The inquiry platform chain experience sharing do not ignore the 58 questions and answers

believe that many webmaster friends interested in the use of inquiry platform outside doing chain. In my daily work, to do at least fifty answers in a question answering platform. Then second days can query the chain a lot. I ask others in learning experience, found that they take advantage of the platform is love Shanghai know, Search ask, question and answer, one point is to ask Sina and even answer etc..

Dear webmaster

love Shanghai quiz links have deep feelings. Especially some small business small website, if successful with several links in Shanghai love quiz, the consequences will be very serious. I swam this experience, received a single enterprise website, the snapshot has been two months without updates, I love Shanghai know within three days six added the link to the site, and the six top quiz. As long as you search for the enterprise website, in the collection of love Shanghai know that you are my monopoly. The next result is fourth days this enterprise website snapshot update, and keywords ranking rose sharply. Originally five keywords over 100 four in the home page. I had to sigh, love Shanghai too care about their children. Perhaps a coincidence, but examples of this in my hand appeared three times, the chain of love can let Shanghai know a snapshot of the enterprise website update immediately.

I usually use

now you may worry what add love to Shanghai know that the chain. If there is a high level of friends may not worry about account. Yes, the high level account with keywords and chains through relatively easily. So we should cultivate the awareness of several senior.

personal quiz platform only four. Are love Shanghai know, Q & A, 58, Sogou quiz quiz. Others such as Search ask not how to use.

first, I want to share my experience is 58 questions and answers. Don’t seem to see who wrote this article. Because many webmaster friends don’t even know 58 answers to this platform. In fact, I also did not know at the beginning of this year. At present this quiz platform every day can bring me a dozen chain, relatively stable. The 58 quiz on-line time is not long, answered questions of the threshold is relatively low, basically one hundred percent will pass. Add keywords with links as you will, you see how the better. Then on the second day you through YAHOO outside the chain of tools to check several or dozens of harvest. To know the weight of the chain 58 is still quite high, like Zac said very good 58 Shanghai dragon team, product’s weight is very high. Sometimes I think, more difficult to do in the high quality of the chain and today, 58 quiz launch is really warm. In addition that point, there are a few of my 58 city account. Looks like in the city of 58 made by the audit information account to send the chain to ask more lawless. Interested friends may wish to compare here, maybe I was an accident. To remind you once again to occupy 58 quiz. Ha ha, late have high threshold.

Fuzhou home decoration company ranked top secret method

, a decoration company in Fuzhou home layout:

four, Fuzhou decoration company content page layout:

three, Fuzhou decoration company column page layout:

3, do 301 redirect wlzscl贵族宝贝 jump to 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/, do URL weight

2, the first screen must appear most in need of user demand content, general enterprise site 3-5 screen to be

Shanghai Longfeng daily work must be done: competitors >

1. First, according to user needs to develop the title page, and then focus on the title page of the navigation set;

2, do not place unnecessary columns, column is not do not put the needs of users, can be set in the navigation product knowledge, such as Wikipedia quiz program;

2, the content of readability must be high, beautiful and neat layout, the first point is to attract users of eyeball;

; !

4 site: the above weight higher, on the left of the website’s content is very important;


two, Fuzhou decoration company navigation settings:

2, column page to top important content in this column is fixed, or an important position dedicated to important content, can help users find the first time to the content of

The weight of

1, column page content must be specific, around a theme to do not put other columns in the column content;

1, the site layout should be clear, to understand the website weight distribution, according to user needs, is an important secondary to sequentially display;

3, important program or content in an important fixed position;

3, the navigation must be streamlined outline, important content must be put on the left;

should be set inside chain 3, a content page, add related article, the content page ranking of some help;

because many friends do not know how the site layout is in accordance with the needs of users, today Xiaobian to tidy up the website how to layout? So as to promote the ranking home decoration company in Fuzhou Shanghai dragon

1, a content page of a subject, try to do illustrations, to address the needs of users (users);

: many enterprises station to introduce the company on the second screen, the product is put in the center at the bottom, so the user product left without seeing serious impact on the conversion rate of the site.

you can see Fuzhou decoration company 贵族宝贝wlzscl贵族宝贝/ recently increased the key ranking, certainly not the Shanghai dragon friends want to know why in a month, Shanghai is expected to flow to tens of hundreds of


