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  • The compass search engine grasp love Shanghai change

    Er will use the former Shanghai dragon love Shanghai click with such a tool, so that they will make their rankings closer to the top, but now I love Shanghai very strict on this check, once found will be for you to deweight. But consideration of love now Shanghai’s ranking is the flip rate, the use of love Shanghai clicks will often have the opposite thought, so users must be used with caution.

    third changes: when love now from Shanghai chain platform is no longer the same as before if the number can be included on the line, now love Shanghai for users and correlation chain platform experience very seriously, only the user experience feeling very good platform is to love the attention of Shanghai.

    if you think that Shanghai is always dragon will not change, that your site will not have a good development, every day we will feel the change of love Shanghai, especially in the beginning of the new year to change now love Shanghai really is very great, if we don’t change with tight love Shanghai so as to formulate strategy the corresponding measures, then you will be eliminated by the tide of the times, love this year in Shanghai in the end what change? Small according to the latest search engine guidelines as well as some of their own experience summed up the three points:

    This year’s

    love Shanghai station start value factors, so only the optimization work station is done, your ranking will be ahead of time, how to optimize work station? Only the station work is more detailed and more in-depth. For example: the first page size can be compressed, second similarity annotate all website images, third page elements to set cache cycles and fourth page must control and so on, although the work is very tedious, but you must do, and we must do this, because of your little details it may give their ranking of great help. This can be.

    second changes: the chain platform user experience becomes especially important. Previously, the quality of the chain platform is judged by the activity to love Shanghai, if the user activity on the platform, then the platform included and weight will become very high, but starting today is no longer the case, this year’s love of Shanghai most of the attention is the user experience, if a based on the real user use rate is very low, the majority of users just released the chain of words, this love will not be to Shanghai before the attention is likely to decrease your permission.

    first change: love Shanghai determine the key point of the keywords ranking into turning rate, love Shanghai why? This is because the page rate can directly see the user is satisfied with the content of home, if the home show the contents of most people feel no help to them, then the user the turning rate is very high, the love of Shanghai will make corresponding adjustments according to the situation, until the user page becomes the lowest rate so far. This can prove that the ranking of the needs of users is the largest, the most satisfying.

    Fuzhou home decoration company ranked top secret method

    , a decoration company in Fuzhou home layout:

    four, Fuzhou decoration company content page layout:

    three, Fuzhou decoration company column page layout:

    3, do 301 redirect wlzscl贵族宝贝 jump to 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/, do URL weight

    2, the first screen must appear most in need of user demand content, general enterprise site 3-5 screen to be

    Shanghai Longfeng daily work must be done: competitors >

    1. First, according to user needs to develop the title page, and then focus on the title page of the navigation set;

    2, do not place unnecessary columns, column is not do not put the needs of users, can be set in the navigation product knowledge, such as Wikipedia quiz program;

    2, the content of readability must be high, beautiful and neat layout, the first point is to attract users of eyeball;

    ; !

    4 site: the above weight higher, on the left of the website’s content is very important;


    two, Fuzhou decoration company navigation settings:

    2, column page to top important content in this column is fixed, or an important position dedicated to important content, can help users find the first time to the content of

    The weight of

    1, column page content must be specific, around a theme to do not put other columns in the column content;

    1, the site layout should be clear, to understand the website weight distribution, according to user needs, is an important secondary to sequentially display;

    3, important program or content in an important fixed position;

    3, the navigation must be streamlined outline, important content must be put on the left;

    should be set inside chain 3, a content page, add related article, the content page ranking of some help;

    because many friends do not know how the site layout is in accordance with the needs of users, today Xiaobian to tidy up the website how to layout? So as to promote the ranking home decoration company in Fuzhou Shanghai dragon

    1, a content page of a subject, try to do illustrations, to address the needs of users (users);

    : many enterprises station to introduce the company on the second screen, the product is put in the center at the bottom, so the user product left without seeing serious impact on the conversion rate of the site.

    you can see Fuzhou decoration company 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/ recently increased the key ranking, certainly not the Shanghai dragon friends want to know why in a month, Shanghai is expected to flow to tens of hundreds of


    Class Quebec Mobile Internet Shanghai dragon to stationmaster opportunity

    PC in the end, in the past the search engine market is the treasure and love Shanghai occupied the market, so the main research direction is to optimize the baby was aristocratic natural search and love Shanghai natural search optimization.

