "public entrepreneurship", the competition among entrepreneurs is more intense.

The change in the

The current

for investors, many projects, but good projects have not increased proportionally, investors in order to find the best project as much as possible, we must look at a large number of projects in the short term.

of course, that’s far from enough. The emergence of a social phenomenon must be the result of the combined effects of many forces. Technology more often plays a catalytic role.

, founder of Ethernet capital Zhou Zijing, once said, "there are dozens or even hundreds of projects in every segment of entrepreneurship, and investors have to face a lot of noise."". These noises are made up of large amounts of projects and segments of information. Although these projects and segments may represent the future direction of the industry, the selection of investors is still traditional and inefficient. Many investors may not have a unified project entrance, basically rely on acquaintances to pull strings and participate in a number of sporadic media roadshow as a project source, see the project may not exist pre screening.


, but the popularity of the mobile Internet broke out after 11 years, and the real "big social market" started. Prior to this, the Internet social is top of the Pyramid people all over the world, they are used by the public social and social acquaintances to bisexual friendship like such as the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, like micro-blog, commonly known as "love" or by traditional dating sites Jiayuan, such as 100 to date; the arrival of the mobile Internet, it really opens the larger the lower end of the market: people in Pyramid. They swept through, using the most suited to their habits of Qzone, the net to make the opposite sex. And then upgrade their habits, try more new and interesting social software.


why is social interaction

sexual demand is the eternal motive force of human development. The rapid development of download, cloud disk, video, virtual reality behind the powerful power of sexual needs. While the social market itself is the biggest beneficiaries, stable mass just is the core of the market, the market Tencent is the undisputed king of social gender; with its high willingness to demand itself, show more possibility, realization of more efficient, more popular in the social market.

in addition, fierce competition has raised the demand for financing for entrepreneurial contacts. When most people have little difference between the level of entrepreneurial projects or to present, have more channels of entrepreneurial projects naturally are more likely to get the opportunity to communicate with investors, therefore, are more likely to get the final investment.

no doubt, this outbreak is bound to make investment and financing docking become the key hub, but this docking did not imagine smooth.

Peas finishing Admin5 Adsense network interviews, guests website promotion marketing model

A few days ago

Doug the recent profit model after finishing release site interview guests by the majority of grassroots support and attention, promote the network marketing mode today Doug sorted out for your reference and learning, we hope to help.

web site: local e-commerce platform and portal

Doug: the website has become one of the most popular five B2B e-commerce platforms in China, from the establishment and development to the present. How is it promoted? What is the most effective way to do that?

Li Hu: we are a typical time for space promotion strategy, 6 years grinding sword, not Feng also benefit. Practice has proved that the most effective is our strategy to focus on the needs of users and make the greatest efforts to meet them, this will bring explosive growth, so that we know the credibility of the website, the accumulation of resources, are the users of our trust and support for. You know, not like a real brand bombing type to be VCD, but the accumulation of history form.

real estate network: national real estate home portal

peas: there are many ways to promote the network, such as QQ group, search engines, soft text, traditional media, forums and so on. Then, what are your promotional methods, and have a unique way of self creation?

Dai Yue: in addition you just say the promotion, we have SMS promotion, online website and through the accumulation of existing resources, the accumulation of customers mobile phone number, SMS, let them pay attention to our website according to their actual needs. Baidu encyclopedia, the effect is also OK, we have been doing.

as for the original way, should be to promote the line, we have our "real estate network showings car", the body covered with our own advertising, in Changsha, Xi’an, Hainan have issued their own company’s DM, offering greater volume and the greater the influence of the site. There is that we actively participate in the major room rendezvous and home improvement meeting, do interactive activities at the scene, the dissemination of information, the user targeted, very good results.

Changsha port of information: Changsha local information integrated website

Doug: what are the promotional methods for local portals? What is the main mode of promotion for Changsha information ports?

Shen Xin: we mainly engaged in the line of publicity, such as organizing activities (IT tea party, sodality, webmaster) to do some charity activities in the urban areas, and there is some community and neighborhood cooperation information bar, get some information from the original hand inside. The main aspects of the network are local content, and cooperation with the various portals to do some activities. Of course, SEO has to do something positive.

Panyu community network: Guangzhou District friends gathering, life information website

peas: what is the promotion of Panyu community network? What aspects are you focusing on now? Such as offline activities or cooperation with local traditional media? What are the most effective in practice?


