General principles for selection of core keywords

2. website should have 1 to 3 core keywords

this is well understood, we must put the website keywords maximum value. We love Shanghai as far as possible to choose the index high and low degree of competition ". In fact, it is more difficult to find, we need to go through repeated mining and analysis. By the webmaster tools of detailed comparative analysis of key words.


general principles for selection of core keywords is the main point of the 4. Together we can combine the above keywords conversion rate, we find the core keywords for the website. The core keyword is our website optimization of heavy, so the core keywords must have the patience to study.

a site should have a theme, this is our core keywords, target keywords in general is our web page. Keywords to maximum flow is also possible on our website, the most difficult to optimize keywords. Our entire website will focus on the construction of the core keywords. We choose the core keywords mainly include the four principles.

1. high search volume, low degree of competition

4. core keywords to target sites for long-term

website should have 1 to 3 words, these 3 words have the best correlation. Shanghai people love the Dragon beginner business product to write up, it can give site bring good rankings. In fact, this is not correct. Web page key words too much, the optimization of the site is not conducive to the title is too long.

3. core keywords must conform to the overall structure of the

keyword after as little as possible replacement, replacement of a key cost is very big. So we will try to select appropriate keywords disposable. Some Shanghai dragon friends love to do some simple words, have good rankings for other more difficult words, this approach is very risky. We choose the best core keywords with the long-term goal of our website. In the long-term planning is Shanghai dragon planning must be done.

core is our theme of the entire site, which will be the core keywords choice we can play a guiding role. The content can be carried out around the core keywords. For example, we should choose the "electronic balance" or "Mettler electronic balance" as keywords within the page now, that "our electronic balance for this page and" electronic balance "and" Mettler electronic balance "which is more relevant. This is our choice of an important basis for the core keywords.

We chose the

Qihoo November returned to the list of members of the CommissionYiqifa Yiqifa New Year holiday notic

Spring Festival is approaching, I wish you a happy new year Yiqifa! We scheduled for February 5, 2008 to February 12, 2008 all the employees, when will temporarily stop all affairs, February 15th payment extension to February 22, also please forgive the inconvenience, I wish you in the new year, family happiness, good luck in everything together,

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Talk about the collection of new sites after the end of the collection

first, I was a rookie first wrote About Baidu included in the new article, hope to help the new rookie, in stationmaster net exchange for such a long time, but not after practice or death, so the two station, a flying tiger ( is a website the box (, since the beginning of a little get the update too slow, so the two stations of the articles are collected, the flying tiger probably collected 1000 articles, and yueguangbaohe collected 1 thousand and 5 or so, remember not too clear. I put the flying tiger station collected the article I will manually change the theme, and then put up, then I did not expect to submit to Baidu GOOGLE in less than 3 days time Baidu has been included in my flying tiger station has about more than 700 pages, GOOGLE fully included Flying Tiger I acquisition of this article, and the the box is directly collected and did not change the theme so Baidu is not included, GOOGLE included, we all know that GOOGLE included low requirements. Now I put the moon box station, articles have been removed, leaving only a single page, to see how the effect, and the Flying Tigers this station has hung up.

here I want to say is that first built website try not to think about the acquisition point of the article, then change the theme and then put up, and then submit it to the Baidu GOOGLE, this may not be included in your new sites to 3-7 days after Baidu, but it will take you by K, I like the flying tiger station, although it has been included, but now is K. Well today I only here. First published experience, typing is slow, sorry, I didn’t learn five pen, typing by ABC, or 30 words per minute, or skipping to write…… say no more. Go to class, hope this article can help rookie.

Cosmetics stores to join the site there is a small trick tips

in today’s society, cosmetics can be said to have become a female basic necessities of life, at the same time, the cosmetics store in the market also had very long, there are more and more young entrepreneurs will look to the cosmetics industry in business.

1, the local bustling trade district, fashion girls frequented, consumption areas.

