See how to use the wealth of animation animation sister

animation grew up with us, and we grow together, we are familiar with, but with the continuous expansion of the animation market, the animation industry has ushered in a new spring, ushered in a new opportunity. Here, might as well look together sister how to use animation animation to create wealth!

NiuDao, earn 800 thousand

for Dad.

then friends by e-mail sent me a flash, that can use the "pen" to "painting". At that time, I also asked: "what is flash?" The netizen says it is exploited by Macromedia, developers of interactive multimedia products worldwide famous a multimedia software, can be used to produce a variety of animation, comics and video music (due to a variety of animation, produced by flash video music works currently on the Internet is very popular, this kind of works generally referred to as flash). At that time, users also encouraged me to buy some related books. Because of the animation production network learning interest, I obediently after what he said.

in the self end "Flash5" and "ACTIONSCRIPT" and other teaching materials on the Internet, some computer master’s help, I learned animation flash.

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Four advice for young entrepreneurs

we all know that Gu is the vice president of light speed Vc firms, he is now regarded as a successful investor. So, take a look at some of the country’s advice to young entrepreneurs!

a, entrepreneurial motivation: why do you have a business? What a night may let you can’t sleep or wake up in the morning at the thought of this matter, the direction you are very excited, one thing a day full of passion.

b, the entrepreneurs in the end what to do? Why are you doing? You’d better choose relatively familiar areas to start, only you know you are familiar with the field inside what pain points and profound opportunity, but also some of what kind of challenges.

c, when do you start? – are you ready? A lot of these questions will only be discovered until he really jumps into the water. Or when he is thrown into a heap of problems by VC or angel, he will find that he is not ready.

d, angel or VC? Ask Angel money will be much easier than asking VC money.

Recommend a few projects suitable for female entrepreneurs

now, not only men can do poineering work, female friends can also start a business, and female entrepreneurs in some ways more advantages than men. However, venture capital is also a risk, what are now more suitable for women to do the project? Here are some of the projects for female entrepreneurs.

The basic functions of

1) store to highlight their own characteristics; 2) location service object; 3) should reflect the professional service; 4) can use the membership management mode; 5) investment benefit: count rent, decoration, equipment and tools in advance of investment about 50 thousand yuan will be open for business. Generally speaking, the cost can be recovered in about 3 months. Give three advice of beauty salon operators: 1) to wait; 2) don’t make money than 3 beautician dupes) to save money.

beauty salon

friendship cardDesign,


Suzhou Jinlong was recovered 500 million yuan subsidy also fined $260 million

Golden Dragon in the life of fame is very big, but recently Jinlong not how good? This is not a thing, but also a big event. New energy vehicles to cover up the aftermath of the accident did not disappear, lie in the storm to storm the center of Suzhou Jinlong not only to be recovered more than 500 million yuan of subsidies, but also fined nearly $260 million. Suzhou Jinlong parent company Xiamen Jinlong automobile (600686, shares) so battered, the stock price from the "cheat fill" list before the announcement of 13.66 yuan / share (September 7th) to October 13th closing only 11.86 yuan / share, the total market value of the evaporation of about 1 billion 100 million yuan.

10 13, Jinlong automobile (600686, SH) announcement shows that by the subsidiary of Suzhou Golden Dragon cheat punishment effect, in 2016, Jinlong automobile net profit will be reduced by about $300 million.

daily economic news (blog, micro-blog) finishing found that in 2015 the annual report shows that the annual net profit of 535 million yuan Jinlong car, an increase of 115%. In the first half of this year, net profit of 164 million, an increase of 10.7%. The expenses scandal "swallowed" Jinlong automobile net profit in the first half, there is still half of the gap.

parent company was hit hard

10 13, Jinlong car announcement shows that the company’s subsidiary subsidiary of Suzhou golden dragon was informed by the Ministry of finance administrative punishment.

according to the announcement, the Ministry of finance will recover the Suzhou golden dragon company in 2015 the central government allocated 519 million yuan of funds, and intends to Suzhou Jinlong Company according to the amount of violations of the question of the administrative penalty of $260 million fine. In addition, the announcement also shows that Suzhou Jinlong from 2016 to cancel the central financial subsidy eligibility, when there is uncertainty about the implementation of the restoration.

