My opinion on Taobao keywordA generation of shoe king BELLE to HKEx founder of overall cash privatiz

July 17, 2017, BELLE international privatization plan approved by the shareholders by 98%, will be delisted from the Hong Kong exchange for HK $53 billion 135 million valuation, close to the market value of HK $52 billion 300 million on the first day of 2007; and compared with the February 2013 peak, the market value has shrunk more than nearly 60%. Appearance of the brilliant and lonely dim contrast, it is inevitable to make people sigh.

in addition, we blog this model promotion products rarely, so our product category selected, we must choose this category under the boutique. The conversion rate is high.

just a little boot, you can clinch a deal.

4. Commission is high, the price is not high. Then you should pay attention to the quality of his product. Product quality problems, you recommend to the user, then the user does not trust you later, you have no business done.

lonely delisting of BELLE, all cash and Deng Yao Baijiao, perhaps what do not wrong, it is wrong too old? Hillhouse capital, CDH investment privatization agency resources deep involvement, open the "consortium + enterprise" to explore a new path for the transformation of the retail industry. Will traditional retail and digital attempts make the once cumbersome retail store switch to BELLE’s

, for example, I choose is essential oils, then I certainly choose the AFU, but also AFU’s most popular lavender essential oil.

but AFU doesn’t have a very high commission, so I went through a few other high commission products.

also has some big items: a fridge, a sofa. Commission must be high, but repeated purchase rate is small, then you flow much more. What’s more, there are many other factors that affect the transaction of this large commodity.

The last annual report of BELLE

BELLE financial data has been declining for several years, it is China’s retail business earthshaking years. The new electronic commerce has experienced the ultra high speed growth, tends to rise steadily, turns turns into the traditional industry. Ma Yun to mention the new retail concept, in its lead, the store has become the main battleground for electricity supplier giants. But the new retail store is no longer simply a vending center, but a user experience center.

products selected >

first of all, I think I have to choose what I’m interested in, or what I am currently engaged in, the industry I am familiar with. In this case, no matter the characteristics of the product or the selection of the content of the blog, you are all at your command. The unavoidable problem here is that the products you are interested in, or the products you are familiar with, may not be high commissions.

but from the current operating conditions, half of the country BELLE’s footwear brands still occupy the domestic market, its own brand BELLE, Staccato, Senda, he or she, Basto, Teenmix, and Bata, Clarks, HushPuppie agent, Mephisto brand recognition is still in the market; BELLE sales agent Nike, Adidas Puma, CONVERSE, and other sports apparel brand is still in a rising market.

BELLE brand was originally created in >

1. try to choose the brand.

, the first to talk to the owner about commission, as long as you have the ability to promote, generally can. The shopkeeper wants his product to be pushed.

ten years, BELLE International 01880.HK in the capital market around the circle, back to the starting point.

3. price, you must believe that the Commission is high, the product price must be high. The price of the product affects the conversion rate.

second is to do quantity, such as some daily necessities products, commissions are not high. But these are the products of repeated consumption. A very large quantity.

, for example, if you push some brand-name products. You know, the commissions on those brands aren’t very high. However, the amount of promotion is very large. Why? High conversion rate ah, big amount of ah, so choose products should pay attention to product characteristics: some repeated consumption, and some are not often purchased. There is also the brand and non brand will affect the conversion rate.


AFU was originally a famous brand with high brand awareness. And that lavender essential oil is burst, many people buy. Baby, the details are great.

read a few days ago on the A5 blog, Taobao website how to retain the popularity of the article, inspired by, here to share my experience with Taobao customers:

so there are two solutions:

2. to see baby details, baby details do bad, fewer transactions. Will directly affect the conversion rate.

as a traditional retail era of brand operators, BELLE has built up a relatively complete multi brand business category management structure, and so far, although the financial index is not good, but the company does not exist in the management of major errors. Perhaps, as Ma Huateng said, "nothing is wrong, it’s too old."".

traditional retail era impeccable model

and BELLE may underestimate the development of science and technology on the change of consumption habit strength, may be suffering from "too big to fail", missed the mobile Internet leading the wave of consumption upgrading, become the representative of the old retail, is facing the fate of retreat.

before privatization shows that the year 2016, although the company footwear retail outlets fell by 700, but the sports apparel, proprietary retail outlets increased by 543, the overall remained stable, in February 28, 2017, BELLE International – retail outlets for a total of 20841 home.

