Mechanical product station optimization and user experience should pay attention to the details

what is most concerned about consumer access to website? It is the price of the products, and maintain the quality of materials used. Drizzle website is the demand from the consumer to start, in the customer service channel page, divided into the following several sub channels. And the picture + text + video mode, the full range of answers to users lock price, installation and maintenance of the parking spaces to answer doubts. At the same time, according to the general consumers are more concerned about the problem, put it in the home page, so that consumers can easily find demand content.

details of the three, to provide detailed customer service

network marketing in recent years a lot of mechanical products enterprises, the author observed most sites, just a simple template, and then hastily opened love Shanghai bidding or do optimization. These enterprises site layout, structure fits, even enterprise profile is copied directly under the company name change. Just imagine, users see this same site, did not see the company product advantages and so on, it is difficult to stimulate the desire to buy. In this paper, the author of the operation of a car parking lock site optimization and user experience to talk about the need to pay attention to the details.

as I browse through many Taobao products and selling with good site, found that they have in common, both with the marketing of the product description. The author believes that the description of mechanical products products can stand from several aspects as follows to.

mechanical products, the design of navigation generally refer to the product classification, product competitiveness. The observation of some products is a navigation station, the "product center" get throught a thing carelessly. Just imagine, consumers still need to pass multiple clicks, it hard to find the desired product in a range of products, call him too much to handle.

such as parking lot facilities of the website, its products are love Shanghai index is divided into "parking lock" and "traffic facilities" in these two categories, if consumers buy the product, see the navigation + product navigation structure is clear, can easily find the desired product.

details two, to provide real customer case

entrance, refers to a number of local key products to provide entrance. As the author’s Web site navigation, by train, navigation products, products of home banner map and a list of products and other areas, to provide entrance, in order to facilitate visitors convenient access.

and other mechanical products such as electronic products such as digital stations are not the same, if the website can provide real customer case, invisible can improve the site of degree of belief. If the site’s case there is enough convincing than go around the lot of weak. The following is the drizzle automatic parking lock the customer case list, the author’s suggestion is to be arranged by the customer case, the best graphic combination, provide a specific date of persuasive content.

four, a full range of detail description of

> product

details, dual navigation design + multi entrance

Have launched

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