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  • Live sprint is about to enter the final, who will be the first to run to the end

    With the continuous evolution of the development of

    , the impact of live broadcast for all walks of life is gradually deepening, and gradually began to move from individual to enterprise. In today’s business activities, the media has become their mainstream media. Take this year’s double eleven, Ali Tmall to reflect customers, pepper and other broadcast platform to achieve cooperation, and invited the brightest star, red net electricity in the live broadcast platform; Tencent in the day of their division 18 anniversary celebration, Ma Huateng Qing day playing live in the company, and the entire division celebration the Tencent’s first foreign NOW live broadcast live.

    giants why so much attention to live?

    Ali double eleven Festival, Tencent division 18 anniversary celebration are broadcast as a key way of publicity, which shows the degree of attention for their live. The degree of importance for Tencent live is more general than the company, the network media business group launched a live broadcast, Penguin Tencent; social network business group launched NOW QQ live, live, live space pattern; interactive entertainment business department also launched live gaming Penguin function; in addition to the Tencent has invested in the live show education broadcast quack, red dot, dragon ball game live Betta, etc.. In the latest ranking of social App Store best-selling show, Tencent’s NOW live has been ranked fourth in all social platforms.

    first of all, it is undeniable that, through this form of live, let the outside world to understand the activities of the enterprise. Take this one of the 18 anniversary celebration of our Tencent, NOW live by a large LED screen, branch and Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, the Tencent also realizes synchronous connection, users can not only see the contents of other areas, also visited the Tencent office area, fitness room, dining room, black -VR Game Technology Laboratory, allowing them to the Tencent culture, the internal environment has a more intuitive and clear understanding, this is a very good publicity for the Tencent culture.

    secondly, whether for Ali’s eleven double, or for the Tencent’s 18 anniversary celebration, this way can help them to touch more users touch. Online, the number will be limited because of the size of the venue, but if there are too many people will appear safe and other issues. But by means of live, it can greatly enhance the influence of the venue activities, the effect of this publicity also has a persistent, users can repeatedly watch live.

    finally, the broadcast was able to fire, which is closely related to its strong interaction. So, the giants through the live mode, it is more able to pull the distance between them and users, enhance the feelings between each other. Especially with the form of Pan entertainment, allowing users to greatly enhance their interest in activities.

    broadcast industry pattern has been initially

    we can see from the latest ranking of social App Store best-selling list, ranked second in the list, NOW live ranked fourth, pepper ranking >

    Easy to see Silicon Valley code farmers why they want to return to business



    technology NetEase in Silicon Valley Shang Jing

    here is Silicon Valley, every day there are young people come, in order to take a look at Google and Facebook building in a hurry on the road, or a relationship with Mark ·, met with half an hour. However, some other people, they live here, they have a good income, but they want to go to a China.

    they are a bunch of code farmers, for them, Robin Li’s story is encouraging them.

    why go back home?

    in Silicon Valley, a lot of Chinese engineers are entangled in this issue – home?". In the restaurant, often heard the table next to discuss the future, Chinese investment soaring, even occasionally talking about 8 Alibaba and 9 employees annual salary of how specific.

    Li Yifan is one of them.

    "(this is) Maiduhaizhu", Li Yifan regarded the status of Silicon Valley Engineer group. Most of the students with Ph.D or Master degree graduated from the famous universities in China. "We have not only GPA, IBT and GRE scores, but we are excellent in all aspects".

    , "many of the best aspects of the project have been overlooked, we only see some of the skills associated with the work", for most Silicon Valley engineers, this skill is "write Code". Li Yifan has always been very proud of his fluent spoken English, but rarely needs to communicate with foreign colleagues at work".

    low work challenge for many Silicon Valley engineers feel uneasy and unwilling, "when I can think of 10 years, 20 years after his appearance, I think I don’t want to live this kind of life".

    the engineers behind the identity, he has a lot of character – amateur photographers, "dunk master" because the blogs around the world to become Internet and media celebrities, or circle known as the "killer" and "bubble brothers trust consultant". He hopes his career can be as rich and wonderful.

    similarly, Li Yifan is not the first Chinese to be lost.


    came to study in the United States, Zhou Yong has been a leader in peers, from Anhui’s best middle school to the Peking University, he won the first prize in the entrance examination. In addition, he is a rock fan, when the university has long hair, wearing a leather jacket shirtless. He organized his own band, once had hundreds of fans.

    7 years ago after graduating from University, Zhou Yong’s class there are 15 students abroad, their grades are good, "everyone agreed that the United States is a very good way, because this school is better, the salary is higher. And do the Internet, who do not want to come to Silicon Valley? "

    actually worked in Silicon Valley for two years, Zhou Yong began to contact the domestic headhunting. >