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    Online shop a hard work a harvest

    front seven wrote online shop from "0" to "10000" method, many sellers especially novice sellers are skeptical about seven. In fact, I have in front of the Taobao unspoken rules mentioned in the past, Taobao’s reputation system to a large extent determines the Taobao shop business.

    I just joined Taobao in 05 years when the business is doing well, even if you don’t use much the commodity characteristics, the quality is not so good, but every few sales is not a problem, then do not spend money on advertising, do not hurry to the forum posting increase shop the exposure, when everything comes too easy.

    the passage of time, 4 years for the Taobao site change is no longer just change their powerful. Lack of customer traffic turns into a lack of sales skills. More and more people dig gold on Taobao. At this time to occupy the Taobao is the intention to do online shop promotion. Continue to put money into Taobao ad. A little slack, sales will fall. More experience is global in various forums and free information release website posting replies. There is no time to rest, every day to keep at the computer or go to the factory to get goods, the only holiday a year is the courier company that day holiday.

    now I think the crown sellers should have this kind of experience, one day without sales will rush can’t sleep sleep, the high cost of advertising where to go looking for? And seven have been worried about Taobao’s online shop can fire long, when one day this way of selling not be welcome. We rely on the survival of taobao.com sellers and the

    decide on what path to follow?

    have to pay will be rewarded, novice sellers if you want to break out of a piece of heaven and earth in Taobao, first of all to give up the idea that you make money, spend more time in the promotion of the shop.

    article by www.bafangwang.com on the first A5, reproduced please specify

    Jingdong layout of the rural market will open 500 stores in the year

    at the end of last year in Hebei, Zhaoxian County opened the first Jingdong to help service stores, Jingdong and the county market out of the county service center". Jingdong said yesterday that there are hundreds of county-level service centers into the rural market, and is expected this year there will be more than 500 county-level service centers spread across the country continue to sink channels.

    day before, many Jingdong group in the County Service Center opened in Jiangsu Province, Suqian City, Hunan Province, Changsha County, Sichuan Province, Yilong County, Shandong Province Pingdu city. The service center is generally located in the downtown area of the county, with an area of about 150 square meters.

    Jingdong responsible person explained, "with the help of Jingdong service shop main service appliance business is different, the" comprehensive County Service Center "is stronger, can be said to be the Jingdong distribution station upgrade edition, by the Jingdong to operate independently. In addition to providing customers with orders, distribution, display and other services, the main responsibilities of the County Service Center also includes recruiting and training rural promoters. According to reports, Jingdong will recruit tens of thousands of rural promoters to provide farmers with aftermarket, financial services. Not long ago, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong together with the "small loan" the father of Yunus station, the Jingdong announced cooperation with the Grameen Bank for China rural financial model of the internet.

    Jingdong group vice president Wang Zhijun introduction, the Jingdong will create a "County Center" network system this year, "the service center is not only the extension of the logistics terminals, through rural promotion, the Jingdong will also provide marketing services, customer service service for rural consumers, microfinance, rural financial services."

    Since last year,

    proposed channel sink strategy, Jingdong started in the rural market offensive, not only in the hundred lower tier city completed 8000 whitewashing advertising, will also "Caravan" to the countryside. Last year’s marketing initiatives for rural consumers have knowledge of Jingdong, Jingdong this year the channel sink into the stage of practical operation, the Jingdong entity stores, logistics and finance% entered the lower line of the city and countryside. Liu Qiangdong said the day before, this year the Jingdong will continue last year’s strategy, which is one of the key strategic channel sink. Wang Zhijun is mentioned, 2015 is the Enlightenment of the rural electricity supplier years, Jingdong to use "County Service Center" mode to move the permafrost.

    in the industry view, the electricity supplier enterprises increasingly fierce competition in the rural market. Last year, the Jingdong began to compete with ALI county market, Alibaba held a number of magistrate conference, shaping the "Taobao village", and the Jingdong will use the self built logistics, self mining sales system and supply chain management mode of the rapid penetration of rural market.

