The opposite case study love Shanghai handling of low quality content


fell in love with the sea just in the community platform released for the 6.22 and 6.28 incident response strategy mentioned in this paper has reached a very high accuracy, but today I love Shanghai in Shanghai Longfeng unexpectedly appeared on the front page of the site, Shanghai Longfeng station all know the word Shanghai dragon is not so easy to do go up, even as the old Shanghai dragon why rankings is very unstable, so the station actually is where sacred can easily do

site data



In July 2nd

from the above data we can see the amount included love Shanghai and Google is great, for this site my first reaction would guess the content of this site quality is very bad, after the detailed analysis we can see. Although these data are very accurate but also can reflect the situation of the site itself, but also need our webmaster often concern and attention.


believes that such cases are not the site, a lot of people heart dark scold love Shanghai what rubbish search engines like garbage station can be routed to the front of the site but K I fell, Xiao Bian here only say that Shanghai company personnel is limited, their database is limited it is impossible to put all the website or grab all the first time to punish or reward. The face of this phenomenon we must keep calm state of mind, or can only be yourself to.

we can see this stand outside chain is very small, but still able to like Shanghai dragon very difficult word optimization up that the chain for the website ranking effect is not crucial, all those still in the chain for busy webmaster should rethink the others of success or failure of the case we have analyzed and summarized so in order to avoid making the same mistakes.

as above, I Shanghai site collection of content, duplication of a large number of content and low quality content. Is this the love of Shanghai called low quality content constitution? Why would have included the garbage? Is it really is one foot in mind? Love Shanghai will only bully our small station? I don’t know to love Shanghai junk content is how to judge, to define and regulate the love of Shanghai can give garbage the contents of the.

I checked his site data, update the site No. 22 not included what changes, 28 included reduced a lot, but 29 again. Although you can not see the sea with an index of the amount of data can be seen from the figure, although love Shanghai included in the crashing downs, these are not the focus, the focus is the love before Shanghai announced for the low quality content strategy, love Shanghai has clear out own a complete system, but we look at this website the content of what is


Thinking there is only ranked curing flow


home owners Chinaz traffic sources

A5 station network traffic sources

from home station Chinaz and A5 station network traffic sources can be seen, although the search engine occupies a large proportion, but not all traffic from search engines, and most of the traffic from direct access and other forms.


many people now have a cure site without thinking: ranking is no traffic, no traffic no users, users are not also do not focus on the user experience, valuable content, but only do Shanghai Longfeng undivided attention ranking, ranking good thought, what good will. In a word, is the first rank, after get traffic. In fact, this is a very big pit, a lot of people their own dig a hole to jump in, let yourself fall into a dilemma of curing thinking.

can see from Taobao search engine traffic is about 10%, ranking from traffic, but these rankings are in love with the sea imposed, so in addition to ranking the flow to Taobao, there are about 90% of the traffic from other places, this is not a ranking flow, even if the search engine Taobao will not collapse a great influence.

search engine just get traffic

first look at several large web site traffic source:

no ranking will not flow? Just for the search engine rankings, there is no ranking but no search engine traffic and search engine is just a channel for the flow, the above example is a good illustration of this point. A web traffic should be across all channels, you do not do rankings, after get traffic, but the introduction of flow from different marketing channels for the site, there is no ranking should flow. If your web site traffic all traffic from search engines, that it is not healthy, you can not explain the rankings are good, you can only say that the network promotion is poor, but once the search engine changes, your website may have been the crowning calamity because you put egg, are placed in a basket.

look at a special case, Taobao’s traffic source:

A channel

Don’t focus too much on the Shanghai dragon


so many times, when the site does not flow, don’t stare at the top, so you can own their own roads blocked, their own dig a hole to jump, because in your eyes, the search engine is all traffic sources, you own to draw a circle, actually on the outside there are a lot of traffic waiting for you. We do not want to do rankings, after get traffic, more is to promote the rankings obtained by flow.


