How to use the web log analysis tools to view log



fourth is a picture of the major search engines to your site spider IP.

pictures together, hoping to help those who just do stand friends. Some friends want to ask this is what web log query analysis software please reply message in the Shanghai dragon 1912 blog, I will give you the answer.

is the last page crawl, please see third pictures, here each page detailed major search engine spiders crawl, a lot of friends every day to update the article, but are not included, here you can check whether the spider has come, have not included you have to rethink your article whether the acquisition or pseudo original is not high quality is poor.


we first from the summary analysis, from the first graph shows the engine spiders access times, spider total residence time, total amount, and grab a proportional amount of all engines. Here we look at what? There are several aspects, first of all you need to see what you have to do the search engine ranking spiders have come to come, have never been that cannot be included in your. Then the residence time, if the residence time is 0, it shows that the content of your site spider does not love, that means you may be content quality is not high, but stay is 0 is not strange for the new station, because the station itself weight is not high, after a period of time will stay spider slowly increase. The last is a crawl, the spider to grab the number each time, if your site itself a lot of content, but grab the quantity is very few, then you have to check whether or not the death factors are friendly to spider.

We combine the

many friends do not know what is the web log and how to view the site log, but I do not know how to analyze the web log, in some Shanghai Longfeng forum often see many of my friends asked, "why has my site only included not included in the page?", "how my website is not included?" "my site is not a problem?" and so on, in fact, although there are many reasons for these, but we first encounter these problems is to check what? Is the site log, see the web log is one of the most basic station must also be a program, when the site of our look, we should also observe the site no problem, see how the web log? Here I’ll introduce you to see how the web log.

then we see second pictures directory crawl, here is the crawling section of the page, some stand out but some column has not been included, you need to observe whether every directory grab grabbed your column page this problem, if never grab you can try to give the hair a few outside the column page if the chain, what methods are tried never to climb the spider, then you need to check your site within the correct path.

Mechanical product station optimization and user experience should pay attention to the details

what is most concerned about consumer access to website? It is the price of the products, and maintain the quality of materials used. Drizzle website is the demand from the consumer to start, in the customer service channel page, divided into the following several sub channels. And the picture + text + video mode, the full range of answers to users lock price, installation and maintenance of the parking spaces to answer doubts. At the same time, according to the general consumers are more concerned about the problem, put it in the home page, so that consumers can easily find demand content.

details of the three, to provide detailed customer service

network marketing in recent years a lot of mechanical products enterprises, the author observed most sites, just a simple template, and then hastily opened love Shanghai bidding or do optimization. These enterprises site layout, structure fits, even enterprise profile is copied directly under the company name change. Just imagine, users see this same site, did not see the company product advantages and so on, it is difficult to stimulate the desire to buy. In this paper, the author of the operation of a car parking lock site optimization and user experience to talk about the need to pay attention to the details.

as I browse through many Taobao products and selling with good site, found that they have in common, both with the marketing of the product description. The author believes that the description of mechanical products products can stand from several aspects as follows to.

mechanical products, the design of navigation generally refer to the product classification, product competitiveness. The observation of some products is a navigation station, the "product center" get throught a thing carelessly. Just imagine, consumers still need to pass multiple clicks, it hard to find the desired product in a range of products, call him too much to handle.

such as parking lot facilities of the website, its products are love Shanghai index is divided into "parking lock" and "traffic facilities" in these two categories, if consumers buy the product, see the navigation + product navigation structure is clear, can easily find the desired product.

details two, to provide real customer case

entrance, refers to a number of local key products to provide entrance. As the author’s Web site navigation, by train, navigation products, products of home banner map and a list of products and other areas, to provide entrance, in order to facilitate visitors convenient access.

and other mechanical products such as electronic products such as digital stations are not the same, if the website can provide real customer case, invisible can improve the site of degree of belief. If the site’s case there is enough convincing than go around the lot of weak. The following is the drizzle automatic parking lock the customer case list, the author’s suggestion is to be arranged by the customer case, the best graphic combination, provide a specific date of persuasive content.

