Tmall pharmaceutical sales in the first half of 2 billion 200 million sales ranking full exposure

news July 16th, billion state power network learned the day before Tmall statistics Medicine Museum for the first half of the sales data, according to statistics, as of the end of June, Tmall Medical Museum of medical, OTC pharmaceuticals, health supplies, health supplies, medical services in five categories completed a total sales of 2 billion 200 million yuan.

in the five category, accounting for the largest share of sales for medical equipment up to 4, followed by OTC pharmaceutical nearly 3.

it is reported that as of the end of June, get online pharmacy license a total of 314 enterprises, while in the first half of the 44 new Tmall, in addition, according to statistics, 194 companies have opened the official flagship store in Tmall, accounted for 61.98%. In this regard, Tmall based on the purpose of the sale of all kinds of rankings. Among them, in the medical category, blood pressure and blood glucose instrument activities two sub industry sales in the first half of the highest proportion, respectively 22.32% and 20.7%.

is the following medical device sales ranking:


The following

for medical equipment sales ranking key category:


below is the OTC drug sales ranking:


according to the above ranking can be learned in the OTC drug category, replenishing the largest share of the industry is a sedative, followed by rheumatoid bone trauma and stomach medicine, three sub sectors accounted for 54.51% of the market share. In the category of health supplies, health care products industry sales to occupy the entire family planning supplies category 50.99% of sales.

Unit price 44 yuan Exposing the truth behind the scenes

[Reuters] Zhou Dafu billion state power jewelry products in Taobao (including Tmall) the average price is only 43.7 yuan? What is the wrong data, or what other reasons? The day before, billion state power network access to Taobao data cube June jewelry (gold / diamond / Jewelry / Jade) selling brand category list data the (Taobao + Tmall), found that some well-known jewelry brand average selling price of goods exists strange place.


data cube data show that in June this year, Zhou Dafu turnover of nearly 33 million 150 thousand yuan in the jewelry category selling brand charts. But a noteworthy data is that the number of transactions in the month reached about 760 thousand. This means that the average price of Zhou Dafu products in June was only 43.7 yuan.

, by contrast, the average price in second Zhou Shengsheng products is about 275 yuan, ranked third in the Zocai average price is about 1307 yuan, Miley is about 5721 yuan, 980 yuan for LAN Yue ke. So down, the highest turnover of Zhou Dafu seems to have become the most cheap brand.

billion state power network browse Zhou Dafu found on Tmall’s official flagship store, the two brands of hot models priced at the flagship store in more than 1000 yuan, the flagship store has no sales price in 100 yuan of the following products.

on the "odd" data, billion state power network consulting Zhou Dafu Jewelry Group business vice president Chen Yuhang. Chen Yuhang revealed that the price of the product line in the Department of Ali platform in thousand yuan or more, the average price of 43.7 yuan is clearly not in line with the price of the product of Zhou Dafu. In this regard, Chen Yuhang speculated that the data cube showing the ultra low price items should be caused by fakes, because the data cube is Taobao Tmall network statistics. The bigger the brand is the more serious the counterfeit, so the corresponding pieces of the average price has been affected more powerful".

Chen Yuhang said that Zhou Dafu’s online channel has basically covered all the mainstream business platform, including Jingdong,, 1, mall, and since Zhou Dafu settled the platform, Zhou Dafu has basically been fake out active platform.

on the current status of Taobao, Chen Yuhang said that the recent evidence collection work has begun. Billion state power network search "Zhou Dafu" keywords in, search results obviously filled with a variety of counterfeit Zhou Dafu products, prices and even a few yuan to 20 yuan of gold jewelry, "according to the precious metal raw material costs quoted to the public calculations, the price is completely impossible." A jewelry industry veteran told billion state power network.

when asked if Zhou Dafu itself has no regulation on the electricity supplier fake problem, Chen Yuhang said, this mainly depends on the attitude of the platform party, as a brand, it will pass the relevant laws and regulations to restrain similar behavior, but also to remind consumers to choose the official channels to Zhou Dafu to buy, so as not to be deceived.

