In order to improve the website weight as the center to do a comprehensive website optimization

website optimization Shanghai dragon is a skill as a webmaster must learn and master, it can make the new website improve the friendliness of search engines, the old site in a timely manner to amend and improve the details of a lack of optimization, make the site in the search engine and ranking is a better effect, let we can get more search traffic from search engine, improve the overall ranking of the website, the website to promote better and faster development, with more traffic let owners benefit from that website smoothly into profitability.

improve site weights for the first step, to create high quality sites outside the chain. When the new on-line site, search engine to quality assessment of website, on the two basis, one is the content of the site itself, the two is the chain website, and the content of the study takes a long time, the most direct and can reflect the influence of the website is the chain site. To do so to get a higher valuation weight from the search engine there as soon as possible new website, need to use the chain of high quality to drive. On the one hand, the use of high quality Links exchange or purchase to drive, the other is in the high weight forum announced regularly to promote the chain effectively. At the same time, a little attention is needed to maintain the stability of the high quality of the chain, avoid occurrence of frequent rapid increase or decrease, otherwise easily lead to search engine punishment.

improve the site weight of the second step, to maintain high quality content update. In a certain period of time after the line on the website in search engine are often used to examine the study site, outside the chain of this period in the search engine will inspect the site of the quality and quantity, on the other hand is to examine the website updated in terms of quality and law in the content, the content of high quality can be let the search engine get more fresh and original provides the effective information to Internet users, and regularly update to.

so, to do a good job in the website optimization, webmaster can improve the site weight around, to increase the weight of the site as the center, so as to optimize the website of Shanghai dragon set, and then improve the optimization results of the website. In order to improve the website weight as the center, not only on increasing weight and optimization, is in the process to fully take into account all the details of website optimization. By increasing the weight, achieve the optimization effect to ".

to do website optimization we need to understand and master the search engine is based on what the rules of the site assessment, according to the algorithm rules for targeted optimization, make the site all settings are closer to its rules, so as to obtain higher evaluation results, improve the site’s weight, rankings and included. In these optimization results, a comprehensive score weight as a search engine for web site is given, with the most important, because it is the web site in the search engine evaluation system in place, and then on the basis of the weight in the keyword search results given in the relevant content to website rankings, but also directly affect the content of the website included the number how much.

When should we avoid the Shanghai dragon spider trap

said the spider trap has a lot of people are feeling: This spider is the black hat, in fact, this is wrong, the real spider trap is divided into two kinds, one is the malicious spider trap, we usually say that the black hat, malicious spider trap is the concept of artificial estimation using search engine vulnerabilities or vandalism search engine optimization rules of the spider trap, which is called malicious spider trap, while another spider trap is non malicious spider trap, the trap characteristics of non malicious spider is not careful not to deliberate its Web site in the search engine does not support the things in the optimization of the time, which is called non malicious spider trap. Because the non malicious spider trap just can’t successfully grab information, so it can not destroy the search engine crawling rules, so as not to non malicious spider trap. The spider trap punishment so strict, but the emergence of a large number of non malicious spider trap can also cause website ranking does not rise, I believe that there are a lot of friends want to ask, so what is the spider spider trap? How can we avoid the trap, so now I give you some of the more popular spider trap later, we try to avoid:

3, dynamic url


URL you have found forever – but the static URL address, some friends may not understand why, it is actually very simple, URL address dynamic are calling out the database information, and then automatically generated pages, if a person.

there are many websites that jump, spiders climbed up on our website, they are the first to see the home page in the station, then from the home page to jump into other pages, if in accordance with the rules we can imagine, when the spider came to our site, the home page to jump directly to another page, this time the spider will feel the web page no information, so the site is probably not a safe site, or no value information website, finally may directly jump out, finally leading to the website can succeed in ranking.

1, flash

some friends will ask, why flash is a spider trap, in fact, this problem is very simple, we have not found the flash on our website, it is to generate a string of gibberish, and this string is garbled search engines can not identify, so when spiders crawl to it pile of garbage, the spider will feel unsafe websites, not even feel the station news value information, so directly out of site, so the optimization do not included bad websites and flash is basically a certain relationship, I suggest try not to use flash, we can use the GIF format picture instead of dynamic flash look at the pictures to the customer, if we must use flash to complete the effect, so we can use, but not too much, a spider web site. No value information.


