Shanghai dragon is not only the need of technology but a A fighting spirit soars aloft. team

not only happy people happy, the real people who have the ability to make their ability to have no ability to copy, so as to reflect the charm of the team, and we do not lack the Shanghai dragon is the team with the tacit understanding. For the most basic example, it is hard for a person to do things, ten people easily completed, do Shanghai Longfeng too, now the heroic era has become the past, success is the real success, the success of the team is the real king, to know the task allocation. Let the team better fulfill the task, to promote the efficiency of higher rankings.

original and wonderful and rich content will make the search engine with start from this point, every day by members of the editorial team to update the site information in this article, as long as the phenomenon is not afraid of not kind every day of the original search engine, do a line of the original topic for, to members of the media portal website submission soft, increase website exposure. Have the ability to write some serial novels, such as love, our love these hot and with the topic, on the one hand is to search engine, we are every day in the update, on the other hand is the most important, keep the user’s heart, as long as your article is wonderful, users will stay in your, and will continue to increase, so the editorial group nature of this piece of work is extremely important.


The finale of The first group: editor Group Forum

a team cannot do without a good leader, must first detailed understanding of each member’s disposition, the most important is to tap their potential to stimulate their interest, develop their thinking, their working enthusiasm for the Shanghai dragon to strengthen unity and cooperation, wisdom, courage, invincible! The specific division said Shanghai dragon, can be divided into three groups, and does not rank.

group: Shanghai dragon monitoring group

Shanghai dragon group is mainly responsible for the work of three parts, optimization, maintenance and monitoring of the 1. key: Links exchange website won the high quality links and improve visibility, using the related query tool, the website keyword query lifting, the reasons for the decline and rising reason, reason analysis report after the implementation of the programme made the. The number of 2. every day to love Shanghai included, love Shanghai snapshots

powerful navy will flood the Internet, that is to let our time we fly into with the internet. China forum have thousands on thousands of, choose the most popular forum for the promotion, provided by the editorial team, each big forum to publish, overwhelming, and good relations with the moderator, get a happy and harmonious essence, or recommend the stick is the responsibility of the time. Actively release or participate in the forum activities, such as playing some buildings, sweepstakes, essay these can be strong to show our website. Find a group to set the BBS text signature hair to the hair of the chain, grab the sofa, grab before the love of Shanghai included to give back, grab the first person to do the forum.

second group:

Accidentally, website ranking eleven Shanghai curse fall in love

may have friends will say, before the content is also included, why before

network information is constantly changing, the user for receiving the amount of information can be said to be a Japanese tens of thousands, how much is the content of the website we pick up information or is the name of the original low quality under the banner of readable content, it will be judged as spam, the user experience will fall.

in Shanghai dragon, the eleven algorithm is a curse, the author introduced some break before Dennis love Shanghai eleven algorithm measures, but this case found no improvement, do not know the method of backward technology or the waves come too rough, so the site can not be.

1, the website ranking has been stable in the home, and the time has been for some time, the website does not have too big change;

also ranked so high?

3, long tail keywords and word was decreased to eleventh when the ranking will be floating, no matter how you update.

2, then website ranking in Shanghai love data update, ranking eleventh and gradually decreased until twelve;

we need to know how to determine the site ranked in the eleven love Shanghai algorithm. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er see the site into eleventh is considered into the love of eleven Shanghai algorithm, which is obviously Overgeneralization did not understand the meaning of it. In general we judge the website ranking into eleven algorithms, mainly from the overall situation, rather than a potential. Typically, enter the eleven algorithm website will appear such circumstance.

so far, there is no improvement in the ranking of a website ranking stable cycle, we can determine the site into the eleven love Shanghai algorithm. Love Shanghai eleven algorithm strictly speaking is a kind of embodiment of sites can not meet the needs of users and the right to be reduced, it not only for individual keywords but the whole website vocabulary. To break the eleventh algorithm spell, we must understand the cause of love is the eleven Shanghai algorithm.