Let old enterprise stand optimization study

this template, of course not to discuss the extreme is not conducive to optimizing the website template. From the beginning of the contact optimization, good web site templates, reasonable layout, can let the enterprise stand optimization effort. Especially in the last few months, the hands of a plurality of enterprise site monitoring, confirmed this speculation of the author. As a typical case, there are three parking lock site the author hands, the first domain was 2 years old, the chain is widely related to the number of original articles related to occasional illustrations, but the main keywords ranking of parking lock to tepid, basically did not enter the home before three.

then you to observe words and words of ordinary commercial products (except medical), site layout template and ranking in front of the most remarkable. The chain is not great circumstances, good template rankings often dumped a few blocks together.

, two station anchor text diversity? Don’t listen to you

do stand inside the anchor text, always cautious, and hope the anchor text to the page to get more keywords ranking, such as the promotion of parking lock, tend to make the parking lock price, parking lock factory, Taobao parking lock contains the main keywords of the anchor text. But the result, part of the anchor text word with the ranking, but the main keyword ranking is out.


stop doing business promotion, you are likely to give customers, performance appraisal is a few keywords ranking, may also be done to the company, performance appraisal is likely to be a period of performance. The author believes that the vast majority of network marketing success ultimately reflected in the orders and performance, based on this idea, the author talk about general enterprise stand optimization personal opinions.

at the end of last year, the author used to optimize the enterprise template set up parking lock retail station, the station takes energy to the old station 1/3, but some words ranking far beyond the old station. The same example, I had made a product of the Tao station three station, good template, filling the basic articles, occasionally send some outside chain, to love Shanghai several times updated, ranking far beyond the ordinary template.

summary: stop doing business optimization, remember to choose a good template. Good template, reasonable layout, layout and design of comfort, not only conducive to the website optimization, will increase the number of indirect pull website PV. A PV user, stay for a long time, the website ranking is not good is not scientific.

small business station page tens or hundreds of ordinary site, weight was low, compared to station anchor text transfer weights, the current mainstream view tend to be more prominent and find new pages and site theme page.


I think ordinary enterprise station don’t need to do more long tail or low index anchor text, if you worry about the anchor text is too simple, can be appropriate to do the long tail, but not too much. But because.

, a good template, let you spend less energy to optimize

I think

Do website optimization need to proceed from those aspects

website should have another file is the site map (sitemap.xml), for regular updates to the site should be set a dynamic site map. The Shanghai spiders love particularly fond of the site map, site map and set up a dynamic help to improve the site included speed. You can set an hour to update the general small capacity and large website site, you can set a week update.

said the code lose weight, which belongs to the pure procedure, but the optimization effect on the web page so far. In other words, a domain name as well, while the registered sites use the same title and description, the same keyword optimization operation, may be ranked far from the situation, the reason may lie in the web page code. A >

is the key link of pseudo static and reduced web site optimization, search engines like.Html,.Htm,.Shtml and other static web site, this will lead to the pseudo static method to optimize the dynamic website. A page URL is the domain name and the page directory (or relative address). The focus is on the page URL reduced relative address abbreviations. For example, eight degree network ( URL optimization on its ASP page, designed as shtml, effectively increase the friendly search engine to the site. Some owners believe that the domain name length will have an influence on the site, this is a wrong view, in fact, spider like us, more easy to remember domain name rather than deliberately short domain name.

website optimization and a website of the program have a great relationship, therefore, have some experience in website optimization is also very understanding of the program division. Since the program optimization is the key site local optimization, and local optimization is the core of Shanghai dragon, so today we talk in detail from the perspective of how to better optimize the website program.

first, each site should have the robot protocol (robots.txt), the agreement originally from Google, is now used by many search engines. By agreement, the spider is allowed or part of a link or a file to the site, the bandwidth is saving, such as the website admin folder often do not need to be a spider to visit. Another role is to prevent the weight of the robot protocol output and prevent death chain, socialization and openness of the Internet today, each site will show some social platform in the home (such as micro-blog, shop, etc., using public home page) protocol can prevent web spider to weight into the unnecessary place.

we all know, optimization and website beautification is different, although the search engine does not advocate, but the actual situation is: the optimization for spiders, and beautify for visitors. The reason is because FLASH (anchor text, pictures, video and other user experience except) higher format and cannot be identified by spiders, cause can only through other ways to show the content of the web site to the spider.