Chen Yuhang

Suning Internet supermarket at the end of this year to force the entity by 600%

from the electrical extended to the whole category management, Su ningyun stand more and more. Even more shocking is that it has to do the supermarket, but also challenge the traditional supermarket.

days ago, resigned from the global retail giant Carrefour joined Su ningyun and in charge of the supermarket business more than a year of Meiji million to the "daily economic news" reporter said, although the line now has 4 Suning supermarket, but Suning supermarket will be the main line, to do is the real Internet supermarket.

Wan Mingzhi believes that the buying and selling of Suning supermarket is not simple, but shopping, leisure and other functions, Suning Plaza, Suning stores will be as far as possible the entity set up internet supermarket, and in 2015 May in the main city of several early attempts version.

According to

Su ningyun’s argument, Suning supermarket is Suning retail business an important growth point in the future, whether online or offline, will take an important role to enhance user stickiness, drainage and re purchase rate.

in this regard, the investment adviser retail industry researcher Du Yanhong said that with the development of O2O model, as well as payment, improve the level of logistics, indeed the emergence of the Internet supermarket offers opportunities. Suning supermarket is in the supermarket sector recruits, compared with the traditional supermarket advantage is mainly a combination of online and offline, to provide home delivery, three-dimensional, cross space service, but can become a new growth point of Suning performance still need further observation.

Suning intends to enter the full category

it is understood that the appearance of the new supermarket is an important practice of Suning Suning O2O Internet retail mode, is different from the traditional offline online supermarket supermarkets and traditional, Suning supermarket will be the first in the industry also has online platform and offline stores two channels of supermarket, meet people everywhere online shopping needs; offline physical + virtual sample, realize people meeting and leisure shopping needs; the mobile terminal will become a link between the two. Suning supermarket will be three-dimensional and space, 24 hours non-stop Internet supermarket.

to enter the whole category is proposed for interpretation of important Internet supermarket Su ningyun. However, from the entire retail environment, the supermarket industry is entering a period of slow growth. According to the China Association of chain stores statistics, in 2013 the supermarket business sales growth of 8.5%, lower than the average increase of 100 percent by 1.4 percentage points, store growth is flat with the top 100. In this case, Su ningyun into how some people do not understand.

Du Yanhong told reporters that the current situation is not optimistic about the development of the supermarket industry, WAL-MART, and other well-known Darunfa Yonghui supermarket have suffered different degrees of contraction, indicating that the market has appeared to pile up in excess of requirement state.

The general manager of

Shanghai Shangyi Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Hu Chuncai also pointed out that "the supermarket itself gross margin is not high, generally also a dozen points, supermarkets also about 12 points or 13 points, if coupled with the background, does not exceed a maximum of 20 points. Mao.

Suning electricity supplier mergers and Acquisitions the vertical contact with the electricity suppl

started large-scale financing on the occasion, Suning Appliance (002024) broke the news about the upcoming expansion of mergers and acquisitions. Sun Weimin, vice chairman of the company (micro-blog), said they are in contact with some vertical class electricity supplier brands. Suning Appliance is beginning to finance 5 billion 500 million yuan through private placement, the additional price per share of $12.15, but the company’s stock price is currently around $8.5 / share.

in the electronic commerce planning of Suning Appliance, is not the only platform. According to Su Ning’s plan, after completed in team system, Suning will be online on the implementation of multi brand strategy is a comprehensive business such as, will also include vertical electricity supplier.