Chrome advertising for violation of provisions from the penalty search ranking by 60 day

recently appeared on the Internet a lot about the promotion of Chrome browser, micro-blog paid blog, Google will have to make the Chrome website search ranking down at least 60 days.

some paid blog posts are mainly directed to cut and paste text or browser download page links. Of course, if other companies do the same, as Google search engine index down 1 years to 1 months, but the Google did not choose the Chrome sites blocked.

Beijing on January 4th news, the news from foreign media, the Google Chrome browser because they violated their own penalty provisions and search advertising.

in fact, this is the third time Google blocked its own acquisition of the company’s website. Last year, BeatThatQuote贵族宝贝 for violating the provisions by the parent company Google search blocked, Google Japan website has also been paid post event and suffered punishment.

Webmaster friend we need to believe in the power of SNS

just saw "SNS ending: the short-lived business go faster" article for the SNS website will be hot and flooding the world today, the SNS website will have a way out there? Here I talk about my ideas

as you all know, the technical threshold for building a SNS community is very low. As long as you have the space to support PHP, you can build SNS by installing UC Home. Functionally, SNS is pretty much the same. The domestic network market new tradition has always been speculation, as the domestic stock market in general, when a new concept, we first see, when the development to a certain stage, especially when, see possible business opportunities piled on, looting had not fully mature commercial success. Some people use their user base itself soon won a jackpot, and even took root.

, but why isn’t happy net? A real relationship and how people combine their work with the SNS site, I think it’s a big problem. Play web games, just play, and its essence is not SNS, then what plug-ins can allow users to rely on, like SNS, or long-term help yourself?


SNS on services, the campus network in the "students", "happy net started in the city, begins with" white-collar "Teenagers", and I stand on my intranet service owners, for the owners to provide a work and entertainment platform, here can commercial mutual help, my website is to do this, the development of a cross point of the task, so that we can improve their web traffic through this platform, and the integral is encouraged. Registered users to the PR value, collected and the types of websites registered, Baidu in this way, users here can easily find high quality friendship connection, and so on, are on the head of the heart to think, because I am not a successful webmaster, there are too many puzzles and difficulties. In the future, we will make improvements in this area. I believe in the power of SNS.

wrote the article for the first time and wrote poorly, please forgive me, and finally AD my stop:

webmaster query tool

Mother and child shop name to follow the four principles

we know a good shop, in addition to a good location and decoration, the name is also very important. Shop business, everything is ready, only the name, this is the one thing a lot of entrepreneurs worry. So how should you give your shop name? Xiao Bian to provide you with the name of the mother and baby shop to follow the four principles.

is the first Lenovo inspiration principle

The second is to read good


again support marker

The last is not over

type implied stores


What are the trends of fast food franchise stores

fast food stores everywhere, opening a fast-food franchise, needs to grasp the development trend of the brand on the market differences in the shop, so entrepreneurs can win more wealth in the severe market! Although this problem is worth paying attention to, but the specific need to think from what point of view?

brand sometimes like a person, the image is very important. Fast food stores have what brand trend? Fast food stores, to establish what kind of image to get consumers? The key is to proceed from the position and angle of the consumers, shaping the brand image to get the target consumer group with identity.

China’s food and beverage brands have been numerous, how to make consumers remember you, fast food franchise what brand trends? In shaping the brand early, it is necessary to establish differences, thus catering and other competitive enterprises especially competitive brands to form an effective segment, of course, this characteristic must be consistent with the overall positioning of the brand style, and can provide convenience for the consumption of the memory, make people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. There are a number of different brands of fast food franchise brand has many, such as we mentioned in front of the Sun Tuen, toilet restaurant can also be said to have a very different image.

have to say, fast food shops in the market are as long as have their own characteristics, so shops in the market can succeed! But the above content is to make analysis on the question of you! After the detailed reading through this paper do a detailed talk. Therefore, for fast food franchise entrepreneurs, a reasonable grasp of this, then the success of the club will be just around the corner!

is about more than some fast food stores have what brand trend, the brand strength of its products is very good, is worth everybody to join the investment, want a friend to detailed investigation, so as to better shop franchise.

