Innovation workshop Wang Hua 5 opportunities for mobile Internet businessOnce Taobao customers, imag

B2C e-commerce is more suitable for career development,

from the qualitative perspective, the process of spreading to all in the field of mobile Internet, will affect the decision-making and the development of these industries, and even change the ecological environment of the industry and the way of doing things.

B2C e-commerce requires excellent marketing capabilities,

I and many webmaster, in order to make money, to join the Taobao customer, do Wangzhuan, use network technology to build a website, through commissions and advertising is very easy to make money. However, we all know that some time ago sh419 ranking adjustment, and now Taobao’s profit margins are indeed very small. Therefore, I am looking for e-commerce and other channels to make money, want to in the fierce environment to strangle a storm looking for another sky. After the friend’s advice, I found B2C e-commerce more profit space, and it can be called the cause. One reason is by years of experience in product sales Wangzhuan, not a difficult thing. Two is B2C e-commerce, need to start from the grassroots, and most of the webmaster, as before the accumulation of funds is not much, contacts are relatively poor. But since I’ve run a Taobao store before, it can be the starting point for my B2C e-commerce.

mobile Internet development up to now, has not done to the students in the "enter now is not too late, and has entered the students to think what to do next. In fact, I think the change of domestic mobile Internet really has not started, after so many years of development, the real change may start until next year. We are standing in the doorway of great change.

the next two or three years, the new.


is definitely positioned to be better,


Abstract this paper is co-founder of innovation works Wang Hua in the mobile developers conference speech arranged the trend of change, including the domestic mobile Internet giant card in case of new entrants seeking business opportunities, and the future of the 5 best new business opportunity is what.

this way, you will feel that the mobile Internet is too crowded, no matter what you want to do is do. But this problem in my opinion is not a problem, on the Internet, also has such a scenario, new entrants want to do, portals are doing. But you look at the recent and listed companies involved in the Lanting Pavilion, set potential, 58 city, where to go, the car home, is the time to do.

from friends B2C entrepreneurial inspiration: my friend is born in technology, developed the site, and now form a team to do B2C, online clothing retail mall. He told me that from the site location to plan, originally want to do products, industry information, and even SNS integrated platform, but found that the design of the wide, just started not so many people to do these things. As a result, the industry, information and other difficult to update and maintain daily, SNS applications platform is everywhere other people’s advertising, just like no maintenance of the garden overgrown with weeds. But later on, he made only online sales of t-shirts. Focus on B2C e-commerce, and then around this product to do promotion, is now he believes that the most feasible approach. Domestic Hisense enterprises is an example. In the television, air conditioning, refrigerators, mobile phones in the field of technical breakthroughs have been achieved, but precisely because of the scope of the involved too broad, marketing skills have not followed the technology. As a result, refrigerators do, but Haier, air conditioning to do, but GREE, the best results, that is, the low-end TV flat market to get the top three position.

platform well, good direction, is really able to promote mobile Internet entrepreneurs to go deep. The surface, the platform companies occupy a lot of entrance, but it also means that they have good market infrastructure, education, road opened, but more suitable for entrepreneurs quietly doing something.

from the point of view, now has 500 million mobile Internet users, but mobile Internet industry share of the economy is still very small. Even the Internet is not touched in many industries, even do better in areas such as electricity, tourism and other traditional industries is only about 10%, are actually very small numbers.

The giant

today’s mobile Internet giant card, new entrants in the

The amount of

domestic mobile Internet real next year

throughout the year, the mobile Internet industry, we can see that in the platform, giants have a card, each in the big acquisitions of start-up companies, fighting traffic entrance, social platform and infrastructure.

but in my opinion, the mobile Internet generated effects should be larger than the internet. Because it can be integrated into our lives. In my view, the next five years to ten years, the mobile Internet will control 50% or more to the national economy.


world’s top 100 giant is the marketing tycoon, you will find that like Microsoft, WAL-MART, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, the world class companies they have very outstanding marketing level, technical ability is not the best. Want to do B2C e-commerce, need a competitive team, need to be responsible for website development, network marketing and website customer service, distribution personnel division of labor, and not rely on a technical ability person can support the whole website. So my role in this process needs to change. The next period of time, I need to pull orders, discuss cooperation with vendors, users to promote our web site products, from the limited site development to marketing role changes.

and we now stand a real change in the door, the developer is not just mobile developers, will jump to the real economy in all walks of life, become a facilitator.

