How to do the love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai Dragon

3. readings try to fill in the authoritative website.

needs to be emphasized, in your description of a product, must stand in the industry point of view, the official words, very authoritative Encyclopedia of love. Don’t use a large segment of the subjective nature of advertisements, even if it can be passed, there were also reports that would likely rival, naught.

3. description must be objective.

I was in 2011 May because the promotion of company’s products, can contact the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, perhaps the real operation is 1-2 months later, only maintenance, the entry position has been very in front, here I will take me to do product as an example, what I do is Wikipedia entry.

in reading the materials, at least you have to fill out a "

is one of the techniques, can make other products simple describe their products is described, we can refer to the glass brick and hollow brick.

Shanghai Longfeng people know, now love Shanghai alone big, almost all the keywords home is love Shanghai products. Among them, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love position is unshakable, because the entries have a certain authority, especially high so love Shanghai gives it a circle, basically as long as you complete an entry, a few months or will be ranked in the first word outside except promotion. So, do Shanghai Longfeng people have a preference for Wikipedia entries, try to write a word.

now love Shanghai entry too much, we can think of the word basically are created, so we have to do is to edit your entries. Before editing an entry, the basic properties of the first analysis of an entry, for example, I do products of glass brick, for a product, the most basic is to analyze its composition, specifications, performance and technology, and so on, there are at least 5 categories, how.

understand the basic attributes, to assign properties to him, need to pay attention to is the product category, because a product category is not only your products, such as glass brick, my product is hollow glass brick, in addition, there are glass tile and glass mosaic, therefore, in order to lead you the product, but also need to add these 2 products, so it is perfect, or others so perfect, you’re screwed.

2. is the entry attribute allocation, improve the catalogue.

is very simple?

I always tell my friends, to make the entry must be careful, especially now the entry has developed very perfect, basic opportunistic can not pass, and you one means to further improve the chance to the opponent, if the opponent improve a complex version, then you basically have what chance to make you the version, even after you change, the other can claim back.

1. to understand the basic attributes of an entry.

This is the

Class Quebec Mobile Internet Shanghai dragon to stationmaster opportunity

PC in the end, in the past the search engine market is the treasure and love Shanghai occupied the market, so the main research direction is to optimize the baby was aristocratic natural search and love Shanghai natural search optimization.

mobile Internet the latest development speed is very breathtaking, generally with the increasing popularity of the internet intelligent mobile phone, mobile Internet has become the future of the internet. The mobile Internet in Shanghai Longfeng work has become more and more important. But the mobile Internet search engine layout with the PC side of the search engine pattern is different.

in the mobile Internet Shanghai Dragon

The presence of According to the statistics of

search engine company in the mobile Internet

IOS system and Android Apple occupying the side of the mobile phone market, while in the two systems, Apple has voice search, so also for voice search for research. And we in the end when the usual PC type keywords because of the keyboard so try to enter multiple keywords to search, and in the mobile terminal because the input is not so easy, the user will generally enter keywords few characters or the speech recognition technology to enter the search, the mobile terminal IE browser. The UC browser has the function of the system itself also has this kind of speech recognition technology.

mobile Internet in Shanghai dragon, in the love of Shanghai, also can be in a variety of software market, also can be in the micro-blog platform, Shanghai dragon presented diversified trend. But we still need to work on to get through the browser in Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

PC end of Shanghai dragon

webmaster friends, or Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, should pay attention to the mobile terminal of the Shanghai dragon, this is the future development trend of the future of Shanghai dragon, is currently a relatively large market opportunity.

mobile Internet platform environment of Shanghai DragonBut now

began to realize mobile Internet brings to Shanghai dragon ER

from the concept of opportunity

noble baby already has introduced specifically for the mobile Internet mobile phone web crawler crawler good noble baby bot-Mobile, "good" mobile phone crawlers crawl bot-Mobile nobility baby content will be important for improving the search experience for users to move. For example, the new web crawlers may perceive for good mobile phone and Expo optimize the content and design of the directory." Love, Shanghai had announced the optimization of mobile Internet white paper, YAHOO search engines arrangement which also began to "move first", we should care about the essential dynamic mobile Internet search tendency! At present, Google crawler was able to read 80% of some code Flash code, for HTML5, was not Flash>

