The webmaster do data analysis points to note

, advertising click data

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do the webmaster must we all know the importance of data analysis, but would like to ask you, do you know we should pay particular attention to the analysis of the data points? I will play a big knife before Guangong, try on a, can we hope to bring help.

as long as it is a webmaster, every day will do is to look at the traffic statistics, see what keywords to flow, but most of the webmaster have seen the two will turn off ", the real data of a careful analysis of the very few people, traffic statistics function more and more now, provide a large amount of data for us, but unfortunately, take him seriously too few people, take the love of Shanghai, before the bounce rate love Shanghai statistics many people write articles mentioned, I personally feel that love Shanghai statistics of the most practical place is the user through what page to enter our website, after which pages, from which the last to leave the page, with the most clear form in front of us, we optimize the data for the page, enhance the user experience is very good.

of course, there are a lot of data need to be analyzed, sex in Shanghai jing>

flow station advertising data statistics is also very important, but different methods, take AdSense for example, as far as I know, the vast majority of people are for the sake of convenience, a website with a channel to build advertising, they will analyze each website data, but this is not to do what method. Click on the best position, what type of advertising click up, so we can build a better channel of an advertisement, and then analyze the data.

Shanghai Longfeng what data can be analyzed? Included the number, number, number of backlinks related domain and so on, in quantity, it also Links single chain link number, the number of domain names and other data, if the long-term analysis of these data, and made into the form will be summed up a lot of Shanghai Longfeng experience; and log data analysis every day, the spider will crawl many pages, which pages are crawled, really want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, these are necessary to analyze the.


the first to talk about Taobao guest single page station, Taobao Station Guest single page generally take a program, then the home hanging above an advertising page template, now generally do rankings more, after the site traffic, have to click on ads, click on which these data, most of the webmaster do not go, some people are too lazy to analysis, some people do not know how to go to these statistical data, I simply say, we can make the advertising links to a web page, then this page and then jump to Taobao, put the traffic statistics in the jump page, so we you can click on the statistics which product is the most people, we can make appropriate adjustments to the product according to the click situation.

three, Shanghai dragon data analysis

data traffic statistics

Li Jing a female product manager tough confessionNetwork programming novice how to determine the dir

doesn’t understand browser white

two, after determining the direction, looking for interest is the key

is currently a lot of popular language, the choice of their own is the most easy to learn. There are no boundaries between languages, but the areas of concentration and the degree of ease of realization are different. When developing a large project, they often cooperate with each other.

= cross-border dividing line:

is network programming as the Internet grew up together, with the continuous development of the Internet industry, learning network programming language of the team is getting longer, and in this very long team, only a small part of the network programming beginners can insist unremitting learning every day, I believe that those who did not insist on learning every day in fact, it is the lack of language learning and their learning interest, network programming language, most of it is in order to better construction, planning their own website, better for the higher. Therefore, in the field of network programming, if you want to successfully learn the network programming language, direction and interest must be small. Next to talk about network programming novice how to determine the direction of their efforts.

Li Jing, not just cross-border queen, not just the host, but also the product manager of the female man, her product secret is to manufacture can not refuse the consumer. In December 14th, the president of micro innovation camp on the seventh phase, Li Jinghua 2 hours in detail how to "cornered" spirit product. The following is Li Jing dictating:

below is the top 20 from a list of programming languages published in January 2012, which will help you choose the language you’re learning.

I asked the browser if the blue earth was on the Internet, and they said yes. They are particularly bad, but also issued micro-blog said I do not understand the browser, I also share the circle of friends, and as a result, 70% of my friends say that I do not know the browser. Some people might think that I don’t even know the browser, and I’m sure I’m not qualified to talk about the Internet, but I think it’s just an interesting insight. Because for a real user, although he has been using, but do not need to know.

2, I found that the research product is not necessarily only experts can do, as long as you have the demand, and you believe that their needs can become products, then you may create another value.

