Station master, please don’t be a garbage station

remember there was a time… For… 2 hours to do the collection station, I can help one day earn more than 20$(Adsense is the main income, now click policy, like it was no longer possible.)… Remember every 10 minutes. Only a short while ago increase the collection content, can make this station be included in Baidu IP on tens of thousands of pages, over 10000…… at that time I thought, do stand is to make money, that is rubbish station means…

until the last in Chengdu a webmaster party, let me change the idea. The party was launched in a station in Q Qqun, the group’s main base and my brother is a friend, listen to my brother said to the inside of the group of people are very powerful, some have already had a good books, some it is a large site BOSS. so I am already looking forward to the party is pretty nervous. I arrived early in the morning, we wait until noon, and finally is not a lot of people, perhaps about more than 10. In which I age is the smallest, the owners of the oldest more than 30 years old this year later, we know that he is the Lord, the cat. For me, it was a very short party, because the compulsory class in the afternoon, and one I do not intend to skip class, so I’m going to be a noon dinner went back to school. At the end of the meal at the cat story We all do a self introduction, and speak on their own website. He was mobilized in the how I have not remember, at that time I had only one feeling: I am willing to listen to him, let me feel him in the group’s driving ability and in reality is the same. With this power, we are actively started a self introduction. We start from the older, introduced their name, occupation, age, and then is to talk about their website. Found a very interesting thing, several owners are very shy and introduce themselves, but speak of yourself the site, like for a man, like the speech talking.

The cat is

before doing business, being cheated, the loss of hundreds of thousands, then listen to the advice of friends began to invest in website, now he invested several stations have begun to take shape, is about to enter the investment payback period. Listen, I particularly care about their current income, but do not know why there are few webmaster talk about income. Most of them, is how their station is user identity, created much of the value….. May be too young, money worship is too heavy, I do not care about these things, in my mind, to do is to make money, money is a good website website. Soon, the last turn to me. With the fastest speed to introduce myself, I began to prepare my speech about my collection station. Remember that excited ah, when I talk about income when, I always habitually look at their eyes, and then quietly to meet their vanity. However, when I finished, but not the expected approval of the eyes and applause, but in return is >!

The three step custom test on the bubble user helps you understand the user’s thoughts

text /Nir Eyal (TechCrunch)

for the past 25 years, truly great consumer technology companies have one feature in common: they create consumer habits. This is the key to changing the world of business from other businesses. Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Twitter are user daily use of the high rate of products, and these products are attractive enough, so many of us are very difficult to imagine life without them is what.

but creating habits is easier said than done. Although there are numerous articles about the future importance of behavior, engineering, and behavior to the network, the tools needed to design and measure user behavior are still inadequate. It’s not that these technologies don’t exist – in fact, they’re very familiar with working in an enterprise. But for new entrepreneurs, these tools are mysterious.

‘s so-called "habit test" is the way some of the best companies in the industry use it, and some consumer web companies use it to build products that users can’t appeal to.

custom test


custom test is well suited for the creation, measurement, learning methodology, and supported by the lean entrepreneurship movement, and it provides a new way to allow data to be used in the measures taken. Custom tests can identify three questions: 1) who do you serve? 2) if possible, what part of your product can become a habit? 3) why can these parts be transformed into habits?

A prerequisite for

custom testing is the presence and operation of a product. Of course, before launching a most streamlined product, a good idea is to try your business model and find your product and create a way that users expect.

if you have a website or application on-line, you can start collecting data. Custom testing does not require collecting all the data – as long as it’s appropriate, so the key is to set the appropriate analysis. In order for the custom test to achieve its goal, you need to mark the time point of the user’s path when the user uses your site.


step 1: identify user

In the premise of

website and statistical methods necessary under the first question you need to answer is: "what are the habits of test users have the habit of action?" first, clear what to service users in this sense. Ask yourself how long it takes for a user to use the site. That is to say, suppose one day, all the bug is cleaned up and the product is perfectly "on standby". How long do you expect the regular user to visit the site?

should focus on reality and >

Personal webmaster experience summary share my new station log

my new station began less than three weeks before the domain name is used, but I do not know it is good or bad before the history of history, now all the domain name to me, I should try to make him appreciate.

slowly start website publicity and promotion, now already very understand the importance of the chain to a web site. In particular, links, links, for a new station, is not accessible. Should the way all the owners began to grow in the site have encountered such a thing, is that all PR sites are not willing to tell you the link, then all is collected by Baidu station will ignore those who are not included in Baidu station. These are not to remind the owners took the first step when the bitterness of history…

in the small station promotion process, I know a lot of the webmaster of each website, can say that what they say is basically useful to me, and I also slowly see the way ahead.