The content of the website is protection registration login to view the content is cheating

Figure 2: open the price column page, click on the red box "view price", pop-up haven’t become members of the site, need to register or login to view the content of price. This does not need to examine the direct purchase of services to see the price.

some time ago in a region of Shanghai Longfeng party, a webmaster put forward such a question, said: "this is probably the price data of this module on the website, the contents of this module is to protect, a part of the content only need to login to view, another part of the contents of the user even login but did not purchase the corresponding service, price data of this content is no way to see. Then, some do Shanghai Dragon God completely to the search engine data suggest that we open this. In fact, I also wondered whether to open the data, if you do not open will be search engine that is cheating? "


on this issue, the core is: the price of the content, is open to the user or not open to users? Of course, if the price data is a commercial secret, webmaster can let user login registration after the purchase, but the quality of the content should be strict. On the other hand, suggest that this piece of data content open. So, before this, love Shanghai released "love Shanghai" search engine quality white paper "has given the quality optimization suggestions that part of webmaster have been improved, but there are many websites exist such phenomena, such as: the content must be registered before they can view, must install the plug-in to obtain the complete contents and charges to see or download content etc.. In fact, such behavior, A5 webmaster and Shanghai dragon team to customers in time are often found in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis. So, what does not belong to cheating? Or affect the quality of web pages today? A5 marketing issue and communicate with you:


we look at the case diagram:


is directly open, that requires the user to enter the username and password and login to view the content, no free registration. Results after registration need open trial account within one working day, this very miserable.

see two pictures above, the author made a small investigation, there are many owners think: price information is nothing more than a day price, not worth the money these prices can be free and open on the site. There are owners think: user experience needs to be based on user value, and the value of the link the user needs and business value, if the blind pursuit of the user experience and ignore the commercial value, the search engine will put up the shutters. The search engine may have put up the shutters? This part of the webmaster belittling love Shanghai search engine. Of course, there are that: to do with the hidden text is the same reason, need to > threshold

Figure 1:

On the standardization of the web site ranking function

search engine optimization is not simply content with the chain, there is.

this is not the standard of the URL to the webmaster, more URL spread the weight, is not conducive to search engine rankings; the waste of resources, waste of bandwidth.


4. programmer communication, try to avoid non-standard URL.

2. if the website is not easy to implement a 301 redirect, use URL instead of absolute relative URL (in fact I think any time should use the absolute address).

Google Shanghai Longfeng webmaster may know canonical tag, this is the noble baby, YAHOO and Microsoft jointly issued a new label used to solve the canonicalization problems, for example: < link; rel=" canonical" href=" 贵族宝贝 www.admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110206/312523.shtml" /> then the code in web search engine as standard the URL for the page, then different URL other search engines will be automatically redirected to the 301 page, the 301 is to search engine, and turn to page not really. Here I do not want to talk about love, because Shanghai does not support this tag.

canonicalization? A typical case is not standardized. With or without 3W 3W pages and indexed by search engines, causing the site rankings do not come up for a long time, especially the love of Shanghai, many novice will encounter this problem. Standard URL refers to the same content but not the same as URL, and the standardization of the site is on a page only a URL pointing to it. Here are a standard. Example:

3. standard URL, such as DEDE.

What is

with 3W and not to the 3W page, it is recommended to DNS without 3W to take on the 3W domain name (Google Google administrator tool is very easy to implement, a large number of online tutorials.

This is a snapshot of

A5 website article. Refers to the 2 different URL page is URL. Just as like as two peas. The above is the use of a visit from the member center of URL, following a visit from the list of articles is the use of URL. I also want CHINAZ, access the same article using URL from the member center and common article list is unified. For some small sites, perhaps there is no such problem, but some large functional sites is the emergence of such a situation.

how to solve this problem?For 1.