How to create a user friendly error page of 404

when running the website problems or visitors to our address correctly, how can we give them to make prompt or inform the very important they are on a site, the 404 error page is a good choice. The traditional interface are directly thrown to the user a "No Found" interface, which is friendly to the user experience is not reasonable, so one should pay attention to what the user friendly 404 page? I see something I often go to the webmaster website today, we found 404 error page design of A5 station network the is the most user-friendly. Today we will through the pages of a design in which aspects need to pay attention to the 404 error page user-friendly start? Let’s look at the 404 error page A5 webmaster network. (method 404 error page to view a site is the most simple, such as the domain name is the webmaster network address is www.admin5贵族宝贝, we will enter the www.admin5贵族宝贝/xxxx in the browser, in a wrong address)

3: the user should face the explanation in the main world why they will enter this error, this page is not their target page, allowing users to understand the login to this page may be their domain name or site maintenance is incorrect.

4: the explanation behind should be included in the search box, and they can be explained with the visitors through the search box to search keywords you want to find the target information. For example, A5 provides Web search, web search or search forum and other more friendly, this experience can be very good to improve the user.

Friendly user experience

say to you are not unfamiliar, friendly experience our webmaster should be to enhance the user’s pursuit. Friendly user experience need to start from many aspects, but when we deal with a major direction or not omitted some of the details, do the people have me have, people I have no other realm.

1: we need to page site logo, and set the hyperlinks to the home page of the site. And to specify "404 Error" with the user that this is an error page next to logo.

2: you can add a hyperlink in the page, the site each column, it can be more convenient to guide users to the information they are looking for.

good user experience is essential to the success of a site. Although we can not be user friendly experience to do 100%. We can improve the user friendly experience but from a little bit in the details. Improve the user friendly experience believe this criterion diligently do site will make your site become a user is to search engine for the success of the site. This article from the original acne 贵族宝贝qudounow贵族宝贝, please indicate the source, thank you.

A misunderstanding of the psychological consultation website optimization

content of the construction of the mistake of

: what is the guide for guiding the keyword keyword enough attention? Is to guide the user to click, allowing users to consult or call the desire. This one should be optimized to say staff need to emphasize and do the monitoring, presents the results is the best. Therefore, in order to carry out the plan, not only do a few can, to form a series, similar to the same topic.

has now become very important, this algorithm changes love Shanghai is to create quality content website. Not relying on the construction of website optimization and promotion will become more difficult.

blindly follow other institutions — actually, many organizations are so very blind, look at other institutions have done what word to optimize, to follow suit, resulting in the keywords competition degree is more and more big, but not what greater ascension and transformation. The causes of the problems there is, the user does not know the conversion rate and the needs of users to search, just look at some popular keywords. In this early stage is difficult, slow, will allow users to optimize the trust is reduced, which requires more attention to key words brought traffic.

often update can have a rank — this is a one-sided understanding of many customers, always thinking about as long as the regular updating your website ranking will be better. Maybe this can, but it does not seem to be effective. The key problem to update what content, whether the frequency of regular updates. If the update is copied over the content, can not say what meaning, may also be unfavorable ranking.


ignore the long tail word — long tail words plainly is to optimize many different pages, but users pay more attention to the home page, even if the long tail page optimization is up, but not in the eyes of the user. So, optimization of personnel must emphasize the long tail page can bring flow, and the long tail word must choose. Otherwise, do a lot of pages not flow is of no avail.


: This is copy the contents of many sites can see, is reproduced, copied the contents of other sites. This involves a problem, if it’s full copy, still do not do station. If the energy is not enough, a section of the content.

love the face of the current Shanghai search optimization ranking, for each Er Shanghai dragon is becoming more and more difficult, the request for each customer, there are many errors. The ranking has become more and more difficult, but the ranking is not all, so we must re recognize the aims and objectives of the Shanghai dragon. Shaanxi Shanghai dragon is just a passing website optimization problem in the process of listing, is when the whole operation errors, of course there are more non technical problems, including the problems of communication.


keyword research is a very important step, this step is not done well, all the work efficiency may be zero.

