How to use the web log analysis tools to view log



fourth is a picture of the major search engines to your site spider IP.

pictures together, hoping to help those who just do stand friends. Some friends want to ask this is what web log query analysis software please reply message in the Shanghai dragon 1912 blog, I will give you the answer.

is the last page crawl, please see third pictures, here each page detailed major search engine spiders crawl, a lot of friends every day to update the article, but are not included, here you can check whether the spider has come, have not included you have to rethink your article whether the acquisition or pseudo original is not high quality is poor.


we first from the summary analysis, from the first graph shows the engine spiders access times, spider total residence time, total amount, and grab a proportional amount of all engines. Here we look at what? There are several aspects, first of all you need to see what you have to do the search engine ranking spiders have come to come, have never been that cannot be included in your. Then the residence time, if the residence time is 0, it shows that the content of your site spider does not love, that means you may be content quality is not high, but stay is 0 is not strange for the new station, because the station itself weight is not high, after a period of time will stay spider slowly increase. The last is a crawl, the spider to grab the number each time, if your site itself a lot of content, but grab the quantity is very few, then you have to check whether or not the death factors are friendly to spider.

We combine the

many friends do not know what is the web log and how to view the site log, but I do not know how to analyze the web log, in some Shanghai Longfeng forum often see many of my friends asked, "why has my site only included not included in the page?", "how my website is not included?" "my site is not a problem?" and so on, in fact, although there are many reasons for these, but we first encounter these problems is to check what? Is the site log, see the web log is one of the most basic station must also be a program, when the site of our look, we should also observe the site no problem, see how the web log? Here I’ll introduce you to see how the web log.

then we see second pictures directory crawl, here is the crawling section of the page, some stand out but some column has not been included, you need to observe whether every directory grab grabbed your column page this problem, if never grab you can try to give the hair a few outside the column page if the chain, what methods are tried never to climb the spider, then you need to check your site within the correct path.

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