In the first week of the

website, I began posting posts on various forums, and Baidu knew it was beginning with my footprint. Gathered a few newly established similar games station link, but later let me off. Feel linked to do with them do not do what two, feeling a new link is very hard, so began to buy links, hundreds of dollars to buy all of PR4+, but can not see any effect. Also look at the website log, see Baidu spider, see the HTML status code later. But that love around spider is not as bad as I thought, just to robots.txt index.html with two place to climb, so every day. There is also worth noting that Baidu second days actually gave me two pages, but to the third day, bye bye. Up to now。


website for second weeks, continue in each forum, finally know the same website link will be more dangerous not to delete. Baidu knows it’s been two days without links to the same web site, so look for another destination. For Baidu spider, I have no words, and continue to climb his robots.txt and index.html. This time, Google has been included more than 3000+, Baidu still did not respond……

site for third weeks, that is, this week. Posting is what I have to do every day, and I’m getting used to it. At this point, Baidu still did not respond, but the spider began to crawl my picture file. Google has included 4000+ at this time. I just want to give me a surprise in the next few days.

again thanks to a station to the station’s friendship support, when I was not included in the Baidu, this station began to do my friendship link. Maybe the webmaster should add some friendship like this. We should also learn to be grateful to society, to all those who help ourselves.

my new station:

What does the Baidu pomegranate algorithm update tell us

According to the official Baidu

, Baidu web search anti cheat team answers: "Baidu" for the first time the pomegranate algorithm contains a large number of low quality pop ads and a large number of confusing page main content spam page update algorithm. We should also see that many once hung a large number of low quality pop or advertising site after the update, the weight, flow and the place there is a big contrast, expected in contrary to expectation.


is said to be expected? We think, if you open a website or web page, must want to browse useful knowledge or information, did not read a few lines, pick out several bomb box, consulting or advertising or seriously affect people reading, a lot of people this is very antipathy. This involves the user experience problems. Do you think this user experience is good?. According to Baidu official put forward, this update is mainly for such pages or web site blow, can imagine there will be such a result.


is said to be contrary to expectation? For example: before the update "Baidu" Baidu pomegranate algorithm, the official also introduced a number of algorithms, is constantly updated, but we found no previous updates to say whether it is for sale or any other link phenomenon phenomenon of combat, but did not play a very substantial effect. But this time it’s different. After the more fine, there are many sites ranking gap is very large fluctuations, even Baidu top keywords, the original front pages fell out of the top 100 Baidu or even no ranking, many site is down right, greatly reduce the flow. Therefore, this update compared with the previous updates, it is a bit unexpected.


for the "Baidu" the comprehensive update algorithm of pomegranate, the webmaster should be how to deal with? Is not originally good to see keywords ranking, ranking good fall to the Baidu 100, and even there is no ranking and get disheartened actually don’t be so pessimistic?. You think, not all website rankings appear very big contrast, there are many rankings not only did not drop, but also rose a lot of it, what is the reason for this, we have considered?. In fact, we can make the analysis of these sites which do better, is in line with the new Baidu ranking algorithm rules, and then compared with your own website, look at the site where the lack of timely, then it is not too late.

especially do health promotion webmaster, although the site left a right a pop, pop, plus a QQ jitter, and even the website that pop is not enough, added two float, or even some websites take the page Jump way, click on a page 1-2 jumps out a window. Well, at first glance, I really feel that this station is doing very formal, but otherwise, there is no more advertising, and there is no substantive content in the website

Search engines. How do you define high quality pages

we say that a person is very beautiful. May the evaluation is this person’s appearance looks very good;

we say that he is a good man, and that he may be able to help others with his daily selfless devotion;

these are visible to our naked eyes, intuitive. Well, how does a search engine define a page for good or bad?