Google push new noble baby Play web version and mobile terminal consistent style

in the new nobility baby Play store, icon and name application is enlarged, icon shown below is a preview video and screenshots. Click to view full page preview screenshots will pop up the big shots, can show more details of the application. The main menu is moved to the left position, the user can check the application installed in the "application" in my. (Dream)


[IT] Sohu news July 16th news, according to foreign media reports, Google released a new version of "noble baby Play store today, let the new style in the design of mobile terminal and consistency.

A small note forum signature links

learning for a long time, it is successful to my website optimization (keywords to the home page, you can now also search the site or in the home page), but in the process of optimization, found in a forum on the chain should pay attention to this problem, I am also here to remind we need to pay attention to.

Shanghai dragon

such as the A5 forum you can send, because the signature does not need to buy, there is no time limit, so don’t worry about (of course would not rule out future revision). Address: www.bn188贵族宝贝

so, this forum is not done the chain? No, because this forum outside the chain of authority can also be included, but it is not easy to be removed, so that the forum can send some problems, no matter you the problem is you know the answer, you can ask a, write in the text when asked, don’t just write a sentence. Take your website address in question, or write some simple articles, due to the different in the website forums in the hair of the article, there is no audit process, so you can just write some. As long as the reactionary line.

note: if this forum signature need through the gold to buy, and there is a time limit (such as China station), then, this forum is best not to buy his signature links, unless you can is sure to have been enough gold coins to buy the signature. Because if you did not buy gold coins, your signature is not displayed, then the previous signature link will slowly in love when I refresh Shanghai disappear before China station is like this, I have more than 1000 gold coins, each of the 300 gold coins to buy a month, I would probably buy good a few months, in the above signature effect can still, then my gold light, no way to buy a signature, all post signatures are not, and strive to do before the link will be at the back of the page refresh and disappeared, I finally see the station owners forum link, only a few. So one or two months behind in other places do link didn’t work, because other places do some outside the chain, and this will be deleted some. Finally the chain number not increase. So here we must pay attention to.

The three core factors of grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan successInternet entrepreneurs first article

three: essential Wangzhuan

a lot of people do Wangzhuan is following the path of others, such as odds and ends of a meal to earn the money of others, many successful businessmen are able to see other people do not see the business opportunities and market, which has become bigger and stronger, for it is to play Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, thinking of the place, but a lot of people are born to imitate no, to innovation, it does not matter, you can learn some knowledge of exercise your mind, for example, some examples of successful business on the Internet, you know more knowledge, information is a bit wider, you may jiezu Xiandeng, so usually it is necessary to exercise their own Wangzhuan from thinking. Start learning

essential technology

this article belongs to the "Internet enterprise entrepreneurs" series of articles, aims to introduce a set of Internet entrepreneurs on reverse investors, entrepreneurship, construction, exit Internet companies the best way.

you may know that there are two books that can help you create a digital baby, and continue to develop. The characteristics of the first book is a large number of entrepreneurs from "big brothers" articles, templates and the YouTube video, introduces how to promote your ideas? How to finance? How will the company to the market? How to win back like Elon like Musk

ability and effort is often equivalent to the so-called, the foundation of success is the one percent genius to plus ninety-nine percent, and this effort is the best way to get your ability, some people have a good Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project thinking, find out the market prospect is very good, but because the day a don’t go down do to achieve your thinking, so naturally from.

In fact, !

then you have to know what aspects of the construction process and site site optimization process should not touch, such as black chain, such as template is copied, the contents are collected, at least in terms of competition have less confidence, but also for the black chain once the search engine, it is not K station. Discuss your previous efforts will be cast to the wind

second sets of books from combat, unprocessed entrepreneurs survival handbook. What entrepreneurs want to know is what really works when they promote ideas, seek funding, and plan exit, and what they should expect investors to expect.