    mobile Internet the latest development speed is very breathtaking, generally with the increasing popularity of the internet intelligent mobile phone, mobile Internet has become the future of the internet. The mobile Internet in Shanghai Longfeng work has become more and more important. But the mobile Internet search engine layout with the PC side of the search engine pattern is different.

    in the mobile Internet Shanghai Dragon

    The presence of According to the statistics of

    search engine company in the mobile Internet

    IOS system and Android Apple occupying the side of the mobile phone market, while in the two systems, Apple has voice search, so also for voice search for research. And we in the end when the usual PC type keywords because of the keyboard so try to enter multiple keywords to search, and in the mobile terminal because the input is not so easy, the user will generally enter keywords few characters or the speech recognition technology to enter the search, the mobile terminal IE browser. The UC browser has the function of the system itself also has this kind of speech recognition technology.

    mobile Internet in Shanghai dragon, in the love of Shanghai, also can be in a variety of software market, also can be in the micro-blog platform, Shanghai dragon presented diversified trend. But we still need to work on to get through the browser in Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

    PC end of Shanghai dragon

    webmaster friends, or Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, should pay attention to the mobile terminal of the Shanghai dragon, this is the future development trend of the future of Shanghai dragon, is currently a relatively large market opportunity.

    mobile Internet platform environment of Shanghai DragonBut now

    began to realize mobile Internet brings to Shanghai dragon ER

    from the concept of opportunity

    noble baby already has introduced specifically for the mobile Internet mobile phone web crawler crawler good noble baby bot-Mobile, "good" mobile phone crawlers crawl bot-Mobile nobility baby content will be important for improving the search experience for users to move. For example, the new web crawlers may perceive for good mobile phone and Expo optimize the content and design of the directory." Love, Shanghai had announced the optimization of mobile Internet white paper, YAHOO search engines arrangement which also began to "move first", we should care about the essential dynamic mobile Internet search tendency! At present, Google crawler was able to read 80% of some code Flash code, for HTML5, was not Flash>

    According to statistics Shanghai love to the optimization of WordPress speed

    Netcom 40

    Css Sprite can reduce 13 requests using the CSS sprite technology can reduce the number of requests

    DB Cache Reloaded: MySql use for a period of time there will be related data for hyperactivity (that is, the lack of data association) and the database optimization automatically.

    has been used as the preferred love Shanghai statistics statistical tools, compared to other tools the biggest advantage lies in the IP statistical accuracy, timeliness and high efficiency. But before always used the function of statistics and statistics of my WordPress blog. Today accidentally discovered the love Shanghai statistics have a website speed diagnosis function, and then combined with the statistical optimization of WordPress speed do love Shanghai. Enter the love of Shanghai, click on the speed of diagnosis, the initial diagnosis. After waiting for some time, my WordPress score rate is as follows:

    with the domain name can be reduced by 7 times for advice will merge only 1 resources to other domain name domain name

    to solve these problems, I take the method of manual and automatic plug-in to optimize the speed of WordPress, using the DB Cache plug-in: Reloaded, Hyper Cache, Wp Widget Cache, Gzip script, gzip. The role of

    analysis of excessive JS can reduce the 1 request proposed to retain the open speed statistical code faster

    page content size, design etc. plug-in respectively. The effect of

    1. network connection (4) open the page in the process of a total of 47 requests (34% of the number of requests, multi site) can save 22 connection speed

    the size of the picture there are 2 problems if the statement does not define the size of the picture, the page need to re render speed, affected by

    Hyper Cache: according to the dynamic web page to request to the server which leads to request time delay WordPress loading speed, the plug-in to the web to achieve static Html, reduce the request time >

    Telecom 60

    redirection can reduce 1 request to cancel a request redirection, means more than once, try not to use the redirect

    2. to open the page (2) user browser to open the page, affected by the WordPress speed

    JS 1 JS position on the last page, can accelerate the speed of opening page

    tools are my wordpress blog speed has a lot of very fine project, which has the following effects of speed can optimize local recommendations:

    Do five let us go further blog

    (1) blog must associated with work and life.

    whether or not we are engaged in Internet related work, have a suitable for your blog is a good thing, because we can also create their own reputation in the industry in the share at the same time, like many IT people in the job will put forward their own love for example blog, so for a blog is concerned, it is the success in the process of operation is that they have their own unique skills, like Moonlight blog, independent set up their own brands in the industry, will undoubtedly make many people know, even our days after the job will let us resume shine bright more color.

    in many webmaster in the construction of their own blog, usually selected and closely related to their own interests, for example, that a person is selling clothing, do blog is to lose weight as the theme, although this may bring good benefits to themselves, and the contents of this subject are not compared with their work and life experience to freedom, so we in the positioning of their own blog, choose a good domain name and space also has the skill of Oh, so in small series, the single theme yourself as a hobby or some experience sharing will make our blog has more to say.