How to use the web log analysis tools to view log



fourth is a picture of the major search engines to your site spider IP.

pictures together, hoping to help those who just do stand friends. Some friends want to ask this is what web log query analysis software please reply message in the Shanghai dragon 1912 blog, I will give you the answer.

is the last page crawl, please see third pictures, here each page detailed major search engine spiders crawl, a lot of friends every day to update the article, but are not included, here you can check whether the spider has come, have not included you have to rethink your article whether the acquisition or pseudo original is not high quality is poor.


we first from the summary analysis, from the first graph shows the engine spiders access times, spider total residence time, total amount, and grab a proportional amount of all engines. Here we look at what? There are several aspects, first of all you need to see what you have to do the search engine ranking spiders have come to come, have never been that cannot be included in your. Then the residence time, if the residence time is 0, it shows that the content of your site spider does not love, that means you may be content quality is not high, but stay is 0 is not strange for the new station, because the station itself weight is not high, after a period of time will stay spider slowly increase. The last is a crawl, the spider to grab the number each time, if your site itself a lot of content, but grab the quantity is very few, then you have to check whether or not the death factors are friendly to spider.

We combine the

many friends do not know what is the web log and how to view the site log, but I do not know how to analyze the web log, in some Shanghai Longfeng forum often see many of my friends asked, "why has my site only included not included in the page?", "how my website is not included?" "my site is not a problem?" and so on, in fact, although there are many reasons for these, but we first encounter these problems is to check what? Is the site log, see the web log is one of the most basic station must also be a program, when the site of our look, we should also observe the site no problem, see how the web log? Here I’ll introduce you to see how the web log.

then we see second pictures directory crawl, here is the crawling section of the page, some stand out but some column has not been included, you need to observe whether every directory grab grabbed your column page this problem, if never grab you can try to give the hair a few outside the column page if the chain, what methods are tried never to climb the spider, then you need to check your site within the correct path.

How to obtain the high efficiency in the domain name registration in (two)

many friends will consider love Shanghai weight problem when cybersquatting, some argue that the domain name registration does not need to consider the Shanghai love weight, because love itself is a virtual Shanghai weight value; and another part of the view that cybersquatting must consider love Shanghai weight, because this is a site in Shanghai in love the impression of value. The author thinks that the domain name can be appropriately concerned in Shanghai love weight value registration process, because love itself is the weight value of Shanghai and rely on the flow of ascension, but the flow is through the ranks to identify, so love Shanghai weight or is of great importance for the common domain name, at least in the domain name before the expiration date for a judge the value of the site is still relatively high, so that we can love Shanghai appropriate reference weight, not to be ignored, love Shanghai weight under the same condition, the higher we can register the domain name.

article on domain name suffix, the PR value, special value to do some explanation and description, but also help to believe some webmaster, cybersquatting itself is a risky thing to have, some owners may also be in after cybersquatting beyond cost, but more stationmaster in cybersquatting after the domain name can sell at a good price, indicating that the domain name registration is to look at the skills and methods, this article is the webmaster friends is the method of cybersquatting and skills, I hope to help the webmaster.


is the key chain domain name cybersquatting


website is registered

there are some friends when cybersquatting attention included in the site, actually included a domain name for the cybersquatting is basically meaningless, because we will have a new site in cybersquatting, and then re submit the approval and love of Shanghai included, this time if the other site contains too much and instead will affect the future development of our website, so my view is that we in the domain name registration when the website home page is included as long as you can, without thinking about the inside pages included.

domain name registration is a lot of my friends are going, some friends profit in domain name registration, there are friends that grab domain name >

weakness The

friends when cybersquatting, don’t underestimate the chain domain name, a good domain name outside the chain of value is very high, for example, I in the process of cybersquatting sometimes will find some registered 5-8 domain name, the chain of these sites is still part of today’s portals the chain, its value is very high, so we must when cybersquatting should pay attention to the chain of the domain name, whether the chain view domain is the chain of high value, of course, if the chain is a domain of almost all the forum or blog outside the chain, the chain of value so that the domain name is not high, so when we were cybersquatting must learn to identify the reasonable value of the chain.

cybersquatting love Shanghai weight is

The inquiry platform chain experience sharing do not ignore the 58 questions and answers

believe that many webmaster friends interested in the use of inquiry platform outside doing chain. In my daily work, to do at least fifty answers in a question answering platform. Then second days can query the chain a lot. I ask others in learning experience, found that they take advantage of the platform is love Shanghai know, Search ask, question and answer, one point is to ask Sina and even answer etc..