According to

, this is also a lot of investors advise them to do, and asked to speed up the pace of these areas. At present, China’s electricity supplier investment cooling stage, the business model in China’s prospects have been questioned.

as of press time, the newspaper did not understand the vertical class electricity supplier Suning is being contacted list.

multi brand strategy

acquisition related news, July 5th is’s first non electrical category suppliers after the Convention, Sun Weimin in Nanjing Suning headquarters to reporters.

in the supplier conference, announced its open platform strategy, accelerate the process of Suning Appliance to go. In the more than 1 thousand suppliers to participate in the conference, announced its killer "three free" policy, namely "free annual fee free platform fee, free margin". These charges are usually the main profit model of other electricity providers open platform.

for Suning’s great significance. Suning Appliance in the planning, they hope that by 2020, reconstruction of a physical store and equate the virtual suning. Therefore, is the next 8 years, one of the key to the rapid growth of Suning appliance.

in May 2012 quarterly meeting of Suning, Suning Appliance chairman Zhang Jindong proposed "Suning where there is, will require around the branch in the local operation of the promotion, as the largest flagship store this year to prepare for Zhang Jindong, will also in various parts of the data into the general manager of the branch the scope of performance assessment. In 2012,’s sales of 30 billion yuan is still the sprint goal.

Of course, this is not the key to

Suning online platform only. is a comprehensive business, Suning appliances online channels will be extended to multi brand strategy. Sun Weimin said, will not only Suning Appliance business platform. Like department stores, there are high-end luxury department stores, mid-range, low-grade, online multi brand electronic business platform is the same, will certainly take into account the collocation and characteristics.

, of course, to solve these multiple channels

Jingdong on-line online banking wallet will integrate shopping investment credit business

March 7th, Jingdong financial on-line online banking wallet". The future through the online banking wallet, Jingdong users shopping payment, capital management, consumer credit, investment banking will be integrated in the online banking wallet.

, according to Jingdong, online banking wallet is to achieve a variety of financial products based on the function of financial accounts, but also an independent market oriented third party payment products.

online banking wallet responsible person, compared with the traditional third party payment instruments simple payment and settlement functions, online banking wallet is also constantly expanding new application scenarios. Online banking wallet in the process of expanding the application scene, relying on online banking online payment license qualifications.

online scenarios, online banking wallet will help Jingdong e-commerce distribution system POS receiving system, while online banking online will also expand the Jingdong outside the POS acquiring merchants, and various types of business cooperation. In addition, online banking wallet will integrate different payment application scenarios.

it is understood that online banking wallet will be the first to serve more than 100 million users of Jingdong, at the individual user level, the account system will focus on the business of Jingdong’s own. As before the release of the Jingdong ". Online banking wallet Enterprise Edition, mainly for corporate customers to provide settlement and payment services. There are already a large number of POP companies in the use of online banking wallet Enterprise Edition products. Online banking wallet mobile version will be formally launched on March 18th. (end)

Xu Lankang the novice understanding of Wangzhuan project

two days ago a friend introduced me to a profitable project, I looked very good at his income has been very good, but I think after refused, because these Wangzhuan project very much, and any profitable projects are consistent with the 28 law, not you can earn a lot of money earned. It is always a good man. Here since the fish don’t watch, learn to pick up their real ability, on the edge of a fish, rather than retreat webs.

give yourself a reason to join

we are no longer children entering the network, may be some friends like me also been cheated, detour, I think it is essential for growth on the road, but if you can’t learn if they cannot grow. Want to ask yourself a few questions. In order to study or to earn money after you join? In what way to manage, can not control how much time a day off?? want to score goals? Have a good state of mind, how to step by step to meet order and determine, no longer as before to see what is what, see this money ran over and saw that day how much want to quit work, not far from the dream some day in the future how cattle X. I would like to tell a friend, learning skills to improve themselves, you will find yourself getting better.


found a new project in order to make money, not a useless, the first analysis of the nature of our project and do some statistical data, if this project is connected through the promotion of some products that we want is not with the Taobao customer similar, I think now most of the webmaster contact Taobao customer. Each one of the marketing channels are not the same, some rely on SEO ranking some forum, have their own best way to promote Taobao customer master, we are good at promotion and project is not consistent. Novice friends generally do not have their own best promotion, it is based on the distribution characteristics of the target population and their own resources to find an effective way to promote the targeted learning and tracking data analysis. Don’t be afraid of trouble. If you are ready, it will be easier to catch up with us.

