Keywords three forecast website home page long

5. ranking web traffic prediction

length: the shorter the word competition is more high, such as the Shanghai dragon

popular word (over 3 months)

: high profit competitiveness is relatively large, such as: L-carnitine, health care products

the first one, determine the nature and keywords ranking cycle

Optimization of

2. before the 20 home page number: high weight website in the rankings, before the number of page 20, the exclusion of love Shanghai products and home, there are a number of pages can be judged as common words or popular words, according to the path to see whether the home page or inside pages.

sliding door ten brand 贵族宝贝yooen贵族宝贝.cn original offer, please indicate the source.

analysis from the word characteristics:


4.ICO Icon: for example, love Shanghai search A5 station network, there is a small icon first appeared in front of the A5 site title, is the ICO icon, high weight website only, then the word is definitely a hot word.

Third, pay special attention to matters of

business: aluminum

4. operators do not understandThis paper consists of

can be divided into four categories: popular words (1 to 2 months)

2. frequently modify site title, keyword ranking will prolong the cycle;

general term (2-3 months)

3. old domain name do the new site, will extend the new website ranking cycle;

1.: a word search drop-down box, drop-down box full of words is not popular words, there may be a general may be hot words.

second strokes, how to determine the classification of

1. is not all words are like this? Of course not, the medical industry is an exception;

reference method:

super popular word (or even half a year or more)

3. competitors: ranked in the first competition, estimated traffic reached 3-4 competitiveness belongs to the general words and popular words above, 1-2 belongs to the general partial upset.

was the first to explain why to carry on the forecast to the keywords? Here we need to consider two points: website operation and operation of the company (how much investment is now how long can return), if you are the optimization division of a company, how should you and mister to say? If you want a more than 3 projects. Month website ranking on the home page, to guide the flow, the formation of transformation. 3 months is the need to invest, how much, to have a budget.

: for example, Naruto

, the ranking will prolong the period of

Shanghai Longfeng wine taste just know understand connotation

of course, this bottle of wine tasting in Shanghai Longfeng for external things, but also a long time to pay attention to, quiet atmosphere, the choice of appropriate cloth. If you choose a good web site environment, space and the choice of the domain name. The choice of the template (cloth). For the wine utensils and the ideal temperature of wine tasting, appliance is what we call the code. A good container has great influence on the taste of wine, wine is the ideal temperature, through the head of search engine and web page after the visit times, how much weight for website update, outside the chain of change. To prevent excessive optimization problems.

drink, Shanghai dragon phoenix wine is different from the Chinese strong white wine, a dry mouth, it is more like red wine, be the most changeful, SIP later in the mouth full swing, let the tongue keep touch. Some search engines is not very fast, especially in the case of low weight website, the station optimization is the key to let the spider slowly taste your website, website of denoising. Let the wine mellow wandering in the womb.


method and the etiquette bottle, this is for guests to watch, a good website must have a good customer experience, let guests see the comfortable ease, increase customer affection, is our Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon in this bottle of wine from the first to enjoy the process is not easy, beginners Shanghai Longfeng, light is some terminology, code can make people confused and disoriented, the degree is not high, but it can get drunk. Some people think that Shanghai Dragon don’t need to understand the code, it is equivalent to not need to drink the cup, blowing bottle directly, but you have seen such a wine taster? The Shanghai dragon, is always unable to enjoy the Shanghai dragon, never understand Shanghai dragon contains alcohol.

wine, use a period of time when the website search engine has been included, for a number of related content of precipitation, the precipitation will affect the taste of wine, so he poured the wine to uniformly, let the wine gently poured out, which is Shanghai Dragon Phoenix and the original chain to even moderate you can increase the intensity. But try to keep steady. Love Shanghai, love new things, precipitation will affect the spider taste.

in the US on a site of Shanghai dragon optimization process, actually opened a bottle of good wine. Open a bottle of good wine needs to be set aside in the large container, let the wine quiet place for a period of time, let the wine and the air full contact, this method will do. In the same site, a new domain name to use a period of time the real related content, this is called up, but careful, can not be too long, otherwise excessive oxidation of tasteless drink.