?There are a lot of books

first course only based on individual experience, can be a real reason for success but write less and less. I particularly like the failure of Zombie Venture Capitalists zombie venture investor lectures, presided over the webinar. I guess the reason they’re on the way is that they have nothing else to do but collect management fees from disappointed investors.

for Wangzhuan, attractive and tortured people, is able to attract people at home can make money, become SOHO gens, tortured people, often spend a lot of time but not the relative returns, or even a complete failure, and the failure of the reason is various, but success the reason is often the only one, so here we have to introduce the core factors of successful Wangzhuan

let’s see what’s in those bad books.

editor’s note: the author, Steve Andriole, is a professor of business technology at Villanove University, teaching strategy, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship courses. He has conducted intensive research in technology management, social media, analytics, cloud computing, and technology adoption. He signed 33 books that cover information technology, technology trends and business, technology, management, and other fields. The latest book, published in the fall of 2014, is entitled "Ready Technology: Fast-Tacking New Business Technologies" CRC press. He also serves as a digital technology consultant for the company and government, as well as the director, founder, or co-founder of several technology companies.

! !Finally, you need to understand

website operation technology, this is the last one of the most important technology Wangzhuan profitable, if not marketing, so even if you have a good website technology, website SEO skills, so still have no way to improve the conversion rate of the site, to know Wangzhuan to earn a lot of money, rely on advertising alliance flow the time gone for ever, now is the era of electronic commerce, the pursuit of the conversion rate, conversion rate only do come up, so Wangzhuan success has become a natural thing!

Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. Others will judge you on the basis of professional friends around you, so be sure to be with someone with a good background and ability; try to deal with stupid U and "stupid" professors as much as possible;

two: essential thinking Wangzhuan

first you have to know how to make a website now, even don’t know how to make a website to understand SEO optimization, if you are on the website, website optimization and operation so you should at least utterly ignorant of, have some network marketing skills, if you know of these aspects are not, then you will not easily enter the Wangzhuan the ranks, if you really want to come in, so early learning related function is essential for

: Wangzhuan

Overview of the establishment, construction and exit process of

first set of books stored in the hands of zombies and bosses.

at the beginning of 2016, let us remember the truth and consequences of the illness.

Internet enterprise


the purpose of this article is to help you warm up and prepare yourself for reading the following article.

How to realize the 7 day blog traffic doubled

dare to try new things and challenge tolerance love Shanghai.

because of my blog, I was more used for testing, not hanging advertising, there is no income, so daring to try some new things and challenge the tolerance about love Shanghai. For example: I take the title and description are little changed last night, today the snapshot immediately did not update, but published articles or seconds; but before I go home title, add things is not such a situation. So we draw some conclusions: add some words in the original title and description, extend the long tail word, love Shanghai is acceptable; some of the original keywords in the title removed or replaced, the love needs time to accept the Shanghai. As for the right, you can.

blog updated daily 2-3 article practical articles.

submission of three original releases in the A5 forum, by two, the two articles are in the form of graphic tutorials.

specific data is not published, we look at the overall trend. From the beginning of May 21st, I uploaded a new version of the blog, as of yesterday (May 27th), just seven days. In these seven days, IP on the site almost every day a breakthrough. Then, I do what work during this period? Do the following summary:

has stressed that the "practical", is rooted in my own keenly aware of. As a rookie in Shanghai dragon, it is inevitable that many things seem to understand a lot of concepts, ready to accept either course, also don’t seem to understand. So we love Shanghai, Google to search, but the search out of the article, stereotyped, parrot, all is some nonsense "Shanghai dragon expert" (a week ago, I am also a member of this class). After thinking, I found a breakthrough, what is Shanghai dragon novices need, what I wrote in the blog, slowly can cultivate some loyal visitors.

before I log in the station said, my blog from Imperial CMS to Zblog, which lost some of the original data, before the views and comments were classified as zero, many articles did not migrated. From the above sentence, seemingly suffered heavy losses, in fact. We take a look at my blog traffic recent trend chart (in IP):


this tutorial has several advantages, one will get a lot of collection website reprint, two is the point in the almost all of the people will look carefully, see people will learn to do. But there is a considerable number of new friends, even learn to do step by step, will encounter such problems, at this time, this part of the crowd will find the original source through the tutorial links in the article (my blog), one can learn more, and can contact the publisher tutorial what steps, to go wrong, so I will be not at all surprising blog IP grow with each passing day.