is not recent changes in the algorithm or website optimization excessive, to make the author Dennis distress it still did not escape. A web site is the author of the hands, accidentally out of the home page ranking, coincidentally have a high not low a stop in the first second pages of search results. No matter how or what the update after optimization method, whether it’s "neighbors" if you come to me, the website ranking is home to eleventh PA firmly position, never abandon. At this point, the author Dennis finally admitted that the website ranking into the love of eleven Shanghai algorithm.

is very simple, Rome was not built in a day, the website ranking itself is a comprehensive embodiment. The content of the website is not to say that you have one or two spam messages will fall right down the rankings, but reach a certain > in this kind of information

1, website information of low quality.

How personal website in BING search rankings

1. BING more love editorial types of links

BING love

2. absolute matching names in BING will get more reward

want to get ranked in BING, because of its emphasis on the content of rich web sites more than the noble baby, so you in this also to some Kung fu. If you have a station, not in.

noble baby love all types of links: directories, articles, blogs and so on of all kinds, just do it. But BING? BING will track all types of links, but now, BING only gives the highest link weight type editorial. The editorial link: what do you mean, is in an article, links into content, BING does not like the baby to RESOURSE BOX (nobility in general, in the article is finished, and at the end of a segment of the author’s words, this text put the place called RESOURSE BOX) and directory too much the weight. So, in order to obtain good results in BING, so as to do this type of link may, at the same time it will also enhance the rank of nobility baby.

what is absolute, such as your domain name? The word is "buy car", such as " www.buycar贵族宝贝" this is called absolute, domain name, ".Org" and ".Net" are also considered, but other suffixes there is no reward, at the same time, the domain name will get extra absolute good in the noble baby. But it seems that BING will give to. No matter how to use the domain name registration website, definitely try to.

in the past all the focus is always on the noble baby, really noble baby is the largest source of traffic, but these are slowly changing. Now the BING is worth your attention, especially for you is the United States market. According to the latest statistics of Experian Hitwise company, Bing currently occupy 30% of the market share of the U.S. search (YAHOO and one half, but YAHOO was using BING search). BING took over the YAHOO search flow. Personally, is really not worth another effort to do BING and YAHOO, each search engine algorithm is different, Shanghai Longfeng methods are not the same, but in some places is figured out, if the noble above baby well, the other did not do it if there is no what a great loss. But due to the current share of BING to 30%, which means that can point to focus on top of this, some of my station on BING also achieved good rankings, so here I want to share my experience (only about BING and a baby different focus, as in many other places is it:

3. content rich website


Content is king era the search engine will be eyeing the blog

2, to speed up the search engine in the A type of information

4, no longer let the same website occupy too many search results.

content is king in Shanghai Longfeng morning said, before a lot of Shanghai Longfeng paper, no matter how much slobber in front of Shanghai dragon brandish nirvana, when finally tend to a most important content, the content is the basis for everything". But really do it, not many people can do to achieve the ultimate content, because the content of the building is a painful and protracted war.

was found to not talk about today, there are many technical problems. Today to talk about the content of this one. If the long-term focus of search engine (especially love Shanghai) the form of information, you should be able to detect subtle changes in the following:

home page is a site of old pages, but often not to "the first time to answer", which is a barrier and search experience inconsistent, so the priority mechanism will be weakened slowly home.

database update frequency.

so, forced livelihoods, search engine to slowly change the image of pride, it is now apparent in trying to please the user, improve the user experience, the measures taken are cannot do without these two major themes: one is to let users search easily, such as vertical search, open language search function and so on. There are two things to search, namely the construction of content library, this is a big project.

information is fragmented and the traditional search results did not match the search engine, belonging to the garbage, because before export is not found, so stay in the search engine database. Now, the search engine is slowly to clear them out. The text only one or two words of the thin pages will be less and less.

Shanghai Longfeng people may find it more frequently updated snapshot, ranking is not a row is half a year, this is the sign of speeding up the search database update. This practice is actually to avoid too many outdated information retained in the search results, affecting the user experience.


