The principle of love to seize the Shanghai brush ranking user experience

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user experience can affect the ranking, you can make artificial non natural user experience. Love is love in the brush mode of Shanghai Shanghai search keywords, and then click on your own website, PV. Not in love in Shanghai is a good algorithm in a natural or non natural, when clicked, this pattern of brush ranking, in principle and in fact, are all effects.


then there meaning: Shanghai dragon

first thing you have to understand, website PV, user retention time and other factors have influence on the rankings constitute, which is why Shanghai dragon has been promoting the user experience, this is the user experience feedback. Think of a website, if you point in, too bad, put him off, the site, the user experience is poor. If the opponent’s site in the chain, content and other aspects of doing with you almost, but the user experience is better than you, being beyond the ranking is sooner or later. Love Shanghai: how do you know these user behavior, if you install the love of Shanghai, then love Shanghai more convenient, so if you have confidence in their own website, a love Shanghai statistics let love Shanghai peace of mind to experience your website. Of course, Shanghai can love by lot to the statistical aspects.

How to brush The principle of

brush love Shanghai ranking:

this two months brush love Shanghai ranking business suddenly fire up, the related websites and forums, are full of such advertising, this kind of practice, if it is not feasible, then it is not possible to have this industry chain, here to talk about their own opinions.


of course, why now business requirements are the first 2 pages to brush, not before the 10 page, 20 page can brush. The user experience just the basis of the ranking, not all, the chain has been ranked the king + content. Can go to the first 2 pages of the website, the overall optimization of the degree is not bad, plus more high-quality "user experience" (non natural user experience, to create artificial) web site overall score is certainly higher, better ranking logical. If after a love Shanghai big update, click on the +PV and other factors on the influence of lower ranking, as the forum signature believe you also know that the consequences will be how.

is for PV, click on keywords, user retention time, so it is not difficult to operate. The difficulty is to nature, if you own a computer, a IP in the brush, perhaps N years ago is useful, but this is certainly not. So how to make a wide range of IP, is a difficulty. Some people devoted to the 200 people, 500 people to brush the artificial things, unless the group where we are to observe the rules of the brush, otherwise I personally think that this interest by established groups, is meaningless. Of course, if 500 people install software, automatic brush, then the feasibility is relatively high.


Analysis on a snapshot of the problem and Solutions

3, your server or virtual space? Remember when I started the site what figure a cheap, the suffering is their own, so everyone in the choice of server or virtual host must be selected, stable and fast is necessary to meet the.

not only to fall in love with the sea > cited above

cannot follow the snapshot update or snapshot has been the webmaster friends concern, because the snapshot involved too much, too important, most of the webmaster that snapshot determines the weight of the website, and the weight is related to the no ground for blame the website ranking and ranking is our ultimate goal the webmaster. Said so much, I want to emphasize is nothing more than a snapshot of the importance of.

5, the website being malicious modification. Mainly by horse or is hanging black chain. The horse is more terrible than hanging black chain, not only because it affects the user experience, but also let the search engine think your site is a malicious web site, light snapshot of the shift, while direct K station, one of the things I often check the web page code is also essential.

2, your robots file is correct? If you think this is also to shield the engine, update your snapshot that was strange. It is recommended that you refer to dedecms with robots files.

first, love Shanghai to review the new though more relaxed than before, in the high weight forum posts with links, Shanghai will be included with love, but love is Shanghai of the new assessment is more strict than before. The specific performance of the table is not updated snapshot love Shanghai. In fact, the new owners do not worry, continue to add articles, slowly progressive with the chain, such as past the study period love Shanghai will put your article out. But some owners have to ask, how long is the love in Shanghai? I think the love of Shanghai is not fixed, if the webmaster found love Shanghai not updated snapshot, my frustration, you do not want to continue to add articles and add the chain, then I can tell you, you will always stay in that time snapshot. Secondly, for the old station is not updated snapshot, the problem of the involved:

Whether Links

1, you are on the web page title description or make a change? If you change one, then I suggest you take both don’t update the article, do not suddenly update lot of article, as before, regular rhythmic increase, the chain is also a kind of.