2, staff intensive large and medium-sized communities, mature residential areas; (if your store also provides skin care services, choose this place is good)

3, high-grade office buildings, commercial buildings, such as 4 weeks Wang Pu, the target for the high consumption of white-collar groups;

4, it is best to be next to cosmetics, clothing stores, as well as women’s products related to the shops.

shop mode analysis

1 dependent store or shop in store

attachment type shops advantage source, turnover is relatively stable, but it is possible to rent costs due to the high operating costs. This kind of shops on the operating level and the influence of the brand and the professional level of sales requirements higher, to operators must have certain experience and money to open shops in this place, or to do very tired, generally not suitable for newcomers to enter. But the advantage is very obvious, there will be no shortage of passenger flow problem, as long as a large number of passengers to intercept their own store, there will not be much problem of survival.

2 Shopping District boutique

this kind of shops located in relatively prosperous downtown area, such as in now a lot of high street in ten and walking on the street, away from large super may be relatively far away, but the flow is relatively large. Such values may not be in the city, but will attract some consumers. The vast majority of cosmetics stores are located in this category. In this shop, asked the shop to have a good image, terminal brand has great advantages, have a good marketing promotion activities, in addition to well differentiated services, so as to allow customers to remember, but not submerged in the other cosmetics shop.

3 service community store

because of city area gradually expanded, the community more and more, in the community shop is a good choice. Community shops will have good development prospects, generally relatively small flow shop like this, but the rent will be very low, mainly for the community of customers, as long as the good service, forming a good reputation effect, cosmetics shop community general business benefits is relatively stable.

Do you grasp the market opportunities

is now after the college entrance examination, followed by a batch of students out of the school gate, they really can find a suitable job? A lot of people choose to start a business, but graduation business opportunities you caught?

recently what the most profitable? Grade graduation season dinner table is hard to find

from the current booking situation, the city’s "student dinner" has two peaks:   from June 9th to June 12th, the college entrance examination has just ended, with the gathering of students mainly. Next, from June 23rd to the end of August, with the arrival of the admission notice to Party " " the catering industry is also gradually hot up." Industry estimates.

recently what the most profitable? The most crazy

graduation dinnerAfter the end of the college entrance examination,

6 late in the month to start, thanks teacher feast as the representative of the graduation season has become a business nuggets season.

in the graduation season, in the face of "graduation too busy to attend to all feast, graduation dinner and feast studies, prospective students and parents every day back and forth. During the period, the senior class teacher silently sigh, "don’t didn’t fall on the podium, but fell on the table."

in catering businesses eyes, become the trend of the graduation season "business, the end of June time only disclosure date, the industry is expected, as the weather in August and September," the graduation season "and the opportunity to set off another wave of frenzy.

recently what the most profitable? Graduate graduation dinner getting high grades

this year to participate in college entrance examination candidates parents Ms. Chen said "some hesitation", "fear of dishes, not on the level of service, nabuchushou." Even so, the most recent period, this graduation feast or attracted 17 customers orders.


Entrepreneurial enlightenments from embarrassed in Hong Kong

there are a lot of things in this world are interlinked, such as movies and entrepreneurship, there are similarities. The movie "Hong Kong" embarrassed at the box office has exceeded 1 billion 608 million, the "Xu Zheng phenomenon" has become "embarrassed" to ensure the grossing film series, the entrepreneurs to bring a little something worthy of deep thought.

"port" is embarrassed recently the topic of public concern, from the box office can be seen on the popular level. As of October 4th, released 10 days of the "Hong Kong" embarrassed the cumulative box office 1 billion 280 million, breaking the previous directed by Xu Zheng before the "Thai" embarrassed at the end of 2012, a record 1 billion 268 million at the box office record, once again set a new record in the domestic movie box office 2D. Today, I am talking to you about this topic is the "Xu Zheng phenomenon", to a certain extent, reflect and represent the commercial phenomenon of today’s era, including the technology industry and the so-called traditional manufacturing industry. From the point of view of today’s entrepreneurship phenomenon, in which a large number of entrepreneurs in excess after being fed chicken soup "dizzy" into the business battlefield, but the real business is cruel, not to drink chicken soup will be able to realize the dream. Similarly, Xu Zheng’s success is not to see us chicken soup, but the real business trajectory.

