Massive long tail keywords ranking strategy, snail 10 years Shanghai Longfeng experience sharing Wiz

1, Shanghai

then we can use the love Shanghai know to obtain our keywords, so when love Shanghai know when questioning by the user, so that the problem of the users, but also a lot of people are in search, we can put these questions into the long tail keywords to optimize extraction. And when we put these keywords optimization to the home page, there are traffic.

at the same time we can also get through the relevant search or drop-down box for us, when we search the Shanghai dragon, the drop-down box will appear "what is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon tools, Shanghai dragon training", also love Shanghai this search page at the end of the Department will also appear some long tail keywords.

through the love sea mining, for example: the love index in Shanghai there is a "search term" tool, we can see our search keyword index and some long tail keywords, long tail keywords, long tail keywords and more.

for the novice friends to explain, what is the long tail keywords, take "Shanghai dragon" this time for example, then the long tail keywords can be divided into: "free software, what is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, Shanghai dragon how to do" and so on, the snail elves in a graphic way to show up, so that we can a better understanding of the long tail keywords.


how to mining the long tail keywords


do Shanghai dragon, in the pursuit of a master key is not put, has optimized the main keywords, in fact, this is a very wrong way to optimize a main keywords, need to see your strengths, resources, contacts and so on, and a long tail keywords is reduced a lot of competition, and be able to do an easy job to do rankings, while the long tail keywords ranking more, can promote the main keywords, this time the main keywords ranking is very easy to go up. The snail wizard to share with you, the massive long tail keywords optimization strategy.




when we do a certain industry, can love you in this industry Shanghai search rankings, find some competitors website, and view its do long tail keywords, long tail keywords can also use Adsense tools to view the website ranking. Here we start digging some keywords extracted as our long tail keywords.

before we do the long tail keywords, must have the long tail keywords, so mining is the first step we should be ready before doing so, we can use the software for example: snail fairy Shanghai dragon love Shanghai promotion tools, assistant software to mining, but also can use the following methods to mining Keywords:

Many people today in ?

what is the long tail keywords

Small area hospital website should seize the love of Shanghai title finishing



Fortunately, scanty website The

second live, included, weight, ranking dropped substantially, but the performance is very unstable data change radically.

site was K, 10 Fen left, either from the number of independent domain name search page number or web page, almost can not see a trace of competition.



site is k who do not want to see things, but we can’t lose love Shanghai because several Website Trust have collapsed and optimization direction on irregular cloud, wrote the article to explain the problem of medical sites do not love the attitude of Shanghai, but in the website content, website structure, how the network Department editor of the medical industry can write original articles? No! How much medical website into a large number of.

The future of

cloud Network Department recently in the hospital a private area as editor and optimize the post, after the love Shanghai June to large-scale baptism now, regional medical websites can be said that the night returned to liberation, since the Shijiazhuang area major medical accident happened in Hebei Province, to stop all love Shanghai for promotion, the network Department the sound of a bitter, many departments sluggish during the three months of sluggish adjustment had to lay off what is more dissolved. By the beginning of my department after the blow take many temporary measures but the effect is not ideal, these days I analyzed the current situation of Qinhuangdao medical website draws the following conclusion: love sea K station just to make it more fiercely!

cloud: small area medical site should not be hard to complain, also don’t worry on the wrong and optimize the road, we should strengthen confidence, start from scratch "swoop"

fourth, Beijing, Tianjin area removed offsite love Shanghai auction, medical information related keywords area does not exist to love Shanghai auction.

!Because the First, a large number of medical waste



Third Hospital, the classified information web page, website page, health related articles in recruitment information, the information inquiry platform area hospital mostly occupy the home position.

fifth, the hospital survival "to fight again, from the website content update, the chain construction promotion is greatly reduced, perhaps the reason is the dissolution of network department staff layoffs or departments.

cloud area in Qinhuangdao medical website optimization, so from the status of regional medical website analysis, may not be suitable for all parts of the country, but in Hebei Shanghai Province love stop medical bidding popularization of small area, medical sites are basically in line with this situation.

Let me tell you how to earn thousands of websites on W, actually it’s not difficultFifteen ways to m


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5, through the technology, in the Witkey network to accept the task, the work of bidding to make money. You can also take part in competitions such as logo design. of course you need skills in graphic design, programming, or advertising, writing, etc.

15, handicraft money, homegrown products include website templates, audio clips or even your own ebook.


12, typing money, but most liar, the platform can really do almost nothing.

9, do online part-time SEO, help people promote the website, promotion products.

8, apply for the forum moderators, email, and customer communication

3, play games, help people upgrade, play equipment, sell numbers.

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2, do Wangzhuan, spend some time to earn pocket money

11, creative money, that is, writing articles to make money. Like a starting point, many writers have been achieved.