4, your stable? It is worth noting that some owners do Links ask no matter, others send you links to you delete all don’t know, if the site is a professional standing didn’t what, but if a fall in love with the sea K, or by other engine the station so you K to this website do a one-way link, you are not looking for K? Is actually want to remind you that every thing is often check must be Links.

Mobile payment program released the majority of front-line employees benefit

in some large and medium-sized enterprises, employees can be said to be one of the most difficult group, and now the country for front-line staff is also very important, but also made some social policies to protect the rights and interests of the employees society.

it must cause a lot of people panic, China Mobile responded that, at present, China Mobile is actively working on the group’s overall pay system reform program, not in the layers of salaries, salary and benefits linked to the principle of compensation will be appropriate to the front-line staff tilt, to further standardize income distribution order to achieve the appropriate level of remuneration, reasonable structure standardized management, supervision, orderly.


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January 14th A5 domain name auction, micro money get together, play miracles 127 thousand knot shot

A5 ( station network January 15th news, yesterday in the A5 auction, digital domain reproduction brilliance, where and are sold at a price of 27 thousand, in addition, with "play a miracle, money, family, micro poly micro rights" and so many meanings to the final bid for 127 thousand. The highest bid.


A5 auction submission information:

The following types of domain name registration

temporarily accept: 2-5 digital com, 1-4, 1-3 digital cn/net digital cc/, 2-4 com/net, 1-3 cc/, letter of alphabet letters CN, 1-4, com or single spell boutique Larry cn. Pack individually or in bulk,


remarks: the domain name can be submitted without reservation price. After the submission of the domain name with the reserved price, the A5 staff shall be required to have a unified examination, and the reserve price is unreasonable, and the A5 has the right to not pass it. In the auction, the auction shall be cancelled and the reserve price shall be revised, otherwise it shall be deemed as a breach of contract.


submit domain name, enter group contact QQ/, WeChat:

A5 (6710265) A5 Ouye clay (8961095) A5 (6505926) A5 Ruili Kaka (6326901) A5 (9361502)


A5: (6528309) A5 (3945497) A5 fish Naomi (2947281883) A5 (153126911) A5 depin Nannan (18252109157)

A5 domain name auction perennial hot levy concentration:

Local website don’t use BBS’s mind to do APP

April 20th is a place where the day of the test site, because this day is the new board annual deadline last year on the new board of the local website company will publish annual reports. In the past, we can freely say that this year, 10 million, next year, 15 million, and the year after year, double over 30 million; but now, no, in the strict securities system constraints, everything must be standardized. Now everyone has to be responsible for what they say. It’s never as easy to publish information as it is to talk about it.


1. What kind of annual report will we see?

based on the survey and analysis of the 2015 local website market, I think the upcoming annual reports are not optimistic. The forecast and key points are as follows:

1, several companies with the media as the main source of revenue, revenue expectations are not optimistic

2015 economic situation is bad, the direct impact of local websites is that real estate advertising revenue fell sharply. In the past, relatively mature local websites accounted for not less than 40% of the real estate advertising, so the impact of decline in real estate advertising is expected to range between 10% – 20%. The hardest hit is the 345 tier cities that have seen saturation trends in real estate.

at the same time, car advertising and marriage industry transformation has also brought greater distress to local websites. With the increase in car ownership, the new car market slowdown, after the market has not really started, so more than half of the local sites in the automotive industry advertising revenue is declining. Marriage industry is mainly affected by big data thinking, businesses pay attention to the transformation at the same time, excessive neglect of advertising and brand communication.

in addition to the above industry, the entire industry in the home, classification information, talent, housing rental areas are still in a moderate upward trend. Home, a relatively high share of the company, in 2015 the relative growth of performance.