Dictation: Li Jing, chairman of the popular Oriental media group, well-known host

". This is the Oriental popular media chairman Li Jing’s tough quotations. A browser is even not know what white, but with "cornered" reached the electricity supplier in the field, personally developed explosive products, including cotton, 4D multilayer mask etc.. In the Li Jinggang entrepreneurship programme, "super visit" is also to subvert the orthodox style of CCTV, to blaze a new trail cornered way.

one day, Wang Jiang and Li Xiang, who won in China, went to our company. They were all Internet users, and I was partial to the media. As my assistants were so beautiful, they took the opportunity to have a morning meeting in my office, meeting and suddenly mentioned the browser. I asked what the browser was, and they all had a big mouth. I don’t think that’s too much. I know the word "browser", but what it really does is not important to me.

1, I don’t even know the company needs a lawyer, the finance and accounting are separate, and I don’t know. I have always thought that a person can, in fact, many are learning from the lesson, we can go to today, entirely because the product is good enough, people are passionate enough.

"I am cornered type

no matter which language to use programming in network programming, learning direction and interest more reasonable and effective, is a catalyst for your further study, you can choose to find their interest in learning from many aspects, from the technical guidance, the lure of money, thinking and so on to start, the following will be detailed to share how to determine a series of network programming novice experience of their own efforts, hope for those who are struggling at the edge of network programming in the field of people some help.

The word

3, I have no money to work long, the more money I have, the more I have money, but I don’t know how to do things. I am "cornered" person.

1. Choose the language you’re interested in, and make sure you’re in the right direction.


interest is the best teacher, you can catalyze the efforts of specialized research, in a short period of time to master the required knowledge. Every line and every profession in the society has its own law of development



she is a product manager of the female man. Her cornered is embodied in the 3 sentence:

, the Oriental fashion, was originally started by several imaginative directors who only wanted to do interesting programs and develop into 3 companies today. Among them, the eastern media is responsible for the production of the entire television program, as well as

network programming language on the "language", a popular language includes the following: C++, C, Java, ASP, JSP, PHP and so on, the writer thinks that the above several languages each attack, but he has been since each one has his good points, only with PHP, because the PHP for the novice, easy to use, simple operation, strong expansibility, security is also rising, but more important is its open source. At present, a number of domestic and foreign mainstream, excellent open-source source code is written in PHP language, such as: Discuz, PHP168, WordPress, Joomla and so on. The Big Mac Facebook is also using PHP to build its own web site.

Wang Zhi Master of the four stage of transformation

8 years ago I took the college entrance examination, the college entrance examination in today already is 90, 80 10 years ago was considered the migang generation grew up, today it provoked a national backbone. 90 is considered to be rich two generations, 90 of tomorrow will be ten years after the conclusion. Whether it is 80 or 90, most people will almost benefit from the expansion of college enrollment, into the university hall, college students is a major force in the network world, and the university is also the main station webmaster main force.

we know there are many foreign famous Adsense University background, either Harvard or Standford, even though some people are dropping out of school, but they were the elite school. But the domestic is different, the domestic well-known stationmaster has such two characteristic nearly: the returned overseas student and the low educational record. Robin Li, Li Kaifu and Ma Huateng have overseas study background, they called super stationmaster, the other group is Cai Wensheng, Lai Linfeng this kind of insight rather than rely on technology and education head of the grassroots webmaster circles leading figures. Whether non domestic university foreign university have experienced the following four stages: "don’t know", "know that I don’t know", "do not know that, you know that you know".

doesn’t know he doesn’t know

we become stationmaster, how much is because understand this industry just to enter, become stationmaster, often have so a few reasons. I. technical. Self-study or university of computer science, began to contact the network, procedures, etc., the choice of occupation has become a webmaster. Two, interest. Some people play games and build personal blogs or forums in order to share skills and experiences with others. Some people like to read novels and collect their favorite novels. Three temptation. Earn 500, earn $2000 monthly, can’t do website, also can earn 1 million year. See this article we sleepwalk was prompted by a sudden impulse, the webmaster.