    Electricity providers to take the wind to get through the winter

    recently, multiple channels of news shows, Suning has a number of domestic vertical B2C enterprise shares and again negotiate the acquisition scheme, sequence of main high-end clothing brand Martha Marceau Ning in the Soviet Union in mergers and acquisitions. Internet rumors, Martha Marceau and Suning reached a preliminary intention, has entered the stage of mergers and acquisitions due diligence, not surprisingly, Suning will acquire Martha Marceau. This is after the acquisition of Suning red children another acquisition event, Suning is large-scale distribution of vertical business operations; and last week, in addition to a B2C platform CEO mall giant Jingdong Liu Qiang once boasted, the second half of this year, a large number of commercial enterprises will collapse, and the Jingdong will also expand the scale of the acquisition. The acquisition has become the mainstream business enterprise now, major companies attempting to use the bought electricity supplier in winter. 2012 is the business enterprise and the year of decline and nirvana, in this era, there are many companies will fall in the winter, there will be more enterprises through winter, or by some enterprises winter rise, each of which may have, but for now the electricity supplier, how is the strategic security through the winter the key, but now two large enterprises from the action point of view, seems to become a means of acquisition, why content to the acquisition, the author summarized four reasons:

    (a) to expand the size of the acquisition to attract VC

    VC now for the electricity supplier investment many cautious than before, before a small application or small business enterprise will be high valuation, resulting in a lot of enterprise value and the ideal result is very different, this kind of business failures or still losses, investors’ money can lead to increasingly cautious. And a lot of investors and founder of the recent problems caused by the enterprise is not a problem, the more cautious. Behind the acquisition is to give confidence to investors, companies have bigger and stronger ambitions, companies need to send out signals to attract VC investment.

    (two) product line

    most of the development of the electricity supplier companies are extensive development, regardless of talent, logistics, distribution, products and so on, is not a sound product system in the electricity supplier during the winter is the most vulnerable. Today I see about where the products improve the old customer, Miss listed, but welcome is the perfect product system where customers, ranging from problems accumulated was found before treatment, then the treatment is not easy. For electricity supplier companies, improve the product system is fundamental to the development of enterprises, the use of resources to maximize the enterprise, the enterprise has more capital in the electricity supplier in the winter to survive the strong.

    (three) acquisition of business enterprise to create

    why the business enterprise purchase will attract so much attention, is a part of Suning is Chinese retail giant, Jingdong is China large B2C companies, but some more important is that many people are concerned about the development of the electricity supplier, the development prospects of the industry engaged in the field of electricity providers know is promising, but no touch direction is now mostly exists, not to mention the recent remarks more electricity supplier winter >

    Foreigners outside the box make money online 9 killer


    if the world economic crisis makes you panic, then please do not continue to despair. If you are good at discovering, the Internet will be a place full of opportunities for you. The following list will show you the right direction. None of the following ideas can make you a full-time income, but they can give you extra income.

    if you have any good suggestions, please share with us in the comments.

    1, hands on site

    buy the site and then sell it to earn the difference, has become a good way to make money. Site transactions and real estate transactions, it is still relatively stable. There are a lot of people in this way to earn amateur income.

    2, design competition

    more and more smart companies are changing their minds, they offer a reward through the Internet, organized a design competition to get the results of professional quality. For web designers, this competition offers a steady stream of potential customers. If your work won the bid, there will be a lot of money reward.

    3, original works

    It’s not easy for

    to find a full-time creator, but selling the work you create free of work (such as text, audio, video, images, etc.) gives you extra income.

    4, the sale of goods

    It’s not likely that you will be able to become a millionaire overnight, but by doing so, it will be a reality to earn extra money in tough economic times,

    said. We have some idle things in life, no longer need anything even has never been used before, we can sell them on the eBay shopping site, it will get some extra income. Because, after all, a person’s garbage may be another person’s treasure!

    5, design t-shirt

    if you are a good designer, you can try t-shirt design in Threadless. Winning entries will receive $2000 in cash, $500 worth of T-shirts and a Threadless winner’s honor.

    6, the product named

    if you are not a designer, you can also make money on the internet. NameThis is a contest website where users can name a new product or service on the site. If your name is chosen by the company, you will receive an income.

