Ma Yun talk about the three principles of young entrepreneurs

young entrepreneurs have been optimistic about this, Ma Yun, President of Alibaba to young entrepreneurs to mention 3 suggestions, let’s go and see!

a principle: entrepreneurship is not "home"

but Ma has issued an adorable idea: I want to do a website, the domestic enterprise data collected on the Internet released to the world. In this way, Ma has founded the Chinese yellow pages and Alibaba.

"in fact the determination is not the biggest I have great confidence in the Internet, but I think to do one thing, experience is a kind of success, you go to try again, you can not turn; but if you do not think thousand roads like night, morning walk the road, the same truth." Ma Yun mentioned at the outset, appreciation of their courage rather than vision. March 1999, Ma Yun in Beijing after learning to return to Hangzhou venture, Alibaba website officially launched.

the most unlucky thing."

Hearing aid ten brands list

physical health is everyone’s desire, but there are many people born with defects, if there is trouble in the hearing, the hearing aid has become a very good choice. So, if you choose a hearing aid, which brand is good? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the ten major brands of hearing aids, so that you can choose to a more suitable hearing aid brand.

hearing aid ten brands list: SIEMENS NO.1, in 1847, global innovative hearing equipment market leader, one of the world’s largest suppliers of medical field, SIEMENS hearing instruments (Suzhou) Co. ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.2, gnresound: one of the world’s largest aid brand, one of the world’s top acoustics and audiology technology enterprises, ruishengda hearing equipment trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.3, stark: in 1967, one of the world’s largest custom manufacturer of hearing aids, hearing aids is one of the world’s largest production enterprise, Starkey hearing technology (Suzhou) Co., ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.4, peak force: specialized in high-tech hearing aid and FM wireless FM hearing aids research / development / production and sales of multinational enterprises listed, Phonak Technology (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.5, yolico: in 1964, the international well-known brands, ten brands of hearing aids, committed to the development of optimal hearing solutions, Phonak Technology (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.6, Widex: Denmark began in 1956, one of the world’s leading high-tech aid developers and manufacturers, ten brands of hearing aids, Widex hearing aid (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.7, Audi Kang: founded in Denmark in 1904, one of the world’s most famous R & D, production of high-quality hearing aid products of professional manufacturers, Audi Kang (Shanghai) hearing Technology Co. ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list NO.8, CAV China: the largest custom in the ear / ear, hidden deep ear hearing device production base of foreign-owned hearing aid manufacturers, CAV hearing aid (Fuzhou) Co. ltd..

hearing aid ten brands list, Ou Shida NO.9: hearing aid manufacturers in the world famous, large manufacturers set hearing aids and hearing aid equipment, production as one of the OSTAR hearing technology (Xiamen) Co. ltd..

How to open a chain of cosmetics stores

cosmetics is essential weapon beautiful women now, make us more beautiful, also can bring more benefits, everyone is beauty, especially female friends, most of the female friends to their external beauty is very care about, so for the entrepreneurs, the choice of investment the beauty industry is definitely a wise move, then open a cosmetics chain stores is good ah! Come and see how to open a cosmetics franchise!

cosmetics chain stores operating in the beginning, at the time of purchase are basically less variety, it is able to attract consumers, but it is easy to appear out of sight, which is not conducive to business. How to open cosmetics chain stores? Timely replenishment.

market, there are a lot of cosmetics franchise stores, very competitive. In order to protect their own franchise store profits, in the operation of the time to learn to retain customers, attract more stable customers, then the business can be a good long run. What are the skills to open cosmetics franchise stores? Learn to maintain the customer.

retain customers, but also to learn to constantly open up customers, the more consumers come, investors will be higher profit margins. What are the skills to open cosmetics franchise stores? To increase customers with the relevant promotional methods to help win more profits.

women’s money is good money, but the venture absolutely no we want so simple, I hope you can face anything happen, you store customers, your business will be better, the profits will be higher! For the operation of cosmetics franchise stores, I believe you have seen the article in the above has been a certain understanding of the cosmetics chain stores, you have not had their own ideas?

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Several small rural entrepreneurship projects recommended

now has become a business in rural areas is very common in rural areas, at the same time, a lot of market and business opportunities, then Xiaobian to take a look at what are the entrepreneurial projects in the vast rural area.

2015 rural new project: convenience store

2015 new rural projects: early courier industry

if you can every day for 10 units of about 1500 people to mail, a box of 3 yuan, the monthly income of 4500 yuan, get rid of half the cost, with 2200 yuan.

2015 rural new project: open a hair salon

ten thousand yuan enough tuition and purchase of hairdressing equipment. If operating properly, when the monthly profit of more than 2000 yuan.