CMS system using

Said Eric and masamaso that vertical B2C Tao and Zhong Yuan

back to the vertical, many vertical electricity providers have a dream, that is the scale of the development, think the bigger is certainly can do better, some want to do second Jingdong, from a category to blossom everywhere, and then do the market and scale up, unfortunately, hard to appear second a Jingdong store. However, when I saw the Jingdong store, don’t see other ideas? The original Jingdong is not focus on their own industry, do the market front, digital products, this is much of a market that, with genuine licensed + logistics, attracted many people’s eyes. Then under the main brand trend, integrated electricity supplier, and then step by step to develop their own territory, when we talk about the Jingdong, may think he is digital, as everyone knows, this is already in the past, now is a digital and other categories. Comprehensive, comprehensive, hold, can open up other territories.

and initial moment, a comprehensive platform, is a main trend to slow life website, when we bought the first moment, it seems difficult to continue vertical electricity supplier, 2012, 2013, the vertical electricity supplier is still constantly exploring their own way, what to make vertical B2C so sad a road, walk continuously, in the end what will happen? And listen to the talk about these things

pictures from the network ?

so, summarize the above sentence, vertical, go15, as a field of elaborate is the biggest challenge to a web site, when Taobao double 12 advocate when we do small beauty shop, I think a lot of people feel right, secret agents, for many years before they know. But did not affect many people, when the Internet now is growing, when giants continue to tap their own advantages, have a variety of platforms, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, these giant powerful traffic advantages took a group of a group of users, you can also have what reason not to take the research in their own field.

Where the customer

take vip贵族宝贝 as an example, the original position is a luxury online shopping, at the same time already serves network, Fifth Avenue, the LuxeHome network etc.. The reason why vip贵族宝贝 can still result from talent shows itself in the vertical field of intensive and meticulous farming, from the luxury online shopping transformation in the low-end brand purchase flash mode, deep vertical >

vertical B2C, the vertical, when most of the time, we were asked to make the industry’s top three, we continue to tap their own potential, but eventually lost their direction, what makes your eyes can not see the way? Money, scale, and the scale of financing finally, expanding the scale, the network group purchase is to use such a model, let the spring breeze everywhere, but so far, how many network group purchase through such a trend? A lot of network group purchase were closed, if not so ambitious, but in stages, perhaps, now the group purchase and is a different story.

Discussion on how to master the webmaster Shanghai ranked the secret of love

sites: correlation and correlation between the chain content relevance, the theme of the site. We will be related to the content into a combination of related topics, then these topics combined into a relevant column, finally the relevant column consists of a web site. And then when to update the site whether it is original or false original, and is the best site theme related content, the contents of this search engine is very love. The last is the correlation of the chain, external links are important factors in Shanghai Longfeng, basically every webmaster want and their related station Links, we do in the chain the other PR value is not the main reference standard, the main factor is the end station and your site or not.

two, website keywords and content innovation of

Three, the user experience of

love Shanghai ranking rules, has been gradually approaching the excellent state of search engine technology, and the ultimate goal of all search engines are: user experience. In our domestic search engine as a new type of advertising media has not reached a very mature stage, we advanced the search engine technology has not yet reached the level of foreign search engine technology

for the new website, we need to do is try to avoid fierce competition in the field, to your site – some other website does not have content, it is best to create a website category, and then through time to accumulate experience, when the owners of a better understanding of the content of innovative website after you. You can not according to the online website or not online content to your website content innovation, so that your competitors website is less developed, will be easier than other sites.

Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated to more scientific and precise, love Shanghai ranking rules, has been gradually approaching the excellent state of search engine technology, we have the love of Shanghai is getting better, you can take time for change is the million, as long as we have love in Shanghai the ranking of the rules, you can in the website ranking competition to grasp the initiative, what is the love of Shanghai ranked

rules? !

we can search words through love Shanghai index, love Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai and know some of the web pages to be extended of Lenovo, found many innovative keywords!…… The more you think about it more deeply, you think more widely, you contact the word enough, you can get the keywords innovation enough, keywords innovation is very competitive

, a website of the correlationIncluding the correlation between

each do stand webmaster want to grasp the love Shanghai’s secret, but the love of Shanghai’s algorithm has been constantly updated, always uncertain, that we can let the webmaster how to do stand love Shanghai love, to have a good and stable ranking

?In fact, love

Do the bidding promotion is successful key creative


so I asked the bidding friends, why write creative friend? The answer is very simple: to attract customers. Do the bidding is different from the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon if the optimization rule does not accord with no title, but also because of the conversion; bidding advantage, so in the title can be arbitrary, but this photo to attract customers to consult? Of course users will consult, but at least not creative to seize the user’s heart, and even some friends know how to write creative, direct reference to do naked advertising, like "so they write, I write it."