Shanghai dragon is wine, only to know which products deep connotation, Shanghai dragon also need talent, as a taster need born with a keen sense of taste and quality of the tongue. Shanghai dragon also need to work hard, like a sommelier need to control diet, protect your taste.

Slimming, optimization Share some experiences in the process of establishment


, as the title, reduce the use of tag cloud. Some friends from the user experience point of view, using the tag cloud. In this regard, I think we can moderate, but not blindly. Tag cloud form can access the depth of the inside pages, the Shanghai dragon is friendly, but the tag cloud will also cause site repeat degree rise, because of my personal observation, many novice friends just one plus is ten, more than 20 labels, the site itself is not appropriate. Besides, from the actual operation, tag cloud effect is not as obvious style navigation, so when I did the mobile recharge card site, delete the tag cloud.

second, from cost considerations, many friends will choose ECS, will also choose supporting storage capacity to solve the corresponding demand. But supporting the cloud disk basically cannot solve the problem of high strength access within a short time and so on, therefore.


third, reduce the use of the recommended list. With the above website ideas, a lot of friends in order to enhance the user experience, will make some popular articles click on the list of such module. This will indeed increase the content of the site as a whole sense of hierarchy, but from the optimization point of view, it will increase the content of repeatability, because some articles is popular and is also the highest click rate, will lead to repeat the same article more than URL, so the The loss outweighs the gain. Therefore I maintain the judgment, only do 1-2, or directly.

, if the moment a lot of people would still choose in ECS self Mysql database, which is mainly in the economic considerations, but many people did not take into account the concurrency problem, although relatively affordable, but once the downtime, for many basic station is not very strong friends more difficult, so recommend the use of RDS database, RDS database when problems arise due to the protection of its multi-level security architecture can achieve service second level switch; the switching process is transparent to applications, can save a lot of energy.

, with the help of WLW reduce the document occupied as much as possible data capacity. WP supports edit documents online and automatically saved, but save the data after the mice did not know how to delete, drop accumulate for a long time will cause the overall performance of the site, it is recommended that you use Microsoft WLW, online self love Shanghai, with the help of WLW not only can continue to realize the automatic document preservation, more important is high. Of course, WLW also supports a key post, still used.

believes that the establishment of you in a long time after the operation will find that the whole site optimization is very thin and key. Not only can improve the site’s performance, the most important thing is also to reduce capital expenditure. But what to do? After all, there are no mature textbooks so I’ll share too observant of conventional standards., some of their own experiences, shortcomings, I hope everyone criticism.

One of the first



The year of the rabbit search engine ranking nature revealed

Keywords positioning and the contents of

5. sites, is more important than you imagined any at all, have a good structure, is not only beneficial to patronize the search engine crawlers, also is an attraction for visitors.

himself was summed up, the current search engine offers, to obtain good results, sorted by importance degree, generally will be affected by the following factors:

The degree of correspondence of

2. Links, this thing is very awesome, if you use the Links, ranking as the reemergence of it, but also said, love Shanghai has different before, her love slowly, not too love too fast development, about friendship connection, I will write some articles specifically for the friends of the chain.


1. heat, if there are a lot of people do, you also join them, to obtain good results, difficulty index: very rare.

in search engine optimization process, Links plays a crucial role in. This is all the owners or is a problem of optimization are not shy away from the network, but want to get good rankings, and not so easy to imagine, at least now the search engine is different from 10 years ago, just under the keyword can let you have accumulated good results.

finally, I wish to see this article, rabbit years, rabbit are Raymond Lam, in the year of the rabbit like a Happy Bunny bounce to earn a lot of dollars, menoy, if there is to do computer website friends, welcome a station with my exchange links. Www.1616v.c>

7. the content of the web site to the fullest, as rich, can keep every one of your friends to patronize the station, traffic is not remember what to do Many a little make a mickle., who can have a station, tens of thousands of traffic.

3. you do not have the keyword, is another site to do, if someone has done, you want to go beyond him, it depends on what he do, what you do, if he is a characteristic industry or have fixed the theme of the station, so you want to go beyond him there is a certain degree of difficulty. If he is a big station, then you can consider to give up, unless you are rich in resources.