one side of the road to success is to insist on innovation side

no matter what you are now involved in network marketing training, the teacher will tell you on the first day, execution, execution, execution is what we insist on. If one thing can not insist on doing it, it is likely to die on the road, which is summed up by the master. In fact, the same is true of life, how the network can completely reflect the habits of your life. There is not enough light, but also need skills. I have a lot of cases around, with the executive power and the skills to do the project, I believe you will stride forward, you want to move to the cow X life. There will be milk and bread.

learn more about

ask is to ask you to do this project, they feel their achievements, or can help us a lot, but must be modest >

He smiled the new cross-border foreign direct mail can play out

[Abstract] cross-border electricity supplier of the new deal has been implemented since April 8th, bonded delivery reached a turning point, open a new chapter in overseas direct mail, do the purchasing mode of the game player had a clear position. Hangzhou’s first technology is hidden in the sea Amoy supply chain on a typical purchasing platform.

There are two major business

technology’s first neighbor, a cross-border electricity supplier is positioned as a flexible supply chain Fisrtlink, one is the sea Amoy App chop hand help, two lines of business is shared, but the front end user oriented in different ways.

Fisrtlink is the core business, one end is connected to one end of the access of foreign electricity supplier website, domestic sea Amoy businesses (including community, business platform, micro business, purchasing personnel), the terminal consumer orders, which is responsible for all the links and buy on behalf of cross-border logistics. Chop hands to help App directly to consumers, the equivalent of a display window.

"4.8 new positive list system makes the cross-border electricity supplier in the future can only take the head of general trade and cross-border consumer goods, middle-class families will gradually from head to tail, personalized merchandise goods legitimate penetration, the only solution is to enter the consumer direct mail packet family." The first neighbor and founder partner and COO Han Di to billion state power network said, "we believe that the future success of cross-border consumption depends largely on who can achieve the perfect integration of the long tail of commodity supply chain and cross-border small parcel logistics."


started from April 2014 until now, the first neighbor technology only took the angel round of financing, but because of a large amount of this round of financing, on the other hand, because the market low expenses, and all business maori. "We never lose money to do marketing, at most is to reduce the gross profit." Han Di pointed out.

in its view, all cross-border electricity providers are not the first players in the game technology, but a potential partner. When you fight but have users, the flow of big game player doesn’t want to, a lot of money, the best way is to turn competition into cooperation. Zero inventory of the supply chain to run fast, easy to adjust, no financial pressure, positioning for purchasing rather than sales and can avoid a lot of legal risk. After the implementation of cross-border new deal, the first technology is to see a new dawn.

the following dialogue for billion state power network with Han Di:

flexible cross-border supply chain in the end, soft where?

: the first billion state power network development ideas o science and technology is what? How to locate


Han Di: in the future, traffic and consumption scenarios must be to the center of the platform, there is no platform to meet the needs of all consumers, do shopping entrance strategy does not conform to the current trend of the times. Under this premise, we do after all is "sellers" such a thing.

what was off? If only do a chop hand to help, go to ocean terminal, the little red book.

Suning Jingdong logistics warehouse PK, Jingdong Asia one is Asia five

Beijing Teng plan in the past, Jingdong held a press conference today, the press conference on Jingdong’s Asia one big pen and ink, obviously for the future of Asia one high hopes. But, "Asia one" can really grow up to "1"?

annual double 11, is a drama in the field of electricity providers, the major electricity supplier platform launched a full range of competition, the price war is the most intense on the user perception and competition, logistics and warehousing lore is invisible to the user smoke.

last year, almost every Jingdong are advertising to satirize the Tmall logistics, after all, Tmall is a platform based electricity supplier, he does not sell, also is the third party logistics, so Jingdong has been continued to create a Chinese electricity supplier in the field of logistics first duguqiubai image.