As for the

measures, Jinlong automobile said, Suzhou Jinlong Company intends to give up the statement of defense and the right to request the hearing, Suzhou Jinlong Company will actively cooperate with relevant departments to carry out rectification, to restore the central financial subsidy eligibility as soon as possible.

according to the preliminary estimate of the golden dragon car, the matter will directly reduce the company’s net profit attributable to parent company in 2016 315 million yuan, will have a greater impact on the company’s operating results in 2016.

reporter finishing found that under financial pressure, Suzhou Jinlong had to resort to the parent company Jinlong car blood transfusion".

had the Jinlong automobile semi annual report shows, Suzhou Jinlong has been from the parent company to borrow 700 million yuan, aged 1 years. According to the announcement in October 12th showed that the dragon car to the subsidiary of Suzhou golden dragon to provide loans 5 recommended

How to avoid the vicious competition in the beauty industry

want to in the market on the market is very competitive, especially among the same industry, the competition between the various industries how to better avoid it, today Xiaobian accompany together to see the competition status of the beauty industry.

in the cosmetics store today’s business, in fact there are malicious competition, so how do we know how to deal with this problem? Malicious competition, the main manifestation is slander opponents, raise their opponent down in at the same time, said their cosmetic effect is good, and that rival the use of commodities not effective, or simply as a fake, defective, even making rumors, said a customer with a cosmetics store. What are the adverse reaction.

sometimes, we are arch-criminal hard to find this libel phenomenon, it is difficult to believe that this is for the competitors, so once found a shop to belittle their speech, we should promptly investigate, to. This kind of phenomenon, we must promptly and warn each other opponents showdown, don’t do this, even to warn him.

There is a vicious competition

in the face of this phenomenon, we must remember that if you bring the price down to less than the cost of goods, which is not allowed in the "economic law", we can go to the complaint. If it is not lower than the cost, others can cut prices, we can also cut prices for a long time, who can not stand the profit is too low. Such as cosmetics store sales of goods, we have to correctly understand the various competitive behavior, for the vicious competition to crack down, vicious revenge is not necessarily a good choice, as long as the patient, there is always a good way.


competition in the market economy is inevitable in a variety of industries, deal with all aspects of the relationship, and strive for your own career.

What is the most high, the most profitable

everyone is constantly looking for new business opportunities, and constantly looking for the most high, the most profitable industry, but the year is about to pass, but what is the most profitable this year?

now what money? Open a small jewelry store


has car owners want their car from the inside to the outside are highlighting the car owner’s personality, however, has been in the car when the car is on the set, leaving only the interior soft decoration. These parts in textile more, mainly car ground pad, door trim panel, roof soft bottom, seat and so on. If you open a car inside the soft decoration of small car jewelry store, must be able to be favored by those who have a car.

now what make money? The implementation method of

auto accessories shops

1, location and decoration: a storefront, to display shops and a warehouse, as appropriate. Store set up the ingredients display area, style design area, personalized ornaments display area. The warehouse can be converted into a workshop and an assembly shop. Decoration, you can find a point of the car culture to learn from the decoration style, but must highlight personality.

2, commodity into the purchase: a car interior textiles, into the purchase of various colors of the cloth, or contracts with suppliers signed purchase and sale. In the design and color of the fabric must follow the trend of automobile consumption, to grasp the modern consumer psychology of the car, so that it will not press the goods.

3, staff: sewing production workers 1, professional installation of 2 workers, 1 designers (the operator could find qualified).