    (three) looking for some fun from your blog.

    in many bloggers when blogging usually add some perception of their own in life or some trifles, Xiao Bian is doing, in small insist to blog two years of life, mood of the blog will not less than 100, there is time to share some of their own to do the experience of the station, things happen in life, reproduced some love words, love and also record my own www.name2012贵族宝贝 website ranking weight of ups and downs, sometimes introduce travel feeling, let the blog has a good atmosphere of life. These seemingly not very important.

    When the

    for independent blog site I believe we are not unfamiliar, such as Lu Songsong, Mou Changqing, said the Moonlight blog which is the only known as the representative of bo. Just a few days ago, Xiao Bian also saw a friend on his own blog called "blog development road", he felt the current number of blog is not very good, except that in adhere to the original Bowen, for the quality of the overall reading blog population is low, low viscosity, which undoubtedly we are facing the development of blog a hurdle, and we change an angle to think, if we only had to survive Bo for a year, so this time we will get rid of a lot of competitors. Because usually in the Bo which insisted on survival, is more important than characteristics. As for how to make our blog for thousands of miles, the survival time for a long time? Small sums up six points, here to share with you.

    (two) the blog as their own in the industry’s name card.

    Talk about the past, the black chain site now and in the future

    In fact, the definition of

    originally did not want to talk about this topic of the black chain, but yesterday in the post I mentioned the site was linked to the black chain, simply talk about this topic. There is no doubt that a black chain also belongs to the Shanghai dragon, but it belongs to black hat tactics. Only a short while ago, black chain is very popular in the Internet, this transaction is also very popular. The reason for all this, because it is the natural ranking on the site promotion effect is significant, and the cost is very cheap, has become the choice of many people. The passage of time, in recent years, the search engine algorithm is improved obviously, also for black chain has made some changes, black chain effect are now so good? I will be what I know, the black chain a thorough analysis, from the simple principle to now Shanghai Longfeng effect, and the "future", I will talk about.

    black chain and the chain is a pair of brothers, the name suggests is in the dark can not see the link, which is the search engine said hidden links. It is not difficult to obtain, also do not need to how high technology, as long as to get a FTP vulnerability scanning tool, then it will automatically go to scan the website loopholes, even on the chain. Although some people will say, my FTP password is very complex, the website program no loopholes, very diligent patching, normally do not see what the problem. But in fact, many website security measures do very place, such as the FTP password directly with the domain name that a few letters, so the domain name, the website of IP, then by "Mongolia" to find the password is not what difficult. In general, individual owners have done better in this regard, especially veterans, they are very Caution. But some novice webmaster is not pay attention to this problem, more serious is that many high weight site, such as the well-known industry station, education station and even GOV station, safety of their work can be said to be in a complete mess, coupled with high weight on edu and gov, is no wonder that they become hung black chain most people love the place. Even many professional people do the list of Shanghai Longfeng for others, in order to reduce the cost, optimize the website also spend money to buy black chain.

    hidden links is very obvious in the previous 09 years, I was the beginning of the second half of the business website, at that time because you know what the little hands did not have much money, to find someone to buy some black chain. I still remember very clearly, put up a PR6 industry large, the day began to clear the site included the remarkable growth, the role of the black chain. Owners in each group, and Shanghai dragon group, also often sell black chain of people at that time really propaganda, obviously. Just search engine is in progress, no matter this thing could not have been. Probably in the second half of 2010, according to the observation of love Shanghai, love Shanghai algorithm have no small change, we believe that on November that also remember to change it. From then on, the role of the black chain began to shrink, especially some.