2015 new projects in rural areas: the town opened a Chinese medicine store

Mother and child shop name to follow the four principles

we know a good shop, in addition to a good location and decoration, the name is also very important. Shop business, everything is ready, only the name, this is the one thing a lot of entrepreneurs worry. So how should you give your shop name? Xiao Bian to provide you with the name of the mother and baby shop to follow the four principles.

is the first Lenovo inspiration principle

The second is to read good


again support marker

The last is not over

type implied stores


Monthly income of over 10000 small investment projects

are you still worried about how to choose an investment project? Haven’t you found the right venture? The following Xiaobian to introduce you to a business to join a good project, and now the market demand for toys. The investment business, entrepreneurship is the good choice for you.

is also in Lhasa, Liu Shenjun finally found the entrepreneurial direction. In Lhasa, Liu Shenjun meets a

What are the secrets of the clothing store

now to join the investment people do clothing sales very much, after finding a good clothing brand is how to deal the problem, opened a clothing store also has a certain business skills, especially in the clothing store, the whole network today, Xiaobian to talk about clothing store business secret.

if is a newly opened shop, better do some promotional activities, can according to your store size decided to buy gifts. Now there are still a lot of people who are greedy for petty gain, can seize such a part of people’s psychology. Help you do promotion. When you open, you can go into some plastic basins, wash basin. Looks great, it’s tempting. Also into a number of balloons to bring the kind of word, there are a lot of children like ah, adults will bring their children to balloon. Remember that the quality must be better, the opening day, ahead of time to shop in front of the queue of customers 200 gifts.

Open ice cream store novice to master what tricks

ice cream is now a special cold drinks on the market with delicious, product sales, the market has also emerged a lot of professional ice cream shop, the investment space is constantly increasing, whether you want to seize the opportunity to realize their entrepreneurial dreams? In order to protect their own open ice cream stores more smoothly, some business look at the small skills together immediately to prepare it, follow these steps to carry out smoothly, open an ice cream stores on the such as what point the day and await for it, read it?.

first, a careful inspection of the ice cream market development situation, not only to study the local snacks market and development potential, but also understand what is the local people’s consumption level and the demand for ice cream and target consumer demand for the direction of the product. Do a good job in the early market research, in the selection of the project can be a little trouble.

choose an ice cream store location, to consumers naturally grasp the wealth, so be sure to be clear grasp of " " is " passenger flow; money flow " principle, the success of the shop quickly in the bustling lively area, there must be a good performance.

ice cream and the franchisee to retain customers is what? The first is your choice of brand for consumers, taste is the basic condition, there must be the main delicacy, the real cause of the consumer impulse, and make good use of customer experience, promotions, membership card sales model to lay their own impression in the minds of consumers


service oriented era, franchisees own ice cream leave security warm service, optimizing the customer relationship, service satisfaction can determine some of the tourists, so as to establish brand loyalty to you. The key point is to give some preferential policies to the old customers, is a common means of consolidating customer relationships.

Xiaobian to introduce a set of open ice cream stores, to seize more investment opportunity to do some preparation, do more work for the core area of innovative business, investors are more likely to hold the market, explore it, summarize more skills and open the ice cream shop a lot of inevitable performance.

Small projects suitable for personal entrepreneurship

is now a hot topic, a lot of friends want to start a business, there is no suitable for personal entrepreneurship projects? What do you do? Still looking for their own personal venture capital projects? This is to look at the following introduction, a good project waiting for you to choose!

Florist personality

Manicure shop

hand is called "the woman’s second face, therefore, now more and more women are keen on face, began to care about nail beauty. Nail service first appeared in the wedding shop, then do a crystal nail needs more than 1000 yuan. Now, with the decline in the price of materials and technology, nail has become a civilian consumption, this change provides a broad demand for nail shop market.


Ultra cool idea The Sky Restaurant

‘s "castles in the air" is the ancient fantasy, and the rapid development of science and technology today, is no longer difficult because many castles in the air, the air restaurant has been opened up, many people want to experience the feeling of eating in the air.

this is a moment will be out of the stunts? It’s actually. In 2007, DavidGhysels was the owner of a marketing communications company. He and StefanKerkhofs, who did bungee jumping, had a party in the air for the European Youth Catering Association (JRE). The media reported this crazy high feast, and soon the two men received a telephone call, ask how to copy this. So they gave birth to the idea of a chain.

2008, JaneenHinden and her husband, Michael, were found in the air show at a trade show. Michael has an event and banquet company in Las Vegas, as well as a wedding ceremony of the church, two people think the air restaurant is too suitable for their hometown of Las Vegas. At a new year’s party, they entertained friends and partners to enjoy such a feast, a lot of guests asked them to do it again, but also to bring their friends.

Hinden couple realized that the air restaurant may be a permanent attraction for Las vegas. As a result, they rented a crane for 3 months of trial operation. "The effect was sensational." Janeen said, back to the waves, the media has been reported."