4, promotion and publicity: the leaflets in the car market, making posters posted to the automobile market. Can also be classified as a small newspaper ads.

now what money? Open an auto accessories shops investment budget

1, the rental housing decoration decoration: rent 2000 yuan, 15000 yuan;

2, salary: 3000 yuan;

3, the cloth and the material stock: 6000 yuan, after signing the contract to supply


4, promotional fee: 5000 yuan;

5, other expenses: 2000 yuan.

a monopoly car small jewelry store opening investment about 33 thousand yuan.

now what money? Open an auto accessories shops investment income

general automotive interior prices generally higher. At present, with the best car seat cover cloth market, the highest price reached 2500 yuan, 6 sets of ordinary interior, have more than 500 yuan. There are some

Secret courier station profit source

it is understood that a small courier station, earnings can exceed one million, it may sound like some incredible, but it is true. In order to understand the courier station to earn millions of years of mystery, let us look at the source of the courier station has what.

A, the main business, also known as the sending and receiving mail, to collect the weight of 1 kg express as an example, the cost of 5 yuan (2 yuan list and delivery costs 1 yuan, 1 yuan and other shipping costs 1 yuan), the general charge customers 10 yuan, courier station can earn 5 yuan. At the same time, the heavier the weight of the courier, but also need to collect fees, the standard is 6 – 8 yuan / kg, while the courier station to pay the cost of only $1 / kg. In addition, the courier station every delivery of an express, franchisees will pay 1 yuan commission.

now number then sent various courier companies pieces are large, in Tianjin, the average number of courier to send pieces in 150, received a number of 100, so a point deduction to express courier wages and routine costs, net profit of fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan a month is not a problem.

three forms, fees are not the same, the first and two higher fees, as each business enterprise publicity time number and coverage express depends on how much the number of charges. Only advertising business, if properly operated, can earn 1 – $20 thousand per month.

three, sales, mainly refers to the packaging box sales, general price 2, 2.5 yuan, gross profit rate is 100% – 150%. Don’t underestimate the income is low, but the market demand is very big, you think, a courier almost every day received hundreds of pieces of mail, a courier station four or five general courier, this is the four hundred or five hundred express, nearly 80% of the customers will not be ready to express their packaging, a day of gross sales is three hundred or four hundred yuan a month just million yuan, a year there are more than ten million revenue.

four, sales network, express the greatest resource is a delivery team, for the enterprise, residents of Men Erqing, occasionally do some part-time delivery of content, such as help some takeaway business lunch time room, although not mainstream, but every month there are thousands of yuan of income these will be enough money management fees, rent, utilities and other offset.

how small courier station profitability must Bukexiaoqu, its source of profit is quite rich, there are many.

How to deal with the cosmetics store inventory

open cosmetics shop, no matter how good the business, it is impossible not inventory, inventory if too large, it is easy to cause the flow of funds is not smooth. If you do not manage the cosmetics store, inventory will enhance the operating costs of the store, especially cosmetics products often appear in a large number of slow-moving products, then how to deal with the cosmetics store inventory? Let’s take a look.

Methods commonly used are:

1, how to deal with the cosmetics store inventory do buy, the backlog of products, change for the welfare. China is a country that pays more attention to human nature. With the establishment and perfection of the trade union organizations of various units, the awareness of labor insurance benefits is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, through the development of enterprises and institutions, so that the backlog of products become welfare goods, direct access to consumer channels, is one of the most convenient way to deal with digestion.

2, joint promotion. That is, combined with other non similar enterprises, in a win-win principle, so that the backlog of inventory products as the other side of the promotional items, and ultimately to achieve the purpose of digestion inventory backlog.

Another way

1, group purchase, taking into account China conditions, the person in charge of related units, some industry "unspoken rule" is used, through the relevant units of the "key" (in charge of procurement, financial decision-making power) investigation, "psychographic", using the relationship, favors, gifts, rebates etc. open the door, group purchase unit.

2, how to deal with the cosmetics store inventory? Joint promotion, to maintain the reserved, not from the grade. Although it appears as promotional items, but the value of the products can not be belittled, in this respect, can through the promotional brochure, single page, annotation and explanation of the backlog of products "promotion value", so that the products do not because of reduced promotional items, and the loss or decrease in value.



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