4. addition is that you do your keyword and content, if your keywords and your content is far away from your family search over all stations, you think about it, the search engine is now can be judged out, if you stand out rate is very high, it’s natural for him to be reduced you see a lot of keyword ranking, but now have this irrelevant station Yuhua Xie in front a natural ranking, and Epiphyllum a thank disappeared.

6. website, must be accurate, not for search engine optimization and the key word to do so in the end, the melon twisting people is not sweet, natural search engines don’t give you eat fruit.

Structures of

The opposite case study love Shanghai handling of low quality content


fell in love with the sea just in the community platform released for the 6.22 and 6.28 incident response strategy mentioned in this paper has reached a very high accuracy, but today I love Shanghai in Shanghai Longfeng unexpectedly appeared on the front page of the site, Shanghai Longfeng station all know the word Shanghai dragon is not so easy to do go up, even as the old Shanghai dragon why rankings is very unstable, so the station actually is where sacred can easily do

site data



In July 2nd

from the above data we can see the amount included love Shanghai and Google is great, for this site my first reaction would guess the content of this site quality is very bad, after the detailed analysis we can see. Although these data are very accurate but also can reflect the situation of the site itself, but also need our webmaster often concern and attention.


believes that such cases are not the site, a lot of people heart dark scold love Shanghai what rubbish search engines like garbage station can be routed to the front of the site but K I fell, Xiao Bian here only say that Shanghai company personnel is limited, their database is limited it is impossible to put all the website or grab all the first time to punish or reward. The face of this phenomenon we must keep calm state of mind, or can only be yourself to.

we can see this stand outside chain is very small, but still able to like Shanghai dragon very difficult word optimization up that the chain for the website ranking effect is not crucial, all those still in the chain for busy webmaster should rethink the others of success or failure of the case we have analyzed and summarized so in order to avoid making the same mistakes.

as above, I Shanghai site collection of content, duplication of a large number of content and low quality content. Is this the love of Shanghai called low quality content constitution? Why would have included the garbage? Is it really is one foot in mind? Love Shanghai will only bully our small station? I don’t know to love Shanghai junk content is how to judge, to define and regulate the love of Shanghai can give garbage the contents of the.

I checked his site data, update the site No. 22 not included what changes, 28 included reduced a lot, but 29 again. Although you can not see the sea with an index of the amount of data can be seen from the figure, although love Shanghai included in the crashing downs, these are not the focus, the focus is the love before Shanghai announced for the low quality content strategy, love Shanghai has clear out own a complete system, but we look at this website the content of what is


Old Wei site of the new build anti chain

yesterday, another friend added my Q, asking about how to get a station to flow quickly. I am sorry to tell him that it is impractical and difficult to flow quickly. He was so depressed that he seemed to blame me. Since I couldn’t bring him any traffic, why should I write an article to guide the novice?

in fact, every time I talk about, the old Wei wrote these things, not as a tutorial to publish, but in their own station in some of the experience, write every day to share with you. If you really can help some novice webmaster less wrong, I also want to see, A5 is to provide such a platform intention. In view of the fact that some friends want to get fast flow, so today I will then talk about how to make a website quickly and effectively increase the chain, so as to improve the site in the engine performance, engine weight increase, which means the increase in flow. It may not be very professional, but please forgive me,


anti chain, namely "reverse link" means, generally is put aside your own website, on the external network, how many other sites link to your page, you mean. General Baidu inquires the reverse link command is: domain: domain name, Google query reverse link command is: link: domain name. Because Google and Baidu on the actual assessment of the number of anti chain is not very accurate, so the webmaster to YAHOO Webmaster Tools "in a number of chain to the address of the page" option shown as the actual chain number is YAHOO, the number of anti chain chain queries to your site, both have the actual reverse link number.

The role of

reverse chaining. The most obvious function of reverse chaining is both import of traffic. When you have an address link on the page of someone else’s website, the user is likely to have interest and click, resulting in traffic. Another role of the reverse link is to enhance the weight of the site in the engine, a new station on the line, if not a certain scale of high-quality anti chain, it is difficult to be included in a short period of time. Not included, there is no natural flow, so any webmaster can not ignore the chain in the process of building the practical significance.

station, station, station all flow and optimize the station, you can try to through the webmaster tools to check the number of backlinks to each other, are certainly thousands, tens of thousands. That’s right, so check your own web site will find what the difference? Is not only poor dozens or even several? Not wrong, in fact this is many webmaster site for a long time, but not all kinds of large-scale engine update your own website, even if the update does not cause to flow. So, how can we build a huge, high-quality anti chain system while building the content of the website? Please listen to the following points:

1, the chain construction is actually very simple, as long as you can be simple to place, you can leave your address. Whether on the Internet to browse to what place, achieve "a name", is to reverse the construction of the chain.