Dear webmaster

love Shanghai quiz links have deep feelings. Especially some small business small website, if successful with several links in Shanghai love quiz, the consequences will be very serious. I swam this experience, received a single enterprise website, the snapshot has been two months without updates, I love Shanghai know within three days six added the link to the site, and the six top quiz. As long as you search for the enterprise website, in the collection of love Shanghai know that you are my monopoly. The next result is fourth days this enterprise website snapshot update, and keywords ranking rose sharply. Originally five keywords over 100 four in the home page. I had to sigh, love Shanghai too care about their children. Perhaps a coincidence, but examples of this in my hand appeared three times, the chain of love can let Shanghai know a snapshot of the enterprise website update immediately.

I usually use

now you may worry what add love to Shanghai know that the chain. If there is a high level of friends may not worry about account. Yes, the high level account with keywords and chains through relatively easily. So we should cultivate the awareness of several senior.

personal quiz platform only four. Are love Shanghai know, Q & A, 58, Sogou quiz quiz. Others such as Search ask not how to use.

first, I want to share my experience is 58 questions and answers. Don’t seem to see who wrote this article. Because many webmaster friends don’t even know 58 answers to this platform. In fact, I also did not know at the beginning of this year. At present this quiz platform every day can bring me a dozen chain, relatively stable. The 58 quiz on-line time is not long, answered questions of the threshold is relatively low, basically one hundred percent will pass. Add keywords with links as you will, you see how the better. Then on the second day you through YAHOO outside the chain of tools to check several or dozens of harvest. To know the weight of the chain 58 is still quite high, like Zac said very good 58 Shanghai dragon team, product’s weight is very high. Sometimes I think, more difficult to do in the high quality of the chain and today, 58 quiz launch is really warm. In addition that point, there are a few of my 58 city account. Looks like in the city of 58 made by the audit information account to send the chain to ask more lawless. Interested friends may wish to compare here, maybe I was an accident. To remind you once again to occupy 58 quiz. Ha ha, late have high threshold.

Look at your software bugs mass is down right now

The chain

good website, but most of the content for the original, the original substance more sites, search engine sites included the possibility is bigger, for collecting stations or mostly overload the substance of the station, so the station to the user, rather than to the big network station. Until now I stand in the daily collection will increase, should be aware of the weight of the site is still good, but after the low weight site inspection, so check the website of the specific problem is still what? In a word, the essence of good, need not worry about being right down, this site is Chong Shanghai dragon friends, although the content is collected, but there are a lot of original content, to ensure the quality of the content is the premise.

spatial stability in the "www.chong Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 on the space velocity on the website of the influence in detail into. Whether it is for the user, or search engine website, website open speed are expected to be able to quickly, if the speed of the site is not satisfactory, and uncertain, Shanghai will be a large number of love if things go on like this, reduce the amount included in the site, so that your customers are not flow. The website can get the website keywords ranking has disappeared. The state space website is important index search engine decision weights of the website, the website repeatedly revealed no >

second: substance

, through the friends of the chain can be achieved, not only achieved staggered weight of each site. Many webmaster think blindly to win, so exchange quality is not up to standard. Don’t buy a proposal, said the high PR link, offer two, with less try to exchange links of the link, this link is not more than the staggered weight, is more likely to affect the weight of the site itself. Weight and height of the web site, search engine sites will be based on the website of the other side scoring, high weight website and you exchange links, search engine will think your site is the high quality of the site, if the site is relatively common and relatively low quality site exchange links, search engine sites will find site weight and friendship for the website is very low. So the influence of the chain website weight is good, the demand. Chong in Shanghai dragon "four methods" software bugs hair of the chain, with software group should pay attention to, must pay attention to the resources of the subdivision, not all the places you want to send, grab, consolidation, segmentation, this is a long process cycle, one way is gradually getting high quality resources.

third, website space

: the first site outside the chain


has a lot of friends to reflect, recently your web site is down right, asked if it was because of the "marketing software to group blog, the forum message caused by, I said, if you give your competitors to find, so his ranking is not going very fast so what? Causes of the fall of the right? Chong Shanghai Longfeng today with a look at it!