when you are proud to think that you are a webmaster, you may not know how hard the webmaster industry, how many sleepless nights, sometimes forget to eat, and sometimes a bubble urine to suppress for a long time. You don’t know how many times you fail to make a success. Sometimes you can’t make it for many years. You’re fooled, but you don’t know what HTML is. You’ve never used frontpage or dreamwave. Not to mention ASP, PHP,.NET. You don’t know anything at all. The point is, you don’t even know you don’t know. You are still moving forward, for the good wish, 1 million a year.

knows he doesn’t know

when you have experienced that ignorant webmaster identity stage, you begin to find out that you are nothing, but you walked into the ranks of the webmaster. Like philosophy but to the automobile company engaged in the design, but to engage in civil accounting, touch the wall. You don’t know anything. You know you don’t know much, CMS

Webmaster to seize user demand, let site navigation station content rich

site navigation is not unfamiliar to webmaster friends, but also the webmaster copy most. Site stations do everything possible to adapt to and meet different Internet users in many aspects, deep-seated demand, to the depth of stage development. As the pace of expansion is too high, some people think that the site industry has been declining.

In fact,

web site in China is still a relatively large space for development, now China has a population of more than 1 billion 400 million Internet users, but also accounted for only 1/3, the novice is still very much, many people often cannot remember. Don’t know what could find, some even exaggerated to even know how to enter the URL don’t know, (for example) sometimes people ask me: how do you spell Telecom site navigation? China Internet users a large number, variety and diversity of demand will be particularly prominent. Therefore, the development of the site is bright, but some people do not grasp their own promotion methods, so that the industry is in decline.

site navigation is not only rely on search engines, such as when a website is not the content of the station, there is no frequently updated website content, Baidu gave permission is not high, to the development site, in addition to the quality of the website and is focused on the website promotion, Internet users the ability to accept, I think now the site navigation is relatively high in the search channel add their own content, the station is a lot of friends say good navigation, such as the station’s music channel, there are all kinds of music, there are a lot of big music website, auto channel also recommended many popular, you love the movie and models, although there are well-known video sites, but also recommend this week or this month, the most popular videos for fans and friends. But also recommended more classic films at home and abroad.

according to the survey, the website is still very market in the future. It is one of the Internet tools that Internet users can not live without. When the Internet is really popular, the website will show a better trend of development. However, the site navigation, according to changes, to do more detailed, more acceptable to Internet users. It’s best to lead web users to browse the web.

‘s previous website navigation is promoted by rogue software. At present, the development of the website is facing fierce and rational competition. On the one hand, the old site navigation to keep their position not to be invaded, on the other hand, some of the bright younger generation not far behind, increase marketing efforts, spare no effort to catch up, want to go beyond the powerhouse. At present, there are some websites which have certain influence, and adopt the website alliance, plug-in promotion and other means of payment. Because of the low starting point and the lure of interest, the website navigation will continue to be added to the competition.

innovation will continue to accelerate, seize the commanding heights of Web site navigation, is to let each site navigation constantly innovation. Web site requires both traditional and basic services such as web site classification, recommendation and management, and new application forms and projects should be continuously developed. Also let your navigation more unique, different. >

Have a good grasp of the barbecue shop management skills to make money throughout the year

many people like to eat barbecue, but the weather is too hot in the summer, barbecue business will certainly be affected. In fact, Xiaobian want to tell you, as long as a good grasp of barbecue shop business skills, so you can not lose all the year round. The following small series to introduce how to open a barbecue shop operating skills.

  keep good shops inside and outside take in the image of

strictly control operating costs such as equipment maintenance, using efficient energy-saving equipment to reduce costs.   continue to develop new products, expand the catering sales   new product development is a modern restaurant that can not be ignored, BBQ is richly endowed by nature, should lead the barbecue trend, and constantly develop new products barbecue snacks. In the operation, should be good at analyzing the needs of different levels of desire, in order to develop a variety of timely to adapt to different levels of demand for new products.