so far, we all know that the search engine is through the spider crawling the page content, after all, the spider is just a program, it is not like people appreciate the author’s wit, to experience the author write this article mood. More unclear whether the above picture is beautiful or ugly eight strange. So, how do you differentiate the search engines from the rich and colorful articles,


now many webmaster can say we want to hit the high quality page now, so the search engines, you know how the page is high quality page search engine definition? If you don’t understand, what is the high quality page? Rely on search engines to get dinner, involuntarily. You can’t play by yourself……

spider is just a program, and can not directly judge a page of good and bad, then search engines to determine high-quality pages, how is it?

1, judge the original;

2, judge the value of

3, judge propagation acceptance

judge Original:

Although the

search engine to determine the original is not perfect, sometimes it is their own original content, can be high weight site acquisition it into his original content, extremely helpless! But the original content screening work, either now or in the future is the most important technology of search engine chips, Internet information content is too large to search the engine will directly from this step to filter out a large number of low quality junk page does not meet the requirements, to reduce the burden of his.

judgment value:

spider is just a program that can’t directly judge the good or bad of the page, so it can only be judged by the user’s behavior data. The so-called value is not only the user’s experience score. The search engine judges the user experience through the user’s search click rate, bounce rate, stay time, access depth and other feedback information. Of course, these are not limited to, for example, a page defines a title, then the content is launched around this title, if the content inside the text, then whether to define the attributes of pictures, these details can direct feedback in value.

judgment propagation and recognition


is a citation statistics for quality content identified by Baidu, such as Baidu’s favorite features, and some algorithms for ranking tweaks based on click through rates

Website construction, to learn these enterprises

every industry has leaders and role models. For the website construction industry, the companies that do well also have, but the achievements are far from the size of some enterprises in other industries. How to get a breakthrough in a leading enterprise and how a small company can achieve rapid growth, there are some things worth discussing in these enterprises.

Apple Mobile

in Motorola, NOKIA, apple, Samsung and HTC mobile phone brand before, but apple is a born child, on the qualifications on the strength of brand awareness and market share than the mobile phone industry predecessors, but why Apple can than anyone of them to be successful, has taken on the industry first the throne of

?One of the most admirable things about

is Apple’s focus and innovation. Attention is that all products will focus solely on a mobile phone only black and white two colors, unlike other mobile phone manufacturers, the use of rural areas surrounding the city, every time the introduction of a variety of mobile phone, mobile phone is divided into a plurality of each series, potentially put the user’s focus scattered. The other is innovation. When the other mobile phone manufacturers also hardware competition, Apple has put his mobile phone from the hardware and software collocation made a revolutionary innovation, this new mobile phone market, will choose to buy the wandering do not know which brand is good for the users to find the best choice.


website also is such, if you do not have the ability to compete with others, brand awareness, the strength of competition, competition in the product line width, then at least you can focus on a product will do best to open the door of the market. At present, some website construction companies focus on template website construction, some companies focus on foreign trade website construction, and some companies focus on domain name and space…… The whole industry has All flowers bloom together. pomp, can live in harmony and play their proper role.

Ali group

Ali group, now the situation is a bit awkward, has been listed in suspense, the electricity supplier brand to create Tmall also rise directly to a high position, mainly rely on Taobao’s traffic sources, on the other hand, the bank for the third party payment system restrictions also lead to Alipay functions severely damaged, its rival Jingdong has stepped in, hand in hand to create their own super online banking payment system the…… Ali group seems to be a bit by four. But in any case, the Internet Chinese as one of the "three mountains", Ali still has many worthy of our website construction to take place.

from the start by the small web site navigation and guide more traffic to the free shop to establish their own e-commerce sites, to create incomparable third party payment system of Alipay, Ali’s power obtained from the power to gather together small number of large enterprises settled in rapid development, the precise positioning of the achievements of today’s ali.