Mechanical product station optimization and user experience should pay attention to the details

what is most concerned about consumer access to website? It is the price of the products, and maintain the quality of materials used. Drizzle website is the demand from the consumer to start, in the customer service channel page, divided into the following several sub channels. And the picture + text + video mode, the full range of answers to users lock price, installation and maintenance of the parking spaces to answer doubts. At the same time, according to the general consumers are more concerned about the problem, put it in the home page, so that consumers can easily find demand content.

details of the three, to provide detailed customer service

network marketing in recent years a lot of mechanical products enterprises, the author observed most sites, just a simple template, and then hastily opened love Shanghai bidding or do optimization. These enterprises site layout, structure fits, even enterprise profile is copied directly under the company name change. Just imagine, users see this same site, did not see the company product advantages and so on, it is difficult to stimulate the desire to buy. In this paper, the author of the operation of a car parking lock site optimization and user experience to talk about the need to pay attention to the details.

as I browse through many Taobao products and selling with good site, found that they have in common, both with the marketing of the product description. The author believes that the description of mechanical products products can stand from several aspects as follows to.

mechanical products, the design of navigation generally refer to the product classification, product competitiveness. The observation of some products is a navigation station, the "product center" get throught a thing carelessly. Just imagine, consumers still need to pass multiple clicks, it hard to find the desired product in a range of products, call him too much to handle.

such as parking lot facilities of the website, its products are love Shanghai index is divided into "parking lock" and "traffic facilities" in these two categories, if consumers buy the product, see the navigation + product navigation structure is clear, can easily find the desired product.

details two, to provide real customer case

entrance, refers to a number of local key products to provide entrance. As the author’s Web site navigation, by train, navigation products, products of home banner map and a list of products and other areas, to provide entrance, in order to facilitate visitors convenient access.

and other mechanical products such as electronic products such as digital stations are not the same, if the website can provide real customer case, invisible can improve the site of degree of belief. If the site’s case there is enough convincing than go around the lot of weak. The following is the drizzle automatic parking lock the customer case list, the author’s suggestion is to be arranged by the customer case, the best graphic combination, provide a specific date of persuasive content.

four, a full range of detail description of

> product

details, dual navigation design + multi entrance

Have launched

My opinion on Taobao keywordA generation of shoe king BELLE to HKEx founder of overall cash privatiz

July 17, 2017, BELLE international privatization plan approved by the shareholders by 98%, will be delisted from the Hong Kong exchange for HK $53 billion 135 million valuation, close to the market value of HK $52 billion 300 million on the first day of 2007; and compared with the February 2013 peak, the market value has shrunk more than nearly 60%. Appearance of the brilliant and lonely dim contrast, it is inevitable to make people sigh.

in addition, we blog this model promotion products rarely, so our product category selected, we must choose this category under the boutique. The conversion rate is high.

just a little boot, you can clinch a deal.

4. Commission is high, the price is not high. Then you should pay attention to the quality of his product. Product quality problems, you recommend to the user, then the user does not trust you later, you have no business done.

lonely delisting of BELLE, all cash and Deng Yao Baijiao, perhaps what do not wrong, it is wrong too old? Hillhouse capital, CDH investment privatization agency resources deep involvement, open the "consortium + enterprise" to explore a new path for the transformation of the retail industry. Will traditional retail and digital attempts make the once cumbersome retail store switch to BELLE’s

, for example, I choose is essential oils, then I certainly choose the AFU, but also AFU’s most popular lavender essential oil.

but AFU doesn’t have a very high commission, so I went through a few other high commission products.

also has some big items: a fridge, a sofa. Commission must be high, but repeated purchase rate is small, then you flow much more. What’s more, there are many other factors that affect the transaction of this large commodity.

The last annual report of BELLE

BELLE financial data has been declining for several years, it is China’s retail business earthshaking years. The new electronic commerce has experienced the ultra high speed growth, tends to rise steadily, turns turns into the traditional industry. Ma Yun to mention the new retail concept, in its lead, the store has become the main battleground for electricity supplier giants. But the new retail store is no longer simply a vending center, but a user experience center.

products selected >

first of all, I think I have to choose what I’m interested in, or what I am currently engaged in, the industry I am familiar with. In this case, no matter the characteristics of the product or the selection of the content of the blog, you are all at your command. The unavoidable problem here is that the products you are interested in, or the products you are familiar with, may not be high commissions.

but from the current operating conditions, half of the country BELLE’s footwear brands still occupy the domestic market, its own brand BELLE, Staccato, Senda, he or she, Basto, Teenmix, and Bata, Clarks, HushPuppie agent, Mephisto brand recognition is still in the market; BELLE sales agent Nike, Adidas Puma, CONVERSE, and other sports apparel brand is still in a rising market.

