How to do the love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai Dragon

3. readings try to fill in the authoritative website.

needs to be emphasized, in your description of a product, must stand in the industry point of view, the official words, very authoritative Encyclopedia of love. Don’t use a large segment of the subjective nature of advertisements, even if it can be passed, there were also reports that would likely rival, naught.

3. description must be objective.

I was in 2011 May because the promotion of company’s products, can contact the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, perhaps the real operation is 1-2 months later, only maintenance, the entry position has been very in front, here I will take me to do product as an example, what I do is Wikipedia entry.

in reading the materials, at least you have to fill out a "

is one of the techniques, can make other products simple describe their products is described, we can refer to the glass brick and hollow brick.

Shanghai Longfeng people know, now love Shanghai alone big, almost all the keywords home is love Shanghai products. Among them, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love position is unshakable, because the entries have a certain authority, especially high so love Shanghai gives it a circle, basically as long as you complete an entry, a few months or will be ranked in the first word outside except promotion. So, do Shanghai Longfeng people have a preference for Wikipedia entries, try to write a word.

now love Shanghai entry too much, we can think of the word basically are created, so we have to do is to edit your entries. Before editing an entry, the basic properties of the first analysis of an entry, for example, I do products of glass brick, for a product, the most basic is to analyze its composition, specifications, performance and technology, and so on, there are at least 5 categories, how.

understand the basic attributes, to assign properties to him, need to pay attention to is the product category, because a product category is not only your products, such as glass brick, my product is hollow glass brick, in addition, there are glass tile and glass mosaic, therefore, in order to lead you the product, but also need to add these 2 products, so it is perfect, or others so perfect, you’re screwed.

2. is the entry attribute allocation, improve the catalogue.

is very simple?

I always tell my friends, to make the entry must be careful, especially now the entry has developed very perfect, basic opportunistic can not pass, and you one means to further improve the chance to the opponent, if the opponent improve a complex version, then you basically have what chance to make you the version, even after you change, the other can claim back.

1. to understand the basic attributes of an entry.

This is the

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