Taiwanese money Wang Pingtan venture to obtain approval

Taiwan as part of China, has always been a dream of countless diners, because there are countless delicious. With the increasing communication between the two sides, entrepreneurs began to cross the strait. In this paper, the hero of the money again from Taiwan to Pingtan entrepreneurship, and also received a high degree of recognition of the local people.

first came to Pingtan, just look on several times, travel to relax, the island is little-known; ten years later, once again came to Pingtan, has been stationed in a firm, here in the family, friends in." For Taiwanese money to Wang, he is regarded as a Taiwanese, and is regarded as a Pingtan person, can cook a delicious Taiwan dishes, but also can say a few words on the order of Pingtan dialect.



and his wife back to LAN venture

10:30 yesterday, the reporter walked into a "Taiwan Fu Sheng Road charge, the duck with noodles" is a small Taiwanese money Wang and his wife Lin Lianyu open, specializing in Taiwan cuisine. Lin Lin is carrying fresh ingredients from the market just to buy back, ready to prepare for the lunch business, money and then rushed forward to take his wife’s hand.

talk about getting to know "Pingtan", the money again Wang smiled and said, this is my wife for my matchmaking. It turned out that the money is prosperous Wang’s wife is a local girl in Pingtan, early to work in Taiwan, and in Taiwan to know the money and then Wang, the couple will marry and have children in Taiwan. More than and 10 years of life in Taiwan, Lin Lianyu often worried about their loved ones at home. May 2014, the couple decided to venture back to Pingtan.

"I thought Pingtan would still have to take a ferry to get there. I didn’t think it was a short span of years." Qian Wang said that the city’s infrastructure to improve a lot, the feeling came to a new place. This is not the first time the money came to Pingtan, as early as 2005, Qian Wang Wang had to get to know Pingtan, although not much understanding of Pingtan, but the ferry has left him a deep impression, but everything has become different.

"because the wife is from Pingtan, when I was in Taiwan, I heard the opening up and development of Pingtan news, but the sight of Pingtan, still need to be more attractive than ‘Legend’, it seems, is to follow his wife back to Pingtan." Qian Wang said, "we rely on the experience of setting up shop in Taiwan, where we have opened their own shop."

detailed service

polite ingredients in the positive

boss, Rice with Stewed Pork package 4, for a while to take." "Old money, two duck with noodles, to the crest Road near the bus station." This store has just opened the money for nearly a year, but business is recommended

How college students start their own business

in today’s economic downturn, many college students have the idea to choose their own business to achieve the dream of becoming rich, then how do college students start their own business? Xiao Bian here for everyone inventory one or two.

"decision thinking way out.   only have certain professional knowledge, no practical experience, there is no certain marketing concept, it is difficult to achieve practical results.   Wuyi University Youth League Xu Hao said.   Wuyi University "commercial design competition" so far this year has got 4 consecutive sessions, the students to conduct market research on the selected project, make financial budget report, the feasibility of operation design, equivalent to the empty talk before the start "".   how are the students doing? The judges of the evaluation is: there are many things, less practice, many students rely entirely on the collection of information rather than actual combat to complete a project.   has the ideal to have the fervor, but lacks the experience and the related knowledge to the concrete market development is another difficulty which the university student faces.

Most of the college students’ interpersonal relationship

Layers of display to attract customers

cigarettes are almost any retail store to enhance the sales of products, an important tool, however, is now selling cigarettes shop is also very much, how to make the store more attractive to consumers? To allow the store to sell higher cigarette products? This is currently a lot of shopkeepers worried about the problem. Here, Xiao Bian introduced a successful business case, with a clear display to enhance customer interest, thereby enhancing product sales.


shop is like a person’s face, good cigarette display can to store business environment to create comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, can make customers feel natural and relaxed, so that customers get convenient, easy to see, can feel comfortable to choose their own love of the cigarette brand. If the display can be distinctive and unique, it can increase the sales opportunities and improve the cigarette sales. Therefore, the cigarette display should pay attention to the visual effect, improve the brand sample rate. Through vivid, vivid display, to establish the image of the store, stimulate customer consumption, cultivate key brands, convenient customer purchase purpose.