1, the search engine in slowly clear the fragmented information.

3, the reduction of the proportion of the search results page, content page in the proportion increased.

Although the

the last one or two years, the transformation of the search engine more strong taste, the user experience of this piece caught more strict, natural content of frequently high demands. This is the search engine competition, on the other hand is due to WeChat micro-blog this new media streaming. Especially WeChat public, this tool, a close relationship with the user determines its content must be attractive enough, otherwise the user at any time to betray. This "the rice to mouth" tool will take "spoiled" tool. Since then, in the search engine trouble in different key words laboriously for the information they need, it is very not easy.

User analysis a case study of information attention using multiple-choice questions

if we want to know the user browsing a page in the end to see what? Generally there are several ways: 1. view click stream data, such as CTR (Click through rate, click the conversion / click rate), click on the image (Heat Map, be used to test different layout, color scheme etc. due to the overall effect of the 2.); eye movement test, can look at track, users get one block fixation time, fixation number, number and other image on flyback. 3. user interviews and user testing, qualitative understanding of the user’s browsing behavior and the reasons behind it.

method 1 belongs to quantitative analysis, methods 2 and methods 3 belong to qualitative research. For users concerned about the problem of information on the page, click on the page of data is not everything, we can not accurately analysis that do not generate effective click browsing behavior, and the qualitative research can excavate the information and the reasons for the user’s attention, but can not be quantified, convincing enough. Therefore, quantitative and qualitative methods are usually used to study.

this article is to discuss the grey scheme between quantitative and qualitative analysis, that is, to analyze the user’s attention to the page information by using the multiple-choice question. Questionnaire survey can not only understand the behavior and attitude of users, but also have a certain amount of persuasion because of the large amount of collection. In the questionnaire, involving the click behavior index can be verified by the analysis combined with the click data; do not involve the click behavior index, can make use of qualitative research (such as user interviews) determine the research content, design options, and then use the questionnaire to collect data to quantify the user view.

attention to the design of multiple-choice questions:

Selection of

1. questions.

questions may have multiple topics, radio questions and grading questions. Determine the types of questions according to the content of the survey. If you want to know the users pay more attention to information, and the existing information of a large number of more than 5 (Reference: data analysis method of transit robbery multiple choice questionnaires (2)), with many topics, such as Figure 1; if less than 5, such as the classification of existing products section of Wang shop based on 4 common ways, can use the score, as shown in figure 2. The difference between a scoring problem and a multiple-choice one is that the scoring problem makes the user evaluate more carefully, but the answer cost is higher, so it is applicable to the subject with fewer options (usually no more than 5). If the content of the investigation needs to be clear, the most concerned and the most frequently used information, the question should be chosen by radio, so as to clarify the problem.


Figure 1 Multi topic sample


chart 2 scoring questions example


Figure 3 radio example


Ma Yun talk about the three principles of young entrepreneurs

young entrepreneurs have been optimistic about this, Ma Yun, President of Alibaba to young entrepreneurs to mention 3 suggestions, let’s go and see!

a principle: entrepreneurship is not "home"

but Ma has issued an adorable idea: I want to do a website, the domestic enterprise data collected on the Internet released to the world. In this way, Ma has founded the Chinese yellow pages and Alibaba.

"in fact the determination is not the biggest I have great confidence in the Internet, but I think to do one thing, experience is a kind of success, you go to try again, you can not turn; but if you do not think thousand roads like night, morning walk the road, the same truth." Ma Yun mentioned at the outset, appreciation of their courage rather than vision. March 1999, Ma Yun in Beijing after learning to return to Hangzhou venture, Alibaba website officially launched.

the most unlucky thing."

Rent a villa opened party hall entrepreneurship year received 8 million yuan

only you can not think of entrepreneurial ideas, there is no venture entrepreneurs can not do the project. Hunan three college students with unique ideas, achieve 8 million years into the dream, they rented the villa Museum opening partnership "party".