What about love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon


told him is adaptive website. Sometimes we just don’t want him to our web transcoding can also be set:


3, the adaptive setting of the station, because the general situation of Shanghai mobile website will love the default adapter, sometimes fit out the effect is very bad, but also love Shanghai implanted advertising, since their adaptive website has been very good in the performance of the mobile terminal. How do we set not let love Shanghai for our website adaptation? Love is actually very simple, Shanghai gives a solution. On your website, you can set the head,

today is mainly based on his blog –PHP programmer, ray cedar personal blog about Shanghai Shanghai dragon about love those things, may also have not the right place, I hope you can correct me, but also talk about their own blog operation experience in the course of.

1, the most basic TKD, TKD (title, keywords, description is the abbreviation of), do not frequent modification of these three in the line, we must determine the good website and then on-line. This is my personal blog after the line changes a lot, take a lot of mistakes, but I did not deviate from the many changes, the central idea is still relatively small, fluctuation. Because these three are in the search engine included, a key factor ranking. Frequent changes to the search engine is the feeling you do not know the website to send to him what the central idea, naturally do not know how to rank you. A little trick is to put your keywords to reasonable in title. I personally feel that love Shanghai weight of title is very high, but remember don’t stack.

4, automatic push sitemap, optimizing the content included. If your website is to use WordPress or discuz to do, love Shanghai Webmaster Tools > has

this code is that all the www.***.cn/archives/* to the www.***.cn/*, this site URL have become shorter, less level.

2, in the website operation process, because the URL is relatively long, so the back to re adjust the URL into short, but also hesitant, then decided to pain included, the less likely the impact is small. This can be used to love Shanghai webmaster tools, a website can help you in the content unchanged, URL changes. Set a 301 redirect first on your server, and then submit your revision of the rules, then wait for the love of Shanghai on your website after the revision of the current adjustment, as if you were the only love Shanghai website this function. The following is IIS 8.5 web.config 301 redirect configuration:

The Japanese love Shanghai search engine has been closed The domain name or history

how to do?

love love Shanghai Japanese search engine in Japan and Google and YAHOO compete, but obviously, the effect is not ideal. At present, YAHOO Japan is Japan ranked first in the search engine, Google ranked second, and was very successful in Chinese love Shanghai in Japan will face the "Waterloo".


renamed Chinese ( April 20th hearing, according to news, Shanghai has closed the Shanghai love love love Shanghai Japan Japan search engine, domain name

it is understood that in the sea launched in 2007 Shanghai Japan love search engine, and enabled and to provide search services. The 2 country domain name belongs to Japan, compared with the Japanese people’s daily habits.

Shanghai has also planned with

love Shanghai spokesman said, the Japanese love Shanghai search engine actually has been closed on March 16th. But the spokesman said he did not rule out future to launch the service, or through other platforms in Japan launched the possibility of search service.

Google push new noble baby Play web version and mobile terminal consistent style

in the new nobility baby Play store, icon and name application is enlarged, icon shown below is a preview video and screenshots. Click to view full page preview screenshots will pop up the big shots, can show more details of the application. The main menu is moved to the left position, the user can check the application installed in the "application" in my. (Dream)


[IT] Sohu news July 16th news, according to foreign media reports, Google released a new version of "noble baby Play store today, let the new style in the design of mobile terminal and consistency.

The successful experience of being re elected by Baidu

first I give you talk about is the concept of K, for example: when your website domain name is K, you will find that when you enter the in Baidu or Google search page, you included zero; if you enter in the search box directly http:// can come out of a home so, Congratulations, you have a little bit of hope, can save. Of course, everybody is the webmaster, I may say is not always accurate, even think I speak very bluntly, please support me, don’t scold me.