The same is true of

website construction. If you want to achieve success, you have to give yourself a position. If you keep your eyes on small and medium businesses,

In depth analysis of small game sites why so popular

webmaster Hello, this can be said that the rapid development of small game website of the year, with the continuous development of the Internet and the popularity of the game website is a hot topic in many games, refers to all the smaller, play a relatively simple game, because the game has too many features, not involved copyright, traffic, advertising benefits etc..

therefore should be the webmaster of the site of the preferred content, in addition to play small game can also exercise mind. But how to do? What should I do? Really puzzling many plans to station, here, the author summarizes the establishment of idea of small game site, if you want to do a small game site to a friend, take a serious look at, hope you can be inspired.

to be honest, in my opinion, small game sites are definitely a very sunny market. "A lot of people don’t really want to spend a lot of energy playing those big games at work or in their spare time. It’s a very good entertainment platform. The market has a bright future.

these days are relatively idle, suddenly found on the network playing small game more people, what is the reason for the game so popular? My summary is as follows:

in the network today, play games have become the main way for netizens online, in many types of games, which is the most Internet users love it, so I have done in the street yesterday random sampling survey.

survey, I found that college students generally like role-playing and competitive games, middle-aged people prefer chess, leisure games, while most young workers like online interactive games.

, for example, 6949 games, although it is a small game site, but many of its small game above is indeed the reason why many users like it. Such as happy farm, parking spaces, happy kitchen and other small games, both simple and fun, not waste time. Netizens said: "when I come home from work, open the 6949 little game site, and friends exchange a few words, and then grab parking spaces, steal some radish, while friends in his bed, ha ha, a day of work pressure is reduced by half, and then look at the writing mood for people to share it every day it would be a lot easier to keep a good mood"

large online games in which to achieve high level, get good equipment, you need to invest a lot of time and money. Although chess game is easy, but win, also lose, how much will affect mood, and 6949 of these small games not only do not spend money, do not take up time. Just like happy farm, all you have to do is to sow seeds in the geography. The rest is the joy of waiting for the harvest. When you are free, you can weed, irrigate and go to your friend’s place, and you can make some extra money. This is a good way to relax for busy office workers.

in fact, not so much as is a place to play small games, rather than a place to entertain with friends. < >

Chinese style and monopoly advantage of e-commerce

in the domestic and global stock markets are very careful today, Ali is reported with excellent results to find everything fresh and new feeling. I see from the report, compared with the global resources, network, China manufacturing network and other competitors, regardless of the number of registered members, paid membership, or the enterprise operation index growth and the expected goal of a breakthrough on the Ali occupy absolute advantage. How does this advantage come into being,


non administrative, non resource based, monopolistic nature created by a competitive market has an inherent advantage. This is not only from Microsoft’s position in the software industry, Motorola’s position in the wireless communications industry, and Intel’s position in the chip industry, have been fully verified. And the property of school representatives, American economist Harold Demsetz also said that the specialized division of labor not only like "Smith theorem" that improve the productivity, but also prevent a sharp rise in the marginal cost; and because the information may not be cost free, so free competition will inevitably lead to the tilt of the industrial structure, but also means that forgery and imitation activities blocked; it is beneficial to form the expansion of business scale and market monopoly.

is precisely this competitive market formed with a strong advantage of monopoly, formed in Ali 08 reported far ahead of global resources and other competitors. For investors, such a report is undoubtedly a stimulant in the doldrums.

The Lucas model of the

economic cycle argues that the initial cause of economic fluctuations is the currency shock. Observation of recent domestic macroeconomic tight monetary policy and credit crisis, recession contact the international real estate market and consumer market, we can easily understand why Ma, to predict an economic winter and small and medium-sized enterprises, especially export-oriented manufacturing enterprises difficult survival period.

, and e-commerce has created a whole new market area. From its birth to today, the entire development process, Ali not only occupies a pivotal position, but also in the process of globalization of e-commerce, contributed to a Chinese model and Chinese style. "Alone, as the Lele", "first and worry about the world, after the world music, these are the traditional virtues of the China Chinese refined manners. Ali know this, so in a bleak economic winter, and always choose the customers of small and medium sized enterprises and foreign clients and customers.

in fact, e-commerce has natural advantages to deal with economic difficulties. Since the 90s of last century, the world economy has become more and more mobile. Economic globalization has become the basic characteristics of the world economic development, and e-commerce has played an increasingly important role in the global economy. As we all know, the economic environment of the greater scale, anti risk capability and combat is more strong, which is why the Asian financial crisis of 98 years did not shake the root cause China economy; as e-commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises provide a strong environmental power and industrial integration ability, can be.