"party" is a word from the English "HomeParty" transliteration, meaning the family party. Dozens of people rented a villa, the villa entertainment facilities, you can sing, drink, barbecue, you can also watch movies, playing table tennis, playing chess, etc.. The past two years, "party" by college students and young people in the city especially white-collar pursuit.

90, two people in Tang Lei Fei G is a college classmate, graduated from Nanjing Normal University, Cheng Wei is their high school classmates. Many students are still complaining about college life boring, the three Liuyang boys in the sophomore began pondering the partnership entrepreneurship".

A speech despised Li Denghui betrayed the Diaoyu Islands

Li Denghui as a former leader of Taiwan Chinese, although now retired, but his every word and action or relates to many aspects, recently, he accepted the media interview when visiting Japan, even claimed that the Diaoyu Islands are Japanese, which has aroused people’s anger.

Media question

The former leader of

According to the

the KMT legislator Wu Yusheng said, Li Denghui expressed this position in front of Japanese is the "national humiliation", such a serious matter, did not see the DPP chairman Cai Yingwen has condemned any. He also asked "TSU" expression position, whether to support or oppose Li Denghui’s argument.

and the new party chairman Yu Muming this morning is to Taiwan "high office", bell denounced Li Denghui suspected of "treason".

Jiangxi city of Ruichang Province in 2016 to start entrepreneurship training camp

for students, now the country has a very favorable policy, the government has introduced around the nature is also suitable for business policy, so as to help students entrepreneurs to create a good business environment. Reporters learned that the day before, Jiangxi city of Ruichang Province in 2016 launched the "entrepreneurial training camp" kaixiaozao to want to be the boss of College students. Up to now, 132 students have actual combat training completed.

according to the Municipal Employment Training Center in charge of training camp to provide personalized, specialized services for students, training the entrepreneurial awareness, enhance entrepreneurship, to explore business potential, guide them to take the first step, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship. The object of training is 35 years of age, college degree or above, have entrepreneurial aspirations or entrepreneurs. Students will receive 10 days of entrepreneurial ability "SYB" training, and a period of 3 – 6 months of corporate training.

entrepreneurship involves a lot of content, but also the need for college students who can learn more content. In the study period, entrepreneurial guidance center in addition to please experienced boss to please "Chuanjing feedback way", also invited the industry and commerce, taxation and finance department personnel and students face to face discussion, answer questions to the students, the students need to replenish the entrepreneurial "nutrition", improve the business risk resistance ability.

related recommendations

Turn style Xining municipal government requires control

does not participate in the dinner, do not visit each other, is strictly prohibited to go to work time to play games, network chat, random string Kong, get together and chat…… The municipal government office from the serious work discipline, oppose extravagance and waste, strengthen supervision and inspection and other aspects, and strive to be the style construction and austerity work realistically achieve tangible results, the formation of the norm of the working mechanism.

as the core of the government organs, the general office of the municipal government proposed priority effective demand, taking the lead in work requirements, grasp the discipline, saving, grasping supervision, leading cadres and workers to hold hands and feet.

caught in the discipline, the general office of the municipal government requirements, strict implementation of work attendance system and leave system, earnestly implement Shouwenfuze system; to change the style of writing, writing materials to draft meeting strict reporting system, concise and to the point; earnestly implement the spirit of the meeting. Saving requirements, perfect and earnestly implement the provisions on the administration of internal organs, and resolutely put an end to "long water", "long light" phenomenon; the official reception, and resolutely overcome wasteful extravagance and waste; strict implementation of vehicles equipped with other related work and treatment regulations etc.. Grasp the requirements of supervision, conscientiously carry out self correction, seriously treat "commonplace", "lazy", "cure cure powder"; at the same time, strengthen the management and supervision of cadres and workers, and make sure people Qi, decree, atmosphere is. Due to lax management, the emergence of cadres and workers in violation of work discipline or will wind discipline, and have an adverse impact on the requirements of an investigation in the end, be held accountable. (author: Sheng Nan)