Sina micro-blog membership system and profitability thinking

brush micro-blog has clearly become a way of life, just like participated in a big circle, big society. Not to mention the commercialization process of sina micro-blog, Dangdang from micro-blog membership system start, sweet potatoes mainly from the point of view of the promotion of personal ideas. When there are many people, there is a circle. When there is a big circle, there is a community, and a lot of communities become a micro society, but all of them are centered on you. In micro-blog, you only focus on the people or topics you are interested in. You can always make your voice heard. You value your values and want more people to identify with you and pay attention to you. The presence of fans, so that we have a sense of presence, there are spiritual needs. But each person’s ideas are not the same, everyone’s thinking is not the same, people will have various grades and ranks we will only, hope to go up, the promotion of their identity and status, so Sina membership system will give you such an opportunity, let more people also pay no attention to you to let you see. The more you have a chance to take the value proposition of higher highs to attract more people to agree with you.

in fact, micro-blog referred to the membership system, we tend to be more QQ membership system to compare, but the sweet potato that the two are not the same, you can say the same, but its meaning is not the same, more micro-blog membership system is the media system, and partial social; while the QQ membership system is more of a social system. And partial entertainment. In the QQ membership system, open membership grade acceleration, the space increases, get more value-added services such as faster download function, you can finish your own space, will beautify their image, to get some more time playing games, in your shopping time to enjoy some unique identity with membership system. But these are in order to let you become more entertainment entertainment, the better the image to your friends; but Sina micro-blog membership system is not the same, to attract ordinary users is to promote gene micro-blog, display and performance opportunities for you to get more and better, put you out, add the powder is powerful, from the media.

through Sina micro-blog members opened the official website, you can see the four major functions of micro-blog membership: identity privileges, functional privileges, mobile privileges, security privileges. The identity includes: exclusive privileges and exclusive logo templates, exclusive medal; function privileges which include: recommended, micro-blog, top grade accelerated; mobile phone privileges include: voice, SMS micro-blog special attention, birthday reminder; security privileges include: SMS security alerts, SMS password reset. These functions generally, the real attraction is what function? Why they would choose to join the micro-blog member? Sweet potatoes, is the essence of self performance, to meet the people’s emotional narcissism, has the promotion function is the core. Sweet potato to the election, the three functions will be of interest, exclusive identification, recommendation, micro-blog top priority.

1, the exclusive logo: micro-blog membership exclusive identity, so you always show distinguished membership. Micro-blog members, let your micro-blog trip from this unusual. After opening members, you will appear in your home page, personal home page nickname, membership logo. If you >

Three tips to boost your site’s revenue


Hello, I am a full-time webmaster, I am very pleased to have the time and we communicate, recently many webmaster friends ask me a question, "your website is how profitable?" now, I would like to take this opportunity to put my experience and suggest a simple talk, a total of three points hope to be useful to the webmaster friends.

one, for Baidu and Google and other CPC advertising alliance advertising optimization.

now we have basically put Baidu alliance and Google advertising alliance of advertisement, I would say this, first I want to tell you, do Baidu and Google alliance is a military "never encourage people to click on your ads on the station, not to Baidu and Google as a fool".

1, reasonable advertising layout,

each site has its own style, we must choose advertising and website color in advertising alliance agreement, for example: my website main style background color is light blue so when I choose Baidu text ads I will adjust the ad unit background color is similar to my website the background color, such as advertising does not affect the appearance of the site, will not affect the friendly experience for users; and to increase the benefits at the same time, to a certain extent, can guide users to solve the problem, the best of both worlds.

we want to clearly know what users to a website when mouse "golden hot", for example: when you open a web page, your mouse generally in a web page on the right side is at the top of the place, but rarely on the bottom left, then our advertising as far as possible to the right by the above, this is absolutely not illegal.

I think I have several good advertising position to write for your reference, I take information station for example: Baidu Baidu advertising: advertising was antithetical couplet antithetical couplet income accounted for fifty percent of the income I Baidu Union, I do not say this; the top right of the 250*250: This is the position of the mouse the "golden hot", so it can generate high click; the article page right around when users interested in your article he will put "dragged down by this time may trigger, click on the page; this is not much, it is important to note that this position must be advertising the next page, a page" link to maintain a certain distance, otherwise it will be considered cheating.

2, reasonable advertising settings

ad position is determined after the choice of advertising, I give you a few tips:

text link advertising fonts are best set to light blue, as we all know, light blue text is usually hyperlink attributes, so that can trigger more clicks.

articles surround ads, try to choose "336*280", of course, this is based on your website article page template