I think, do the bidding promotion is successful, the key to creativity, may wish to look at the decoration industry many decoration company is how to write creative, see below:

so, how to write a bid to promote the creative and decoration >?

a few days ago received a call from a friend’s phone decoration company to work, in addition to being outside, more is how to better do the bidding promotion on the Internet, the friend in charge of the decoration company search engine for promotion, but the effect is not good, the auction money got out of the money, but no shadow. I believe it is a problem in most enterprises do the bidding, bidding into money, not to vote without consulting, wandering between do and not to do, want to do promotion on the Internet today, many people are aiming for promotion, quick, promotion effect is good, but so many do the bidding, smooth do the bidding and some

why most bids are not good, I think the big reason stems from the creative writing, to do the bidding in the company’s specialist, many big advantages to Shanghai dragon, but also want to do too much, Shanghai dragon put the rankings do go up, at least the boss, but the boss do the bidding for the money, to is more money, rather than that as easy as blowing off dust and ranking, so here advise the Shanghai dragon friend, don’t think to do the bidding, Shanghai Longfeng re ranking, bidding weight conversion, work and ideas are not the same. Is the friends, only to find the original auction so hard, then look at what they do the bidding website, that the only problem is the creative writing.

from the figure we can see, in the decoration industry, the top three are basically self hi creative activities we do! We preferred, stand a few million! Such ideas can be used in any industry, but also applies to the cooperation intention of users, Internet users do not see to have intention the cooperation of users, for users, as already immune, unable to grasp the pain points and needs of the user, what is the Internet to understand the decoration decoration? Market knowledge, to see the effect of map, find a suitable own budget decoration company, when you see here since hi ideas will have little to boast tend to feeling? A user routine psychological play.

Four problems of traditional manufacturing industry in Shanghai Longfeng widespread

Question two:

traditional enterprises to consider the development of network marketing, so the new or old website website. This is a necessary step to carry out originally no ground for blame, network marketing. But you will find many websites rush on-line, inside is not perfect. There are several shows: product pictures are not unified, the missing or not detailed, plate missing content and so on. Not to say whether the site has Shanghai Longfeng layout optimization, website content is not perfect already gave visitors a very friendly experience. This website made Shanghai Longfeng and >


problem: lack of knowledge of one-sided understanding of Shanghai dragon

many traditional manufacturing enterprises in the traditional sales channel development bottleneck, seeking network marketing channel. So, the traditional manufacturing industry has become the main force in today’s Shanghai Longfeng demand, Shanghai dragon is the hottest most effective and cheap mode of network marketing. But, in my contact some of the traditional manufacturing industry boss, found them in the development process of Shanghai dragon, more or less there are some problems and doubts. Today I combined with his experience, the four big problems introduce the traditional manufacturing industry exists in Shanghai to carry out the dragon.

site is not blindly carry out marketing

this is my most of the problems, many traditional enterprises in Shanghai to carry out the dragon, with particular emphasis on the site outside of things, often ignore the site itself is really play a leading role. In fact, in Shanghai to carry out the dragon before the need to have a professional analysis and positioning of their website, understand the site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in the possible issues, how to deal with the optimization effect in order to achieve better, now the site is suitable for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the user experience is OK and so on. The site itself is not ready, the effect will be greatly reduced to Shanghai dragon, and produce many adverse factors.

most of the small traditional manufacturing industry of Shanghai dragon bosses lack basic knowledge, only one-sided understanding keywords in the search engine rankings. I have been in contact with a boss, I know nothing about Shanghai Longfeng, help him in the Shanghai dragon in the whole process of special anguish, all day to ask this keywords how not to go ah? What time to go ah? End more than a month quit. Shanghai dragon is a difficult process, according to the key words will generally require 3 to 6 months, if the new station will be longer.

strongly recommends that: enterprise in Shanghai Longfeng optimization must be decided to carry out, professional or company analysis and positioning professional on the site itself, do not blindly carry out Shanghai dragon.

three: website construction or revision hastily launched promotion

strongly recommends that: enterprises in Shanghai decided to carry out the optimized dragon boss, to understand Shanghai Longfeng knowledge through the network, books or related training. This will promote the Shanghai dragon optimization.