    , 7 part-time jobs

    some websites are jobs information, they can allow enterprises to easily outsource. These tasks are often simple, but not

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    Google AdSense launched a new ad to improve the user experience

    Google expands AdSense project

    Beijing on March 6th news according to foreign media reports, the Internet search giant Google Corporation said on Wednesday, will explain how to use the AdSense project in the advertisement expansion unit to advertisers, and how to locate scalable advertising content, and gradually expand its AdSense project.

    Google said that these AdSense can be used as an extension of the expansion of static advertising banner advertising or advertising segment, or can cover a large area of the site below the screen. However, the company stressed that such scalable advertising is different from other types of annoying ads, these can be extended to the ads will not be discussed advertising content or just a simple mouse hovers over the content, users must get more advertising contents by clicking on the ads can.


    users may have to experience many of the existing scalable advertising is very annoying, but Google clearly pointed out that more attention to the details of the display of movie trailers, clips, video games or other needs of the picture, use the new AdSense project format for advertisers and users are very valuable. Google also said that if advertisers have already added the AdSense code to the original code of the company’s Web site, they will automatically be eligible to use their extended advertising unit and enable image ads. Google also pointed out that the program is currently only applicable to the specific advertising ad specific U.S. advertisers.

    Google reminds its advertisers that they have two options to choose from: pay per click advertising (CPC), or pay per view advertising (CPM). Only when the user clicks into the advertiser’s target page, click on pay (CPC) to expand the advertising section will generate revenue, not just when the user clicks on the expansion of advertising revenue. At the same time, Google has established a FAQ page to provide more relevant information to advertisers. In addition, Google also said that the Google AdSense project on the expansion of advertising does not make its revenue soaring, but because they need to expand the interaction with the user, of course, Google is unlikely to lead to hostility from consumers.

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    Entrepreneurship is not so difficult to walk!

    started from the University, so many years, there are many different projects, but are not really successful, often reflect on their own, why so hard, also have some success, why is not successful


    remember the first time to do the stamp business, when the communication is not so developed, writing is the only way to communicate between the two people. A first-class postage stamp price is 0.20 yuan, I from the stamp market price of 0.12 yuan to buy, then the price of 0.15 yuan to distribute to all the small stall distribution, also do some retail in the campus. At that time all sales after the checkout, I find a total of more than and 20 booths, each booth Zhang ranging from 2000~500, the only back half of the cost, which a large number of stamps that stall after a couple of weeks magically disappear.

    many of my classmates said that I was too naive, "how can you believe what the owner? No deposit back so many goods, white pick up cheap who would not account for?" now think it is, I always thought that the credit of all people are like me.

    second small business also ended in failure, nearly Christmas that year, I strongly feel the opportunity came, I must take my chance to earn the first capital of life. I got ten thousand balloons, find a few students to help sell, each balloon costs 0.1 yuan, 5.00~10.00 yuan price to sell, the profit is very lucrative, if all sold to I can earn at least 50 thousand yuan! It only takes two days to Christmas Eve and Christmas


    I’ve got 5 helpers to hire at $300 a day, and I’ll pay $600 per person to motivate them. Finally until the arrival of Christmas Eve, we have a line of 6 people came to the bustling city lots. Started selling very smoothly, almost two or three seconds to sell a. When we are happy when the inspectors came, we escape, the balloon was confiscated more than 5 thousand. Finally, we continue to guerrilla warfare in the form of some, but after the city’s warning, the speed is far less than before. Finally came back a business accounting, a total of 4052 yuan, to remove the labor costs of $3000, the cost of 1000 yuan, I earned only $52!

    classmates laugh at me again.

    then there are several entrepreneurs, to earn after compensation, are all in vain.

    years after graduation, I have been planning to start again. I heard the cosmetics profits, I do a lot of Market Research on cosmetics, in order to get first-hand information, I to the cosmetics wholesale market, help wholesalers tally, carry goods, regardless of pay. Gradually, the market will know me, in their eyes, I think is a hard-working and helpful boy. Sometimes, when I come home, I’ll help more shop owners to give me some change. Of course, he is also very happy to answer my questions.

    from their mouth, I gradually understand the daily use >