I was in March last year to buy the domain name, the early stages of the site, I used Handmade a few simple pages and links over a period of time to look at Baidu, Google included, I am very happy, after two or three months to see, the PR value of the site has reached 1. So I started to make a website and self promotion website looking for ideas of their own, excited to see the present situation of development, but let me feel very panic results, my site has been Baidu K, Google down the right, the search engine has been basically to search this site halitosis medical network ".

in the face of this situation, is to continue the "net" still think of his method, so I find from the Internet a lot of articles about how to recover after being K, the result is not a little useful to me, which also includes some stations, such as nets etc.. There is nothing else to refer to, so I have to study it myself.

so I followed my own ideas and tried to do it.

phase 1: analyze your reasons for being K,

I carefully check our website, K reference is the reason, I may be the largest copy, reprint articles others; repeated use keywords; some in order to save, the only changed the original title called "xxxxx" now only changed the title of the site "halitosis medical network" the results of the simple procedure, Baidu is not included; for my website is the status of K should be a kind of hope.

second stage: for reasons, modify the website

identified the possible causes, and I quickly readjusted the site to exclude the possible and potential causes of K,

third stage: write soft text

for my current situation, my first thought is writing, then, write a few article wait for effect, but the end result is the same, it is soft, have certain effect to improve website traffic, website K to be of little significance. In the next time, I also in the webmaster website saw a because K domain name and write soft, soft Wen wrote a lot, but he was K domain name soft Wen, that domain name has not been included

Station master, please don’t be a garbage station

remember there was a time… For… 2 hours to do the collection station, I can help one day earn more than 20$(Adsense is the main income, now click policy, like it was no longer possible.)… Remember every 10 minutes. Only a short while ago increase the collection content, can make this station be included in Baidu IP on tens of thousands of pages, over 10000…… at that time I thought, do stand is to make money, that is rubbish station means…

until the last in Chengdu a webmaster party, let me change the idea. The party was launched in a station in Q Qqun, the group’s main base and my brother is a friend, listen to my brother said to the inside of the group of people are very powerful, some have already had a good books, some it is a large site BOSS. so I am already looking forward to the party is pretty nervous. I arrived early in the morning, we wait until noon, and finally is not a lot of people, perhaps about more than 10. In which I age is the smallest, the owners of the oldest more than 30 years old this year later, we know that he is the Lord, the cat. For me, it was a very short party, because the compulsory class in the afternoon, and one I do not intend to skip class, so I’m going to be a noon dinner went back to school. At the end of the meal at the cat story We all do a self introduction, and speak on their own website. He was mobilized in the how I have not remember, at that time I had only one feeling: I am willing to listen to him, let me feel him in the group’s driving ability and in reality is the same. With this power, we are actively started a self introduction. We start from the older, introduced their name, occupation, age, and then is to talk about their website. Found a very interesting thing, several owners are very shy and introduce themselves, but speak of yourself the site, like for a man, like the speech talking.

The cat is

before doing business, being cheated, the loss of hundreds of thousands, then listen to the advice of friends began to invest in website, now he invested several stations have begun to take shape, is about to enter the investment payback period. Listen, I particularly care about their current income, but do not know why there are few webmaster talk about income. Most of them, is how their station is user identity, created much of the value….. May be too young, money worship is too heavy, I do not care about these things, in my mind, to do is to make money, money is a good website website. Soon, the last turn to me. With the fastest speed to introduce myself, I began to prepare my speech about my collection station. Remember that excited ah, when I talk about income when, I always habitually look at their eyes, and then quietly to meet their vanity. However, when I finished, but not the expected approval of the eyes and applause, but in return is >!

Analysis now individual stationmaster, what kind of website can you still have


since 2009, great changes have taken place in the network environment, rely on garbage site brush flow, on the human body art website advertising, making the flow by walking a fine line, now the site has very little chance of survival. Record to know real name authentication, CN domain name, individual may not register, and so on, normative behavior gradually perfect, plus Baidu and other search engine algorithms continue to improve, the site by flow to make money has been quite difficult. However, the individual station continues the previous site type, or there are new owners to join in doing, and can be divided into the following types:

talk about movie websites and music websites first. It’s easy to develop and easy to make money. You have to add content all day and add more programs. Indeed, you can play online, traffic is coming. If you do free movie station, basically less than half a year, you can accumulate a lot of users. But movie stations also have high bandwidth requirements. The website is full of pop everywhere, everywhere is dazzling advertisement, although so, a lot of stationmaster still earn a lot of money by advertisement alliance. Now, the state has a relatively tight grip on copyright protection, and the crackdown on piracy is becoming more and more ruthless. It’s not a long story. Really want to get up, relying on members of the profits, but also really profitable. It depends on your ability. Most of the movie stations are thieves procedures, and some acquisition Youku, 56, potatoes, etc., resulting in the search engine does not include the situation has occurred. This has already indicated that the present movie station is not good.