2, from the point of view of the entire local web site, in order to meet the new three tier innovation layer indicators, the outlook is not optimistic

from a number of companies have landed three new board in the whole industry chain ranking, and the listing of the company’s earnings, if according to conventional thinking, the field of 3 years to grow out of a line with three new board innovation financial indicators of the company. Therefore, the transformation potential is inevitable, the transformation of the way out is nothing more than two: capital transformation, business model transformation. And transition means investment, investment means overall profit margins decline. Specific dynamics, we will be analyzed after the annual report.

3, the entire industry ceiling and replicability yet broken

for now, if we do not change the current media model, or derive new models or ways out, the new board is on it. There is no room for growth (at present, in addition to the 19 floor of billions of dollars, Hefei forum close to 100 million, other places the highest income of the web does not exceed >

Select the ten criteria for entrepreneurial projects

in fact for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in the beginning, the choice of an appropriate project is particularly important, at the same time, in the choice of projects, but also must have some of their own selection criteria, according to the standard to choose the project is very easy to succeed.

venture project

in this and we work together to explore and study the standard problem of entrepreneurial project selection. The best entrepreneurial projects are not necessarily suitable for themselves, only very suitable for their own is the best, the best ten criteria for the inspection of entrepreneurial projects are as follows.

project itself is scientific and feasible is the key to the success of the business, if the project itself is not scientific nor feasible, even if you paid great efforts will eventually still to fail. To judge whether the project is scientific and feasible, it has a set of strict scientific procedures and methods for demonstration and evaluation. I have put forward a more complete and normative demonstration of the venture project — the feasibility study report of the special science and Technology entrepreneurial action. Under normal circumstances, the feasibility study is to spend manpower, material resources, financial resources to complete, not sitting at home fabricated. Otherwise, it can not stand the scientific argument and evaluation. In the selection of the project, but also a large number of data retrieval for comparative analysis, and then through a full discussion and research before making a decision.

if you are interested in a project, the project itself is scientific and feasible, but without the development of its independent space is not desirable. If you choose not to develop their own independent space of the project will mean cruel competition, even if you can get a foothold in the end, the result will be more than the gain.

Four advice for young entrepreneurs

we all know that Gu is the vice president of light speed Vc firms, he is now regarded as a successful investor. So, take a look at some of the country’s advice to young entrepreneurs!

a, entrepreneurial motivation: why do you have a business? What a night may let you can’t sleep or wake up in the morning at the thought of this matter, the direction you are very excited, one thing a day full of passion.

b, the entrepreneurs in the end what to do? Why are you doing? You’d better choose relatively familiar areas to start, only you know you are familiar with the field inside what pain points and profound opportunity, but also some of what kind of challenges.

c, when do you start? – are you ready? A lot of these questions will only be discovered until he really jumps into the water. Or when he is thrown into a heap of problems by VC or angel, he will find that he is not ready.

d, angel or VC? Ask Angel money will be much easier than asking VC money.

Shop management skills inventory or cold Lucai

or cold food stores should know how to operate? We can observe some of the shops on the market, you will find that the operating characteristics of the industry is also relatively bright. If you want to master more skills can be seen with the small series, and I hope to help you invest.

1, food or cold food stores, specialty food generally open in the farmers market, even in the streets in the residential area, which is not only convenient for community residents’ daily life, but also to have more stable customer groups.

2, shop or cold Lucai shop generally is not too large, this is of course to reduce the early capital investment. If the store is slightly larger, you can store the latter part of the workshop, the smaller the store, the product can be processed at home and then sent to the store. For those without the condition of rent store, you can rent a booth at the farmer’s market, or put a stall in the street of the residential area, it must also provide a dust fly food retail cabinet.

3, special and cold dishes are two similar products, a class of business operators but choose only one, that is to say you can only open food stores, or only cold food stores. If the bittern and salad mix management, will not only make their own processing of the products is complicated, but may also lead to two types of products are doing well.

4, whether it is open Lo stores or salad shop should have their main varieties and characteristics of products, and often with one or two kinds of main varieties and characteristics of products, some products, to form their own flavor, shop signs are suitable for their own products or product features to name.