Keywords The construction of the contents of the


Analysis on the website of Shanghai dragon before competition

we love Shanghai related domain, love Shanghai related domain anti India is not real website backlinks, because the love of Shanghai official did not disclose the hand data. So we can only get a second, now only YAHOO discloses website reverse link data, so we can use YAHOO station time >

fell in love with the sea competitor to the site domain name, you can see the site generally included, an element of other sites included the amount is our reference. Of course, if it is noble baby, then to the noble baby using this command.


algorithm nobility baby have already changed, especially in the PANDA farmer algorithm on-line deployment, the weight of the PR value has been increasingly unable to represent a web site, even the nobility baby official said the PR algorithm is a concept of excessive publicity. But for our competitor analysis site but still has a certain reference value.

Dongguan tide Shanghai Longfeng is a straightforward person, love. Today to give you a little knowledge of Shanghai dragon. Analysis on the website of Shanghai dragon before competition. After we finished the keyword mining, analysis and selection, the next step is to conduct competitor analysis.

three, SITE

search engine will run for some of the older weight website gives a higher. Because we do not know the exact time actually competing rival station, we can’t directly call to ask the right people, people is our opponent, even if the call in the past, people will not tell us. So, we can only check to judge about domain age site time.

, a domain name age


related domain, it is often said Shanghai reverse link. Of course, we often use webmaster tools or in love in Shanghai use the DOMAIN command to check out the results or have a certain amount of moisture, because some related domain is invalid domain. So, when we analyze competitors when we fall in love with the sea is the best in using the DOMAIN command, and then statistical correlation domain which is effective, which is invalid, how many effective related domain, the data statistics.

five, YAHOO trans

why write this article? Because saw Shanghai dragon program of a friend. I gave him a general outline, so write basically ok. Only this one aspect in the competition, Dongguan tide Shanghai Longfeng felt the need to correct, so write this article and share out, hope that the majority of the Shanghai dragon friends help. Then, the analysis of competitors need to include what

website prAlthough the

four, Shanghai love field


Keywords clinging to the brothers beloved Shanghai said NO

in addition, with the development trend of the site traffic, do the user experience, so do the brand is to let the stable development of site Road, even from the search engine, can develop the same website more and more, so, want more of the same anguish and my brothers, can look to the future, the leaders don’t open, but we have to look at the open, you say? I hope you all have a maid station price www.feiyongjiazheng贵族宝贝 A5 starting with inspiration, welcome to reprint copyright.

website traffic, customers do, and if too focused on a key to do so, first of all, the words must have a certain flow or value, but it sure competition intensity should be large, so you have to pay many times more effort to do this one word. The opponent may use the same time and experience to do a number of heat without you so high, but the search is medium, the conversion rate is high, and with the quality of the original article, won the trust of users, in order to obtain such comparison, say, a single keyword instead of a trouble does not fall that is, little effect.

1, love Shanghai auction service is still hot

3, love Shanghai more easily will you pull the black

because the entire site is almost around the promotion of a keyword optimization development, so it is easy to lead to excessive optimization or keyword stuffing etc., leading to the anchor text of the chain is highly similar to that in the course of time, it is easy to be loved in Shanghai determined to cheat, eventually leading to the site was black, and never stand up, I believe many brothers eat this loss, so long point memory.

The ultimate goal is to do

why don’t be too much rigid and single keywords, xiaopang from his personal experience to explore, hoping to inspire more brothers.

search engine marketing, many people are very familiar with, but many owners still immersed in a single key words of the times, especially many small and medium-sized enterprises are still keen on your keywords in Shanghai love home, hoping to drive up the whole business website keywords, and today Shanghai will love to these brothers NO said.

2, a single keyword to do time-consuming to

price is love Shanghai started weapon, so love Shanghai certainly will not give up this road, and you may now pursue popular keywords and keyword is part of a coincidence, but the love of Shanghai is certainly not allowed to hurt his service, so the bidding service choice is more and more friends, and want to fight the location of the auction, the difficulty as can be imagined.