four, a full range of detail description of

> product

details, dual navigation design + multi entrance

Have launched

Shanghai Longfeng system teaching the first chapter let master and novice from scratch


can do what?



system of teaching the first chapter: the Shanghai dragon value

The first section:

with the development of Internet, search engine has become the evolution of humanity, slowly search engine has become a part of people’s lives, the use of search engines not only for personal services for enterprises can do network marketing promotion, so the search engine has become one of the main means of network marketing, including the search engine promotion is divided into two kinds, one is the PPC, who is also the most who bid ranking will be higher, the advantage of PPC is to occupy a favorable position, appear in the obvious places, drawback is cost heavy, some enterprises invested money and earned money is not proportional to even serious losses, so competitive ranking still has a certain risk, second kinds of search engine promotion way is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon The advantage of not to search engine money with our daily operation to improve our website ranking, this is the advantage of Shanghai dragon, but the Shanghai dragon is not without disadvantages, shortcomings is Shanghai dragon is the natural ranking, in the ranking position is over but the bidding ranking position, is not to say that no bidding high ranking no value? This is not the case, now in search of people when we all know the words can go up the promotion is to take the money, so some people do not believe that PPC products, they prefer to believe that the natural ranking results, because this is a fair competition platform, so can give customers a sense of security. Since the Shanghai dragon is so good, we can use the Shanghai dragon what? For Shanghai dragon can help us individuals and businesses to do what I do is as follows: to build corporate image, promote the integration of the enterprise in the network image to build corporate reputation, make the Internet credibility problem solving; comprehensive promotion, not limited to a the search engine, we do a search engine, can improve the other well-known search engine rankings in the same way; to help companies sell products, modern social network to buy the product is not a problem, not only can buy in Taobao, some people will choose to search products > in search engine

Shanghai dragon friends are because of the need of work directly into the technology to use, and has not made the system of Shanghai Longfeng teaching, for these friends usually have a problem, there is no systematic study only operation concept in mind, this is not conducive to the growth of Shanghai dragon optimization experience so, this time we should have a systematic teaching in order to improve our daily work and learning efficiency, so I see many Shanghai dragon Er people are halfway monk monk, for every face of Shanghai dragon always not completely understand, the best solution is zero, the system of learning Shanghai dragon so, next time I will integrate the systematic learning content of the curriculum system of Shanghai Longfeng share, well below here:

Heart solve the website right down

The If the

site because of the chain and the right to drop

web site as a result of certain factors to be revised, many inexperienced webmaster is regardless of the consequence of a sudden change, the first few days of the engine should be no reaction, when the engine after the next update will appear snapshot stalled, key words or some keyword ranking dropped, this time it may be right to be reduced.


site is down right, so in order to be able to quickly return to the previous weight, fast and accurate analysis of the reasons is the prerequisite. According to the factors of several common down right now we do a detailed answer, I hope to be able to help you webmaster friends.


can be seen from the figure, the chain of this site tends to be stable in the number of 10 days, if the chain when a site in a few days or a month are increasing or decreasing this is not normal, it may be because this factor makes the engine judgment you are in a large number of import chain, in the eyes of this engine is a kind of cheating, right down there is no doubt that sooner or later.


site is down right on the countless Adsense headache and helpless, can be described as "hard for decades, look back to the liberation." This taste really is not our personal webmaster can afford. But on the other hand, the saying goes, "one upmanship." While the engine is called, we webmaster when the so-called magic. Because of such things can be solved completely. The key is to see if we have a "heart".

There are many factors

site really need revision, the author suggests that the webmaster to gradually change, the change is slowly one-time change a section, such as web site keywords, change after you no longer need to move. After a period of time and then change the next section. Furthermore, after the revision of the website to submit a site map for time >




site because of factors outside of the chain and is right to be reduced is also very good judgment, use webmaster tools can do. We have to do is look for nearly a month or the chain in recent months to increase or reduce the tendency to judge. So the chain growth trend of normal maps can be used to explain the.

website for revision and the right


stop you to eat a big fat man’s idea, step by step is a must. To return to our original plans, the increase in the number of increase in number, although not immediately solve the problem right down, but as long as you can stick to one or two months that you can see the results you want. Everything has two sides, when your site search engine has withstood the test, the weight is likely to be even better than the original, many owners have similar experiences.