10, such as by sh419 library, Douding network, nipic released resources to make money, design resources, the resources.

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1, site or blog, only with a certain amount of money to make money by advertising.

6, reselling numbers, inside game accounts, hosting, domain names, and so on.

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From this moment on, do a good job with me

from this moment on, do a website with me, will you,


I would like to share with you the experience of site building and maintenance.

first make sure what you want to do and determine the theme of the site. Inject spirit and soul into the website.

secondly, to precisely locate the corresponding customer base of the website, why does the website work?. Determine the site block and function.

third, started preparing for the establishment of the station, the process is quite boring, but we will kuzhongzuole, choose an appropriate procedure, make simple procedure to complete the complex functions, create a site with the hands of art appreciation. The art designer is responsible for creating beauty.

fourth, apply for a best domain name in line with the theme of the website, for the record (Ministry of industry and information technology). Note that the domain name should be as short as possible, as much as possible to remember, you can use pinyin or English words.

fifth, looking for server hosting, take full account of the site’s physical device support, from the space, price, server environment and other factors, to find the right server support.

sixth, site testing, after the site is placed on the server, the site is fully tested. Correct any errors that occur and test them again. Until there is no mistake.

seventh, update, maintain, optimize and extend the website. A "dead Web" is not a good place to visit, but the website as a "fresh life"". Website update is "metabolism"".

eighth, collect website customer group feedback, optimize and innovate the website function according to customer demand. Repeat the "supply of things" so that websites can grow fast and grow healthy".

The main purpose of the

website is nothing more than publicity and profitability. The most fundamental criterion for a website is its influence. Sites without influence are not good websites, so from now on, let’s make our websites better and expand our website’s influence.

in the next few days, I will make progress together with everyone. I hope everyone will communicate more and more. I hope our website will become better and better and more and more influential. Please pay attention to our website Chinese merchant alliance, HVAC network new energy network network network (musical instrument accessories attendtion my site is the CN "China" at the beginning, with the first letter of alphabet as the theme. My most satisfied domain name is new energy network, this kind of website is more advantageous to search engine crawl.


wishes our website will be better tomorrow! webmaster looks forward to making progress with you! QQ:863048837


Chinese style and monopoly advantage of e-commerce

in the domestic and global stock markets are very careful today, Ali is reported with excellent results to find everything fresh and new feeling. I see from the report, compared with the global resources, network, China manufacturing network and other competitors, regardless of the number of registered members, paid membership, or the enterprise operation index growth and the expected goal of a breakthrough on the Ali occupy absolute advantage. How does this advantage come into being,


non administrative, non resource based, monopolistic nature created by a competitive market has an inherent advantage. This is not only from Microsoft’s position in the software industry, Motorola’s position in the wireless communications industry, and Intel’s position in the chip industry, have been fully verified. And the property of school representatives, American economist Harold Demsetz also said that the specialized division of labor not only like "Smith theorem" that improve the productivity, but also prevent a sharp rise in the marginal cost; and because the information may not be cost free, so free competition will inevitably lead to the tilt of the industrial structure, but also means that forgery and imitation activities blocked; it is beneficial to form the expansion of business scale and market monopoly.

is precisely this competitive market formed with a strong advantage of monopoly, formed in Ali 08 reported far ahead of global resources and other competitors. For investors, such a report is undoubtedly a stimulant in the doldrums.

The Lucas model of the

economic cycle argues that the initial cause of economic fluctuations is the currency shock. Observation of recent domestic macroeconomic tight monetary policy and credit crisis, recession contact the international real estate market and consumer market, we can easily understand why Ma, to predict an economic winter and small and medium-sized enterprises, especially export-oriented manufacturing enterprises difficult survival period.

, and e-commerce has created a whole new market area. From its birth to today, the entire development process, Ali not only occupies a pivotal position, but also in the process of globalization of e-commerce, contributed to a Chinese model and Chinese style. "Alone, as the Lele", "first and worry about the world, after the world music, these are the traditional virtues of the China Chinese refined manners. Ali know this, so in a bleak economic winter, and always choose the customers of small and medium sized enterprises and foreign clients and customers.

in fact, e-commerce has natural advantages to deal with economic difficulties. Since the 90s of last century, the world economy has become more and more mobile. Economic globalization has become the basic characteristics of the world economic development, and e-commerce has played an increasingly important role in the global economy. As we all know, the economic environment of the greater scale, anti risk capability and combat is more strong, which is why the Asian financial crisis of 98 years did not shake the root cause China economy; as e-commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises provide a strong environmental power and industrial integration ability, can be.