Empty fox was single jump behind the investment venture capital competition accelerated contract mec

in 2017, that is, to grasp the general trend, if you do not grasp this big trend is good, your investment performance to reflect the very difficult. What are you going to do while you are on the big trend? Since 2017 is characteristic of volatility, you may have a good harvest in 2017 if you are going to make a basic strategy of fluctuation.

however, signed the agreement does not hit the phenomenon does not exist in recent years it is particularly obvious, in addition to not fight, and even signed the agreement of the divestment case, such as the beginning of an open letter to declare the entrepreneurial crisis "sing", the reason is financing encountered "jump".

is the biggest year for changes in the world’s major economies. Simply speaking, the new president, the game is no doubt a series of policies to begin, the at least one risk should pay particular attention to, every day in the media headlines, a lot of things scare you with me, what results do not know, at least every day will have a new message, which is the main the source of causing huge fluctuations in the market, the new president of the United States is the first.

third the situation in Asia is not particularly good, there is a lot of content that expand on. Japan seems neither dead nor alive for so many years, in fact, Abe economics basically no chance of winning, the final result must be in a complete mess.

from the point of view of global investment, I now have a basic judgment on the tasks ahead of me. 2017 is a turning year and may be the most difficult year for investment.

this issue involves "love" and "reason" in two aspects, Sina Technology in this regard to a number of investment institutions and professional equity lawyers to solicit opinions and views.


founder Yu Xiaodan said in the empty fox readme, entrepreneurs do not abide by the agreement may be punished in accordance with the agreement, but investors do not play money without restraint, and if the resort to the law, on the one hand may be time-consuming, the entrepreneurial count every minute and second time into protracted lawsuit; on the other hand is venture capital "unspoken rule", once the public rent, are likely to be regarded as "thorn", will encounter in the future financing of venture capital "unspoken rule".

no one knows what Trump will do, the European elections are changing the situation, and China and Japan in Asia and Korea are also faced with many uncertainties. Capital markets are also doomed to be peaceful. Three major trends will be reversed. Their changes will bring unpredictable shocks to the stock market, the property market and the money market.


and venture capital environment change,

Korea now has political problems politically and economically, and another one is China, Taiwan and so on. What is the Chinese mainland’s view of the slowdown in economic growth? What is our way out? Can we find a suitable policy support point for us to get out of this predicament?.

The situation in

"jump" is the legal aspects of professional statement signed the agreement is not fulfilled, has 13 years of experience in the field of law law of venture capital M founder Zheng Minglong told Sina: "this is rare in the past, there are also small institutions, large institutions will not appear, because of their reputation."

but not all stages of entrepreneurial projects will encounter this problem, these investors say, the more early financing rounds is not easier to encounter "inequality", especially the seed round or angel investors and entrepreneurs will be more willing to grow together, so as to realize the win-win situation in the future after long time development.

, an unnamed investor, explained to Sina Technology the main reason for "ignoring reputation"

, but began in the second half of last year, in the so-called capital winter cold environment, signed an agreement not to play money phenomenon is more and more common, and even incomplete statistics, this jump rate as high as 20%-30%.

venture partner status is difficult to equal

in fact, many unnamed investors said that venture capital relationship inequality is not a new topic, in the "milk is the mother" under the condition that the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs will not equal. Moreover, the venture capital sector seems open, but in fact relatively closed, and even many institutions have LP relations, the circle will maintain each other "face."".

empty fox event continues to ferment, its founder Yu Xiaodan exposed the unspoken rule of venture capital "has attracted more attention and Discussion on Sina Technology follow-up report, unknown to the user question said: why investors signed the agreement does not play

recently, senior vice president, Oppenheimer fund senior fund manager Li Shanquan CRE securities in the 2017 annual strategy meeting that 2017 will be a year of unprecedented complexity, is probably the most difficult year for investment.

there are too many uncertainties in this year, and the changes are mainly reflected in these aspects:

everyone knows that the adjustment of excess capacity and the adjustment of the economic structure are very painful

Yu Xiaodan recalled that at that time to sign the agreement does not hit the shareholders public decorum. But, Cao Yi, a partner in investor source, told her at a conference call: "do you want to get out of your way?"