"embarrassed" behind the three enlightenment

"port" embarrassed again hit, I will define this phenomenon as "the phenomenon of Xu Zheng". The emergence of this phenomenon, it is the birth of the Internet in the fragmentation of information era, which mainly consists of the following two aspects: one is that we are in a high degree of information overload, debris era today, most people are not willing to take the time to think about the "depth" of Art; the two is the pressure of the economic downturn the social competition intensifies, will inevitably lead to increased pressure, this time for people in the struggle in this era, we need some entertainment way for their own decompression. The brain does not occupy the "memory", and can laugh film is obviously a good choice.

a function to "perfection"

before Xu Zheng, most of the domestic film directed by former big, usually take a "heavy asset" mode. Xu Zheng’s film is more like the single product of entrepreneurial thinking, is taking a "asset light" mode, whether from the cast, performance, promotion, filming, etc., and is not dependent on the past that big, big, big investment "three pressure". What we focus on is what we call today’s product pain points, that is, people in this era need to be recommended

Analysis of opening a bakery business profits

for the small business start-up investors who want to open a bakery, because people are now increasingly demanding consumer products, brand consumption has become a new trend. Bread is flour based and fermented baked food, with a rich flavor, is Europe, the United States and other countries, the main food. In recent years, bread develops rapidly in our country, and the baker site baked fresh bread let the consumer appetite, especially in large and small streets and lanes bakery emerging. Therefore, all kinds of bread is gradually put on the table.

especially now, people have put health first, good eating habits have been recognized by many people, more people enjoy the bread, but also enjoy health.

generally, bread, cake sales net profit in 20% ~ 40%, moderate consumption city (urban or rural) single store average daily sales in 300 to 500 yuan, the peak of daily sales of up to 1500 to 3000 yuan, the total investment can be recovered within one year. In the upper consumption city (urban or rural) single store average daily sales in 500 to 1500 yuan, the peak of daily sales of up to 3000 to 5000 yuan, the total investment can be recovered within half a year.

How much is the


investment comprehensive bakery profit analysis:

birthday cake is an important part of the cake shop. In all of the products in the birthday cake on the highest margin, 6 inch (diameter 226mm) profit in the 20%, 8 inch (diameter 273mm) profit in the 25%, 10 inch (diameter 320mm) profit in the 30%, 12 inch (diameter 370mm) profit in the 35%, 14 inch (diameter 410mm) profits in 40%, 16 inch (diameter 470mm) profit in the 45%, 18 inch (diameter 320mm) profits in 50%. If we use our birthday cake marketing program, the birthday cake every day to raise the amount, the higher the profit naturally.

say that now we are surrounded by a child, it is regarded as "baby", they think the child once a year to spend tens of millions of dollars on his birthday also feel very value. If you can grab a little bit of local market, you can easily make money.