4399 counter attack Road by piracy and crack small game development platform, wash white


now A stock market sentiment once again overwhelmed, even in one fell swoop social problem — "square dance". The bull of the listed company is full of joy, many of the original "xenophilia" industry companies are also eyeing the fiery A market. LETV sports, grand game in all the way through waiting, even half-dead handle network also eager. In this waiting list, there’s another name recently – the famous gaming site 4399, which is about to land on the gem.

said 4399, and probably most people’s impressions will stay on the little game, but that’s all. Alone is an online game site to A shares in listing 4399? Never as simple as we thought, the decline in the tour page, Mobile Games takes most of the market situation they can moisten the living, not the stones is not enough. As for the name of the 4399 behind Li Xingping, Cai Wensheng, Cao Zheng, Luo Haijian, is one of the influential man megatron. In the stories between them as a clue, the enmity to tell grass root for everyone on the road: 4399 website.

The rise of

cock wire

back in 1999, when still in the Internet cafe network management, and Li Xingping certainly can not predict that they will create the industry legend. At that time, he was acutely aware that many people who came to the Internet didn’t know how to access the Internet. After surfing the Internet, they didn’t know where to find the content they needed. Because of the high cost of Internet access, time and money are often lost in a daze. He felt it necessary to help everyone solve the problem, so the simple design of hao123 has been beginning to play a magical effect. Because of the needs of grassroots users and convenient and convenient, hao123 soon became a "red cannon", and quickly became the default homepage of millions of users IE. In 2004, Baidu bought hao123 for 11 million 900 thousand yuan. In just 5 years, Li Xingping, a grass roots family, reaped tens of millions of dollars through a small hao123.

OK, 4399? Don’t worry. With hao123’s success, Li Xingping modeled on a series of websites in 2002 before and after using the same grass-roots route. In the end, the same big success is naturally 4399 of the online games. From the beginning of the line, in the hao123 home page there are 2 4399 links, it can be said that Li Xingping attaches considerable importance to this game site. On the 4399 why can out of the large number of small game website stand at the time, that is first in small groups of white Li Xingping knows grassroots demand convenient, easy to use, easy to remember, 4399; secondly, Li Xingping from the operation level of exercise out of a network flow, 4399 "no card, no slowly and continuously" gained an excellent reputation in the community of users. Even some netizens pointed out that, in the often black game site, 4399 never hit and collapse;

Analysis of the development trend and operation strategy of navigation station in recent years

The function of

navigation station is self-evident, it is to guide the user to enter the traffic entrance of his intention website, navigation station also is the early form of Internet actually. When the Internet website founder YAHOO just formed, but also to the site classification navigation form, also is one kind of navigation station, only then gradually developed into search and portal and other products; we can even say that the Internet is starting from the navigation station.

The emergence of the

navigation station has been around for nearly twenty years, and in fact it is very close to the age of the internet. Like the Internet, the navigation stations have changed dramatically. Here I simply inventory these years of navigation station development:

phase 1, simple text tracking navigation. At this time the development of Internet technology is still in the initial stage, then HTML might have been thought to be very high-end technology, because at that time only a very few people can use the computer, of course, the navigation station did not even use PHP dynamic script language such words to drive. For example, YAHOO early and Amazon Web Directory, and of course these sites also follow got corresponding development, such as a few years ago Amazon was also China directory but is still a webmaster attention, manual editing.

The second phase of

has the navigation of intelligent fill in forms. After entering twenty-first Century, the Internet has been a great development in the last century in 90s there have been some sites, such as Tencent, Alibaba, NetEase, of course, now these sites have become Internet giants. So many people began to enter the Internet, the typical representative of this time is Li Xingping, a grassroots created a legendary website, hao123 navigation. Maybe everyone says that this is his insight into the needs of the user, and I think not only his personal factors, but also learn from the existing patterns abroad. Of course, at the beginning it was the simple way to trace text, and later, in order to get bigger development, there was a form that could only be filled.

In the third phase of

, the number of large-scale surge, diversification of forms. May be related to our traditional culture, see people doing this thing well, began to imitate, so after hao123 success of these sites with tens of thousands of people began to imitate this model also set up their own navigation website. Maybe it’s because copying a website is very simple, but it’s not so easy to copy others’ success. Many websites don’t exist anymore. But it is undeniable that these sites have greatly promoted the development of the Internet, such as Baidu’s rapid development is inseparable from these sites. Later, there are more of this type, no longer integrated site navigation, but also appeared, such as web directory, industry station navigation, etc., and even classification information is also a navigation.

fourth stage, the content is very rich, force the mobile internet. In fact, the development of the Internet in line with the 28 principles, that is, 20% of the site’s traffic accounted for 80% of the total, but real >

Open power – crack GitHub’s development code


, a shared virtual hosting service, is used to store software code and content items that use version control of Git. It is written by Chris, Wanstrath, PJ, Hyett and Tom Preston-Werne using Ruby on Rails.