    Shanghai Chinese how word segmentation of love

    string matching method in Shanghai in search of love: "I love playing pet Lianliankan" love in Shanghai ranked first in the long tail word title and search match, in the website of the case, to display the title, ". This article in the title of the long tail is very important in the ranking. In the second page "I love Shanghai love pets Lianliankan" view love Shanghai snapshot, obviously the long tail word has been divided into "I love, play, pet Lianliankan" and has been divided into the post: "I love playing, pet Lianliankan", this matching method is the less segmentation the way.

    two, understand the word segmentation method;


    most commonly used search engine:

    Chinese word: "in accordance with different length matching, can be divided into the largest (longest), and minimum (the shortest),"; the long tail word in the distance is determined the factors ranking. Such as: "I love playing pet Lianliankan" when love Shanghai thirteenth page has been the word "I, love, play, pet, again and again, see"

    There are three kinds of several segmentation methods

    love Shanghai for a word after word segmentation, but also remove the meaningless words in the sentence.

    match with the word will be higher than the separate words.

    statistic method: more adjacent words appear at the same time, it may appear to Chinese participle adjacent word as a word you. For example, in Shanghai love to enter a character in "network" and the "site" love Shanghai also marked red, so you can see that the "net" and "station" the number of the two adjacent characters appear very much, has the statistical segmentation "website" into the lexicon.


    according to their observation of love now most of Shanghai is the use of the positive match.

    In this paper, by 贵族宝贝idaus贵族宝贝/blog-6->

    technology Chinese search engine for the user to submit the query keywords, the search engine word according to certain specifications, with a long tail word segmentation Chinese will split into several parts, the main contents and general remarks, so that users can more quickly find the desired content.

    three, the statistic method.

    , a string matching; (word string matching is generally 3 kinds: 1. maximum matching method; 2. reverse maximum matching method; at least 3. segmentation)

    understand the word segmentation method: when a Chinese contains less than 3 character words of love will directly to the Shanghai word database indexing vocabulary input string; and when the length of the string > 4 Chinese character, love Shanghai in the word segmentation will be divided into a number of characters. Such as: "love Shanghai in search of electric vehicles".

    for Chinese love Shanghai word understanding:

    Shanghai dragon is not only the need of technology but a A fighting spirit soars aloft. team

    not only happy people happy, the real people who have the ability to make their ability to have no ability to copy, so as to reflect the charm of the team, and we do not lack the Shanghai dragon is the team with the tacit understanding. For the most basic example, it is hard for a person to do things, ten people easily completed, do Shanghai Longfeng too, now the heroic era has become the past, success is the real success, the success of the team is the real king, to know the task allocation. Let the team better fulfill the task, to promote the efficiency of higher rankings.

    original and wonderful and rich content will make the search engine with start from this point, every day by members of the editorial team to update the site information in this article, as long as the phenomenon is not afraid of not kind every day of the original search engine, do a line of the original topic for, to members of the media portal website submission soft, increase website exposure. Have the ability to write some serial novels, such as love, our love these hot and with the topic, on the one hand is to search engine, we are every day in the update, on the other hand is the most important, keep the user’s heart, as long as your article is wonderful, users will stay in your, and will continue to increase, so the editorial group nature of this piece of work is extremely important.


    The finale of The first group: editor Group Forum

    a team cannot do without a good leader, must first detailed understanding of each member’s disposition, the most important is to tap their potential to stimulate their interest, develop their thinking, their working enthusiasm for the Shanghai dragon to strengthen unity and cooperation, wisdom, courage, invincible! The specific division said Shanghai dragon, can be divided into three groups, and does not rank.

    group: Shanghai dragon monitoring group

    Shanghai dragon group is mainly responsible for the work of three parts, optimization, maintenance and monitoring of the 1. key: Links exchange website won the high quality links and improve visibility, using the related query tool, the website keyword query lifting, the reasons for the decline and rising reason, reason analysis report after the implementation of the programme made the. The number of 2. every day to love Shanghai included, love Shanghai snapshots

    powerful navy will flood the Internet, that is to let our time we fly into with the internet. China forum have thousands on thousands of, choose the most popular forum for the promotion, provided by the editorial team, each big forum to publish, overwhelming, and good relations with the moderator, get a happy and harmonious essence, or recommend the stick is the responsibility of the time. Actively release or participate in the forum activities, such as playing some buildings, sweepstakes, essay these can be strong to show our website. Find a group to set the BBS text signature hair to the hair of the chain, grab the sofa, grab before the love of Shanghai included to give back, grab the first person to do the forum.

    second group:

    Shanghai dragon Er website always remember a topic easier to obtain ranking and user trust

    want to have ranking, have to do a lot of the high quality of the chain in the early stage, such as the long tail word ranking is easy, we can do it in a short period of time, so we can do the search engine page. In the second algorithm, that is the user experience, if your website user experience excellent, so it is easy to let the search engine to make your website is a good website. The natural ranking promotion, if you do want to use the core keywords, the chain of the core keywords rushed to the first two pages, because only the first two pages can enjoy the click principle. So it will spend a lot of time, but my site is completely taken the initiative of long tail keywords. Weight loss drug list such words were brought up, I frankly should be one of the word weight loss drug list of the anchor text chain is not done, all by the long tail word drives the word to the weight loss drug list page.

    just do what kind of benefits? Long tail keywords extended out from the core keywords is very easy to get ranked, after all, the competition is not very long tail keywords. This will bring an effect, it is the long tail keywords will bring your website core keywords ranking. If your website user experience excellent, so it would be easy to let the search engine think you are a high quality website. The author once wrote an article "the website keywords ranking well separate and can save a lot of time". Because of your website if there is the long tail word ranking, it will let you know the first search engine website user experience. Why? Because there are two sets of search engine algorithm, the first set of algorithm is the ranking algorithm of the chain, second sets of user experience algorithm.

    So a new The latest

    I make up a station in less than two months the term weight loss drug list do love Shanghai home. So many people asked me to do it, see you outside of the chain is not good, the site behind the chain is much stronger than you, you also not how website template or a default, is not what the black hat gimmick. Often hear someone asked me this question, I would like to tell you what is the point of the station’s most successful today. I declare definitely did not use what means black hat, I think the point is the most successful Title success.

    ‘s success lies in the theme of the site is only one, that is the weight loss drug list, all the words are extended around the word. For example, Taobao weight loss drug list, 2012 weight loss drug list, slimming top ten and so on, I have done all these keywords is the extension of key words. What kind of effect? You can check the relevant search, if it appears in the search related words and words in the title of your site is extremely Related words or exactly the same thing, in terms of relevance you better than your competitors. Others may want to spend much effort, so you just spent five minutes.

    The title of

    we may at present on this website is only one theme no >

    Shanghai Longfeng chain innovation and imitation is the kingly way

    3, portal blog add anchor text and link in the published article, the home page to add Links. Love Shanghai, but need to be used carefully, the risk of abuse has been K. Blogs focus on raising, can spread the thinking in a while, let the blog free to you and the friends of the chain, some people will feel honored, this is very simple, because many people don’t know what it does. The effect is very good.

    there are many thieves procedures will also collecting space, I love Shanghai space more than 100 articles were all collected together, the anchor text collection, can think of the number of the chain was huge.

    4, in the forum post replies. Mainly to see the signature of this type of forum between looking for a high weight of the anchor text can hair, there is a government forum. Ps: go to the irrigation district irrigation district, we can not Er Shanghai dragon network garbage maker. With the good quality of the article, make a top, go to find strong stick back door, such as: MM and moderator chat interact, cyber source is the need to accumulate. But now the effect is not very good, a little thankless feeling ~

    1, exchange links. A way to increase the chain is very good, you can find a chain through the forum or QQ group Friends of the chain platform, or through forums and groups to find the best, remember: friendship link principle. Friends of the chain platform mostly do outside the chain, sell more.

    first introduced:

    2, in response to comments and blog add links, the effect is good. At the same time is also a good way to promote, not simple chain, can increase the friendship interaction network. Check whether the target of no follow, and to review article, others see that you are here to play soy sauce, will visit you, cannot get directly to your Spam.

    yesterday finally put A5 on the outside of the chain from the first 07 years and now nearly more than 500 articles in the browse time. I think to write about increase the site outside the chain of articles, to help the masses still linger on how to increase the chain of Shanghai dragon er. Break the chain Limited, a change of thinking with chains to perhaps more simple. Following into the subject:

    following the last article "Shanghai dragon chain one strategy: keep good portal blog!" was published, many novice skills plus my QQ consultation about how the chain is increasing rapidly. Plainly, the increase of the chain way then several, also can say the increase of the chain in many ways, the key lies in the imitation and innovation of individuals, to find the best picture best gourd, gourd.

    , a laborious

    6, the network bookmarks, like Shanghai, Cape of Good Hope and so on collection, QQ bookmark. No > Quality

    The two forms of the chain increased

    5, friends of the chain platform and the classification of information release or yellow pages. There are many online collection, some platform weight is quite high, good quality. Love Shanghai for classification of information and the more popular pages, do more, but not bad.