Analysis of the location of auto beauty shops

auto beauty franchise business prospects, and therefore attract a lot of franchisee investment. If you want to get a smooth development, you need to do a good job management, the first is the location of the link can not be wrong. The importance of location, needless to say, how to find a suitable location? Xiao Bian provides relevant experience to share, I hope to help you.

Need to be able to forecast the block appreciation of space

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Hearing aid ten brands list

physical health is everyone’s desire, but there are many people born with defects, if there is trouble in the hearing, the hearing aid has become a very good choice. So, if you choose a hearing aid, which brand is good? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the ten major brands of hearing aids, so that you can choose to a more suitable hearing aid brand.

hearing aid ten brands list: SIEMENS NO.1, in 1847, global innovative hearing equipment market leader, one of the world’s largest suppliers of medical field, SIEMENS hearing instruments (Suzhou) Co. ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.2, gnresound: one of the world’s largest aid brand, one of the world’s top acoustics and audiology technology enterprises, ruishengda hearing equipment trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.3, stark: in 1967, one of the world’s largest custom manufacturer of hearing aids, hearing aids is one of the world’s largest production enterprise, Starkey hearing technology (Suzhou) Co., ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.4, peak force: specialized in high-tech hearing aid and FM wireless FM hearing aids research / development / production and sales of multinational enterprises listed, Phonak Technology (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.5, yolico: in 1964, the international well-known brands, ten brands of hearing aids, committed to the development of optimal hearing solutions, Phonak Technology (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.6, Widex: Denmark began in 1956, one of the world’s leading high-tech aid developers and manufacturers, ten brands of hearing aids, Widex hearing aid (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.7, Audi Kang: founded in Denmark in 1904, one of the world’s most famous R & D, production of high-quality hearing aid products of professional manufacturers, Audi Kang (Shanghai) hearing Technology Co. ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.8, CAV China: the largest custom in the ear / ear, hidden deep ear hearing device production base of foreign-owned hearing aid manufacturers, CAV hearing aid (Fuzhou) Co. ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list, Ou Shida NO.9: hearing aid manufacturers in the world famous, large manufacturers set hearing aids and hearing aid equipment, production as one of the OSTAR hearing technology (Xiamen) Co. ltd..

How to open roast duck restaurant

Xiaobian live in the vicinity of the new opened a roast duck restaurant, every day outside the shop have gathered a lot of consumers, it seems that the public is still very fond of the duck food. If you want to do a snack business, open the roast duck restaurant, then what should be prepared?

Making a

two, Roasted Duck around the market, people’s tastes are different, carries on the investigation to the various operating characteristics, to prepare their own Roasted Duck business sites and dishes taste.

operation and cost accounting

the first step: to find the pavement.

two to the inland city, the best transfer fee in the yuan, the monthly rent of thousand dollars below, or residential district population also has specific standards, the only way to ensure the profit. Specific site to listen to the views of professionals.

second step: find and workshop layout.

find workshop surfacing in the vicinity, away from the pavement as close as possible, can save transportation costs. The bigger the room, the better it can store a large amount of raw materials. There is a courtyard or patio, which can burn coal, save fuel costs, but also easy to operate. To the inland city of two, for example, rent about $500.

(following the purchase of all items according to the calculation, greatly reduce the cost of small boutique booth) to buy the basic needs of the goods. To 4500 – 6000 yuan;

fourth steps: decoration.

At the same time making

signs, store layout, store decoration. Decoration to have distinctive features, to attract the attention of everyone, reflecting the special nature of the goods; do plastic light boxes, display tables, artificial stone countertops, partitions, painted walls, etc.. The input of a total of 2000–10000 yuan. At the same time, the decoration of the roast duck Market for market research, including: dishes name, price, taste.

fifth step: buy Spices, spices, accessories.

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