Jingdong logistics is really the strongest? Remember last year’s double 11, "the Milky Way, Tianjin warehouse high-profile challenge Jingdong Asia one Shanghai warehouse, although the Milky Way 1 victory in the index area, commodity storage and other Jingdong, but is due to the properties of the decision is more suitable for the book warehouse goods, rather than a comprehensive commodity, is not dominant in some high density storage logistics industry, high-tech content indicators, and so did not win the Jingdong.

this year, the eve of the double 11, Jingdong is willing to use Tencent’s QQ mobile browser push information, in the same large luxury video, show Jingdong is a large warehouse ready for the double 11".

just friends lamented the high tech Jingdong logistics warehouse, did not want to Su Ning COO Hou Enlong threw a sentence, I Shanghai a warehouse can destroy him."

Jingdong Asia one, can only be counted as Asia No. five

in the mind of the public Jingdong, Asia one had heard, but Suning Shanghai warehouse in Fengxian but had never heard of, in the end Suning Shanghai Fengxian base can destroy the Jingdong’s "Asia first" we might find out?.

through public information can be found, Suning Shanghai Fengxian base covers an area of 250 thousand square meters (including large and small warehouse warehouse), equivalent to 35 standard football field size. The small warehouse area is the largest domestic electricity supplier industry. In the library, can support 1 million small pieces of SKU, about 15 million pieces of goods storage requirements, the daily processing capacity can reach 800 thousand / day.

and Asia in Shanghai, look at this data, Jingdong’s Asia one is indeed an instant that was spike.

is simply a logistics base in Shanghai, apparently contrasting the overall logistics and warehousing capabilities of the two companies, we compare the country. But a contrast, found that the original Jingdong in the Asia one, built in Guangzhou, there are Shenyang, Wuhan, but the real use of the only Shanghai Asia one, other areas of the warehouse, basically is rented.

this is really so

Earthquake relief national domain name charity donation personal honor certificate

a dollar domain name in exchange for such a collection of commemorative value of honor certificate, it is ashamed

pictures are as follows:

1 express package:


2 out, honor certificate, red, huh, huh,


3 open inside look like


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5 seal place. However, the text below the text, it seems that the first printed chapter


6 a

6.23-6.28 webmaster domain activity week

Where the customer executives will join mall Jingdong Wu served as senior vice president

vice president Wu Eslite



technology news November 30th afternoon news, according to sources, from the departure of VANCL vice president Wu Sheng, will officially join the Jingdong store at the end of the year, as the post of senior vice president and director of public relations aspects of the business.

Wu sound in every guest business when adding, where the customer was responsible for public relations and V+ business, where the customer belongs to the senior level figure, but it has yesterday came as "personal reasons" departure. According to sources confirmed that the whereabouts of the sound of Wu has been determined: the end of the year to join Jingdong mall.

Wu’s departure let outsiders surprised, because according to the information disclosed by the media, where the customer will be completed in the fourth quarter listing, more news has submitted a prospectus, why leave at this time? Micro-blog for their reasons for leaving a lot of speculation, some people think that this "may be related to the CEO in the old people with strategies and options the distribution of misconduct related".

in fact over the past few years, where the customer has been in a state of loss of core employees, also left and former assistant to the president, the beginning of CEO Xu Xiaohui, a former vice president, excellent shopping network COO Zhang Xiaojun and former vice president Li Gang in charge of finance. But in recent years old also rarely seen interview.

e-commerce industry has been in a state of lack of talent, the Wu Sheng turnover yesterday came the news, CEO Li Guoqing in the micro-blog olive branch: "Wu always willing to do government relations VP? The meeting last month in Chengdu encounter, appreciate Wu sum of government and laughing in momentum. Unfortunately, with the old Dong and every guest relationship is good, feel shy to dig, especially where the market is a critical stage."

currently Wu did not comment on the matter. Jingdong mall, said the interior has not heard of this appointment. (Cui Xi)