I was one of the victims of the failure to file

one, not for record reasons:

my website is an enterprise website, mainly because of space and website development is carried out in 2 network companies, so the development of the company’s website work is not active, they say in personal name for the record is not good for the record. Fuck, I later also enterprise website in personal name for the record, passed, they are nonsense. And enterprise website is put on record, I am troublesome. Plus, I think the filing is not mandatory, so take it lightly. The result is blocked,


two, the solution:

I found this problem the same day, I immediately contact the space access provider, provide information, ask them to submit to me for the record (the record does not seem to submit its own, must be submitted by the provider). After the submission, I will check every day, at least 3 times a day, the official said the filing will have to wait 20 days, because my other sites filed for 1 weeks on the down. So I think it shouldn’t be that long, really, about 4 days, and finally approved. So immediately notify the access provider, bound domain name, and finally re on-line.

three and sequel:

I have been ranked in the shield after my attention, a vacuum packaging machine site before is on the first page (Baidu), was dropped to second pages after the shield in four days, again on the line, or second pages, to re launched third days after I found my ranking not. Site, vacuum packaging machine included Baidu included the home page: has become your site can not normally access, may be due to: 1, the space is not bound to the domain name, ", " space management; the domain name is bound to the space above; 2, site stopped. Please contact customer service for processing 3, space; expired, please contact the service provider; 4, if not the above reasons, please contact customer service

I looked dumbfounded, then immediately submit the URL of the entrance in Baidu re submitted this website, or now, I am waiting. I believe the ranking will go up.

Analysis now individual stationmaster, what kind of website can you still have


since 2009, great changes have taken place in the network environment, rely on garbage site brush flow, on the human body art website advertising, making the flow by walking a fine line, now the site has very little chance of survival. Record to know real name authentication, CN domain name, individual may not register, and so on, normative behavior gradually perfect, plus Baidu and other search engine algorithms continue to improve, the site by flow to make money has been quite difficult. However, the individual station continues the previous site type, or there are new owners to join in doing, and can be divided into the following types:

talk about movie websites and music websites first. It’s easy to develop and easy to make money. You have to add content all day and add more programs. Indeed, you can play online, traffic is coming. If you do free movie station, basically less than half a year, you can accumulate a lot of users. But movie stations also have high bandwidth requirements. The website is full of pop everywhere, everywhere is dazzling advertisement, although so, a lot of stationmaster still earn a lot of money by advertisement alliance. Now, the state has a relatively tight grip on copyright protection, and the crackdown on piracy is becoming more and more ruthless. It’s not a long story. Really want to get up, relying on members of the profits, but also really profitable. It depends on your ability. Most of the movie stations are thieves procedures, and some acquisition Youku, 56, potatoes, etc., resulting in the search engine does not include the situation has occurred. This has already indicated that the present movie station is not good.

say again beautiful picture station, is more appropriate personal Adsense to do. Customers need large space, virtual server VPS can do, so the cost is increased a lot, do human art, now can not be done, otherwise you can direct your space business host! So now do a photo station must do regular pictures, do not have what the dew point. The picture station usually has no fixed users, unless you are a professional material type picture, the picture station traffic is mostly from the search engine. Don’t play ball, after all, now is not the previous network environment, not for the record can do the times in the past, now must be real name authentication! Moreover, the picture is a collection of resources long work, do you have the patience, instead of going directly to the store to buy a Taobao station picture program.

, as well as the novel station, the flow of the novel station is mainly due to search engines, and now mainly rely on Baidu. Do not do SEO optimization, do not cheat, by ordinary means of promotion is really too difficult, in case the site is K, you have to re start, no flow of the novel station is a waste station. There is a problem, the contents of the novel come from there? Did you write? Is too much out of it, you must say to collection, you must know, now most of acquisition station down, acquisition station die! Now estimated personal novel station, the original novel almost no? No one the author love in a small website. Now, if it’s a mobile phone Story Download Station, it’s still promising, because it’s a 3G Era