The three core factors of grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan successInternet entrepreneurs first article

three: essential Wangzhuan

a lot of people do Wangzhuan is following the path of others, such as odds and ends of a meal to earn the money of others, many successful businessmen are able to see other people do not see the business opportunities and market, which has become bigger and stronger, for it is to play Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, thinking of the place, but a lot of people are born to imitate no, to innovation, it does not matter, you can learn some knowledge of exercise your mind, for example, some examples of successful business on the Internet, you know more knowledge, information is a bit wider, you may jiezu Xiandeng, so usually it is necessary to exercise their own Wangzhuan from thinking. Start learning

essential technology

this article belongs to the "Internet enterprise entrepreneurs" series of articles, aims to introduce a set of Internet entrepreneurs on reverse investors, entrepreneurship, construction, exit Internet companies the best way.

you may know that there are two books that can help you create a digital baby, and continue to develop. The characteristics of the first book is a large number of entrepreneurs from "big brothers" articles, templates and the YouTube video, introduces how to promote your ideas? How to finance? How will the company to the market? How to win back like Elon like Musk

ability and effort is often equivalent to the so-called, the foundation of success is the one percent genius to plus ninety-nine percent, and this effort is the best way to get your ability, some people have a good Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project thinking, find out the market prospect is very good, but because the day a don’t go down do to achieve your thinking, so naturally from.

In fact, !

then you have to know what aspects of the construction process and site site optimization process should not touch, such as black chain, such as template is copied, the contents are collected, at least in terms of competition have less confidence, but also for the black chain once the search engine, it is not K station. Discuss your previous efforts will be cast to the wind

second sets of books from combat, unprocessed entrepreneurs survival handbook. What entrepreneurs want to know is what really works when they promote ideas, seek funding, and plan exit, and what they should expect investors to expect.

?There are a lot of books

first course only based on individual experience, can be a real reason for success but write less and less. I particularly like the failure of Zombie Venture Capitalists zombie venture investor lectures, presided over the webinar. I guess the reason they’re on the way is that they have nothing else to do but collect management fees from disappointed investors.

for Wangzhuan, attractive and tortured people, is able to attract people at home can make money, become SOHO gens, tortured people, often spend a lot of time but not the relative returns, or even a complete failure, and the failure of the reason is various, but success the reason is often the only one, so here we have to introduce the core factors of successful Wangzhuan

let’s see what’s in those bad books.

editor’s note: the author, Steve Andriole, is a professor of business technology at Villanove University, teaching strategy, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship courses. He has conducted intensive research in technology management, social media, analytics, cloud computing, and technology adoption. He signed 33 books that cover information technology, technology trends and business, technology, management, and other fields. The latest book, published in the fall of 2014, is entitled "Ready Technology: Fast-Tacking New Business Technologies" CRC press. He also serves as a digital technology consultant for the company and government, as well as the director, founder, or co-founder of several technology companies.

! !Finally, you need to understand

website operation technology, this is the last one of the most important technology Wangzhuan profitable, if not marketing, so even if you have a good website technology, website SEO skills, so still have no way to improve the conversion rate of the site, to know Wangzhuan to earn a lot of money, rely on advertising alliance flow the time gone for ever, now is the era of electronic commerce, the pursuit of the conversion rate, conversion rate only do come up, so Wangzhuan success has become a natural thing!

Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. Others will judge you on the basis of professional friends around you, so be sure to be with someone with a good background and ability; try to deal with stupid U and "stupid" professors as much as possible;

two: essential thinking Wangzhuan

first you have to know how to make a website now, even don’t know how to make a website to understand SEO optimization, if you are on the website, website optimization and operation so you should at least utterly ignorant of, have some network marketing skills, if you know of these aspects are not, then you will not easily enter the Wangzhuan the ranks, if you really want to come in, so early learning related function is essential for

: Wangzhuan

Overview of the establishment, construction and exit process of

first set of books stored in the hands of zombies and bosses.

at the beginning of 2016, let us remember the truth and consequences of the illness.

Internet enterprise


the purpose of this article is to help you warm up and prepare yourself for reading the following article.

Don’t ignore the space problem of website optimization

1 and space. No matter what space, especially the free space access speed is too slow to open the page very card, there cannot be accessed every two or three days and so on, this free space can be given up to. As for Mr. spiders, free space is too slow a people to visit your home, knock on the door was open for a long time, and always open is directly lead to serious consequences not just for Mr. spider. So, in the choice of server (either paid or free) problem, remember 2 things: speed and stability.