5, Lo stores products are the first in the workshop or a halogen after, in whole or in the form of block placed on the tray in retail store cabinet, for customers to select the products you need, and then cut into pieces and weighing on the spot, sliced, and then packaged, with brine, chili pepper, packet bag or five spice packet. Do not cut or cut the product in advance, otherwise the customer will doubt the quality and freshness of the product.

6, a greengrocer’s products you need to first complete the initial processing of all in the workshop or home, which is the raw material (such as lettuce, radish, cucumber, ear root etc.) need to wash and cut (or not cut), cooked mix of raw materials needed for cooking, the need to cut or good tear (such as lung, ear pieces, bamboo shoots, beans, eggplant, cowpea bars etc.), some will have to wait for the customer to recommend the selected after

After 90 college graduates Liang Jun micro-blog sell fruit easy to make money

on the micro-blog platform, familiar people should know that micro-blog now is more than just a variety of news release, it has also become a collection of commercial venues, many rely on micro-blog to achieve entrepreneurial success stories. In this paper, the introduction of the hero is such a successful case, let us know the following.

on the sale of imported fruit Liang Jun just graduated from college, and now he is 22 years old, Wuhan Xin Dong fruit micro-blog behind the scenes and the shop owner". Every morning, micro-blog posted on the day of the supply of fresh fruit, a picture and a short text, or even just a bunch of fruit name and price, small business but affordable. Liang Jun said, micro-blog shop and Taobao shop is different, is to sell micro-blog + logistics and distribution model to sell imported fruit.

"first of all, the quality of your stuff is really hard enough, the service is better. Fans will naturally recommend to friends. Second, but also often engage in some awards activities, and guests interact on micro-blog, a large part of the business is micro-blog fans support."

"if micro-blog’s marketing content is too direct, blunt, even if there are thousands of ‘fans’, can not produce actual purchasing power. Micro-blog’s content only through the exchange of friends, the expression of a strong human touch in order to achieve the purpose of selling goods in the story." Liang Jun said that micro-blog on the exchange, will inevitably further understanding, shopkeepers and fans of communication and exchange, human is a very significant label, advertising effect is too stiff to get.

fans in the maintenance, Liang Jun said that their customers are mainly white-collar women, 25 – to 40 years old, there is a good economic strength, as well as fashion consumer attitudes. Taking into account these factors, as well as several of his delivery of the car for a transit view plus two overbearing, their dress to clean fashion, mobile phones are iPhone. Now Liang Jun micro-blog fans more than 4000, the store’s daily sales of about $5000, a good time even up to ten thousand yuan.

micro-blog has now become a channel for more and more people to make money, as long as the good use of wealth is not difficult to create. So, after reading a small series of such a simple introduction, and now you think you can use micro-blog to earn their own profit?

After 80 college students choose to create their own farm dream

is another year of graduation season, and now there are already a large number of graduates began to work. Now looks like the road of entrepreneurship is very broad, people have a lot of choices, but the reality is not the case. Choose your own dream, you will be willing to give up the outside world, to build their own ideal paradise? He did it.

the boy dreaming is sometimes full of rain, in 2012 graduated from the Career Technical College of agriculture in Changji. After he graduated from the Kashi animal quarantine and prevention of the cause of the establishment, but he gave up the eyes of others in the iron rice bowl, went back to his hometown of Shanshan alone, run a chicken farm. At first, he did not understand such behavior, parents opposed: hard to train you to go to college, there is a stable job not to do, but to do what farmers do. What is it that you want? Students do not understand, work hard to find, entrepreneurship and no experience…… Shake the stubborn temper he was not born, but more determined his pursuit, "I’m just going to the farm up!"

2013 in June, he gave up the farm now, to seven grams of Tai Zhen Tai Zi Cun, where he rigged the funds raised 10 yuan, bought a chicken coop, the integration of automatic heating thermostatic equipment, professional disinfection equipment and ventilation facilities. Because they can not afford to hire workers, all equipment installed on their own, slowly growing from a layman to the famous chicken experts.

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