– Wikipedia

, however, this service has evolved into a community of open source software development and management, which opens up all the dreams of virtualization of software development. This power is powerful. Shortly after its founding 1 years ago, the company attracted 100 thousand users. In 2012, GitHub received $100 million in financing from A16Z, indicating VC’s confidence in the company. In the same year, GitHub was chosen by Forbes as the ten largest technology company.

In less than 4 years,

GitHub allowed the number of Libraries (repository, the historical version used to store shared code) to reach 1 million. By January 2013, GitHub users had reached 3 million, and the number of libraries had reached 4 million 900 thousand. And it’s clearly growing at a faster pace. By December 2013, the number of GitHub libraries had exceeded 10 million, with 1 million of the recent additions being achieved within 48 days.


GitHub users, there are many big customers, including Amazon, Twitter, the White House and so on. Facebook uses GitHub to develop its own vulnerability tracking tool, and LinkedIn uses it to maintain its People You, May, Know (people you might know) and Skills &, Endorsements (skills and recommendations).

so how did GitHub change from a self proclaimed amateur project into one of the world’s most powerful software development tools with more than 10 thousand new users per week?

solving problems,

says GitHub has to mention Git. This is a version control tool developed by Linux founder Linus Torvalds for the development of the Linux kernel. Developers quickly accepted Git because it was faster and more powerful than other similar tools. As a result, the imperfect Git is seen as an upgraded version of other version control software at that time.

and Preston-Werner noted that while Git provides the possibility of solving a troublesome collaboration problem, collaboration with Git is still rather difficult

The Internet is equally true to its friends. It is a lifetime treasure

networks are equally sincere, friends are a lifetime of wealth.

rich experience in life, is the cornerstone of success, frankly facing failure, because failure is success. Life will have many transitions, cherish every stronger than their friends around us, they can change our life, the life of every turn is because the opportunity or elegant appearance to happen.

more and more people have joined the entrepreneurial model of my network + practice project, and they have brought me a lot of fresh knowledge and advanced ideas. Dapeng is one of them. He is a young man just graduated from the University of talent, full of wit, enterprising, hard working, and very familiar with the network, the network market profitable project familiar.

gave me three tips when he talked to him, and I was impressed.

1, never be satisfied with the status quo, or you will lose the momentum of progress.

, 2 young people to go out more and more to make some good friends, the young should not focus on the Internet, the network world beyond the same wonderful.

3, looking for opportunities to study more books, only constantly self charging, in order to better broaden the road of life.

Dapeng suggestions so I have a dream to wake up feeling, everyone is the age difference of young people, and his insight and vision is what I can not and. Those friends recall just built group, all become the network’s first master, and I myself, but have been busy site construction and promotion of things, slowly and estranged friends. After listening to Dapeng’s suggestion, I got the expectation of meeting my old friends right away. So, give yourself a few days off, for a friend of the province party, called on the income of 1000 yuan more than the old friends in Dongguan Juxian villa party, did not expect the invitation issued in response to numerous. At the party, I feel the gap between myself and these friends is not only a gap in the network career, but also a gap in the sense of life. Everyone started college soon after graduating from college. Now many of them are successful people who are successful in their careers and happy in their families. The links between those friends were pretty close, often exchanging experiences, while I inadvertently alienated a team of such excellent friends.

besides this, I often visit some successful station friends, learn from them and learn a lot of business business experience and skills, now I have time to read their charge, to continue learning, in order to improve their knowledge.

friend is a lifetime of wealth, the web is such a friend, as long as you go to make such a friend, you will make the network more easily the road of wealth.

article source: Guangzhou 365 basketball training network

source >

Market analysis millet success can threaten apple

today, mobile phone do hunger marketing, millet is one of the most incisive method using the mobile phone brand, some people say millet is Apple’s largest market in China enemy, while others think that millet and apple compared to mention.


10 hours ago, foreign media FastCompany and BGR have released two diametrically opposed positions of the article, the former think millet is Apple’s largest market in Chinese threat, while the latter objected that the millet in front of the apple can not afford to turn the waves.

however because of licensing issues, the main business of millet also did not enter the developed countries, especially the influence of the European market market benchmark. According to research firm IDC data, in the Chinese market, millet has sat on the throne of third mobile phone sales, second only to Samsung and apple.

for such a "market miracle", the media a little difference is too normal, so we now have to discuss a simple comb the two foreign media millet can replace Apple issues.

however, despite these infamy and prejudice, but FastCompany pointed out that millet marketing strategy is the key to success. And millet in the new hand recommended