4, IP

spider is love free space or foreign free space? In the choice of free space, people love home free space, but some people love foreign free space, in space, in addition.

2, free space. "If not set free space, it may lead to the site’s Web site can be correctly spider crawl the page. For example, a domestic brand of free space in the setting of a little problem, whenever we use the "Shanghai Phoenix comprehensive query query tool when the test is not right to grab page keywords and description tags, ask spider crawling the web always first find the title, keywords, description, tags, once these are not crawl, so the spider would not be interested in your web content; and if not set free space, resulting in the following sites are banned from the search engines crawl, users can access the normal, you should pay attention to, know a little Shanghai dragon knows, prohibit crawling, web site not included, ranking is also obviously It is sheer fiction. For example, 404 common page, if not handled properly, when users see the 404 page back to the server, the HTTP status code is 200, then a search engine to crawl the page to repeat repeatedly, causing the site to find bad malignant. So buy (use) space time must pay attention to these details, it is best to buy in the test.

The speed and stability of


The problem set

, a 3 free space N multiple sites. As everyone knows, the free space is certainly an IP address exists N multiple sites, so a site is a spider refused, it may lead to all sites have been refused spider. Because the spider can record IP address, IP address has been reported for some problems, the spider will consider avoiding or not in the process of crawling.


when we put an eye on the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, the chain, update the contents, is also considered the site where the space itself has some problems? This paper pay for space is discussed, mainly for the new website with free space for a discussion.

domestic and foreign free space can be said to be innumerable, but is not the search engine will love? The answer is negative, the following problems of space, will be search engine like, pull the Black:

Choose the king seven steamed open delicious new wealth

with the improvement of people’s living standard, now many people are beginning to pay attention to health, Wang Laoqi steamed as healthy and nutritious delicacy, welcomed by the people, many entrepreneurs are asking Wang Laoqi steamed advantages are Wang seven evaluation chowhound steamed excellent taste, the value of entrepreneur investment.

steamed vegetables are relatively soft, relatively fresh meat, soft taste, into the stomach is more likely to be digested, a large number of cellulose accelerated the metabolism of the human body. Wang Laoqi steamed in less greasy and less fat at the same time, without the loss of nutrients, modern people to keep slim, healthy and fashionable. People who love beauty and sub health have points praise.

Wang seven steamed in the steaming process, the loss of nutrition, avoid damage the active ingredients and harmful substances caused by uneven heating and excessive frying, effectively eliminate the harmful components of raw ingredients, tableware disinfection by steam, more health food. Pay attention to material ingredients, not only do scientific collocation materials, low cost of raw materials and make steamed soup Cai keep the original, the original taste of raw materials are not decomposition substitution, so that customers really taste the original delicacy.

Wang seven steamed for the domestic market special recipe, ginseng, dangshen, Chinese wolfberry featured hundreds of precious herbs taste, the use of modern biotechnology refining technology, to produce healthy and nutritious ingredients and spices, with delicious conquests, imitate peers without the door.

now, Wang Laoqi steamed the headquarter always adhere to the ingenuity, intention to create the explosion of delicacy, select each steamed, steamed in Wang seven stores, consumers can feel the ultimate healthy and delicious, so good business opportunities worth investing.

See eye art join success does not need to worry about success

glasses industry is a huge industry, in the market sales volume is steadily rising, especially the sunglasses, rely on a unique style attracted many men of God, goddess of the consumer, wearing sunglasses immediately release a different aura. Here’s a look at the advantages and characteristics of the glasses bar.

and choose the unique online and offline experience model also makes are art eye glasses shop can attract more customers to purchase experience. Analysis of the industry believes that, as is the eye of Art (EYESTORY  O2O), will have a huge impact on the entire industry, changing consumer habits in the past few decades myopia, can better meet the shopping needs of young consumers. Complete the payment of consumers online, you can in the appointment time to store product experience, as is the store brand to join the art eye environment and atmosphere will give consumers a sense of shock, the line of complementary advantages and disadvantages can give consumers more viscous dissipation fee.

But some of the other