say again beautiful picture station, is more appropriate personal Adsense to do. Customers need large space, virtual server VPS can do, so the cost is increased a lot, do human art, now can not be done, otherwise you can direct your space business host! So now do a photo station must do regular pictures, do not have what the dew point. The picture station usually has no fixed users, unless you are a professional material type picture, the picture station traffic is mostly from the search engine. Don’t play ball, after all, now is not the previous network environment, not for the record can do the times in the past, now must be real name authentication! Moreover, the picture is a collection of resources long work, do you have the patience, instead of going directly to the store to buy a Taobao station picture program.

, as well as the novel station, the flow of the novel station is mainly due to search engines, and now mainly rely on Baidu. Do not do SEO optimization, do not cheat, by ordinary means of promotion is really too difficult, in case the site is K, you have to re start, no flow of the novel station is a waste station. There is a problem, the contents of the novel come from there? Did you write? Is too much out of it, you must say to collection, you must know, now most of acquisition station down, acquisition station die! Now estimated personal novel station, the original novel almost no? No one the author love in a small website. Now, if it’s a mobile phone Story Download Station, it’s still promising, because it’s a 3G Era

Interaction with the user can effectively improve the executive power of the station

The term "

webmaster" not only tells you the dream, but also tells you the hardships of the road to entrepreneurship. Perhaps the confusion of thinking, perhaps the profit bottleneck, and perhaps self consolation, all of which will seriously affect our execution. Since you choose the front, you should strive to move forward, never because of confusion and profit difficulties, and let yourself into the situation of self escape. Firmly improve the executive power, enjoy the joy of entrepreneurship, and constantly realize profitability, is what we really want to do. In this paper, a row of key from the user interaction point of view analysis, how to improve the executive power of the station.

The interaction between

and users can stimulate us to generate new ideas and gain new profit points.


webmaster exists as a webmaster, another more important aspect is to exist as a social person, per capita is the interaction with others need, this is the people’s social nature. Interaction and interaction with users can effectively stimulate our thinking, perhaps in the process of interaction with users, suddenly inspired, and get some new operational ideas and profit methods. The webmaster is very hard, every day to keep freshness is particularly important, how to get fresh? More in-depth user, and they exchange and communication, users will give you new ideas and inspiration; at the same time, the user will also provide some development suggestions for you, let your mind has been opened, the key where is the operation completely clear; because the website is for customer service, after the interaction with the user, obtained from the user’s ideas and suggestions, is most conducive to the development of the website. More interaction with users, allowing users to stimulate and push our continuous efforts to move forward, is to improve the effectiveness of the implementation of the master station.

The interaction between

two and users can be combined with social media to improve interaction efficiency.

is the interaction between parties or behavior, and how to improve the user interaction between efficiency? With the QQ group, QQ QQ, micro-blog QQ, WeChat space, can be formed between the effective interaction with the user, especially the QQ group is the most can achieve interactive marketing tools. QQ group multi-party, allowing users to form a multi-party or more complex user relations. Adhere to the webmaster in the QQ group with your user exchange and communication, can bring the whole interactive atmosphere, for a topic, a point of view, an industry or a long-term trend, the interactive guide, and the interaction between users gradually transferred to the website, for example: to solve the question through the QQ group, told the after the case of doubt, please ask the forum section in the present; so, to increase the original content of the forum, enhance the interactive atmosphere of the forum, the forum to enhance user experience. Interaction with the user, like the engine, will lead us to constantly think and seek new directions for the development of the site to lay a solid user base and relationship foundation.

three, profit is the fundamental reason that affects executive ability of stationmaster.

Why does the execution power of

webmaster get lower?