BELLE brand was originally created in >

1. try to choose the brand.

, the first to talk to the owner about commission, as long as you have the ability to promote, generally can. The shopkeeper wants his product to be pushed.

ten years, BELLE International 01880.HK in the capital market around the circle, back to the starting point.

3. price, you must believe that the Commission is high, the product price must be high. The price of the product affects the conversion rate.

second is to do quantity, such as some daily necessities products, commissions are not high. But these are the products of repeated consumption. A very large quantity.

, for example, if you push some brand-name products. You know, the commissions on those brands aren’t very high. However, the amount of promotion is very large. Why? High conversion rate ah, big amount of ah, so choose products should pay attention to product characteristics: some repeated consumption, and some are not often purchased. There is also the brand and non brand will affect the conversion rate.


AFU was originally a famous brand with high brand awareness. And that lavender essential oil is burst, many people buy. Baby, the details are great.

read a few days ago on the A5 blog, Taobao website how to retain the popularity of the article, inspired by, here to share my experience with Taobao customers:

so there are two solutions:

2. to see baby details, baby details do bad, fewer transactions. Will directly affect the conversion rate.

as a traditional retail era of brand operators, BELLE has built up a relatively complete multi brand business category management structure, and so far, although the financial index is not good, but the company does not exist in the management of major errors. Perhaps, as Ma Huateng said, "nothing is wrong, it’s too old."".

traditional retail era impeccable model

and BELLE may underestimate the development of science and technology on the change of consumption habit strength, may be suffering from "too big to fail", missed the mobile Internet leading the wave of consumption upgrading, become the representative of the old retail, is facing the fate of retreat.

before privatization shows that the year 2016, although the company footwear retail outlets fell by 700, but the sports apparel, proprietary retail outlets increased by 543, the overall remained stable, in February 28, 2017, BELLE International – retail outlets for a total of 20841 home.

Let old enterprise stand optimization study

this template, of course not to discuss the extreme is not conducive to optimizing the website template. From the beginning of the contact optimization, good web site templates, reasonable layout, can let the enterprise stand optimization effort. Especially in the last few months, the hands of a plurality of enterprise site monitoring, confirmed this speculation of the author. As a typical case, there are three parking lock site the author hands, the first domain was 2 years old, the chain is widely related to the number of original articles related to occasional illustrations, but the main keywords ranking of parking lock to tepid, basically did not enter the home before three.

then you to observe words and words of ordinary commercial products (except medical), site layout template and ranking in front of the most remarkable. The chain is not great circumstances, good template rankings often dumped a few blocks together.

, two station anchor text diversity? Don’t listen to you

do stand inside the anchor text, always cautious, and hope the anchor text to the page to get more keywords ranking, such as the promotion of parking lock, tend to make the parking lock price, parking lock factory, Taobao parking lock contains the main keywords of the anchor text. But the result, part of the anchor text word with the ranking, but the main keyword ranking is out.


stop doing business promotion, you are likely to give customers, performance appraisal is a few keywords ranking, may also be done to the company, performance appraisal is likely to be a period of performance. The author believes that the vast majority of network marketing success ultimately reflected in the orders and performance, based on this idea, the author talk about general enterprise stand optimization personal opinions.

at the end of last year, the author used to optimize the enterprise template set up parking lock retail station, the station takes energy to the old station 1/3, but some words ranking far beyond the old station. The same example, I had made a product of the Tao station three station, good template, filling the basic articles, occasionally send some outside chain, to love Shanghai several times updated, ranking far beyond the ordinary template.

summary: stop doing business optimization, remember to choose a good template. Good template, reasonable layout, layout and design of comfort, not only conducive to the website optimization, will increase the number of indirect pull website PV. A PV user, stay for a long time, the website ranking is not good is not scientific.

small business station page tens or hundreds of ordinary site, weight was low, compared to station anchor text transfer weights, the current mainstream view tend to be more prominent and find new pages and site theme page.


I think ordinary enterprise station don’t need to do more long tail or low index anchor text, if you worry about the anchor text is too simple, can be appropriate to do the long tail, but not too much. But because.