Let us work together to understand what the main reasons for failure

now, the army is constantly strong, but at the same time, the failure of entrepreneurs everywhere. What are the main reasons for failure? Innovation works chairman and chief executive officer Li Kaifu said:

1. no focus: smart people will want to try a lot of new ideas, but in a resource limited startup, if you try all the cool idea, apparently is a luxury.

2. is aspiring: entrepreneurship should be targeted to locate in the user needs — a market service, a group of users, there is also a striking function, can solve a real user demand. After getting a small group of users, you can expand to more users. Then you will find more user needs, and constantly upgrade their products. This is the way of lean entrepreneurship.

3. entrepreneur growth rate is not up to the company’s expansion:   the creation of a three person company and the management of a hundred people is completely different. Rapid expansion of enterprises, or need to have an experienced entrepreneur, or need to be able to grow up quickly.

4. team trust problem: VCs generally like the kind of team members know each other for a long time. Lack of trust in the team, no matter how failed (how to streamline, what to cut) or success (how to divide the responsibility and the interests of money) will be challenged.

5. poor execution:   in the lean entrepreneurial environment, a good start is often easy to copy others. Therefore, you have to be reliable and quick to implement, for example, if you can not update the product every day, then at least need to update every week. Your leadership is maintained, not on the brand, not on intellectual property rights, but your sustainable execution, and the ability to lead the enterprise forward.

6. provides technology, rather than providing solutions:   and provide a mature technology, users are more willing to accept solutions. A good entrepreneur should realize that what really matters is not a cool technology, but a solution to the customer’s value. Venture capital favors companies that innovate in solutions rather than those that have not been tested (or entirely new).

See how to use the wealth of animation animation sister

animation grew up with us, and we grow together, we are familiar with, but with the continuous expansion of the animation market, the animation industry has ushered in a new spring, ushered in a new opportunity. Here, might as well look together sister how to use animation animation to create wealth!

NiuDao, earn 800 thousand

for Dad.

then friends by e-mail sent me a flash, that can use the "pen" to "painting". At that time, I also asked: "what is flash?" The netizen says it is exploited by Macromedia, developers of interactive multimedia products worldwide famous a multimedia software, can be used to produce a variety of animation, comics and video music (due to a variety of animation, produced by flash video music works currently on the Internet is very popular, this kind of works generally referred to as flash). At that time, users also encouraged me to buy some related books. Because of the animation production network learning interest, I obediently after what he said.

in the self end "Flash5" and "ACTIONSCRIPT" and other teaching materials on the Internet, some computer master’s help, I learned animation flash.

> learning node

Water purifier market prospects

now the public entrepreneurial boom unabated, not as good as entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship as a shop, has become the trend of the times. And when it comes to the current most investment projects in the water purifier industry, in the face of the current market environment, water purifier can join the opportunity to say. Water purifier industry has recently been blowout type development, in 2016 to join the water purifier industry is a good choice.

water purifier to join has great prospects: hot water purifier industry is an inevitable trend to adapt to the market development, the demand from the market perspective, household water purifier is closely connected with people’s life, from daily drinking water to cook, cook soup from the boiling water, if the long-term use of clean water, because the light is water impurities such as calcium and magnesium ions in gallstone disease, due to heavy metals, antibiotics, bacteria cause cancer, with increasing attention paid to the front of the Disease enters by the mouth., health "concept of consumers, high precision for household water purifiers clean water effect has been widely recognized.

consumer health awareness, make it become essential household appliances, the rapid growth of the market demand detonated industry growth, China’s market penetration rate of around 6%, far lower than the popularity of western developed countries the rate of 70%, China’s huge population, which contained in the gaps in the market and it is self-evident. The next ten years will be the best time to fill vacancies in the market, who can be the first to seize the market, who can occupy the market opportunities, faster business success!

water purifier to join the election of the brand. Huge market opportunities attracted numerous participants, market competition is also fierce. Select the project, but also to choose the brand, only a good brand can help you successfully achieve the dream of earning the first pot of gold. Big brands have a mature market operation mode and profit model, allowing agents to operate more easily, more stable operating rights.

in the entrepreneurial boom, more investment to consider what industry entrepreneurship easier to earn money, in recent years the water purifier industry sustained high growth has attracted a lot of attention of entrepreneurs, with modern people’s health awareness of environmental protection, water purifier industry recently very popular, now joined the industry to catch up with. The rapid growth of. Water purifier market prospects.