Sentiment the charm of soft Wen is really great

first contact "soft Wen", the word was a few months ago. At that time I just learned to do stand, do not know how to promote website. Later, I got a personal homepage website, and I tried desperately to find ways to promote it on the Internet. I wish the people all over the world would come to see me at once. In many articles about promotion, I realized the "soft Wen promotion method"". Hey hey, then silly, even soft Wen is what meaning do not understand, but also went to Baidu to search for a while, in Baidu encyclopedia found the answer. But I didn’t have much interest in it at that time, because I felt my writing was poor and my experience was not very good. I had nothing to write about.

, a few months passed. This a few months, I have done some stand, fought all the way up, stand and do website optimization experience gradually enriched, of course, has had mixed success. As a result, sometimes they will write their own experience or experience to write out, published on Sina blog or their own web site to share with you. Article writing more, how much can also bring a little bit of traffic to the site, although not many, but occasionally to a two, I am also very pleased. These have not let me remember the word "soft" again.

until yesterday a chance, let me search in Baidu search information to Admin5, and then to reply to an article and a registered member, then the prompted by a sudden impulse in A5 published an article, I suddenly had a strong interest in the soft and deep feeling soft charm. When I released that article, I never thought it would be on the front page of Admin5, and I never thought it would be welcomed by many webmaster. The article I originally named as "my experience of new sites included in Baidu."". This is a very broad name, many people have written, estimated in a search to find a lot of Baidu. But I wrote my own personal experience, mainly talking about Baidu included new station time in the end how long?. Because, according to my own experience, generally a new station, from the line to the Baidu in site to more than half a month time. But, often see some stationmaster say his website how 1 days or 2 days are collected.

              so I talked about my view. When the article was published, I was busy with my work. More than two hours, I did not expect someone to see me on the A5, plus my QQ! I was very surprised at that time, I have never met any articles before they are released. Someone will find me soon. So I went back to A5 to check out my published article. Hey, the article was A5 editors who cleverly renamed "questioned, Baidu two days included new station". This name is a lot more fascinating than my experience. Thank you very much for A5’s editor. After a close examination, I found the article was on the A5 page. It is Out of the Blue ah, actually can be such a good place, it seems that everyone on this topic is very interested in.

How to operate a local classified information website


Guo Jie wrote "zhaochafa", these days have been hanging in the A5 headlines, just I also runs a Zibo local classified information website, I want to express some personal opinions on their website operation and Prospect of classified information is local, may not be mature, welcome paizhuan.

believes that if pay attention to the development of local classifieds site friends had also been seen many analysis, this kind of website operation experience of the future, many ideas are very pertinent or inspired us, so I don’t have much to say. I mainly want to focus on my own ideas about the operation of this website.

I want to present the local classified information website operators are mostly personal, maybe there are some small web companies are involved in but not to operation, which also caused while the classification information website is not much popular but most blossom everywhere there is not much profit.


to the three level city of Shandong in Zibo, there is a local classification information channel Unicom under information port of Zibo, the site also has a lot of rough interface, user-friendly enough to place the procedure, but it is really a profit, in addition to local netizens recognized its official background bring popularity, general Internet users to dial the toll can release a convenience information is they can be profitable. Classified information website there are a number of other individuals or small companies run the downloaded from the Internet or spend hundreds of dollars to buy a source code, a little change after the release, then the promotion can not keep up, the majority of visitors rely on search engines to the website, then browse a practical information is not too much also, then put this aside the website.

I think that if you run a local classified information website, there are three aspects that provide a good foundation for your successful operation:

1. has the backing of the fund. If you have strong financial backing and have some ideas about the operation of classified information websites, the following ones are not a problem.

2. has certain technical ability. Able to independently develop your website, or to download the source code can be in-depth development of the two.

