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‘s 360 product is off the shelf, some industry insiders speculated that the most likely reason is because some products take improper ways to "brush ticket", to improve the ranking. But after the application of APP Store in the presence of such behavior is the most severe punishment of ranking data is cleared, and not all products be punished so severely under the plane. So there are a lot of people doubt whether it is because the 360 has been emphasized in "cloud service", may open some backstage module in the cloud, Apple Corp suspected of stealing and leaking of user privacy, if there is leakage of user privacy steal users’ personal data behavior, for always emphasize the user experience Apple Corp, is also behoove all off the shelf the punishment.

yesterday, February 6th, 2012 is the China traditional Lantern Festival, on this day, 360 once again become the focus of the internet. The reason is the company’s 360 several products: 360, 360, 360 guards mobile phone message browser HD, 360 doctors, 360 battery backup, 360 HD security group purchase was suddenly apple APP Store shelves. According to industry sources, the Apple Corp will regularly focus on APP Store in the infringement and approach for copycat applications, data clearing, but rarely a company all series of products off the shelf. The application of 360APP "frame event" can be said to be the most severe event of a punishment for the apple APP Store. The protagonists are 360 well-known Internet Co, thus become the focus and hot topics in the industry of Internet users.

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360 Wireless application was the apple App Store shelves, 360 in micro-blog today released news that the events from the 360 part of the product is brush votes, after Apple’s investigation, 360 of the products involved in the next 48 to 72 hours in the back on the shelves. Also pointed out that the 360 response, to promote the mobile phone is a lot of bad brush guards, suspected for the competitors, and to prove safety of Tencent, Tencent, said Jinshan, Jinshan on the matter do not believe the rumours, which also led to 360 Tencent, Jinshan three, a new round of war "". The Apple Corp today issued a statement warning developers do not illegal manipulation, otherwise will be blocked. According to Apple Insider reported on Sunday, a developer in the apple forum said, "advertising network assured me that only need to pay less money ($5000), will be able to make my application ranked 25 application. The advertising network said in the app store 25 free applications, 8 applications are used to promote them." Some media believe that Apple’s warning is a direct response to this situation. And the Admin5 Adsense nets editor believes that this week when the Apple Corp to increase efforts to clean up illegal applications, while the foreign application "brush ticket" behavior mostly concentrated in some individual developers and small websites and companies, 360 as a well-known large Internet Co, its products here.

The settings of the site keywords layout that something

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today to write this article and stationmaster to guess a bit, if not set the keywords so IT Adsense nets also don’t have to write this article, because they do not set the words to write this article does not have any meaning to existence. So you need to come up with a reasonable reason, why need to site layout keywords, love Shanghai algorithm change is too large, keyword set never changes, but is not so important. As long as we also provide keyword to the search engine on the surface of keyword set is useful, otherwise no search engine will not set the keywords to get rid of the It is without rhyme or reason. Key words must be set so.


to the site layout keywords

webmaster tools and love stand tools, and query their own domain name, found above, we found that in the optimization recommendations and clearly pointed out to us in the title of the title can be set to 80 characters, no more than 80 characters, of course, the owners of the house and love station network provided by the query tool with the official one little gap, but this is only for reference. Let’s look at the key words (keywords) webmaster tools is not recommended more than 100 characters, then we can draw a conclusion that our website can be any number of keywords design keywords in 100 characters, that is to say we set the key words as long as no more than 100 characters is enough, and I have a case here you can’t go in, set me, before I see it, some portals set keywords 15. I also see a >

was the major site of optimization experts pointed out that the most suitable keywords "website is set eight" I have not participated in the website optimization keywords before, so can not make any assessment, perhaps due to previous search engine algorithm because of it, I can now set up eight keywords must, this is the most suitable method has been previously fixed by history touch, measured at the end of the optimization personnel discarded, even be all forgotten. Sometimes with Adsense exchange site keywords layout, most of the webmaster are not indifferent response "website set keywords" did not use this sentence to get away, then there really is such a thing, but there are also some people pointed out that the open web design web site keywords set eight of the most suitable. There are some old Adsense view is set three to 5 keywords as well, they feel that the site feel mostly but not good decentralization. Everyone has everyone’s views, and angle of reflection have different answers to many different views, because the key is the key vocabulary, lexicon is love Shanghai according to the keyword search out to set out. So most of the webmaster to set the key words. Here you and don’t know what is good or not to set the words set, or set up as well, now IT webmaster to give you an analysis to develop a set of solutions.

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