Pie designer point of view good website design blooming from tangled

Hello, I’m Qi Qi’s web designer, ken. I have been working on Web Design for nearly six years, and in six years I have designed fewer than a few hundred websites. In the meantime, regardless of the size of the site project, I devoted to the design of love and dedication. With my continuous accumulation of design experience, more and more found that the design of the site all the time and tangled together. Because the design is interlinked, so I believe that all those engaged in design work should have the same feeling as I do. Tangled up, then tangled,

one, tangled in the strategic layer of the site positioning

site design itself is a high degree of integration of the project. Website co-ordination, website planning, website design, page making, programming, website testing, website operation, if you want to make a website professional, you must take every process seriously. As a web designer, a good web designer, want to put his own work (Web Design) well, not only just closed their turf. You also need to know something about the development process of an up and down project, and even need to know the strategic level of building a website. Only in this way, your design can really fit the net construction project, and it can be applied to the real purpose of website construction. It’s not easy to do that. This requires experience and requires a high level of awareness. And this in itself is also a tangled point. What is the function of the website, what is the orientation of the audience of the website, what is the direction of the development of the latter stage of the website, etc.. As long as the accurate positioning of the site, the strategic layer, in order to accurately design the entire site. Ancient cloud: do not seek the overall situation, not seeking a domain; that is the reason.

two, tangled in the main web site planning and design

The main site planning and design called

, refers to the clear website function flow and page structure, need to integrate the planning and design of the entire station. For example: what elements of your web site is the same, which is the common elements of each page, need to run through the entire station. What elements need to be designed individually for a particular column or page?. These need to be clearly positioned for the elements. If you want to achieve accurate, in addition to their own understanding and understanding, but also with the project site planning staff to communicate, perfect.

three, tangled in the site’s specific performance.

The work in front of

is finished, and the web design begins later. If the previous entanglements are limited. And this link is tangled, can be described as the ultimate tangled.


design itself is abstract, and it is not specific. As the Alibaba’s design director said, "it requires emotional thinking to do rational work.". It’s important to begin with, and it’s better to complete your home page design at once, of course, which requires inspiration and a little luck. If you can’t locate the design frame of your home page at first, it means you’ve opened the page of the web design project early. Because you’re going to try second, and for a long time to design at a design point

Money to do a good job of these shops ready to set up shop success

a lot of people want to set up shop business, but the money to do a lot of preparation to do a lot of shops, we must arrange everything in good order to shop again. Shop business is very difficult to dry up, a multitude of things; shop business is also very simple, to avoid the following ten points, your entrepreneurial road will be a lot smoother.

1 to avoid into an unsuitable industry: choose a suitable development of the industry is the most need to think carefully before the start. Do more research, more understanding of various industries.

2 to avoid unrealistic expectations: entrepreneurship is not no overnight, Everything is going smoothly., relax, positive attitude.

3 avoid no shop’s unique position: everyone entrepreneurship, have set up shop, how talent shows itself? Must be unique!

5 to avoid reducing the space planning to buy: physical store, decoration and layout is very important.

6 ignore the establishment of long-term reputation: a reputation, a twenty hundred, was more effective than any advertising.

7 to avoid the use of inappropriate sales skills: learn a lot of summary, of course can also guide channel business a lot of education.

8 avoid to join as entrepreneurial success guarantee: the right to join you really fast, but joined the project of dragons and fishes jumbled together and there is a great risk. To join, to put bright eyes!

9 to avoid expansion error: if there is no good financing, consolidate the existing business to expand slowly, wrong will break down your own expansion!

10 to avoid the short-sighted financial and cash management plan: don’t let your financial mess, all aspects of farsighted.we used in business.


boutique project recommendation: small school supplies to join

Unlimited Business Opportunities zixon

Hot pot franchise business will be more prosperous

a lot of people like to eat hot pot, open a hot pot store is also a market. If you want to make hot pot franchise business is booming, you should know some business skills. How can we open a hot pot store? Let’s take a look.

promotion efforts

in the food and beverage industry, people always love the delicacy Hot pot, open Hot pot stores is also good. How to open a hot pot franchise? In order to enhance profitability, it is necessary to learn to enhance the popularity of the combination of these several methods, so that you get a hot pot store popularity.



Do you see the situation when you start a business

many people choose self employment, entrepreneurial success never simple, not only to choose a good project, but also to recognize the situation, start the preparatory work before the preparatory work is essential, one of which is to recognize the situation, only the favorable situation to help people with entrepreneurial success.

It is said that this year the


here, to a certain extent, became the performance of entrepreneurs, venture capital investors who became a TV guest. And do not say whether this program to attract the audience, whether ratings should return to the common sense level to consider the issue: business or business model to try new, more should be carried out in groups of potential customers in the future, because the end user is willing to pay for is a serious matter, impossible to solve by television this means of entertainment programs.

entrepreneurial fashion and popular success is vulgar. A variety of success stories, I do not know to what extent infected entrepreneurs who let them inexplicably excited. This fashion, entertainment business atmosphere, many people ignore a basic common sense: Entrepreneurship itself is not what can be the most fundamental get excited over a little thing, the question is whether you can give customers more valuable products and services.