3. promotional capabilities. Online promotion is important, but offline promotion is also very important, and local classification information website in the following two or three cities, the scope of the face is also small, do offline publicity investment will be a lot smaller.

my website program is developed, and I feel a comprehensive program to say is not bad, but I do not have the website operation success (here, because I am ashamed) are relatively deficient, in addition to the ability to program the development of art design, site planning, line promotion organization ability and service ability are not in place, and now I can not find a suitable partner to make up for these shortcomings I.

recommend me below

What does the Baidu pomegranate algorithm update tell us

According to the official Baidu

, Baidu web search anti cheat team answers: "Baidu" for the first time the pomegranate algorithm contains a large number of low quality pop ads and a large number of confusing page main content spam page update algorithm. We should also see that many once hung a large number of low quality pop or advertising site after the update, the weight, flow and the place there is a big contrast, expected in contrary to expectation.


is said to be expected? We think, if you open a website or web page, must want to browse useful knowledge or information, did not read a few lines, pick out several bomb box, consulting or advertising or seriously affect people reading, a lot of people this is very antipathy. This involves the user experience problems. Do you think this user experience is good?. According to Baidu official put forward, this update is mainly for such pages or web site blow, can imagine there will be such a result.


is said to be contrary to expectation? For example: before the update "Baidu" Baidu pomegranate algorithm, the official also introduced a number of algorithms, is constantly updated, but we found no previous updates to say whether it is for sale or any other link phenomenon phenomenon of combat, but did not play a very substantial effect. But this time it’s different. After the more fine, there are many sites ranking gap is very large fluctuations, even Baidu top keywords, the original front pages fell out of the top 100 Baidu or even no ranking, many site is down right, greatly reduce the flow. Therefore, this update compared with the previous updates, it is a bit unexpected.


for the "Baidu" the comprehensive update algorithm of pomegranate, the webmaster should be how to deal with? Is not originally good to see keywords ranking, ranking good fall to the Baidu 100, and even there is no ranking and get disheartened actually don’t be so pessimistic?. You think, not all website rankings appear very big contrast, there are many rankings not only did not drop, but also rose a lot of it, what is the reason for this, we have considered?. In fact, we can make the analysis of these sites which do better, is in line with the new Baidu ranking algorithm rules, and then compared with your own website, look at the site where the lack of timely, then it is not too late.

especially do health promotion webmaster, although the site left a right a pop, pop, plus a QQ jitter, and even the website that pop is not enough, added two float, or even some websites take the page Jump way, click on a page 1-2 jumps out a window. Well, at first glance, I really feel that this station is doing very formal, but otherwise, there is no more advertising, and there is no substantive content in the website

Several small rural entrepreneurship projects recommended

now has become a business in rural areas is very common in rural areas, at the same time, a lot of market and business opportunities, then Xiaobian to take a look at what are the entrepreneurial projects in the vast rural area.

2015 rural new project: convenience store

2015 new rural projects: early courier industry

if you can every day for 10 units of about 1500 people to mail, a box of 3 yuan, the monthly income of 4500 yuan, get rid of half the cost, with 2200 yuan.

2015 rural new project: open a hair salon

ten thousand yuan enough tuition and purchase of hairdressing equipment. If operating properly, when the monthly profit of more than 2000 yuan.

2015 new projects in rural areas: the town opened a Chinese medicine store

Building materials business needs to pay attention to three points

building materials market is very hot, a lot of friends want to invest in a building materials store. Before the shop, we must first understand the development of building materials to join the brand, including the history of the development of the brand, the status quo and the future trend, so as to be aware of. Xiao Bian through the summary of the data, that the investment in building materials industry need to pay attention to three points.

to determine the market positioning of the brand

in the selection of building materials to join the brand at the beginning, should be first on their own city market to do some understanding, especially with your shops around the District, to do heart bottom. If your local consumption level is not compared with the economically developed regions, you cannot easily blindly the introduction of high-end brand Home Furnishing; according to the actual situation of the local market to decide to join the cabinet brand positioning roughly, targeted for building brand to join, can be more effective, improve the success rate of.

Third, it depends on product pricing in similar brands is not a competitive price? Design style is not consistent with the local consumer spending habits and preferences, as far as possible to avoid the possibility of conflict and conflict.

There are a lot of


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