In order to pass the

Chen Lielai caused customer interest in cigarette counter, I repeated thinking, and earnestly learn from the retail counterparts display highlights, according to their own actual conditions and types of cigarette shop, I start from the following aspects, and strive to change the past, messy disorderly situation. First of all, I have to adjust the position of the cigarette counter, from the past to adjust to close to the shop near the door and the sun and the sun can not get a prominent place. The wooden cabinet smoke all over the past few gray replaced replaced other commodities, and then re ordered two cigarette counter Aluminum Alloy counter.

secondly, I changed the order of cigarettes from the past random emissions to the price of cigarettes, two types of manufacturers. In accordance with the retail price of cigarettes from high to low or from low to high in order to display, with the grade, the price of cigarettes are grouped together to facilitate consumers according to their preferences to choose different brands of cigarettes. According to the different types of display manufacturers, specifications, different brands of the same manufacturer displayed together in accordance with the type specification, brand display through the factory house, can strengthen brand awareness, which is convenient for the customers at the time of purchase of different specifications of the cigarette brand to enhance awareness and understanding, is conducive to the cultivation of key brands.

in order to attract the attention of customers, I still display the shape of cigarette spent no small mind: selling brand put into straight row type. Will be a variety of best-selling brands of cigarettes neatly arranged into a team, to give customers a neat and tidy, clean impression. Another advantage of this arrangement is that when I sell cigarettes, can take the principle of first in first out, to avoid the front row of cigarettes due to the placement of time is too long or damaged or not fresh. Recommend new flower style. Tobacco companies near the county to promote the introduction of new cigarettes, put the product font, hi shape, Kat shape and other different shapes, so that customers can be a bright door, easy to cause concern.


26 money saving strategies for entrepreneurs

a lot of entrepreneurial friends are limited budget, so in the limited financial budget, how to achieve a reasonable allocation, save money? For entrepreneurs to invest in this issue, small series for the majority of entrepreneurs to recruit a recruit! The print cartridge

1. save office expenses to buy reusable. Looking for a locally available printer cartridge supplier from a search engine or yellow pages.

2. using the free form: no need to go local office store to buy a table or on your own time, you can find a lot of free form on the Internet, you can download and customize, and then print.

3. for free software: many software download sites offer hundreds of software products, including full free software, free trial software, or a limited version of the complete software product. Some software vendors are also available on the website for free trial download.

4. to buy second-hand equipment: the purchase of second-hand computer equipment, copiers and office furniture, can save up to 60% of the cost, from the store, the auction industry and classified ads and other information can be found.

1. began using the Internet search on your market positioning, through online forums to find potential customers for the products or services you may be interested in.

2. set up an online store: do you think it takes a lot of effort and energy to develop e-commerce? So you can start with the auction site. If you want to build a professional online store, there are a number of one-stop service provider, usually only pay a very low cost.

3. and users to communicate with the Internet: looking for those who cater to the needs of your audience forums and communities, and join. Add your company’s Web site in your signature, of course, to provide useful information, people will click on your site.

4. spread self: are you trying to get people to know your site? Try putting the web site on your letterhead, business card, and email signature, and all potential consumers will be able to see it. It can also be printed on the staff uniform, will be issued publicity, all press releases, Yellow Pages advertising and company vehicles.

1. money to the promotion of more by advertising: the company’s advertising materials together with other documents such as invoices, delivery, so you can save freight and other charges. In the same way, when a customer is shopping, bring him a bag of coupons, newsletters, or other promotional leaflets, which can increase the chance to buy more.

2. to promote cooperation: with the company’s business related to the promotion of the surrounding enterprises to share advertising and promotional costs. To work with a company that sells complementary goods or services, to conduct outdoor promotions, or to take a marketing alliance to share mailing lists, distribution channels