main equipment investment 5400 yuan

auxiliary equipment investment 400 yuan

birthday cake equipment investment 300 yuan

raw material investment 1800 yuan

Insurance for 262 trucks

in recent years, dangerous chemicals transport vehicles across the country occurred in major accidents. In order to effectively curb the occurrence of major accidents, according to the National Safety Supervision Bureau and other five Bureau requirements, our province started to install in the use of liquid dangerous goods tanker emergency shut-off device from last year, as of January 8th this year, in addition to the factory 653 vehicles mounted emergency cutting device, I complete the emergency cut off the installation device of 262 vehicles, 30 vehicles in the remaining 6 vehicles, 6 vehicles and special vehicles to transport sulfate transport liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen vehicles, according to the Ministry of transport "on the need to install an emergency shut-off device of liquid dangerous goods tank containing medium range proposal", can not install emergency shut-off device, the remaining 18 cars have been forced to withdraw from the dangerous goods transport market.
"emergency shut-off device", in the industry known as "sea valve", also known as the built-in safety stop bottom valve, emergency shut-off valve is a safety valve installed in the liquid dangerous goods tank vehicle loading and unloading port of atmospheric metal tank. Our province in the use of liquid dangerous goods tanker install emergency shut-off device relates to Xining, Haidong City, Haixi and Haibei Prefecture and Hainan, a total of 35 dangerous goods transport enterprises 945 cars, time, heavy task, strict requirements and the complexity of the situation, in order to do this work, at all levels of road transport management agency personnel to go to dangerous goods transport enterprises, five Bureau of the "notice" to convey the spirit of preaching a number of major accident cases, the dangerous goods transport practitioners to draw lessons, fully aware of the hazardous chemicals explosion accident harm and serious consequences, a deep understanding of the importance of the installation of emergency shut-off device.


One hundred warriors for the first time to challenge the plateau drift limit

7 from Feb 15 to July 22nd, the world cup for the first time in Chinese drifting competitions, even more exciting is that the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yushu province Yushu city was officially recognized as the host city of the World Cup tournament, which is drifting to host the world cup in the plateau altitude of 4000 meters above the first time. This is the reporter from June 28th 2016 drifting World Cup Yushu event news conference learned.

it is understood that, in accordance with the requirements of the International Federation of drifting, this event is set to sprint, PK, hurdles, long distance race. This year plans to organize 16 countries, more than 100 players to participate in the world cup drifting 2016. At present at home and abroad have been identified 18 teams participating, working group competition event by the International Federation of drifting 8 international referees appointed Executive, China extreme sports association will transfer 12 domestic assistant referee and 10 lifeguards drifting together to complete the tournament competition and the rescue work has been completed at the same time, Yushu city all game related vessels, equipment procurement, and plans to borrow the drifting World Cup, in July at the beginning of 6 km Yushu intercity rafting project, is planning to open the power boats drifting through the drifting project, lead and drive around the rapid development of related industries.

, vice mayor of Yushu F Bbu Fagafaga Zo introduction, Yushu city began to promote sports development and international rafting rafting events in the bidding work since 2014, has hired senior experts in R & D rafting rafting project, the formation of the Yushu drift Association, the establishment of the Yushu Chinese rafting companies to the State Sports General Administration of water sports management center has been officially approved by the Yushu state plateau training base drift.

, deputy director of the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau Yang Pei introduction, this is the world cup drifting since the establishment of the first time in the Chinese contest, but also China first obtained the right to host the international city drifting A-class events, but also the Yushu city and the world shook hands for the first time, international sporting events hosted such a high specification. Yang Pei said that the 2016 drifting Yushu hosting the world cup, the cultural and economic significance far beyond the scope of sports, will become a big stage for sports, tourism and culture as a whole, and a new name card to promote the Qinghai plateau natural scenery and historical culture.


What is the least money to invest

what is the least investment? What shop is the most profitable? What is the most profitable thing to do now, what kind of project investment do you like best?

flower shop!

expert weapon: at present the big and middle city of our country have opened many shops, competition is very fierce, how to make your shop wins, become the ultimate winner, the following three points: one is the critical location location about the traffic, the best way of life is close to the higher income, are the target customers the group, such as the surrounding residents income level, cultural atmosphere, community consumption habits are important factors for you to consider; two is in the operating process should pay attention to technical staff employed?? the floral, floral is your right hand arm, flower, flower and other technical work can best embody the florist artistic taste, this is the main way to attract customers; the three is to develop fixed customers, be honest and trustworthy, with genuine goods at a fair price, "a penny", pulled back, so as to The florist has a more long-term, more stable development.