, a good template, let you spend less energy to optimize

I think

How to talk to Shanghai Dragon Technology into real income (on)

service onto the network: there will be more and more big development space on the Internet after traditional service. Ten years ago, we certainly do not believe that can through the Internet.

many webmaster learned Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, whether some small details or strategies have certain harvest, this time is the use of a good time Shanghai dragon profit, if you have a wealth of knowledge of Shanghai dragon, so in the end how to convert the Internet now in such fierce competition? The industry, from scratch to a piece of heaven and earth is not so simple, but there is still a chance forever.

The traditional

as long as the user demand is a market, such as traditional retail commodity or clothing on the Internet have done very mature, if we get involved in the competition of high threshold industry, difficult for many people as can be imagined, therefore, may wish to focus on localization and niche market, and today we summarize and share my own ideas: localization and niche is a trend of Shanghai dragon profit, can from the following several aspects to explain.

by Shanghai dragon blog: local blog + Shanghai Longfeng ideas is a good idea, before a lot of people say that this does not work, do not consider the customer psychological thoughts, it is not. This is just a few years ago, now many places Shanghai dragon blog has started orders. In addition to love Shanghai index are usually hundreds, here, although some are counterparts in the search, but certainly there are customers in the search. In addition, we do in the local blog, also can not just stare at the keywords and Shanghai Longfeng related, more attention should be paid to the other long tail keywords, long tail word these long tail word is not Shanghai dragon industry, but some local industries of the long tail word. For example, there are two articles titled "what is the long tail keywords" and "how to put the notebook repair in a better position to fall in love with the sea," obviously many blog title of the article is the first one, but it is the best of second, second customers and a step closer to "the door of this notebook the word" maintenance on the customer will get inspiration in your blog, but he did not practice, it is likely to let you help him to do such a single business became. And search "what is the long tail keywords" most owners or quasi owners, their main purpose is to study Shanghai Dragon technology, therefore this title for the exchange of technology and not suitable for the list of profit. Imagine your local long tail keywords in many industries are written, and have a good ranking, then it is not meant a lot of opportunities? Many industry blog terms, such as "network marketing", "soft speculation" and "event marketing", "solution", will come to learn the novice feel very professional, if your blog’s fame was slightly larger, will also receive some recognition in the circle, but the disadvantage is that the customers away imperceptibly. Because you and the real life customers in different network environment, your customers and you belong to a different world of thought.

How to do the love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai Dragon

3. readings try to fill in the authoritative website.

needs to be emphasized, in your description of a product, must stand in the industry point of view, the official words, very authoritative Encyclopedia of love. Don’t use a large segment of the subjective nature of advertisements, even if it can be passed, there were also reports that would likely rival, naught.

3. description must be objective.

I was in 2011 May because the promotion of company’s products, can contact the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, perhaps the real operation is 1-2 months later, only maintenance, the entry position has been very in front, here I will take me to do product as an example, what I do is Wikipedia entry.

in reading the materials, at least you have to fill out a "

is one of the techniques, can make other products simple describe their products is described, we can refer to the glass brick and hollow brick.

Shanghai Longfeng people know, now love Shanghai alone big, almost all the keywords home is love Shanghai products. Among them, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love position is unshakable, because the entries have a certain authority, especially high so love Shanghai gives it a circle, basically as long as you complete an entry, a few months or will be ranked in the first word outside except promotion. So, do Shanghai Longfeng people have a preference for Wikipedia entries, try to write a word.

now love Shanghai entry too much, we can think of the word basically are created, so we have to do is to edit your entries. Before editing an entry, the basic properties of the first analysis of an entry, for example, I do products of glass brick, for a product, the most basic is to analyze its composition, specifications, performance and technology, and so on, there are at least 5 categories, how.

understand the basic attributes, to assign properties to him, need to pay attention to is the product category, because a product category is not only your products, such as glass brick, my product is hollow glass brick, in addition, there are glass tile and glass mosaic, therefore, in order to lead you the product, but also need to add these 2 products, so it is perfect, or others so perfect, you’re screwed.

2. is the entry attribute allocation, improve the catalogue.

is very simple?

I always tell my friends, to make the entry must be careful, especially now the entry has developed very perfect, basic opportunistic can not pass, and you one means to further improve the chance to the opponent, if the opponent improve a complex version, then you basically have what chance to make you the version, even after you change, the other can claim back.

1. to understand the basic attributes of an entry.

This is the