Discussion on how to master the webmaster Shanghai ranked the secret of love

sites: correlation and correlation between the chain content relevance, the theme of the site. We will be related to the content into a combination of related topics, then these topics combined into a relevant column, finally the relevant column consists of a web site. And then when to update the site whether it is original or false original, and is the best site theme related content, the contents of this search engine is very love. The last is the correlation of the chain, external links are important factors in Shanghai Longfeng, basically every webmaster want and their related station Links, we do in the chain the other PR value is not the main reference standard, the main factor is the end station and your site or not.

two, website keywords and content innovation of

Three, the user experience of

love Shanghai ranking rules, has been gradually approaching the excellent state of search engine technology, and the ultimate goal of all search engines are: user experience. In our domestic search engine as a new type of advertising media has not reached a very mature stage, we advanced the search engine technology has not yet reached the level of foreign search engine technology

for the new website, we need to do is try to avoid fierce competition in the field, to your site – some other website does not have content, it is best to create a website category, and then through time to accumulate experience, when the owners of a better understanding of the content of innovative website after you. You can not according to the online website or not online content to your website content innovation, so that your competitors website is less developed, will be easier than other sites.

Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated to more scientific and precise, love Shanghai ranking rules, has been gradually approaching the excellent state of search engine technology, we have the love of Shanghai is getting better, you can take time for change is the million, as long as we have love in Shanghai the ranking of the rules, you can in the website ranking competition to grasp the initiative, what is the love of Shanghai ranked

rules? !

we can search words through love Shanghai index, love Shanghai encyclopedia, love Shanghai and know some of the web pages to be extended of Lenovo, found many innovative keywords!…… The more you think about it more deeply, you think more widely, you contact the word enough, you can get the keywords innovation enough, keywords innovation is very competitive

, a website of the correlationIncluding the correlation between

each do stand webmaster want to grasp the love Shanghai’s secret, but the love of Shanghai’s algorithm has been constantly updated, always uncertain, that we can let the webmaster how to do stand love Shanghai love, to have a good and stable ranking

?In fact, love

How personal website in BING search rankings

1. BING more love editorial types of links

BING love

2. absolute matching names in BING will get more reward

want to get ranked in BING, because of its emphasis on the content of rich web sites more than the noble baby, so you in this also to some Kung fu. If you have a station, not in.

noble baby love all types of links: directories, articles, blogs and so on of all kinds, just do it. But BING? BING will track all types of links, but now, BING only gives the highest link weight type editorial. The editorial link: what do you mean, is in an article, links into content, BING does not like the baby to RESOURSE BOX (nobility in general, in the article is finished, and at the end of a segment of the author’s words, this text put the place called RESOURSE BOX) and directory too much the weight. So, in order to obtain good results in BING, so as to do this type of link may, at the same time it will also enhance the rank of nobility baby.

what is absolute, such as your domain name? The word is "buy car", such as " www.buycar贵族宝贝" this is called absolute, domain name, ".Org" and ".Net" are also considered, but other suffixes there is no reward, at the same time, the domain name will get extra absolute good in the noble baby. But it seems that BING will give to. No matter how to use the domain name registration website, definitely try to.

in the past all the focus is always on the noble baby, really noble baby is the largest source of traffic, but these are slowly changing. Now the BING is worth your attention, especially for you is the United States market. According to the latest statistics of Experian Hitwise company, Bing currently occupy 30% of the market share of the U.S. search (YAHOO and one half, but YAHOO was using BING search). BING took over the YAHOO search flow. Personally, is really not worth another effort to do BING and YAHOO, each search engine algorithm is different, Shanghai Longfeng methods are not the same, but in some places is figured out, if the noble above baby well, the other did not do it if there is no what a great loss. But due to the current share of BING to 30%, which means that can point to focus on top of this, some of my station on BING also achieved good rankings, so here I want to share my experience (only about BING and a baby different focus, as in many other places is it:

