How to obtain the high efficiency in the domain name registration in (two)

many friends will consider love Shanghai weight problem when cybersquatting, some argue that the domain name registration does not need to consider the Shanghai love weight, because love itself is a virtual Shanghai weight value; and another part of the view that cybersquatting must consider love Shanghai weight, because this is a site in Shanghai in love the impression of value. The author thinks that the domain name can be appropriately concerned in Shanghai love weight value registration process, because love itself is the weight value of Shanghai and rely on the flow of ascension, but the flow is through the ranks to identify, so love Shanghai weight or is of great importance for the common domain name, at least in the domain name before the expiration date for a judge the value of the site is still relatively high, so that we can love Shanghai appropriate reference weight, not to be ignored, love Shanghai weight under the same condition, the higher we can register the domain name.

article on domain name suffix, the PR value, special value to do some explanation and description, but also help to believe some webmaster, cybersquatting itself is a risky thing to have, some owners may also be in after cybersquatting beyond cost, but more stationmaster in cybersquatting after the domain name can sell at a good price, indicating that the domain name registration is to look at the skills and methods, this article is the webmaster friends is the method of cybersquatting and skills, I hope to help the webmaster.


is the key chain domain name cybersquatting


website is registered

there are some friends when cybersquatting attention included in the site, actually included a domain name for the cybersquatting is basically meaningless, because we will have a new site in cybersquatting, and then re submit the approval and love of Shanghai included, this time if the other site contains too much and instead will affect the future development of our website, so my view is that we in the domain name registration when the website home page is included as long as you can, without thinking about the inside pages included.

domain name registration is a lot of my friends are going, some friends profit in domain name registration, there are friends that grab domain name >

weakness The

friends when cybersquatting, don’t underestimate the chain domain name, a good domain name outside the chain of value is very high, for example, I in the process of cybersquatting sometimes will find some registered 5-8 domain name, the chain of these sites is still part of today’s portals the chain, its value is very high, so we must when cybersquatting should pay attention to the chain of the domain name, whether the chain view domain is the chain of high value, of course, if the chain is a domain of almost all the forum or blog outside the chain, the chain of value so that the domain name is not high, so when we were cybersquatting must learn to identify the reasonable value of the chain.

cybersquatting love Shanghai weight is

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