1 and 2017 was unprecedented and complex,

second look at the situation in Europe, Italy after the election, the election in Germany was followed by elections in France, all the problems are directly related to the stability of the euro area is directly related to the euro, because the euro is connected with the dollar, the world’s second largest currency of any global capital have wind sways grass, re configuration.

Mad guess founder Cao Xiaogang in the explosion money in the questAbout O2O a protracted war, ask en

line of business services under the experience, as well as consumer psychology is to grasp the Internet is very lack of

?The three parties involved in the transaction of



Cao Xiaogang said, "explosion money" popular logic is the same: there is innovation in content, using low-cost social platform to get attention. "Foot note" may not be red for a long time, then how to develop, depends on whether the user will precipitate, the entrepreneurial team can do is to continue to develop."

After the

2, in the current situation, how do we solve it,

in the last two days in Nanjing, just encountered O2O field, a ten million level of financing has already been a friend of entrepreneurs, and his communication, so I benefited a lot. In particular, his thorough consideration of O2O has updated my usual knowledge. It would have been better if the article had been written by him. But, he says, entrepreneurs should grow as roots. Investment and entrepreneurial environment is generally impetuous in the moment, be able to remain calm and down-to-earth is not easy, especially in the field of O2O and air has got huge financing entrepreneurs can do, is to let people admire. The author with the memory of the points out, and share with you.

so, in essence, offline is not good, but in fact, this part of online is not done enough, that is, information technology is not enough.

life services: customers, merchants, platforms. Complete consumption process is: customers in the platform to obtain information, customers to business consumption, consumer and merchant settlement, platform access to customer’s consumer information and merchant settlement.

, "stay the course and never give up" is Churchill’s dictum that the next step is the key to how to start a company like "explosion". "As a person," said Cao Xiaogang, founder of the "mad guess", "there’s nothing else, just stick to it, stick to it, and stick to it."

O2O this name is somewhat biased, it is mandatory to separate people online and offline two states. More plausible is that people obtain information through the Internet including business information, service information, discounts information, historical evaluation information, customer service information, etc. make consumption decisions, then go to enjoy the service process. So, if you want to cut this process, that should be: decision, consumption + payment + enjoyment of consumption. Offline must be the only one to enjoy the process of consumption. Therefore, O2O is a process state, that is, information is constantly being Internet in the process of an intermediate state.

crazy guess is a 2013 "explosion" products, the original development team only 4 people. Crazy map from April 1, 2013 began to develop, officially launched in May 13th, only in less than 50 days. In just 3 months, Android platform installed more than 40 million. But a year later, few people in the circle of friends played crazy guesses. Since December 28, 2013, crazy guesses have never been renewed. Cao Xiaogang said, "this product will not be updated any more," but this year, we plan to launch "crazy guess 2", the gameplay will change, will be launched in a few months." According to reports, the next crazy guessing team will launch "crazy Lianliankan."".

in the field of life services, at present we have a more consistent view, is to take commission than advertising costs model more reliable, but also easier to do big. Therefore, in many places, BBS is also trying to make a transition. If the user pays for this piece and the platform loses control over the merchant, the charge becomes very difficult. At present we grab, is the decision-making power is the most important to pay this, because if the Internet can provide enough information, and ensure consumer, so it is easy to pay in place to get information i.e., consumer guide to complete online platform. The problem now is that users can not get enough information online, there is not enough security, so afraid to pay online, that is, O2O can not achieve closed loop.

team crazy guess figure, the subsequent development of "crazy guess the song" although not copy the "crazy guess map" of the legend, but at least after red, also launched a lot of "Crazy" products: Crazy money to come, crazy world cup, crazy, crazy, crazy guess and guess the song etc.. Many would die sooner than the team, Cao Xiaogang’s team, at least the sense of existence.

1, when we mention O2O, what are we talking about,

is not in user >

red is luck, falling is inevitable. But Cao Xiaogang said, "explosion money", for the entrepreneurial team, is finally a new level. "Whether it is 80, 90 or 70, as long as we stick to it, we can succeed."


lead: as a person, "crazy guessing map" founder Cao Xiaogang said: "there is no other, that is, adhere to, adhere to, and then adhere to"