3. content rich website


Happy Chain – a great harvest Why not

3: I have to say I have a lot of links of the forum, forum account, feel the most relaxed non forum is the signature, with a web site, after reading and posting replies, and then sometimes they might also add a cream essence paste effect that is quite good, personally think that the forum replies, post we must seriously, see "to" see "zhidingtie" back, back, see the "sofa" (HA HA) to grab the other! "

? ?

speaking of the chain everyone must love and hate it, why do you say that? Love his site top ranking chain, so he continued to add the chain, then continue to lose, a lot of work. If a site every day for the chain, then sooner or later die! If you do good enough, can form a reputation effect, someone to help you with the connection that also does not matter, but mostly is the enterprise stand in, basically do the products outside the Shanghai dragon the chain almost became Shanghai dragon er’s work for an endless daily work of a large proportion of! Do sixteen months of Shanghai dragon Er has been studying how to quickly included the chain, what kind of link is the most effective? At the same time in different period of search engine is also in constant change take BD this time last year to adjust the BD chain algorithm, BD related domain is what we see now! In fact, when Google is doing, have to say BD has been more "international search giant." I remember! At that time, before the BD chain adjustment chain that is quite difficult! Included is difficult, and the related domain after it is good to do more


1: first of all is the chain industry correlation, basically do is to find the weight of the high industry portal, they have self-help business shops, you can add their own products, of course, the more high weight website more audit is very strict, we might find that three to five of this industry portal. As a blog, add products to specification and then take the link as a web site to regular daily maintenance, this link is very awesome, I like the water treatment equipment website (www.byshuichuli贵族宝贝) are basically doing industry portal links! If the content for the good, and might even have ranking oh Why not?!

said the chain had to carry a chain is YAHOO, YAHOO chain I quite seriously, it can be said that in the process of Shanghai dragon I almost do is separate from BD, with YAHOO related domain anchor text links the two aspects are separated to do! Then said Shanghai related domain and love YAHOO is the chain I how do


2 is a major focus of the release of the soft, you can see we are very grateful to A5 provides such a platform for me, in fact most of the time we are talking about the A5 article is in order to do outside the chain and do what I want to say, this is very normal, everyone in life, each one takes what he needs the content is still very serious to write, but people need to choose to see to know everyone’s ideas, and also to the work done, Why not?

Heart solve the website right down

The If the

site because of the chain and the right to drop

web site as a result of certain factors to be revised, many inexperienced webmaster is regardless of the consequence of a sudden change, the first few days of the engine should be no reaction, when the engine after the next update will appear snapshot stalled, key words or some keyword ranking dropped, this time it may be right to be reduced.


site is down right, so in order to be able to quickly return to the previous weight, fast and accurate analysis of the reasons is the prerequisite. According to the factors of several common down right now we do a detailed answer, I hope to be able to help you webmaster friends.


can be seen from the figure, the chain of this site tends to be stable in the number of 10 days, if the chain when a site in a few days or a month are increasing or decreasing this is not normal, it may be because this factor makes the engine judgment you are in a large number of import chain, in the eyes of this engine is a kind of cheating, right down there is no doubt that sooner or later.


site is down right on the countless Adsense headache and helpless, can be described as "hard for decades, look back to the liberation." This taste really is not our personal webmaster can afford. But on the other hand, the saying goes, "one upmanship." While the engine is called, we webmaster when the so-called magic. Because of such things can be solved completely. The key is to see if we have a "heart".

There are many factors

site really need revision, the author suggests that the webmaster to gradually change, the change is slowly one-time change a section, such as web site keywords, change after you no longer need to move. After a period of time and then change the next section. Furthermore, after the revision of the website to submit a site map for time >




site because of factors outside of the chain and is right to be reduced is also very good judgment, use webmaster tools can do. We have to do is look for nearly a month or the chain in recent months to increase or reduce the tendency to judge. So the chain growth trend of normal maps can be used to explain the.

website for revision and the right


stop you to eat a big fat man’s idea, step by step is a must. To return to our original plans, the increase in the number of increase in number, although not immediately solve the problem right down, but as long as you can stick to one or two months that you can see the results you want. Everything has two sides, when your site search engine has withstood the test, the weight is likely to be even better than the original, many owners have similar experiences.